Backward Roll to Support With Dusty Hyland

ByCrossFit March 1, 2014

The recommended prerequisites for a backward roll to support on the rings are a strict muscle-up and a deep ring push-up, according to Dusty Hyland of DogTown CrossFit.

“The backward roll is literally just a pull-over on the dynamic apparatus of the rings,” Hyland explains.

The first step is employing the false grip.

“If you have a strict muscle-up, that’s a great pre-req. It sets your wrist above the ring, where you’re going to receive your body above that plane.”

Hyland continues: “What you’re gonna want to think about is envisioning a bar where the rings are. You’re gonna have to pull your hips above that plane and keep the rings nice and tight to the body to finish this puppy.”

Hyland — formerly coach to Lindsey Valenzuela — also recommends practicing the negative of the movement — the forward roll — and practicing with at least one person to spot you.

“Right here we’re gonna teach you how to stay active, connected, develop some spatial awareness forward so that we can apply it in reverse when we’re pulling our body above the plane of the rings.”

Originally published – March 2014. 

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Christoffer Bierich
November 9th, 2022 at 8:17 am
Commented on: Backward Roll to Support With Dusty Hyland

Remember the first time i manager to do one in 2012 🤠 Great exc. to challenge yourself with!

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Jeffrey Howard
November 9th, 2022 at 1:51 am
Commented on: Backward Roll to Support With Dusty Hyland

The jump from a band to no band is no joke. Really work that "push-up".

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