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The CrossFit Physicians Network

ByCrossFitMarch 10, 2020
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The CrossFit Physicians are, by virtue of their medical training and CrossFit participation, special creatures. They possess a view of health, metabolism, and exercise that is neither mainstream nor traditional yet entirely correct and vitally important.

The CrossFit community at large has become aware of the existence of CrossFit Physicians and wants to identify them. CrossFit athletes seek out the “doc in a box” because they believe, rightfully, that whatever the medical need, it will be best served by consulting with a doctor who “gets it.” Similarly, CrossFit Physicians would like to find professional peers within and across specialties and geographies. It is for these reasons that CrossFit, Inc. announces the CrossFit Physician Network.

The CrossFit Physician Network is an opt-in directory published on the CrossFit map alongside CrossFit affiliates and CrossFit seminars. Inclusion is open to all medical doctors (MD, DO, or equivalent) who hold a valid CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate.

To find CrossFit Physicians in your area, visit the map and sort by “Near You.” To apply for listing on the CrossFit Physicians Network, email for additional information and instruction.

Interested physicians may also email to apply to attend a CrossFit Medical Doctor Level 1 (CF-MDL1) Course. The MDL1 was conceived as a means to give medical doctors within the CrossFit community who share an essential, non-trivial view regarding the role of lifestyle choices in chronic disease an opportunity to learn, network, and share ideas through the vehicle of the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course. Doctors may use either the Level 1 Certificate Course or MDL1 as a gateway to joining the CrossFit Physicians Network.

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