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CrossFit Announces Support for Australian CrossFit Championship’s T2 Diabetes Initiative

ByCrossFitFebruary 11, 2020

The Australian CrossFit® Championship, a CrossFit Sanctionals™ competition qualifying athletes to the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games, recently announced its plans to highlight the daily life-changing work of CrossFit affiliates by using ticket revenue from its March 2020 event to sponsor gym memberships for local Type 2 diabetics.

In its press release, ACC leadership announced:

True to our roots, we also remain focused on the core values of CrossFit®. This year we are launching our initiative to raise awareness of the broader health benefits of CrossFit® for the community at large.

The ACC is taking place from 5 – 8 March 2020. However, we know the real work is done in CrossFit® Affiliates all over Australia for the other 51 weeks of the year, for no accolades. We know that each of you are working hard to help yourselves, friends, family, clients and the local community live a healthier life.

With this in mind we announce:

For every 100 tickets sold to this year’s ACC event, we will randomly select 1 person with Type 2 diabetes (as nominated via an Australian CrossFit Affiliate) and support them in their CrossFit® transformation by paying for 3 months of their CrossFit® box membership.

CrossFit, Inc. is proud to announce support for the ACC’s initiative and will be matching the sponsorship so that two individuals will receive three months of membership at an Australian affiliate for every 100 tickets sold.

As recognized by the ACC’s leadership, the mutual relationship between individuals and their local CrossFit affiliate is the locus of transformation for millions of lives around the world. Participation in the CrossFit community offers hope and opportunity for those seeking to treat and reverse their chronic disease, find a community of support, and take control of their health and future. The ACC’s investment in the Australian community thus exemplifies the local spirit of the Sanctionals™.

The ACC provided the following details on the nomination process for the Australian CrossFit community:

How to nominate: (a client, family member, friend or someone in your local community)

1. talk to the people you know, share our initiative on your socials and encourage everyone to attend the ACC and talk to their friends/family/colleagues/community groups as well;

2. if you know/are notified of a suitable person, obtain the person’s permission to be nominated;

3. get the Affiliate where you train to send the ACC an email to with the details of:

a. the Affiliate – location, contact details and social media accounts; and

b. the Nominee – name, contact details, social media accounts, occupation, gender and relevant commencement information that will help articulate their story and progress.

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