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The 2020 CrossFit Open National Champions

ByCrossFitJanuary 6, 2020

The 2020 CrossFit Open national champions are announced. Across the world, 239 individuals have won the right and will receive invitations to represent their country at the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. This year, CrossFit crowns seven additional champions from countries new to the CrossFit Open, demonstrating the continued international growth of the world’s largest participatory sporting event.

Sara Sigmundsdottir of Iceland won her second consecutive Open, and Patrick Vellner became the first Canadian man to win the season opener. Both rallied following their surprising early exits from the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  Three-time and defending CrossFit Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey finished sixth worldwide and remains the fittest woman in Australia. Mat Fraser is again the fittest in the United States and will look to improve on his second-place Open finish as he seeks his record-setting fifth title in August.

An impressive 115 individuals — 57 men and 58 women — are repeat champions, having previously earned their country’s national crown in the 2019 Open as well. Many female repeat champions in countries such as Malta, South Africa, Spain, and Hungary saw large improvements in their overall Open placement. On the men’s side, new national champions raised the bar in countries such as Afghanistan, Ecuador, Slovenia, Ireland, and Russia.

Congratulations to the following competitors. As of Jan. 6, 2020, they are officially national champions, the fittest athletes in their country. The 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held the week of Wednesday, July 29, through Sunday, Aug. 2.

