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Workout of the Day

Every day since 2001, CrossFit has published a Workout of the Day for new CrossFit athletes, seasoned veterans, and anyone in between. Subscribe to Workout of the Day emails, and you'll receive CrossFit programming in a three-days-on, one-day-off, two-days-on, one-day-off cadence.

What’s Trending

Get inspired with the latest and/or trending articles, stories, videos, and podcasts focused on the CrossFit community and methodology.

Updates and Announcements from CrossFit HQ

Be the first to know when official updates and announcements are released from CrossFit HQ.

CrossFit Games

This subscription is for those interested in announcements, updates, and stories about the CrossFit Games season and its competitors.

The Hopper

This monthly newsletter includes important CrossFit Games competition season updates, resources, and tips. It is intended for competitive athletes but is open to anyone interested in learning more about the CrossFit Games season.

The Professional Coach

The Professional Coach provides a wealth of articles, media, and webinar opportunities that cover all aspects of coaching, including best practices, real-world coaching application, scaling, methodology, nutrition, CEU opportunities, and more. With contributions from experts inside and outside the CrossFit space, this twice-monthly newsletter is the ultimate tool for any coach looking to improve their skills and knowledge. This newsletter is exclusively available to those who hold a Level 1 Certificate or higher.

CrossFit Affiliate Update

The Affiliate Update is a newsletter for CrossFit affiliate owners and includes upcoming event details, business and marketing resources, and general updates from CrossFit HQ. The Affiliate Update is only available to licensees of record (LOR).

CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP)

CAP is a weekly email available exclusively to affiliate owners that provides comprehensive class plans, resources, and educational tips to help coaches deliver an exceptional experience to their members.

CrossFit Health

CrossFit Health serves as a vital bridge connecting the realms of fitness and healthcare. Committed to delivering valuable insights, CrossFit Health harnesses the expertise of renowned professionals from the health, wellness, and CrossFit communities. Our mission is to educate individuals on the transformative potential of CrossFit as a powerful lifestyle intervention, ultimately optimizing health outcomes.

The CrossFit Store

Be the first to know when new products are added to the Official CrossFit Store and receive special offers and discounts conveniently delivered directly to your inbox.

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