CrossFit Programming: Movement Redundancy

ByCrossFit November 19, 2021

“Typically our most effective workouts, like art, are remarkable in composition, symmetry, balance, theme and character. There is a “choreography” of exertion that draws from a working knowledge of physiological response, a well-developed sense of the limits of human performance, the use of effective elements, experimentation and even luck. Our hope is that this model will aid in learning this art.” (CrossFit Journal, 2003).

Here, seminar Staff Head Trainer Santiago Callejas explains why movement redundancy is also important within the CrossFit program.

“When we step outside of the gym, the demands of life, sports, and activities, aren’t gonna be like, ‘Well you already pushed, so you’re not gonna push again.’ We need to be able to train in those elements and work that redundancy,” he says.

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