Raised in the Box

ByCrossFit February 21, 2021

Originally published Jan. 2017.

Veteran CrossFit Games athlete Carey Kepler and husband Kris are committed to sharing their passion for wellness with their two kids, Savannah and Stone.

Carey, a decorated athlete who stood on the podium at the 2009 Games, has competed as a masters athlete several times since. She developed an interest in CrossFit after seeing the “Nasty Girls” video in 2005.

“I was in tears with Nicole Carroll at the end because I felt that passion that she had,” Carey explains.

Within a year of watching the video, she and her brother had opened their own affiliate, CrossFit Central in Austin, Texas.

These days, Carey runs the gym and Kris is in charge of homeschooling the kids.

The Keplers enjoy having separate roles in the household, but they form a unified front when it comes to eating healthy foods and maintaining an active lifestyle.

“They’re growing up in the right environment,” Kris says. “So as they grow up with that, hopefully they can influence the people that are around them.”

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