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David Taylor
January 4th, 2022 at 7:38 pm
Commented on: 220104

Continuing my annual tradition (although I said two January firsts ago that I wasn’t going to compile them any more…), I have a Word.docx file which includes every main-page WOD since 070601 that I am happy to share.  It totals almost 4,000 WODs, and makes a handy searchable (677 page!) reference document.

The document in the link below is updated through December 31st, 2021.  As a small added bonus, if you look at the last couple of pages of the file, there are some miscellaneous WODs that I've collected over the years.  A couple of those are good for travel scenarios where the available equipment

might be lacking.  A couple of them are real bears.

(If you have difficulty downloading the document from the Google Docs link below, send me an email at: tails192 (insert “@” symbol) and I will send you the document.)

I’ve been collecting the WODs for a *long* time, and I believe that 2021 will really mark the end of my effort in this regard.  My plan is that once I catch up (I’m doing 190712 today), I will go back and start over from the beginning of the document with the 070601 WOD, and work through the whole thing again.  At my current workout frequency, this WOD list will last me 16(+) years.  So if I go through it four more times, that’ll put me at the ripe age of 124. :-}

All the best to each of you in 2022 and beyond,

David T. M/62/5'8"/179

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