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February 04, 2020

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Is walking 10,000 steps a day an effective way to improve your health? Many believe reaching their daily goal will confer physical benefits and even improve cognitive function. Here, Tyler Hass describes the origins of the 10,000-step walking recommendation, examines whether the scientific literature supports it, and analyzes it in the context of CrossFit’s recommendations regarding variance and intensity.

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Daily mail

“Every New Year's, millions of Americans make resolutions to become healthier whether it's to exercise more regularly or eat better. Now, a new survey has revealed the health and fitness terms most searched in Google in every US state for 2020. CrossFit — the popular strength and conditioning program — was the term most typed into the search engine with one-quarter of states looking it up on New Year's Eve or Day.”

Read the articleThe United States of New Year's Resolutions: CrossFit Was the Most Googled Way to Get Healthy for 2020

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