crossfit for health 2024 lecture series

In February 2024, CrossFit affiliate owners, coaches, and healthcare professionals came together for the CrossFit for Health Summit, presented by GORUCK. CrossFit thought leaders led panel discussions on fitness, performance, and the hard work of health, while renowned experts shared cutting-edge research on longevity, chronic disease, mental health, and community — and CrossFit’s powerful role in it all.

Exercise for Longevity and Healthspan, With Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Biomedical scientist and researcher specializing in aging, cancer, and nutrition Dr. Rhonda Patrick shares key research connecting increased longevity and improved health markers with gains in cardiorespiratory fitness and strength.

Muscle-centric Medicine, With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Board-certified family physician and functional-medicine practitioner specializing in aging Dr. Gabrielle Lyon presents evidence that the prevention and reversal of chronic disease starts with the health and preservation of skeletal muscle.

From Obesity to Opioids, How CrossFit Can Save the World, With Dr. Tom McCoy

Board-certified family- and obesity-medicine physician Dr. Tom McCoy speaks about the correlation between social isolation and chronic disease — and CrossFit’s unique power to remediate both.

Simple, Not Easy, Ways To Improve Your Health

Health experts and figures of the CrossFit community discuss the challenges of maintaining healthy habits, the power of community, and how to coach others to long-lasting success.

Training for Fitness vs. Performance

Summit speakers and notable figures of the CrossFit community discuss training — and coaching — for high-level performance vs. fitness and longevity.

The Role of Lifestyle in Chronic Disease, With Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, a medical professional specializing in intensive care, speaks about prevention as the prescription for chronic disease.

Metabolic Health Is Mental Health, With Dr. Chris Palmer

Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer presents the case for mental illness as a metabolic illness, advocating for an integrated approach to mental-health treatment in which CrossFit could play a pivotal role.

The Relationship Between Connection, CrossFit, and Health

Representatives from The Phoenix sober community share how CrossFit amplifies their work to transform the lives of people struggling with addiction and loneliness.

Future-proof Your Brain, With Dr. Tommy Wood

Dr. Tommy Wood, a specialist in neuroscience and brain health, explains why CrossFit is a boon for fighting age-related cognitive decline.

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