Monster Lifts: How CrossFit Does Halloween

ByNicole Peyton and Melissa YingerOctober 30, 2021

This Sunday, Oct. 31, is Halloween, a holiday often celebrated with costumes, spooky decorations, and candy. Maybe you’d like to celebrate but want to avoid the sugar hangover this year.

Below are some of our favorite costumes and Halloween celebrations shared by the CrossFit community over the years. If you’re looking for CrossFit-style ways to have fun this weekend, read on to see whether you feel inspired by any of these athletes, goblins, or ghouls.

Show off your muscles.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Scherry of CrossFit Brown ‘n Gold.

Bring all new meaning to the word “deadlift.”

Be incredible.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Mui of CrossFit Iron Spider.

Hulk out.

Duncan Harrison setting a jerk PR at CrossFit Belltown on Halloween in 2016. (Photo courtesy of Lincoln Brigham)

Find Waldo.

2015 Halloween Frankenchipper workout at CrossFit SnoRidge (Photo courtesy of Sam Saimo)

2015 Halloween Throwdown at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay South End (Photo courtesy of Katie Pietrowski)

Go “Savage” on some box jumps.

CrossFit St. Louis Park (Photo courtesy of Wendy Nielsen)

Build your CrossFit zombie apocalypse dream team.

Have a Frantastic Halloween!

CrossFit Trnava (Photo courtesy of Marian Hammel)

“Carrie” your weight.

Fallbrook CrossFit (Photo courtesy of Carrie Sandoval)

Give people something to cheer about.

Dress up like your favorite CrossFit athlete.

Get jacked! Replace your medicine ball with a jack-o’-lantern, pumpkin, or other festive fall squash.

Work on carving out your muscles.

Enjoy some spooktacular family fun at your affiliate Halloween party.

Play “Mummy Circle”  with the kiddos while you’re at it.

Looking for someone to celebrate with? Find an affiliate near you.


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