2020 National Champions

Country Division Athlete Affiliate Flag
Afghanistan Men Murtaza Nadeem CrossFit Rotherham “flag"
Algeria Women Nastassia Kaddour Al Gurm CrossFit “flag"
Algeria Men Sofien Zaier CrossFit Belfort “flag"
Andorra Women Miriam Torra CrossFit Les Valls “flag"
Andorra Men Enric Closa La Borda CrossFit “flag"
Angola Women Carla Nunes da Costa* CrossFit Talatona “flag"
Angola Men Marco Almeida Ultimate Burn CrossFit “flag"
Argentina Women Melina Rodriguez “flag"
Argentina Men Maximiliano Arigossi CrossFit Tuluka Nuñez “flag"
Australia Women Tia-Clair Toomey CrossFit Mayhem “flag"
Australia Men Bayden Brown CrossFit Townsville “flag"
Austria Women Anna Donauer CrossFit WN “flag"
Austria Men Victor Schroeder CrossFit WN “flag"
Azerbaijan Women Sima Huseynova* “flag"
Azerbaijan Men Zeynal Zeynalov “flag"
Bahamas Women Miriam Flowers Johnson* CrossFit Potcake “flag"
Bahamas Men David Morley “flag"
Bahrain Women Aysha Saeed CrossFit Delmon “flag"
Bahrain Men Majid Al Sharaf CrossFit Delmon “flag"
Barbados Women Lovon Green Physics CrossFit “flag"
Barbados Men Richy Jordan CrossFit Worlds End “flag"
Belarus Women Olga Grigorevich “flag"
Belarus Men Nikita Yundov CrossFit Bandicoot “flag"
Belgium Women Manon Angonese “flag"
Belgium Men Jelle Hoste CrossFit Kortrijk “flag"
Belize Women Liliana Nunez CrossFit Wolf “flag"
Belize Men Vernon Neal CrossFit Subterranean “flag"
Bosnia and Herzegovina Women Elma Ducic* Hawkestone CrossFit “flag"
Bosnia and Herzegovina Men Đorđe Đurić “flag"
Botswana Women Cingiwe Ciegy Seru* CrossFit Gaborone “flag"
Botswana Men Thabo Mosimane CrossFit Gaborone “flag"
Brazil Women Larissa Cunha Cavaleiros CrossFit “flag"
Brazil Men Guilherme Malheiros Cavaleiros CrossFit “flag"
Brunei Darussalam Women Nina Juna “flag"
Brunei Darussalam Men Kamarul Ariffin “flag"
Bulgaria Women Ralitza Koterlitzova CrossFit Valeo “flag"
Bulgaria Men Radoslav Ivanov CrossFit Plovdiv “flag"
Cambodia Women Sreymao Po CrossFit Amatak “flag"
Cambodia Men Kobe Khy CrossFit Amatak “flag"
Canada Women Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault CrossFit 514 “flag"
Canada Men Jeffrey Adler CrossFit Wonderland “flag"
Chile Women Simona Quintana “flag"
Chile Men Piero Gorichon “flag"
China Women Aichan Chen Stud CrossFit “flag"
China Men Ant Haynes CrossFit CFPT “flag"
Colombia Women Valentina Rangel Iruka CrossFit “flag"
Colombia Men Julian Serna* CrossFit Soul Miami “flag"
Costa Rica Women Marisol Umana* Morpho CrossFit “flag"
Costa Rica Men William Sanchez Training PIT CrossFit “flag"
Croatia Women Tamara Zulim* “flag"
Croatia Men Augustin Vilicnik Heart Rate CrossFit “flag"
Cyprus Women Thelma Christoforou CrossFit Limassol “flag"
Cyprus Men Feidias Psilogeni “flag"
Czech Republic Women Sona Karaskova CrossFit With Us “flag"
Czech Republic Men Martin Feiferlík Bubalus CrossFit “flag"
Denmark Women Julie Hougård Nielsen Lofteriet CrossFit “flag"
Denmark Men Klaus Hebo Uggerhoj CrossFit Nordvest “flag"
Dominican Republic Women Sheerly Bueno Reyes CrossFit HyperNova “flag"
Dominican Republic Men Eusebio Aldano* CrossFit Steel Factory “flag"
Ecuador Women Andrea Rodriguez Lycan CrossFit “flag"
Ecuador Men Guillermo D. Torres “flag"
Egypt Women Dalya Darwish* CrossFit Stars “flag"
Egypt Men Mohamed Elomda CrossFit BSQ “flag"
El Salvador Women Patricia Trujillo CrossFit Fortaleza “flag"
El Salvador Men Alvaro Alarcon* “flag"
Estonia Women Andra Moistus Tallinn CrossFit “flag"
Estonia Men Kevin Jurs Tallinn CrossFit “flag"
Finland Women Emilia Leppanen CrossFit Kreis 9 “flag"
Finland Men Jonne Koski CrossFit Kreis 9 “flag"
France Women Sabrina Caron CrossFit Hanuman “flag"
France Men Willy Georges CrossFit Lutece “flag"
Germany Women Lisa Eble CrossFit Jackhammer “flag"
Germany Men Karar Margrander CrossFit Luparo “flag"
Ghana Women Laila Zangwio 233 CrossFit “flag"
Ghana Men Christopher Ghansah “flag"
Greece Women Matilda Spanou Mad Hall CrossFit “flag"
Greece Men Lefteris Theofanidis “flag"
Grenada Women Rachael Jarvis-Bossard CrossFit Roseland “flag"
Guatemala Women Vera Valdez CrossFit Tecun Uman “flag"
Guatemala Men Marlon Azurdia “flag"
Guyana Women Delice Adonis CrossFit 592
Guyana Men Dillon Mahadeo CrossFit 592 “flag"
