October 27, 2012

Saturday 121027

Rest Day


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"The Lone Peak Hotshots after a long wildland fire season. A good portion of our crewmembers use CrossFit to train in the winter, working out at boxes from Park City, Salt Lake City, Long beach and Charleston."
- Sergio Lara, Salmon, Idaho.

"Fight For Mike" CrossFit Journal video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

"The CrossFit Journal: 10 Years of Excellence" by Emily Beers, CrossFit Journal article [pdf]

"A Human-Powered Helicopter: Straight Up Difficult" by Adam Cole, NPR.

Posted by Pukie at October 27, 2012 5:00 PM

Great pic! Thanks for your service, all!

Comment #1 - Posted by: kevin o at October 26, 2012 5:52 PM

Great Pic, I especially like the guys in the back with the twigs.

Comment #2 - Posted by: bill at October 26, 2012 5:56 PM

Finally, some wildland fire fighters get some representation!

Comment #3 - Posted by: Jeremy at October 26, 2012 6:05 PM

To all the haters of people who post more than just the load and/or time. Some people, including myself, like to post comments more for themselves for future reference when the wod comes up again. Then I have a comparison tool to see if I am actually improving at all. Not hating, just explaining. Embrace the suck!!!!

Comment #4 - Posted by: Troy at October 26, 2012 6:09 PM

I was lucky enough to participate in the Fight For Mike event @ Southern Maryland CrossFit with a very fun bunch. It is an honor to be a part of such an amazing community. Get well soon, Coach Mike.

Comment #5 - Posted by: Rick at October 26, 2012 7:25 PM

or you could get a notebook and log your "wods" that way

Comment #6 - Posted by: Nick at October 26, 2012 7:31 PM

Put Rich Froning in the seat of that human powered helicoptor. That would be an easy 250k for him compared to the Games haha!

Comment #7 - Posted by: v at October 26, 2012 7:49 PM

Go Mike!

Comment #8 - Posted by: andy at October 26, 2012 8:14 PM

best picture i've ever seen - go firefighters

Comment #9 - Posted by: Cindy at October 26, 2012 8:28 PM

Nice squats hotshots! If you find yourself in Ouray, CO, come on by Hypoxia CrossFit. I'm on the San Juan Hotshots and train at Hypoxia in the winter.

Comment #10 - Posted by: Martha at October 26, 2012 10:35 PM

Given the picture, I'm going to throw in a plug for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (www.wffoundation.org), a great organisation that provides amazing assistance and support for our injured and fallen wildland firefighters and their families across the country. Every year dozens of firefighters are injured on the job and, sadly, we continue to lose a few brothers and sisters each season but the WFF does everything they can to assist. Check out their site and please support them if you can.

Comment #11 - Posted by: Brett (M/24/188cm/77kg) at October 27, 2012 1:03 AM

Anyone have information on how to help with the Fight for Mike fundraiser. Our local group would probably like to do something like this.

Comment #12 - Posted by: Justin at October 27, 2012 3:13 AM

What an amazing group of people on the 'Mike' video. Hope all the fundraising helps Mike:)
And great pic!

Comment #13 - Posted by: Danielle at October 27, 2012 3:57 AM

Anyone looking for info about Fight For Mike can visit the website http://fightformike.com

We're still taking donations for Mike. You can also get a better look at what the WOD was that everyone did during the fundraiser from the website.

Comment #14 - Posted by: Mike Koslap at October 27, 2012 4:18 AM

Great article on the human powered helicopter, thanks for posting.

Comment #15 - Posted by: JonK at October 27, 2012 5:25 AM

I always look forward to saturday off days but I have to work this weekend anyway... OH well. Human powered helo article was cool. There has been at least one crossing of the English Channel by human powered aircraft. Awesome.

Comment #16 - Posted by: Bryan at October 27, 2012 5:52 AM

Nice pic

Comment #17 - Posted by: tylar at October 27, 2012 6:14 AM


Split Jerk: 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2
135,135,135,146,155,155,166(1), 166, 175,180(1)

Back Squat: 3,3,3,3,3

100 Sit ups: 3:20


Comment #18 - Posted by: Mazzone, Chantilly at October 27, 2012 9:37 AM

Did "Fight Gone Bad" today...304 total reps. I miss the old classics!

Comment #19 - Posted by: Jim R. M/50/5'8"/155 at October 27, 2012 10:46 AM


5x(400m run,30box jumps@20",30wallballs@20#,9')


59 second PB. :-)

Comment #20 - Posted by: JuliePlatt at October 27, 2012 10:59 AM


400 mtr run
21 DU's
21 KB Swings - 1pood
21 Pushups

4 rds plus 400 mtr run

100 situps - 3:24...you got me M52!

Comment #21 - Posted by: Energizer Bunny at October 27, 2012 2:01 PM

3.02 mi trail run--Skyline gate--west ridge to french to starflower to stream trails 36:23

Comment #22 - Posted by: kevin o at October 29, 2012 10:29 AM

Crossfit Oldtown is an amazing bunch of folks. Get better Mike!

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