Workout of the day


3 rounds for time of:

1,000-meter row
5 rounds of Cindy

1 round of Cindy is 5 strict pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats.

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Anatomy of Levers Part 3

One of the most commonly used examples of second-class levers in human anatomy is the foot as we stand flat-footed, then elevate our heels.

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The second-class lever is another example of a simple machine comprising a beam placed upon a fulcrum. In the second-class lever, the orientation and distribution of forces are different than in the first-class lever: The load is placed between the fulcrum and effort, while the force of the effort is directed in an opposite direction to counter that of the load.

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Strict Pull-Up

“The goal in your pull-up work is 'more.' You want, you need, more pull-ups. The more you can do, the stronger you become. Muscular endurance, absolute strength, relative strength—whatever you want to define and measure gets better. Every personal-best pull-up is an event worthy of celebration. You’re going to live to be 100, but you’ll not get that many pull-ups, so treat the new ones like birthdays.” —Greg Glassman


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