CrossFit Affiliate Roundtables

Connect with fellow affiliate owners around the world to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback.

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What are Roundtables

The CrossFit Affiliate Roundtable program gives you the chance to connect with other affiliate owners around the world. You’ll be able to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from peers and colleagues in a meeting that is built on openness, confidentiality, and trust. Each roundtable will include nine affiliate owners, one of whom will be the moderator. Moderators will receive additional training on how to support running efficient meetings, so each conversation can feel like time well spent.


Moderators are integral to the success of the program. You’ll receive live training from CrossFit HQ along with resources to help you guide your Roundtable meetings.


    Roundtables provide an opportunity to learn from collective experiences shared by other affiliate owners. Help strengthen our global network, and spend time with peers who understand your role as the leader of your affiliate community.


    Get support from your peers as you navigate business struggles. You'll make better decisions, create clearer business goals, have more confidence in your actions, and be inspired to stretch yourself beyond your comfort level.


    Personal challenges impact our business. Your roundtable is a safe space to seek help, share experiences, and celebrate successes with other affiliate owners.


Hear how roundtables have helped affiliate owners professionally and personally.

Affiliate Roundtables has helped me build confidence in expressing my thoughts to my staff and build a strong team to better serve our members. I have met an amazing group of individuals going through similar things, good or bad, and guided each other through the best solutions. It truly puts in perspective that we are not alone in our wins and losses within owning an affiliate. It’s a great support system we created and our own little Roundtables fam!

As a new affiliate owner, it was especially refreshing to see that even affiliate owners who have ample experience face similar challenges and adversities that I have experienced in my short time of ownership.

Our Roundtable has been together for over a year now, and we have been able to establish meaningful relationships which have, in turn, allowed us to go to one another, even outside of the Roundtable forum for help, support, and encouragement.

We have had several conversations in our group that have inspired each of us in different ways to implement specific programs, challenges, or systems that made our affiliates better.