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CrossFit Affiliate Programming

Data-driven programming, class plans, daily coaching development tools, and logistical support for your affiliate.

Free for Affiliates in 2021

Designed by top CrossFit Seminar Staff

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    Daily Coaching Development

    Class plans, graphics, and more than 60 videos every month from CrossFit Seminar Staff will help you develop your coaching staff.

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    Save Time to Make Time

    Affiliate owners report saving four to six hours per week with CAP. This means you’ll have more time to focus on the work you love in the gym.

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    Improve Member Results

    Data-driven programming helps members of all levels follow a monthly plan to target weaknesses and see consistent progress.

What You Get

Four programming tracks, daily class plans, and video tips built for your affiliate

Daily Workouts and Scaling Options

Seven days of programming with multiple scaling options delivered weekly on Thursdays.

In-depth Class Plans

Daily class plans, complete with coaching notes, warm-ups, and timelines to help you and your coaches facilitate the Workout of the Day.

Lifting and Compete Tracks

Seamlessly implement Lifting and Compete tracks with your class programming to prep for the Open, target weaknesses, or start a specialty class.

At-home/Equipment-free Tracks

Limited equipment and equipment-free training options with daily workout overview videos help you run classes in any setting.

Extensive Video Support

Daily and At-Home workout overview videos highlight workout stimulus, coaching tips, and more from coaches and affiliate owners just like you.

“Work Your Weaknesses”

Four supplemental workouts per week are designed for members who want to target stamina, strength, or specific skills.

Integrations With Gym Software

Partnerships with leading software providers like Beyond the Whiteboard and SugarWOD save you time inputting workouts.

CAP really helps make my life easier by simplifying everything. The fact that the programming is complete, with notes, drills progressions and tips makes my life a lot easier.

Matt Spencer, CrossFit Orillia

The class plans are so amazing, so much value that takes away stress from coaches and makes sure classes are running consistently.

Jennifer Smith, CrossFit Maximus

Must-have at this point after realizing the amount of work that we are saving.

Paul Tremblay, CrossFit NCR

The product they provide makes us better coaches and benefits everybody in the gym at all levels, especially introductory.

Josh Welz, CrossFit Arez