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December 15, 2020

Workout of the Day

For 20 minutes:

10 dumbbell thrusters
10 pull-ups

Multiply thruster load by rounds completed, e.g., 50 pounds x 23 rounds = 1,150 pound-rounds (a useful measure of work and, by extension, average power for the workout) and post to comments.

Compare to 031227.

The Dumbbell Thruster

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In 2011, Dr. Robert Lustig famously claimed sugar is the new tobacco and argued diets high in fructose are the cause of the obesity epidemic and a range of metabolic diseases. Here, Dr. Peter Attia calls for additional nuance in Lustig’s argument by pointing to the negative effects of glucose as well as fructose. Attia argues glucose and fructose stimulate insulin release in the pancreas. This is a problem for individuals who want to lose weight or even support a healthy metabolism, because “elevated levels of insulin ‘turn off’ our ability to burn fat and increase our capacity to store fat,” Attia claims. He agrees with Lustig, however, that “the impact of chronic sugar exposure is probably more significant than that of tobacco.”

Read the article Sugar 101 – How Harmful Is Sugar?

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