Honduras Women Ana Valladares Erei CrossFit San Pedro Sula “flag"
Honduras Men Emilio Sanchez Cedar Knolls CrossFit “flag"
Hungary Women Laura Horvath CrossFit BBros “flag"
Hungary Men Kristóf Horváth C23 CrossFit “flag"
Iceland Women Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir Simmagym CrossFit “flag"
Iceland Men Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson CrossFit Hengill “flag"
India Women Sanjana Sivasalapathi CrossFit 1855 “flag"
India Men Vedharth Thappa CrossFit 7 Seas “flag"
Indonesia Women Citra Ramaniya* CrossFit Limburg “flag"
Indonesia Men Mahendra Arditirta CrossFit 6221 “flag"
Iran Women Laura Namvar CrossFit Tewkesbury “flag"
Iran Men Morteza Sedaghat “flag"
Iraq Women Media Hadi CrossFit Select “flag"
Iraq Men Mustafa El-Lari CrossFit AKA “flag"
Ireland Women Emma McQuaid CrossFit Berserk “flag"
Ireland Men Pd Savage CrossFit 8020 “flag"
Israel Women Nicole Pettel CrossFit White City “flag"
Israel Men Ram Dover CrossFit Namal “flag"
Italy Women Alessandra Pichelli Diablo CrossFit “flag"
Italy Men Stefano Migliorini Reebok CrossFit Officine “flag"
Jamaica Women Nicki Ruegsegger CrossFit Reflexion “flag"
Jamaica Men Sion Brinn* Be CrossFit “flag"
Japan Women Yuko Sakuyama Reebok CrossFit Roppongi “flag"
Japan Men Yasuhiro Uchibori Reebok CrossFit Heart and Beauty “flag"
Jordan Women Dema Al Zebdieh CrossFit 962 “flag"
Jordan Men Amin Attallah CrossFit 962 “flag"
Kenya Women Alisha Stone CrossFit Explosion “flag"
Kenya Men Jeremy Mghenyi CrossFit Progression “flag"
Korea, Republic of Women Dawon Jung Reebok CrossFit Maru “flag"
Korea, Republic of Men Myung Sik Kwak CrossFit Bigfoot “flag"
Kosovo Women Gentiana Muriqi CrossFit Diamond Valley “flag"
Kosovo Men Robert Berisha CrossFit HelvetiX “flag"
Kuwait Women Hajer Jamal CrossFit 965 “flag"
Kuwait Men Nasser Alruwayeh CrossFit Q8 “flag"
Latvia Women Santa Ozolina “flag"
Latvia Men Uldis Upenieks CrossFit Riga “flag"
Lebanon Women Danielle Shanine CrossFit 309 “flag"
Lebanon Men Moustafa Awada CrossFit Dignus “flag"
Lithuania Women Ramunė Miliauskaitė SunCity CrossFit “flag"
Lithuania Men Arminas Balevicius CrossFit 82 “flag"
Luxembourg Women Jacky Schmitt Reebok CrossFit Valens “flag"
Luxembourg Men Connor Nellans CrossFit Invictus “flag"
Macedonia Women Viki Ristoska “flag"
Macedonia Men Senad Drpljanin PXM CrossFit “flag"
Madagascar Women Iarinjatovo Santatra CrossFit Lemurs “flag"
Madagascar Men Hasina Ratsimbazafy CrossFit TANKA “flag"
Malaysia Women Shamala Jeanne Chandran “flag"
Malaysia Men Jonathan Ooi CrossFit 673 Jerudong “flag"
Malta Women Jessica Borg Ghigo* CrossFit Mola di Bari “flag"
Malta Men Kyle Micallef CrossFit 356 “flag"
Mauritius Women Jessica Chu* CrossFit Fibre “flag"
Mauritius Men Sananda Chinapyel CrossFit Darlington “flag"
Mexico Women Brenda Castro CrossFit Tigran “flag"
Mexico Men Luis Oscar Mora “flag"
Mongolia Women Odontungalag Chinbat 976 CrossFit “flag"
Mongolia Men Dorjnamjim Dorjsembe 976 CrossFit “flag"
Morocco Women Sanaa Mandar Cercle CrossFit “flag"
Morocco Men Hamza Mahir CrossFit Ain Diab “flag"
Mozambique Women Jessica Ubisse CrossFit Indico “flag"
Mozambique Men David Alpoim de Sa Reebok CrossFit Reading “flag"
Namibia Women Francie Gerber* CrossFit WHK “flag"
Namibia Men Philipp Bohlke CrossFit Damascus “flag"
Nepal Men Utsab Karki CrossFit Hyperion “flag"
Netherlands Women Nienke van Overveld CrossFit Vondelgym “flag"
Netherlands Men Sam Lubben CrossFit Finestrat “flag"
New Zealand Women Jamie Greene CrossFit Yas “flag"
New Zealand Men Luke Fiso Thorndon CrossFit “flag"
Nicaragua Women Fatima Artola* CrossFit The Flying V “flag"
Nicaragua Men Kerry Valle CrossFit Soul Miami “flag"
Nigeria Women Monica Ogums CrossFit Invulnerable “flag"
Nigeria Men David Segun CrossFit Revamped “flag"
Norway Women Kristin Holte CrossFit Oslo “flag"
Norway Men Nicolay Billaudel CrossFit Gamlebyen “flag"
Oman Women Pasent Medhat CrossFit Engine 38 “flag"
Oman Men Aslam Al Shukaili CrossFit Itihad “flag"
Pakistan Women Nazia Aslam CrossFit BNB “flag"
Pakistan Men Aqeel Ahmed* CrossFit Ten500 “flag"
Palestinian Territory Women Dara Al-Kayyali CrossFit EHOH “flag"
Palestinian Territory Men Hamzeh Tarefi CrossFit Ramallah “flag"
