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CrossFit Gymnastics is a two-day course that helps coaches and athletes understand gymnastics movement and improve coordination and efficiency.

No matter your skill level — basic, intermediate, or advanced — this course will improve your technique and performance.

You’ll work with expert coaches from The Gymnastics Course who have over a decade of experience helping athletes and coaches refine their gymnastics techniques and achieve their goals!

Inside the Gymnastics Course

Movement Assessment

Learn how to see and correct movement simply and effectively. You’ll learn bodyweight training methods that will help you build strength and improve technique.

Programming and Scaling

Gymnastics programming doesn’t need to be difficult; it just needs to be consistent. Learn how to effectively program gymnastics regularly to support skill development as well as responsible intensity.

How to Spot and Self-spot

The goal of any coach is to progress an athlete as quickly and safely as possible. There is no faster route to gymnastics success than spotting and self-spotting.


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