February 22, 2012

Wednesday 120222

Rest Day


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Austin Texas Fittest Games.

CrossFit Games Update Pre-Show - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

"The Energy of CrossFit New Haven" free CrossFit Journal video, preview - [wmv] [mov]

Matt and Cherie Chan profile and commercial for Rogue Fitness - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Adagio Lamentoso.

Anton Chekhov - Boys.

"Time for Cash to Cash Out?" by David Wolman, The Wall Street Journal.

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Posted by Pukie at February 22, 2012 5:00 PM

What's the best way to get my video submitted during the open.

Comment #1 - Posted by: wayne at February 21, 2012 6:54 PM

I see miranda O. is hostinf for the 2012 games. I guess she is not competing anymore. I was hoping to see her this year.

Comment #2 - Posted by: tuba at February 21, 2012 6:56 PM

Good day for a rest day.

Comment #3 - Posted by: ckatech at February 21, 2012 7:00 PM

But I'm going to do Grace tomorrow anyway, since it's Grace and she deserves everything that's coming to her.

Comment #4 - Posted by: ckatech at February 21, 2012 7:12 PM

@ckatech - good on ya brother...love me some grace too

Comment #5 - Posted by: Mel/38m/5'10"/175 at February 21, 2012 7:21 PM

Bow tie? Seriously?

Comment #6 - Posted by: Jas. at February 21, 2012 7:37 PM

Did Cherie Chan say what I thought she said in the grocery store???

Comment #7 - Posted by: Tom at February 21, 2012 7:50 PM

In the Update Show video it says Spealler is 185#. Did he really gain 40# since last year?

Comment #8 - Posted by: Gaelan T. at February 21, 2012 8:02 PM

You guys are nuts doing Grace...unless you go light or something. Save it for the Open!! There is no prize for PR'ing on Grace the day before the Open kicks off.

3 2 1 REST UP FIREBREATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #9 - Posted by: Jake the Snake at February 21, 2012 8:04 PM

Great video on the Chan's! Man, those two are freakin' awesome.

Comment #10 - Posted by: Aja at February 21, 2012 8:48 PM

Awesome video on the Chans. Matt & Cherie are some of the nicest people I know.

Comment #11 - Posted by: Pat Sherwood at February 21, 2012 8:50 PM

Open WOD may or may not be done Saturday.

Comment #12 - Posted by: ckatech at February 21, 2012 9:25 PM

@#8 I saw that too and there is NO WAY he gained 40#. physically impossible

Comment #13 - Posted by: Codey Paulsen at February 21, 2012 11:39 PM

Very cool video, Mr. & Mrs. Chan.

Comment #14 - Posted by: XRanger375 at February 22, 2012 2:32 AM

Does anyone know why Pat says Spencer Hendel is "out"? Did he get hurt?

Comment #15 - Posted by: netface at February 22, 2012 4:36 AM

@8, 13: Not having seen the video (blocked where I am in the middle of the mountains in the asshole of the world), I can't comment on how big Mr. Spealler *looks*, but not only is it possible he gained 40# but entirely plausible. You've apparently never checked out the opinions of LiftBigEatBig or John Welbourn (Crossfit Football) on nutrition.

LOTS of paleo + GOMAD + picking up heavy iron = enormous mass in minimal time.

Pedantic rant aside, he said he wanted to gain 10 pounds before this competition and get his big lifts up. I doubt that desire for 10 pounds turned into a 40 pound obsession in the last 12 months...it was probably just a misquote.

Comment #16 - Posted by: W at February 22, 2012 5:29 AM

What a great photo

Comment #17 - Posted by: Logan S at February 22, 2012 5:36 AM

Netface- I believe he meant "out" of the region which Ben Smith is in. Spencer is one of the trainers at Reebok Crossfit One, so that puts him in the NE region this year.

Comment #18 - Posted by: Adam at February 22, 2012 5:43 AM

The Chans rock.

Comment #19 - Posted by: Tom O. at February 22, 2012 5:49 AM


5K: 29:20

really dragging today...

Comment #20 - Posted by: mom to five at February 22, 2012 6:31 AM

4 Mile Run with 10lbs on my Back prepping for Police Academy...39:13

Comment #21 - Posted by: SanJo Monster M/34/5'9"/189 at February 22, 2012 6:36 AM

No mention of Mikko. Is he still in with a shout?

