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Your Affiliation Journey

Small businesses, profound results.

We want to fuel a revolution in fitness that advocates the pursuit of function, not form - that measures performance, not anatomy. We want rings and bumper plates in our gyms, not machines. We believe that where you train is less important than how you train and that who you train with matters more than what gear you have. We know this can be done in little boxes and we've proven that the garage is as good as an environment as any for forging elite fitness.

Greg Glassman , Founder


Welcome! When you walk into a CrossFit gym, you never have to walk alone and unguided through a sea of bulky equipment and mind-numbing machinery. Instead, you’ll work with a coach and others like you who will help you move and feel better. When you walk into a CrossFit gym, you’ll get the sense that we’re in this together.

Obtain your Level 1 Certificate

The Level 1 Certificate Course provides an introductory education on the fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit. It is the starting point for anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness through effective training and nutritional strategies. Prospective coaches and gym owners take the Level 1 to acquire the foundational training required to help others become fitter and healthier using the CrossFit method.

Get the Affiliate Starter Kit

Running a business is tough, but so is CrossFit — and that’s why we fell in love with it. When you walk into a CrossFit gym, you get the sense we’re all in this together. The Affiliate Starter Kit is no different — it’s just like having a coach and a community right there with you. The Starter Kit is a full-service interactive experience for prospective and new CrossFit affiliate owners. It provides a foundation of tools to better prepare for the lifecycle of being an operationally sound CrossFit affiliate. The Affiliate Starter Kit builds on your love of CrossFit by extending the ideas of measurability, observability, and repeatability beyond physical fitness and into business fitness.

Or Apply Today

Don’t need extra help or resources? Ready to apply now? You can submit an application at any time. And remember, the cost of the Affiliate Starter Kit is applied to your first year’s affiliation fee!

Small Businesses, Profound Results

No gimmicks — just effective fitness, knowledgeable coaches, and a community that cares.

CrossFit Affiliate Starter Kit

A full-service interactive experience for prospective and new CrossFit affiliate owners. 

The success of starting a new affiliate is defined by the ability to have proper systems and operations in place. This includes navigating a secure lease structure, understanding the components of a “good” location, limiting unnecessary spending, properly planning growth strategies, and having the general skills to execute the day-to-day needs of the business.

The Affiliate Starter Kit provides prospective and new affiliate owners with the foundation of tools to better prepare for being an operationally sound  and successful CrossFit affiliate.

Apply Now

You can start your journey to becoming a CrossFit Affiliate owner at any time! 

While you can apply to open a CrossFit affiliate at any time if you hold your Level 1 credential, we urge you to check out the Affiliate Starter Kit to start your journey off on the right foot! The $500 payment for the Affiliate Starter Kit goes directly toward your affiliation fee!

Talk with our team

Connect with someone at CrossFit HQ to discuss affiliation in detail, ask questions, and receive guidance on the journey.