Facing Cancer and Depression With CrossFit

ByCrossFit February 24, 2023

“CrossFit allows me to clear the cobwebs out of my head when it starts to get dark. … (It) allows me to come in, work hard, suffer a little bit, and realize that it’ll pass. That 22-minute WOD is gonna be hard, but at minute 23 it’s gonna be over and it’s just kind of like life. There are gonna be dark days, but that storm passes.” — Joel Trella, New Jersey State Trooper and member of CrossFit Bison

Kathleen Staunton, advanced practice nurse, was diagnosed with breast cancer the night before the Open in 2022. New Jersey State Trooper Joel Trella was suffering from depression and untreated post-traumatic stress and admitted himself into a facility after confiding in a colleague about being suicidal.

CrossFit Bison has been a safe haven and a source of support for both.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, or trauma, you’re not alone. Visit findahelpline.com for support.