Comment #22 - Posted by: sam at February 22, 2012 6:47 AM

What a quality "commercial"?
Thanks to the Chans' and Rogue for sharing a bit of their wonderful lives; you are truly inspirations.

America (and the world) absolutely needs more of this kind of exposure to great influences. And thank you for "not force-feeding" the heavy commercial/consumer aspect of advertising -- here's to hoping that Rogue can thrive and continue being one of the forerunners in exemplary American businesses.

Comment #23 - Posted by: Will at February 22, 2012 7:46 AM

Guy, thanks for posting the photo I took at the Fittest Games in Austin. Very proud to have my photo on the CrossFit main site. Thanks again.


Comment #24 - Posted by: Brian Sullivan at February 22, 2012 9:12 AM

i agree with #22.. i love Mikko!! Where's the talk about him? also, still waiting for a crossfit games/open app for my iphone. that would be pretty amazing

Comment #25 - Posted by: Julian at February 22, 2012 9:28 AM

Did a mix of Sunday's and yesterday's this morning.

clean 120
bench press 130
deadlift 215

Comment #26 - Posted by: Carole (F/53/5'6"/138) at February 22, 2012 10:40 AM

Made up portion of Sun and Tues singles

cleans 135-135-135 PR
back squats 225-225-225
no belts no wraps

Laura f/49/5'7/145

Comment #27 - Posted by: power-girl at February 22, 2012 11:00 AM

I've just started CF and have to do it at work during lunch hour. No time during the weekends with a 7mth old at home. How do you do it 5 days on, 2 days off? What WOD should I do when the website posts a Rest Day? Why can't the website post a WOD everyday and let the CF's adjust to their own rest days?

Comment #28 - Posted by: Brian at February 22, 2012 11:16 AM

#28, Brian, you'll need to read the Crossfit Training Guide. There's a table called "template macro view" that shows you how to set it up.

Comment #29 - Posted by: ssvmi91 at February 22, 2012 11:45 AM

Rest day it is :)

Comment #30 - Posted by: grant at February 22, 2012 12:01 PM

Wow, in reference to the mainsite photo, I hope that dude just threw that med ball. Otherwise that thing is coming at him like a missile about to take his head off! haha

Comment #31 - Posted by: Daniel at February 22, 2012 2:18 PM

hey guys, any predictions for Open WOD Numero Uno!?!? I pesronally think it will be similar to last years format, in the sense that they won't start throwing a lot of Crossfit specific movements (muscle ups, toes to bar, etc) in for a couple weeks... Who knows though! Thoughts?

Comment #32 - Posted by: derek at February 22, 2012 3:23 PM

Good grief, i'm jittery as a school boy on prom night. Post the damn workout already. Lets get this 2012 train rolling. I wanna see some sweat boy!

Comment #33 - Posted by: Alan Perkes at February 22, 2012 3:24 PM

LOL at #31!

Comment #34 - Posted by: brent at February 22, 2012 3:30 PM


Run 200M
21 Box Jump 24"
30 Squats


Comment #35 - Posted by: bingo at February 22, 2012 4:00 PM

Did 5 rounds
10 wall walks
20 box jumps 24"
20 toes to bar

Comment #36 - Posted by: Matthew Burritt at February 22, 2012 4:06 PM

Oh boy! I wonder if Turkish Get Ups will be in WOD Uno! I better get practicing those!

Did Spealer gain 40lbs? I doubt it. It would not serve him well in the bodyweight movements!!!

Good luck all!

Comment #37 - Posted by: Jake the Snake at February 22, 2012 5:09 PM

AMRAP in 7 minutes:

Comment #38 - Posted by: MATT P at February 22, 2012 5:13 PM

24 hours rx'd

Comment #39 - Posted by: damo@1 at February 22, 2012 5:16 PM

The Chan's are good pep's. I stopped in and they let me do a little mobility work while I was waiting for a flight connection to Durango for a Heli-Skiing trip. It was a cool box to check out.
Nice job guys. Go get'm Matt.

Comment #40 - Posted by: Dan Anderson at February 22, 2012 6:53 PM
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