CrossFit | Death, Divorce, and Double-Unders

Death, Divorce, and Double-Unders

ByCrossFit June 9, 2021

When Mike Stadshaug saw his mom, Lee, struggling to work through the grief of losing her husband, he knew from personal experience how he could help.

Mike had gone through a difficult period in his own life following a divorce. After listening to a friend’s advice, he started attending CrossFit classes and finally began to heal.

Mike wanted to find a similar source of comfort and support for his mom.

“I kind of knew that if I could just get her into the gym and into this place that’s been so special to me that … it could kind of change her life the way that it has with mine,” Mike said.

But Lee was reluctant to follow in her son’s footsteps.

“I was really afraid to come to the gym because I didn’t feel like gyms were for people that look like me.”

Fortunately, Mike and the other coaches at Kitsap CrossFit helped Lee learn that she couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Originally published – Oct. 2017

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Tanja Meyer
June 10th, 2021 at 7:52 am
Commented on: Death, Divorce, and Double-Unders

Such a touchy story! Wishing you all the best always at the gym! Sport in such a Community helps a lot! I lost my husband too last year, and crossfit helped me a lot to distract and not to fall down and loosen myself! Greetings from Germany! Keep up the good work!

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Matthew Swift
June 10th, 2021 at 1:48 am
Commented on: Death, Divorce, and Double-Unders

What a great story! Kitsap CrossFit is an amazing box run by amazing people. Well done Lee and Mike, keep moving forward!!

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