CrossFit Community Town Hall

ByCrossFitAugust 19, 2020
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On Wednesday, Aug. 19, CrossFit CEO Eric Roza sat down with Nicole Carroll for a CrossFit Town Hall. Roza responded to questions submitted by the community.

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Questions included:

4:45 What has been most surprising to you about the CrossFit community as you’ve stepped into your role as CEO?

6:22 As an English CrossFit affiliate, it has long felt like there’s the USA and the rest of the world. How do you plan to address this?

10:37 What will be the overarching vision for CrossFit?

16:06 When will the CrossFit Open be, assuming COVID will let it happen?

20:20 Some governments don’t understand the benefits of working out and have ordered the closing of gyms. What has CrossFit done and what can CrossFit do to lobby and educate state and local governments on CrossFit and its health benefits?

0:28:50 Have you given thought to how to help the affiliates recover from COVID-19?

0:36:40 Can you share with me your point of view on diversity, equity, and inclusion within CrossFit?

0:46:22 How does it also tie into underserved communities? (accessibility)

0:53:27 Will the affiliate model change, and what will it mean now to be a CrossFit affiliate?

1:00:00 Are you considering adjusting a country’s affiliate fee based on the country’s economy?

1:04:19 How are you going to promote the opportunities for professional athletes to make a living in our sport?

1:13:03 What is the future of the CrossFit Media department?