Workout of the day


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Then, practice handstands for 20 minutes.

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Seyfried, Cells

Nuclear-cytoplasmic transfer experiments indicate a role of mitochondria in the origin of tumors. Original diagram from Jeffrey Ling and Thomas N. Seyfried.

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The gene theory of cancer is challenged by a growing number of inconsistencies. Chief among these are the findings from nuclear-cytoplasm transfer experiments. Considered collectively, these findings provide compelling evidence showing that nuclear somatic mutations alone cannot account for the origin of tumors, and that normal cytoplasm containing mitochondria can suppress tumorigenicity.

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The sumo deadlift high pull builds on the deadlift, but we widen the stance and bring the grip inside the knees to facilitate a longer pulling motion. We also add velocity to the movement. The sumo deadlift high pull replicates the upward movement pattern of a clean or snatch and serves as a bridge between the deadlift and the faster lifts.


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