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March 21, 2020

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Workout of the Day

12-9-6 reps for time of:

Single-arm overhead squats, left arm
Single-arm overhead squats, right arm
Strict muscle-ups

♀ 45-lb. dumbbell ♂ 70-lb. dumbbell

Post time to comments.

At-Home Workout

at home workout

Deadlifts and weighted lunges


“Recent concern about the nutritional gaps in plant-based diets has led to a number of alarming headlines, including a warning that they can stunt brain development and cause irreversible damage to a person’s nervous system. Back in 2016, the German Society for Nutrition went so far as to categorically state that — for children, pregnant or nursing women, and adolescents — vegan diets are not recommended, which has been backed up by a 2018 review of the research.”

Read the article How a Vegan Diet Could Affect Your Intelligence

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