Workout of the Day


5 rounds for time of:

21-cal row
12 burpee box jump-overs
1 legless rope climb

♀ 14-in box ♂ 20-in box

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Newer athletes should reduce the number of rounds and choose modifications that allow them to move consistently while maintaining high intensity.

Beginner Option:
3 rounds for time of:
15-cal row
9 burpee box jump overs
1 rope climb, lying to standing
♀ 6-in box ♂ 12-in box

The Burpee Box Jump-Over

The burpee is a versatile movement. In its simplest form, it requires little skill, space, or equipment. However, the framework of the basic movement lends itself to many creative variations, such as burpee box jump-overs, which have the potential for greater intensity and challenge coordination, agility, and balance. 

WatchThe Burpee Box Jump-Over