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Workout of the day


7 minutes of scales practice
7 minutes of L-sit practice
7 minutes of handstand practice (inversion)
7 minutes of plank practice
7 minutes of stretching

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At-Home Workout

Knee Push-Up

Jug deadlifts and knee push-ups

The Globe and Mail

“The thalidomide tragedy was averted in the United States because Dr. Kelsey, alone and in the face of fierce opposition, did her job. …[N]o one else stopped it anywhere else until it was too late. Dr. Kelsey was the only person in the entire world who said no. She said no to a bad drug application, she said no to an overbearing pharmaceutical company and she said no to vested interests who put profits first. She was one brave dissenter. In the end, the question is not what made Frances Kelsey, but why aren't there more like her?”

Read the article How One Canadian Doctor Kept Thalidomide's Harm From America

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