August 14, 2011

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Rest Day


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"This is our home gym. All that is needed to complete the mainsite WODs is shown, except for the rower. The photo was taken from the top of our fifteen-foot rope."
- Michael Joseph Espinosa

"Hail to the Volunteers!", CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"Stride Length, Step Length, Cadence" with Dr. Nicolas Romanov - video [wmv] [mov]

Johann Sebastian Bach, Nun komm der Heiden Heiland.

Henry Lawson - The Hero of Redclay.

"The War on Lemonade" by Rich Lowry, National Review Online.

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Posted by Pukie at August 14, 2011 5:00 PM

Rest Day - new PR coming on !

As an Aussie, seeing Henry Lawson on mainsite is a massive thrill - one of our greatest ! Enjoy, world !

Comment #1 - Posted by: BL at August 13, 2011 5:17 PM

A huge thank you to the volunteers and judges!!!

Without you the Games would not be possible, thank you very much for all of your hard work.

Comment #2 - Posted by: Jason Khalipa at August 13, 2011 5:32 PM

Sweet home gym!!

Comment #3 - Posted by: sasks at August 13, 2011 5:50 PM

after today's WOD (jerks), I realized that I need more explosiveness on the heavier lifts. Any advice- jumping squats, more cleans, anything? Thanks

Comment #4 - Posted by: john h at August 13, 2011 5:56 PM

Here are some things that we do at my high school on explosive days:
These you already know: cleans, push press, and lots of plyometrics ie. squat jumps, box jumps, etc. We do heavy/light days at my school. For light days my coach tells us to lighten up the weight (obviously) and work on moving the weight as fast as possible with good triple extension of the hips, knees, and ankles.
Muy (sp?) Tai Step ups are good too. Hold a medball (I use 12lbs, you could use more) in your arms in a MT grip (hands on top of the ball) and step up onto a 20" box. Snap your knee into the ball as hard as you can. This will help stimulate your hip flexors which are critical in explosiveness. You could also use ankle bands for resistance.
A last suggestion that I personally like is explosive squats with resistance bands. This is kind of hard to explain but I'll give it a shot. 1) Find a squat rack 2) Place a large med ball underneath where you will be squatting 3) Attach a band (like you would use to help you with pullups) to the end of the 45lbs squat bar, loop it underneath the safety catch, and then loop it back over the bar again. Do this to both sides 4) now you can squat. When you go down, go down like a normal squat until you hit the med ball. 5) Sit down on the medball and lean back so that you are temporarily relaxed for about 1-2 seconds 6) Then lean forward and drive up as if you are coming up from the bottom of a squat 7) That is a rep, and the bands add resistance causing you to explode harder with your legs in order to get up.
Here is a link:
This is the closest I could find to an explosive sqaut with resistance bands. Try looking on Youtube for more information/exercises.
Hope this helps. Good luck!

Comment #5 - Posted by: rh at August 13, 2011 6:31 PM


Not sure if my original entry will be posted so here is the jist of it:
Mui Tai Step-ups - activiates your hip flexors which are crucial for explosiveness
Barbell Squats with Resistance Bands - resistance forces you to drive harder/explode with your legs
Light weight with Cleans and push press. Focus on moving the bar as fast as you can and on triple extension of the hips, knees, and ankles.
These are some of the exercises we do at my high school. You can find good demos of these on Youtube. Hope this helps and good luck!

Comment #6 - Posted by: rh at August 13, 2011 7:07 PM

Missing GHD, swimming pool, body armor and measured running course, too

Comment #7 - Posted by: AJ at August 13, 2011 7:26 PM

I bet you could do GHD situps with your feet in that tall tire under the opposite side wall. Maybe back extensions too.

Comment #8 - Posted by: Cooney at August 13, 2011 7:37 PM

Sweet gym!

Comment #9 - Posted by: tjo at August 13, 2011 8:16 PM

As a resident of Iowa City (adjacent to Coralville), I can tell you that the cops did in fact "crack down" on lemonade. Local government is addicted to revenue, and wil find a way to get its hands in everyone's pockets.

Iowa City (a city which was invented hundreds of offenses for fine revenue from U of Iowa kids), is more tolerable. That's really saying something about how poorly Coralville's local government operates.

Comment #10 - Posted by: kjo at August 13, 2011 8:20 PM

I know this Box! I have WOD there before. It's on an Organic Farm home of the Organic Fire Breather.

