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Complete the general information section and an essay.


Provide the location of your affiliate.


Submit proof of insurance, if a U.S. applicant.


Submit payment for your first year as a CrossFit affiliate.

License Agreement

E-sign the annual license agreement.


Congratulations! You are an official affiliate.

The first step in the affiliation process is to fill out an application and write an essay. The essay should contain information about your background, what CrossFit affiliation means to you, why you want it, and what you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be long or formal, but it should be from the heart.

The other informal step is to educate yourself and become a part of the community. This can happen in many ways. Do the workouts and post your results to the WOD comments, read the CrossFit Journal, come to a seminar, and make friends with and visit other affiliates.


CrossFit Training Certificate
We require an applicant to be at least a Level 1 Certificate holder before applying for affiliation.We offer Level 1 Certificate Courses throughout the year in many locations. A CrossFit Level 3 or 4 Certification also meets this requirement.

Proof of Insurance (U.S. affiliates)
U.S. affiliates will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies. CrossFit, however, does encourage using the CrossFit Risk Retention Group that we think offers the best insurance for CrossFit affiliates. It is an insurance group formed and run by CrossFit affiliates. You can read more about the RRG here. Please see the Insurance section of Affiliation Requirements for more detailed information.

While we do not require our international affiliates to submit proof of insurance, we strongly recommend they carry it.

As of Jan 1, 2011, affiliation costs US $3,000 annually. Affiliates in Australia, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and many European countries will pay in their local currency plus applicable taxes. See the Affiliation Requirements page for a complete price table.

The application process requires you to provide three proposed affiliate names in order of preference. We will approve the first available name on that list. If none of the proposed names are available, our team will work with you to arrive at a suitable choice. Keep in mind that we consider several factors when approving affiliate names including but not limited to: pending applications, names similar to an existing affiliate name, and the general guidelines below.

No continents, countries, provinces, regions, states, counties, large cities, religious references, movie names, celebrity names, personal names, trademarked names, government agencies, or names that are already taken. All proposed names must have the word “CrossFit” in it.

CrossFit LLC requires that all CrossFit affiliates use only their licensed name and no other variation that includes the word CrossFit. Additionally, the “F” in CrossFit is always capitalized.


Affiliation allows you to legally use the CrossFit trademark, and offer CrossFit training at one physical location. Your gym can easily participate in CrossFit events such as the Open. We’ll help you market your gym by placing it on our Affiliate Finder Map and Affiliate List, where thousands of people go to find a legitimate CrossFit box in their area.

As an affiliate owner, you also get priority access to CrossFit Games tickets, entry into the affiliate owner lounge at the Games, and prioritized support from our Legal Team.  Your affiliate will also be considered for features on and social media pages if you send us photos.


  • Read the Requirements section on our How to Affiliate page.

  • No. Our affiliates are a community of legitimate fitness practitioners pooling reliable sources. Each affiliate is independently owned and operated.

  • As of Jan. 1, 2011, affiliation costs US$3,000 annually.

    You may choose to pay your affiliate fee on a monthly payment plan. If you choose the monthly plan, the fee is an additional 20%.

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