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Rest Day

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Monk Seashore

Monk on the Seashore, by Caspar David Friedrich

Facebook and its properties host and oversee a significant share of the marketplace of public thought. Facebook thus serves as a de facto authority over a worldwide exchange of information, as well as the security of millions of individuals and communities who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to this platform. This mandates a certain standard of good faith, transparency, and due process. A litany of publicly sourced complaints regarding Facebook’s principles and practices has called this standard into grave question. All activity on CrossFit, Inc.’s Facebook and Instagram accounts was thus suspended as of May 22, 2019.

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CrossFit WOD 190513 challenged athletes to perform a 400-meter handstand walk in as few sets as possible (ASFAP). To calculate their final score for the workout, athletes multiplied their time in seconds by the number of sets they required to complete the distance. Congratulations to the two athletes with the lowest scores (one for men and one for women). Each has earned a $1,000 prize.

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Workout of the day

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On a running clock, row AND run 5,000 meters.

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This 2018 trial, funded by Virta Health, tested the impact of a high-compliance ketogenic diet on cardiovascular and lipid outcomes in Type 2 diabetics. Over one year, during which subjects were largely compliant with the ketogenic diet, 262 subjects in aggregate saw significant shifts away from atherogenic dyslipidemia via lipoprotein profile. This trial suggests the vast majority of diabetic subjects do not see an increase in cardiovascular risk and may see a decrease, depending on the specific markers used to assess risk.

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Workout of the day

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2 rounds, at any pace to get the same numbers:

Lunge 100 ft. AFRAP
Handstand walk 100 ft. AFSAP
50 strict pull-ups AFSAP
50 push-ups AFSAP

Post number of reps/sets for each exercise to comments. AFSAP/AFRAP = As few sets/reps as possible.

At-Home Workout

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Tabata Something Else

Jug row, knee push-ups, sit-ups, squats

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"[A]n increasing body of evidence is beginning to suggest that when eaten in isolation, fat doesn't contribute to weight gain. On the other hand, dozens of studies indicate that sugar alone is significantly tied to packing on pounds. That's not all. A recent analysis found that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages like soda was associated with an increased risk of death, particularly among people who drank at least two a day."

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Workout of the day

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3 rounds for time of:

1,000-m row
15 clean and jerks

♀ 95 lb. ♂ 135 lb.

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The speed and force with which the clean (and, yes, the snatch) drives loads give it developmental properties that other weight training movements cannot match. Deadlifts, squats, and bench presses will never approximate the speed and force and consequently the power required of a clean at larger loads. For this simple reason, while these are important movements, they are not the clean’s peers. Power is that important.

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