Comment #11 - Posted by: Javier Sanchez at August 13, 2011 8:27 PM

@ AJ

GHD Sit-ups and back-ext are done on the grey bench with no problem. I elevate the bench on the cinder blocks and weigh it down with some metal plates. The measured running course is in the picture, but just a small fraction. Body armor is fashioned using metal plates and the orange webbing hanging from the side of the pull-up bar. Got me on the pool, though.

Comment #12 - Posted by: Espinosa m/26/5'11"/165 at August 13, 2011 8:41 PM

going to be more of an "easy" day rather than a rest day...cant afford doing nothing with leaving for boot camp soon!!! no days off! oorah!

Comment #13 - Posted by: usmc22 at August 13, 2011 9:39 PM

you gotta make it through boot camp before you get to say oorah

Comment #14 - Posted by: voodoo at August 14, 2011 12:27 AM

Man that home Gym looks sweet as...!!!.. nice work

Comment #15 - Posted by: Matt at August 14, 2011 3:39 AM

usmc2, You might want to think about taking a day off here and there. Once you go to boot camp, you won't see one for a while. You don't get stronger from working out, you get stronger from resting.

Comment #16 - Posted by: Timmy at August 14, 2011 4:56 AM

Sunday musings...

1) Debilitating pleasure. Description used by a writer to describe his reaction to drinking wine in Paris. Gotta be a "Puritan and a French writer walk into a bar" joke there somewhere.

2) Re-entry. We have a couple of cousins in the extended bingo clan who have returned home from their freshman years in college, and one of mine who just returned from the end of what would have been his freshman year, spent recently in an extended Crossfit Kids internship (thanks Jeff and Mikki!). My Mom, Grambingo, has always said that it is the SOPHOMORE summer that was the worst. Bodes ill for the families of the cousins judging by our recent visits and chats.

I've written before about returning home to the primordial bed as an adult, about the disconnect and the disruption it causes for both home and visitor. The conclusion I reached is that you can, indeed, go home again; you just can't stay.

What of our youngsters? Both of my sons have returned home with a plan to start their own business (announcement to come after they've gone public with the news). How's OUR re-entry going? Well, "The Heir" lasted about 2 weeks before he declared he would move into a house with friends. No surprise there at all. Lil'bingo just got home, but it's only post-freshman year, too soon to tell. He won't stay forever, either, but it'll be cool if he does stick around for awhile.

And us, Mr. and Mrs. bingo? We're fine, thank you, but we've just reached another blind corner, as it were, with this parenting thing. Parenting is different again as we encounter this newer type of "re-entry", children entering and departing, at some point presumably not to re-enter again until their bed is no longer theirs, just the primordial bed I visited at Grambingo's. And my better 95% and I have a re-entry of our own, don't we, as we re-enter a home built around just 2.

You CAN stay there.

3) Friendship. Friendship has a cost. There's a price for each friendship, a certain trading level if you will. Think about your friendships, where you are financially with regard to your friends, how you talk about money together, deal with money when you are together.

People are weird about money. I was reminded about a couple of stories last week that illustrate this. I grew up with two small groups of friends, one older and one my age. We were all sorta middle middle-class economically, and our folks made all of us work for our spending money. I don't ever remember "owing" any of these guys any money, and I don't ever remember any of them owing me. We kinda fell into this "it'll all work out" kinda thing; whoever had money bought the beer and/or the pizza. Clan bingo dropped in on one of these guys en masse a couple of years ago and nothing had changed. I don't remember, but I'm sure we bought some food or some wine or something; I'm equally sure that Tom doesn't remember, either.

When I was a young physician in training, missing both nickels to rub, Mrs. bingo and I chose to live near some college mates, all of whom were doing very well, thank you. We received many very nice invitations to spend time with them at some very lovely places in and around NYC, Dutch treat, all of which would have required both nickels and then some. We couldn't go, of course, and our invitations for them to join us in our very modest apartment for burgers and dogs always found them busy.

Only one friend understood, the one who had less when I had more as youngsters. His family accepted all of our invitations, and his invitations were either to his home or on his dime, making it clear that it was HE who was getting the better of the deal because we were together. He remains my closest friend on earth.

I've been fortunate as an adult in that I'm relatively free of needs, and there have been times when I could cover the wants of my friends, or cover my wanting to cover them even if my friends were able. What's interesting is how difficult it can be to have it be comfortable when someone is "treating". Think about it a minute: do you feel owed when you treat or that you owe when you are treated? It took 10 years AT LEAST for my closest local friend to stop keeping score when I was the one more able, to understand that I was actually the one getting more out of the deal because he and I were doing stuff together.

