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Workout of the Day

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

20 GHD sit-ups
10 left-arm overhead walking lunges
10 right-arm overhead walking lunges

♀ 40-lb. DB ♂ 60-lb. DB

Share your at-home modifications and rounds competed in comments.
Compare to 180207.

Successful Cueing in the Push Jerk

In the previous column, Dr. Timothy Noakes listed the sequence of events that were critical in directing the global acceptance of Ancel Keys’ diet-heart and lipid hypotheses. In this column, he investigates the relevant events that unfolded between 1910 and 1948 and discusses Dr. Vladimir Subbotin’s alternative hypothesis for coronary atherosclerosis.

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Workout of the Day

Rest Day

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Obese to Beast


Workout of the Day

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Handstand push-ups

♀ 155 lb. ♂ 225 lb.

Share your at-home modifications and time in comments.
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Science, a branch of human knowledge, is not an obscure occupation safely ignored by the intellectually lazy or those who lack interest in its study. It is impossible to escape its realities and consequences.

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Workout of the Day

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Wall-ball shots

♀ 20-lb. ball ♂ 30-lb. ball

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The Kipping Toes-to-Bar


CrossFit, Inc. presents CrossFit Health Education, a program that provides continuing education and professional development opportunities for physicians, health-care professionals, and trainers. Membership in the program is also open to anyone interested in furthering their understanding of medical science, human health, and performance via access to world-class experts and educational content.

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Workout of the Day

5 rounds for time of:

400-m run
15 left-arm kettlebell snatches
15 right-arm kettlebell snatches

♀ 12 kg ♂ 16 kg

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Compare to 190928.

Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked


Workout of the Day

Rest Day

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No Rep to the Widowmaker Heart Attack


This article, the second installment in a four-part series on meal timing, discusses the physiological effects of various time-restricted eating patterns. Series author Tyler Hass reviews the scientific literature on the subject and calls for more studies on a wider variety of populations using different intermittent fasting strategies, better quality food, and more effective exercise protocols.

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Workout of the Day

Shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Practice SLIPS for 20 minutes.

Post loads to comments.
Compare to 190923.

Threshold Training: Part 1


Workout of the Day

On a 16-minute running clock, 2 rounds of:

2 minutes of double-unders
Tabata single-leg squats, alternating legs each interval
2 minutes of box jumps

♀ 20-in. box ♂ 24-in. box

Post total reps to comments.
Compare to 031021.

Neutral Spine in the Air Squat


Workout of the Day

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

GHD sit-ups
Kettlebell swings

♀ 24 kg ♂ 32 kg

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Compare to 161130.

At-Home Workout


Single-leg, single-arm deadlifts and push-ups


A simple understanding of how things are built forms the core of our knowledge of how to change their structure to improve their function. The physiological processes inducing and supporting muscle contraction are numerous, diverse, and important to know.

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Workout of the Day

Rest Day

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Peter Burns: CrossFit for Family


Workout of the Day

Ankle Musculature, Part 2

“Low levels of physical activity put adults at increased risk of chronic diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease and stroke which are also potential risk factors for more severe complications if someone develops COVID-19. It is concerning that in the mid to long term, multiple lockdowns might lead to prolonged periods of low physical activity which could increase the size of the population that is most vulnerable to severe complications from COVID-19.”

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Workout of the Day

Practice SLIPS for 20 minutes

Deadlift 10-10-10-10-10 reps

If at home, modify with a jugs or other heavy object. Share your at-home modifications and loads in comments. | Compare to 181212.

Knees Back in the Deadlift