Affiliate Toolkit

The Affiliate Toolkit is a portal for affiliate owners to access all the affiliate tools.

Resources Overview

  • Affiliate Roundtables are small group, moderator-led forums designed to develop relationships, share best practices, and have meaningful conversations in a safe and private environment. Roundtables allow you to connect with other affiliate owners, ask questions, and get feedback from peers and colleagues who understand your experience like only another affiliate owner can.
  • The Affiliate Partner Network provides affiliate owners with special offers and discounts that can only be accessed as a CrossFit affiliate. The goal is to reduce the operating costs of an affiliate and provide gym owners with additional revenue-sharing partnerships. The APN continues to grow in both number of partners and offerings.
  • The Affiliate Playbook provides foundational processes and principles of affiliate ownership. This resource unpacks the business side of an affiliate. This compendium ranges from staff development and operational efficiency to marketing and financials. The Playbook is included in the affiliate fee and available to all affiliate owners in good standing. 
  • CrossFit Affiliate Programming is a class planning and programming service that helps affiliates save time, improve the member experience, and bolster coaches’ professional development, and is designed by three of CrossFit’s most experienced Seminar Staff.
  • The Affiliate Starter Kit is an interactive, detailed course designed to help prospective affiliate owners, like you, who are in the early stages of gym ownership. It will help you understand proper financial planning and budgeting, location scouting, lease negotiations, building your brand, and creating sales processes and marketing strategies. The guided course also provides templates, worksheets, and a community discussion board so you can optimize all the resources it has to offer.
  • The Affiliate Marketing Kit is a digital drive containing videos, emails, visuals, templates, and more to show people the positive impact of CrossFit and help drive more athletes into your gym. The content included can be shared on social media, through email correspondence, or in your greater community. 

Get Toolkit access with the Affiliate Starter Kit

The Affiliate Starter Kit provides prospective and new affiliate owners with the foundation of tools to better operate a sound and successful CrossFit affiliate.