CrossFit Affiliate Playbook

A collection of digital resources, tools, and best-practices from successful affiliates around the world.

Included with Affiliation

Tools Over Rules

Through collaboration with affiliate owners around the world, the CrossFit Affiliate Playbook has the resources to help you navigate all aspects of CrossFit gym ownership.

Discover tried-and-tested practices for affiliates of any stage — drawn from over 100 years of collective experience and continuously updated to stay relevant and applicable to your business.

Download actionable templates, worksheets, and step-by-step guides to help you implement the practices that have proven successful by your fellow affiliate owners.

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The Playbook was drafted by some of the best minds in the affiliate community — a large number of the leading affiliate owners have contributed their time and energy to bring it to life. These best practices are not hypothetical. They have been battle-tested and culled from a combined 100+ years of successful affiliate ownership. Following the Playbook will save you time and stress, and can dramatically improve your success at start-up and beyond.

For Affiliates, By Affiliates

Learn proven methods from CrossFit’s most accomplished affiliate owners.

Save Time

Use plug-and-play tools to find solutions and make decisions quickly and easily.

Reduce Costs

​​Find ways to make your business operations more efficient, and avoid costly mistakes with proper planning.

Drive Revenue

Develop member acquisition plans, increase member retention, and formulate pricing strategies to unlock growth.

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For an affiliate owner coming from a background with limited business experience but all the passion in the world for changing people's lives, this is a great guide and resource for the business side of coaching. Just the awareness it brings of all the aspects one might not know they didn't know is so valuable!

Lisa Ray, CrossFit Flagstaff

This is amazing — a must-have for any new or existing affiliate owner. The recommendations, instruction, and content's value are immeasurable and priceless.

Gale Yocom, CrossFit Strong

Must read. Even if it’s a refresher for your business.

Brian Miller, CrossFit MT

This Playbook is like gold. As a first-time business owner and affiliate owner, I have no doubt that I can utilize this Playbook to grow my affiliate stronger.

Robert Gill, CrossFit Midlothian