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Introducing CrossFit Precision Care

ByCrossFit October 5, 2021
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CrossFit knows that fitness is the foundation of health care.

Introducing CrossFit Precision Care – a new advanced health care service developed and led by CrossFit-trained doctors, to help you maximize your health, happiness and performance.

Here’s how we’re putting the “health” back into health care:
– Personalized care with doctors who understand you and your lifestyle
– Leading with data, not guesswork, to guide your health
– Treating the root cause, not just the symptoms
– Longevity and prevention through lifestyle, not pills and procedures
– Continual health optimization through habit change

CrossFit Precision Care is launching in an invite-only beta test in eight states in the U.S. before expanding nationally. Ready to optimize your health? Request beta access at

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Charles Allen
October 11th, 2021 at 10:32 pm
Commented on: Introducing CrossFit Precision Care

Nevermind... I though it was a referral network for crossfitting physicians. Instead, you want CF coaches (already health coaches) to pay you to be health coaches so that you can nickel and dime the shit out of our members with lots of biohacking stuff.

So this is a CF / Wild Health partnership?

12-month commitment? This is why it won't work with insurance.

What happened to Fitness in 100 Words?

From one frying pan to another. I would love to hear Glassman's thoughts on this just for the entertainment factor.

To everyone that thought Glassman was just in it for the money... Nothing ever really changes.

Well - it's bittersweet to no longer own a CF affiliate / gym anymore.

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Charles Allen
October 7th, 2021 at 2:35 am
Commented on: Introducing CrossFit Precision Care

This is fantastic! I hope this takes off everywhere. However... CrossFit - please start publishing meals again. Don't just publish them on the At Home media, make a big deal about it. After all, nutrition is the foundation of the methodology right? Those meals exemplified the elegance and efficacy of a prescribed workout. Bring them back! I've sent at least 3 emails over the past 6-8 months inquiring about what happened to Meals. Nothing but a - we will send this to the appropriate department, and you will get feedback from them....

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