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Conflicts of Interest: How Money Clouds Objectivity

According to former BMJ editor Richard Smith, research has shown, "far from conflict of interest being unimportant in the objective and pure world of science ... it is the main factor determining the result of studies." Smith claims "the best response to conflicts of interest seems to be disclosure rather than attempted eradication" and argues more studies are required to understand how to mitigate bias in research and patient care.

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February 12th, 2021 at 1:36 am
Commented on: Why a Doctor Treated His Own Disease With CrossFit

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Patrick Doyle
July 17th, 2020 at 2:24 pm
Commented on: Why a Doctor Treated His Own Disease With CrossFit

Great information !!

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John Clarke
July 17th, 2020 at 10:19 am
Commented on: Why a Doctor Treated His Own Disease With CrossFit

CF - turn the music down on these videos - hard to hear the Doctor over it.

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Reza Dehghanzadehsuraki
July 17th, 2020 at 4:27 am
Commented on: 200717

Workout Structure:

First day followed both “For Completion” and “as heavy as possible” template, respectively. Two modalities of gymnastics and weightlifting were used in this high volume WOD. The first combination was low intensity SLIP from gymnastics modality and the second combination was a heavy complex movement from weightlifting modality. The purpose of the exercise was to perform the back squat with heaviest resistance and increase its records. This WOD was focused on the leg muscles. The amount of resistance should be progressively increased to reach their record. Strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination were challenged for GPP skills. Moreover, the aerobic system was a dominant energy pathway for first part and the phosphagen system was a dominant energy pathway for second part of this WOD.

Second day followed “For Time” template. This exercise was a single modality that is includes a moderate high reps weightlifting movement. The

main focus in this WOD was to challenge the stamina and to some extent strength. Stamina, strength and cardiorespiratory played the major role in this WOD. Moreover, the lactic acid was the dominant energy pathway in this program.

Third day followed “For Time” template, too. This exercise was a triplet modality that combines a sprint run from metcon modality, a heavy weight movement from weightlifting modality and a low skill movement from gymnastic modality. Speed, strength, stamina and cardiovascular respiratory played the major role in this WOD. Moreover, the aerobic system was a dominant energy pathway in this program.


In this cycle:

  • The combinations of GW; W and MWG have been used, respectively.
  • Weightlifting modality was used for all 3 days.
  • No AMRAP template can be seen in this cycle.

As can be seen, at the first day, a heavy movement was used that athletes had to perform it with their heaviest resistance and increase their records. At the second day, a moderate weight, high reps and complex movement was used that challenged the strength and muscular endurance. And finally, at the third day, a heavy weight movement was used, too, beside the two another movements. These show that the focus of this cycle is on the weightlifting modality, and the purpose of this cycle is to improve the strength.

Overall, all 3 energy pathways (phosphagen, lactic acid and aerobic) were challenged in this cycle. Moreover, the Strength, stamina cardiorespiratory, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination were involved in this circle of programming. Also, power is latent in the nature of these programs.

As a final note, “For Completion”, “AHAP”, and “For Time” templates were used for programming in this cycle.

You can see other analysis in my instagram page.

Enjoy your rest day and recover your physical and mental dimensions

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John Sullivan
July 17th, 2020 at 1:15 am
Commented on: Why a Doctor Treated His Own Disease With CrossFit

Fantastic Doc

Im with you 100%. Nutrition and proper exercise like CrossFit that address the 10 areas of fitness will remedy almost anything.

Good job

dr john

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Mark Hanks
July 17th, 2020 at 1:10 am
Commented on: 200717

Did not RX

Used 50lb DBs

1st set unbroken

2nd and 3rd set broken

Time: 21:54

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