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July 01, 2019

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Workout of the Day

Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Stretch and practice scales before and after.

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Compare to 190428.

At-Home Workout

At-Home: Cluster

Floor touch, squat, reach.

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“Dan was 19 when he was hospitalized for schizophrenia. He was prescribed fistfuls of daily medication and, as a side effect, quickly packed on 100 pounds. His treatment and weight remained largely unchanged for more than a dozen years before he slowly began taking steps toward recovery. He took up karate five years ago, getting regular exercise. Then, his doctor prescribed a new diet: He helped Dan cut out nearly all carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and some extra protein. ... The diet is part of a growing trend in medicine: prescribing certain foods — or telling patients to eliminate them — to improve health.”

Read the articlePrescription: More Broccoli, Fewer Carbs. How Some Doctors Are Looking to Food to Treat Illness

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