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October 31, 2019

Workout of the Day

Rest Day

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The Return of the Farm Workers From the Fields by Peter Paul Rubens

In October 2013, cardiologist and professor of evidence-based medicine Dr. Aseem Malhotra published an editorial in the BMJ entitled “Saturated Fat Is Not the Major Issue.” There, he contradicted popular wisdom about saturated fat consumption contributing to heart disease and claimed the medical establishment’s focus on lowering cholesterol to improve heart health had led to the overprescription of statin drugs with negative side effects. Though the scientific evidence was on his side, many in the scientific and medical communities were not. Here he describes the history and inner workings of the ongoing conflict and the lessons to be gleaned from it.

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CrossFit Open Workout 20.3 contained the classic benchmark Diane, followed by heavier deadlifts and handstand walks — all within an aggressive 9-minute time cap. With the introduction of some advanced gymnastics movements in the handstand push-ups and walks, this week didn’t see the same smooth distribution of scores as previous weeks. Nevertheless, the number of athletes who were able to complete some of the handstand push-ups this year was impressive. CrossFit Beyond the Whiteboard presents the data on this and more in this week’s workout analysis.

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