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The CrossFit Open

5 workouts. 5 weeks. Oct. 10 - Nov. 11

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Workout of the day


5 rounds for time of:

50 double-unders
20 sumo deadlift high pulls
20 GHD sit-ups
20-cal. row

♀ 55 lb. ♂ 75 lb.

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The Sumo Deadlift High Pull Progression

SDHP Progression

The skill acquired through training the sumo deadlift high pull — that of transferring power from the hips and legs, through the upper body, and into the object being lifted with maximal efficiency — is essential both in sport and life.

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Workout of the day


4 rounds of Tabata row, bike, ski erg, jump rope, or other monostructural exercise.

Choose one, or mix and match.
Rest 5 minutes between rounds.

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.

Post exercise and score for each round to comments.

Ring Row Progression


“A group of 14 researchers just set off a firestorm with a new series of studies that upends years of nutrition advice about meat. Their five systematic reviews, published Monday in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, suggest there’s no health reason to eat less red meat — not even the bacon and salami we’ve been told for years to cut back on. … But what’s really interesting about this new series is the argument that previously published guidelines have been, well, bad science.”

Read the article Is eating beef healthy? The new fight raging in nutrition science, explained.

Workout of the day


Rest Day

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Listen to “The Unanswered Question,” by Charles Ives.

Coca-Cola and its proxies persistently attempt to influence science to shift the blame for obesity away from bad diets. One such proxy — founded by Coke and its loyal partner the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) — is Exercise is Medicine, an initiative designed to influence the medical establishment, cast doubt on the relationship between nutrition and obesity, and muzzle fitness trainers. To conceal this dubious history, ACSM claims it founded Exercise is Medicine with the American Medical Association, ignoring Coke's founding role. ACSM-affiliated scientists continue to repeat this false claim, despite CrossFit's repeated correction.

Read MoreCrossFit Catches ACSM In Lie And Cover-Up About Exercise Is Medicine

Workout of the day


Workout 20.1
10 rounds for time of:

8 ground-to-overheads
10 bar-facing burpees

♀ 65 lb. ♂ 95 lb.

Read the scorecard for full event details.

Post time to comments, and/or submit your score as part of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.

Open Workout 20.1 Standards

A new meta-analysis of large observational studies suggests reducing red or processed meat intake has little to no effect on mortality. Researchers used the GRADE methodology to evaluate 61 large cohort studies assessing the relationship between red and/or processed meat intake and cardiovascular or all-cause mortality. They found the evidence supporting any association between red and/or processed meat and cardiovascular or mortality outcomes to be of a consistently low quality and suggest that if reducing red and/or processed meat has any impact on mortality, the impact is very small.

Read MoreRed and Processed Meat Consumption and Risk for All-Cause Mortality and Cardiometabolic Outcomes

Workout of the day


12 minutes of stretching
12 minutes of L-sit practice
12 minutes of handstand practice
12 minutes of plank practice
12 minutes of scales practice

Compare to 190417.

Dr. David Diamond on Cholesterol Research


This 2001 review analyzes the significance of a particular lipoprotein profile, hypertriglycermidemic hyperapoB, which is strongly correlated with diabetes and heart disease risk. The authors posit small, dense LDL particles increase diabetes and heart disease risk, and form as a consequence of insulin resistance. Accordingly, dietary and lifestyle factors that increase liver fat content and insulin resistance may increase heart disease risk, even if they do not impact total or LDL cholesterol.

Read MoreHypertriglyceridemic Hyperapob: The Unappreciated Atherogenic Dyslipoproteinemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Workout of the day


Row 5,000 meters

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Step-Up Progression


Workout of the day


For time:

50 medicine-ball cleans
25 push jerks
50 medicine-ball cleans

♀ 14-lb. ball, 105-lb. jerk
♂ 20-lb. ball, 155-lb. jerk

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Med-ball Clean Progression

medball clean progression

Progressions, such as that used in training the medicine-ball clean, allow us to gradually refine an athlete’s mechanics, solidifying a single point of performance before moving on to the next.

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This highly cited 1998 review links insulin resistance to increased heart disease risk. Dr. Scott Grundy, the review author, observed the “lipid triad” of high triglycerides, small LDL particles, and low HDL is common among those with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. These conditions may also be mechanistically linked. Insulin resistance leads to increased liver fat, which increases fat VLDL production — in other words, insulin resistance may directly cause the lipid triad.

Read MoreHypertriglyceridemia, atherogenic dyslipidemia, and the metabolic syndrome

Workout of the day


Rest Day

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Robert Penn Warren

Read “Tell Me a Story,” by Robert Penn Warren.

In this talk at CrossFit’s 2017 Health Conference, Australian orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Fettke presents a history of the junk science behind prevailing nutrition guidelines. Fettke has come under attack for his critique of the mainstream: Because of his dietary recommendations (“low-carb, healthy fat”), Fettke was reported to Australia’s medical board. But “the message is too important to be silenced,” Fettke states. “I feel that the combination of fructose, refined carbohydrate, and polyunsaturated oils is toxic, inflammatory, and at the root cause of all disease that we look at.”

Watch Dr. Gary Fettke: The Role of Nutrition in Everything

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