Panama Women Pochy Valdes CrossFit Soul Miami “flag"
Panama Men Alain Davidson CrossFit Condado “flag"
Papua New Guinea Men Jack Karo Jr. CrossFit Port Moresby “flag"
Paraguay Women Carol Colling-Romero Kingbull CrossFit “flag"
Paraguay Men Diego Kemper “flag"
Peru Women Sofia Arrue Bermeo Altair CrossFit “flag"
Peru Men Lukas Ozaki “flag"
Philippines Women Lara Lorraine Liwanag CrossFit Kalye Sikanan “flag"
Philippines Men Robin Jaramillo CrossFit Elmwood Park “flag"
Poland Women Gabriela Migała CrossFit 72D “flag"
Poland Men Piotr Szczycinski CrossFit Wroclaw “flag"
Portugal Women Ana C. Caldas* CrossFit Tempo “flag"
Portugal Men Andre Teresinho CrossFit Feira “flag"
Qatar Men Khalid Alhamadi CrossFit Erada “flag"
Romania Women Carrie Tobias Man Made CrossFit “flag"
Romania Men Severin Irimia “flag"
Russian Federation Women Ekaterina Makarova CrossFit Tirus “flag"
Russian Federation Men Roman Khrennikov “flag"
Saint Lucia Men Heskeith Flavien* CrossFit 414 “flag"
Samoa Women MariaNive Clark* CrossFit Bentonville “flag"
Samoa Men Daniel Faumuina CrossFit Play “flag"
San Marino Men Giacomo Panigucci* CrossFit 3 Towers “flag"
Saudi Arabia Women Amal Alshahrani Interval Plus CrossFit “flag"
Saudi Arabia Men Mansoor Alsughayer Interval Plus CrossFit “flag"
Senegal Men Mody Traore* Casa CrossFit Anfa “flag"
Serbia Women Milena Savich CrossFit PR Star “flag"
Serbia Men Lazar Đukić “flag"
Singapore Women Landy Eng CrossFit Mobilus “flag"
Singapore Men Ian Wee “flag"
Slovakia Women Karin Freyová CrossFit Alpha Prime “flag"
Slovakia Men Martin Kružlic CrossFit Alpha Prime “flag"
Slovenia Women Tina Tursic* CrossFit Zug “flag"
Slovenia Men Rok Dernikovic “flag"
South Africa Women Tammi Robinson CrossFit CFPT “flag"
South Africa Men Jason Smith* CrossFit Sunninghill “flag"
Spain Women Sara Alicia Fernandez Costas CrossFit Norte Redondela “flag"
Spain Men Fabian Beneito CrossFit Alzira “flag"
Sri Lanka Women Keshini Vitharana CrossFit Ceylon “flag"
Sri Lanka Men Spencer Gardner* Dragon CrossFit “flag"
Suriname Women Ava Zalman Rock CrossFit Paramaribo “flag"
Suriname Men Mark Tawjoeram Rock CrossFit Paramaribo “flag"
Sweden Women Camilla Salomonsson Hellman CrossFit Nordic “flag"
Sweden Men Linus Bresander CrossFit Borgen “flag"
Switzerland Women Emiko Naets CrossFit Lavoisier “flag"
Switzerland Men Lukas Esslinger CrossFit Kreis 9 “flag"
Syrian Arab Republic Women Alaa Hannora CrossFit Al Ain “flag"
Syrian Arab Republic Men Amjad Keddah CrossFit 962 “flag"
Tajikistan Men Makhmanabi Khudoydodov CrossFit City of Lakes “flag"
Thailand Women Uracha Teerawanitsan Superpro CrossFit “flag"
Thailand Men Keerawat Srirungruangjit Superpro CrossFit “flag"
Tonga Men Andre Alipate* CrossFit 3216 “flag"
Trinidad and Tobago Women Lyndsay Murray Igone CrossFit “flag"
Trinidad and Tobago Men Mattheaus Otero Igone CrossFit “flag"
Tunisia Women Jessica Sanki* Reebok CrossFit Louvre “flag"
Tunisia Men Alexandre Bradley CrossFit Serval “flag"
Turkey Women Dilara Uzdil CrossFit Wolf Haven “flag"
Turkey Men Yavuz Senturk CrossFit Wolf Haven “flag"
Uganda Men Isaac Muhima CrossFit BECC “flag"
Ukraine Women Mariana Fedorenko Grand CrossFit “flag"
Ukraine Men Maksim Shumakov CrossFit Banda II “flag"
United Arab Emirates Women Shahad Budebs CrossFit MetaliZe “flag"
United Arab Emirates Men Mahmood Shalan CrossFit Alioth “flag"
United Kingdom Women Megan Lovegrove CrossFit Tanjong Pagar “flag"
United Kingdom Men Zack George CrossFit BFG “flag"
United States Women Kari Pearce CrossFit Spot “flag"
United States Men Mathew Fraser CrossFit Mayhem “flag"
Uruguay Women Victoria Frascolla B2 CrossFit “flag"
Uruguay Men Juan Manuel Seitun B2 CrossFit “flag"
Uzbekisan Women Roza Gilles “flag"
Uzbekisan Men Kamil Burkhanov Zetta CrossFit “flag"
Vanuatu Women Lenise Monteiro* CrossFit FMTG “flag"
Vanuatu Men Scott Monteiro* CrossFit FMTG “flag"
Venezuela Women Laura Sanchez CrossFit Tuluka Nuñez “flag"
Venezuela Men Omar Martinez CrossFit 4 L “flag"
Viet Nam Women Valerie Hoang Landmark CrossFit “flag"
Viet Nam Men Keith Nhan AllSport CrossFit “flag"
Zimbabwe Women Laura Heuer CrossFit Kyma “flag"
Zimbabwe Men Tafadzwa Mushandu CrossFit Palace “flag"

*Masters Athlete