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The CrossFit stimulus—constantly varied high-intensity functional movement coupled with meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar—prepares you for the demands of a healthy, functional, independent life and provides a hedge against chronic disease and incapacity. This stimulus is elegant in the mathematical sense of being marked by simplicity and efficacy. The proven elements of this broad, general, and inclusive fitness, in terms of both movement and nutrition, are what we term our CrossFit Essentials.

A 2020 review finds more than three-quarters of those serving on the boards of major medical organizations have received funding from industry. This indication of pervasive conflicts of interest among the leadership of leading U.S. medical organizations reveals the level of industry influence may be substantial.

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“I got to a point at my heaviest where I was OK with dying before I was 40,” Glaude says. When Glaude realized his weight was preventing him from doing things he wanted to do, he implemented what he calls the “common sense diet”: He cut out soda, junk food and fast food.

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Science, a branch of human knowledge, is not an obscure occupation safely ignored by the intellectually lazy or those who lack interest in its study. It is impossible to escape its realities and consequences.

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This article, the second installment in a four-part series on meal timing, discusses the physiological effects of various time-restricted eating patterns. Series author Tyler Hass reviews the scientific literature on the subject and calls for more studies on a wider variety of populations using different intermittent fasting strategies, better quality food, and more effective exercise protocols.

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