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Level 2 Certificate Course


The Level 2 Certificate Course is an intermediate-level course that builds on the concepts and movements introduced at the Level 1 Certificate Course. This course is ideally suited for any CrossFit trainer serious about delivering quality coaching. Level 2 participants enhance their understanding of the CrossFit methodology, program design, and implementation. They also advance their skills while coaching others in movements and workouts.

Buy now and pay later with Klarna for in-person Level 1 and 2 courses in select locations.*

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Level 2

Henrico, VA, US

June 3 - June 4, 2023

DBG CrossFit

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Level 2

Burlington, ON, CA

June 3 - June 4, 2023

CrossFit COL

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Level 2

Columbus, OH, US

June 10 - June 11, 2023

CrossFit Columbus

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Level 2

Cookeville, TN, US

June 10 - June 11, 2023

CrossFit Mayhem

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The Level 2 course provides an opportunity for CrossFit trainers to refine their training skills over two days of classroom work, one-on-one training, and group sessions. Participants should come prepared to be deeply engaged. Classroom sessions are discussion-based, and each student will lead individual and small group sessions. Peers and instructors provide guidance and feedback throughout the weekend.


Discussion-based classroom sessions develop participants through adaptable real-time consideration of specific coaching questions with instructors and peers.


Participants receive direct feedback from peers and instructors in one-on-one coaching settings.


Group coaching opportunities refine participants’ abilities to teach, see, and correct individual movement while managing a larger group in a dynamic environment.


Daily group workouts help participants put theory into practice.




CurrencyCourse PriceRevalidation Price***
USD $1,150$1,000
AUD$1,855 $1610
CAD$1,560 $1,355

Additional Information

  • CrossFit reserves the right to update pricing at any time. Pricing is applicable at the time registration is opened. Applicable local taxes are added at checkout.
  • A 20% fee for late registration applies to all in-person seminar registrations made within 14 days of the seminar start date.
  • Due to the large quantity of courses scheduled, CrossFit does not accommodate refunds or transfers.
  • In the event a cancellation is necessary, a 10% fee will apply to registrations canceled within seven days of the in-person seminar.
  • To inquire about discounts for first responders, full-time school teachers, and U.S. active duty and veteran military personnel, email
  • *CrossFit has partnered with Klarna to offer options to buy now and pay later for the Online Level 1 Course and in-person Level 1 and 2 courses. Klarna is available in limited locations, and if Klarna is an option for the course you wish to attend, it will be displayed at checkout.
  • **Includes VAT.
  • ***Revalidation price valid for any trainer with a current, valid credential (CF-OL1, CF-L1, CF-L2, CF-L3, CF-L4) obtained before April 15, 2022.
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  • Yes. Effective April 15, 2022, the price of the in-person CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate Courses increased to US$1,150. Due to the strength of some currencies, courses in select countries are exempt from the increase. See here for more details.

  • Yes, with some geographic limitations. CrossFit has partnered with Klarna to offer options to buy now and pay laters for the Online Level 1 Course and in-person Level 1 and 2 courses. Klarna is available in limited locations, and if Klarna is an option for the course you wish to attend, it will be displayed at checkout. Please reach out to with any questions.

  • To receive a Level 2 Trainer Certificate, one must:

    • Hold a valid and current CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (or higher credential).
    • Be in good standing with CrossFit, LLC.
    • Attend and participate in the entire two-day course (approximately 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. both days).
    • Successfully complete the Level 2 online assessment within 30 days of course attendance.

    If you do not meet these requirements, you are issued a Certificate of Attendance. See the Level 2 Participant Handbook for more details.

  • Any trainer with a current, valid credential (CF-OL1, CF-L1, CF-L2, CF-L3, CF-L4) obtained before April 15, 2022 is eligible for the $1,000 (or local equivalent) revalidation rate when registering for their Level 1 or Level 2.


  • English is the default language for the Level 2 Course. In some countries, a translator is provided, and lecture and small group practical sessions are translated in real time. Courses with a translator are specified in the “Language” section from the event registration link. Generally, translators are used in Latin America and some countries in Europe and Asia.

    Available languages for the Level 2 online assessment can be found in Section 3.2 of the Level 2 Participant Handbook.

  • Effective January 2020, Level 2 participants must complete a post-course online assessment to receive a Level 2 Trainer Certificate and earn the CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) credential.

    See the Level 2 Participant Handbook for more information.

  • Participants who complete the two-day CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course are automatically enrolled in the online assessment within 48 hours of course completion. Participants will have access to the online assessment portal for a period of 30 days from the date of their enrollment.

  • Participants will have 30 days to complete the online assessment. If a participant is unable to complete the assessment prior to the 30-day deadline due to an emergency or hardship, he or she must contact

    Extension requests must be submitted to for review at least one week prior to the 30-day deadline. Participants submitting a request for extension are subject to a $150 assessment extension fee.

  • Trainer certificates are individually mailed and can take four to six weeks to arrive for those living in the United States and eight to 12 weeks for those living outside the United States. Certificates of Attendance are emailed within one month of course attendance.

  • CrossFit’s policy is to run seminars in compliance with country, state, and local jurisdiction rules and guidelines in response to COVID-19 in that region. Please understand that rules and guidelines may require the use of masks, employment of social distancing, and proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test results in order to be admitted into a gym facility and participate in the seminar. Be sure to review the local rules and guidelines for the location of your course and plan accordingly. Please know our team will support you on-site should you elect to wear a mask or take any other personal precautionary measures. You may contact if you have additional questions or concerns.

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Wichita, KS, US

February 18, 2023

9:00 AM PT

Current registration status: Open

Registration: $1150 USD


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For group registrations, please contact us at

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course, Wichita, KS, February 18 - 19, 2023

535 S. St. Francis St. Wichita, KS 67202 US

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