Just wanted to drop you a line from Afghanistan:
I was introduced to Crossfit at Fort Bragg after Army Special Operations Command incorporated Crossfit into their HHC gym. I was immediately hooked. After arriving in Afghanistan I heard that two of the generals here love the concept and the exercises and are working on building a "garage gym" and filling it with Crossfit "tools". Until then those of us who already were doing Crossfit and those we've recruited use whatever tools we can find in the local gym or outside. Our engineers have created some pull-up and dip bars and some lifting bars out of coffee cans, steel, and concrete. We use dumbbells for kettle bells, brought jump ropes with us, have a few medicine balls, and jump up on picnic tables or benches.
Since arriving I've worked with 5 people who have taken up Crossfit regularly and two of those have recruited one more each. At least four in the command element do Crossfit, as well as two other guys in the Plans section and several in the Engineer section. What is even more satisfying is that people will call out "Crossfit!" when they see a group of us working out!
We downloaded many of the exercise videos and demos so that we can watch what we are supposed to do- especially the lifts- prior to doing them. "Nasty Girls" is a favorite video of the higher-ranking officers to get motivated and Nicole, Annie, and Eva have reached almost worship status among many of the soldiers here. I think they'd be more excited by them visiting than the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! Another favorite vid is Nicole vs. Glover. Of course the girls like to watch Greg- and the guys are amazed at his muscle-ups. My favorite quote is, "the deadlift is part of your DNA." You guys are too great- I'm almost convinced the government needs to classify your concept so as not to allow our enemies to know about it!
Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the website and to let you know there are a lot of people out here spreading the word and who look forward to seeing what the new workout is daily. Thanks for helping make America stronger!

MAJ M, 82d Airborne
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I am a Staff Sergeant in the Marines, and a devoted CrossFit member. I have been on the team for six weeks, and the results are almost scary. I am in the best shape of my life, lighter, stronger, faster, and way healthier. No more joint pain.
I have been trying to adapt the CrossFit plan to the unit training that I do for my Marines. We stand a very real chance of being in a nasty place within the next six months, and I want them to be ready.
I myself just returned from a seven month deployment to the asshole of the earth called the Persian Gulf. I was hoping to get some ideas on how to follow the plan, because obviously I do not have access to 25 Concept II rowers, or even 25 weight sets. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I promise to send you a great Moto picture of the group if you can help us out.

Thank You,
SSgtFrank Ollis
U.S.Marine Corps

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