There's a cost to every friendship, a trading range if you will, and the greater the range between those involved the more difficult it can be if you look at it that way. For me, with those friendships that have passed the test of time, the money involved is nothing more than a measure of how much that friendship is worth.

The more we ignore the cost, the more valuable the friendship.

I'll see you next week...

Comment #17 - Posted by: bingo at August 14, 2011 6:43 AM

Espinosa, that is an awesome creation, congrats! Paul

Comment #18 - Posted by: Apolloswabbie 74 205 47yoa at August 14, 2011 6:46 AM

Musings await...

Comment #19 - Posted by: bingo at August 14, 2011 6:54 AM

I believe the Constitution gives him the RIGHT to say whatever he likes. What's up with so many people trying to control everyone but themselves?

Comment #20 - Posted by: Brian at August 14, 2011 7:57 AM

Just a quick suggestion for the home gym pictured on the mainsite today. Adding even just a 2x4 under the rack points on the squat rack will increase the lifetime and safety of the setup tremendously. Be sure this extra piece fits tightly between the racking point and the ground and is fastened to the 4x4 in a few spots to keep it in position only. When you go to put the bar back after a heavy set of squats, for example, the majority of the load will taken by the 2x4 and not the connectors which hold the rack points to the 4x4. With enough use, the rack points as they are now WILL fail, and likely at an inopportune moment.

Pretty sweet setup otherwise though. I really dig the burlap medicine ball!

Comment #21 - Posted by: Andrew at August 14, 2011 8:48 AM

Those kids have it easy. Try doing business in New York City.

Comment #22 - Posted by: Hari at August 14, 2011 8:55 AM

Love the home gym! Brings back memories of my old schoolbus days of the seventies! Wish I had CrossFit then, but real glad I have it now.
Thanks Coach and Lauren, you make my life better every day !

Comment #23 - Posted by: Joey P at August 14, 2011 10:12 AM

Did the behind the head jerk wod today. Results posted there.

Comment #24 - Posted by: Kevin C. (M/52/5'11"/172) at August 14, 2011 10:15 AM

24 / M / 5'9" / 135lbs

"Gator," scaled to

Five rounds for time of:
50lb dumbbells Front squat, 5 reps
26 push-ups


Comment #25 - Posted by: BC at August 14, 2011 10:39 AM

"There should be an easy rule of thumb for when enforcement of a regulation has gone too far: when it makes kids cry."

I wonder how if parents in the criminal justice system can use that as a legal defense...

Comment #26 - Posted by: Matt at August 14, 2011 10:43 AM

rh- Thanks for the tips. I found a video for the muy thai step ups and I checked out the squat video that you linked. I will give both a shot. Your help is much appreciated.

Comment #27 - Posted by: john h at August 14, 2011 11:36 AM

You are welcome and no problem. I ask questions all the time. I am glad to have helped. :) Hope it works out for you!

Comment #28 - Posted by: rh at August 14, 2011 12:13 PM


Your insights about the trading range of friendship- amazing, what a perspective, and in some cases unfortunately true. As our economy progressively deteriorates, I think people will place less value on money and more value on friendship and more people will enjoy sharing time without worrying about class warfare.

Comment #29 - Posted by: civilsid at August 14, 2011 12:54 PM

civilsid...from your lips to G_d's ear, Brother.

From CFE, TT

Using 5K PR row pace (22:30), 3 x 2K row, rest 4:00 between.


Comment #30 - Posted by: bingo at August 14, 2011 1:30 PM

Thanks for the suggestion Andrew. You are absolutely right. I have been meaning to upgrade the power rack, but have not made the time. Thanks for the pointers, once again.

Comment #31 - Posted by: Espinosa m/26/5'11"/165 at August 14, 2011 2:15 PM

Also, the burlap medicine ball was made with the plastic mulch we use on the farm for some of our long-term crops (strawberries, onions and some flowers). I always feel bad about chucking it after it's lifetime has expired, so I made a few wall balls with it. Makes a great med ball with a great feel!

Comment #32 - Posted by: Espinosa m/26/5'11"/165 at August 14, 2011 2:18 PM

Hey, I've worked out there before! It's a great place to be... awesome people, awesome atmosphere, awesome farm!

Comment #33 - Posted by: Jette 42/M/5'11"/175 at August 14, 2011 2:37 PM

Today I did:
Behind the neck Jerk


AMRAP 12min:
Run 400m
5 DL (235lbs)
Total: 5 Rds on the dot.

5 x sets of barbell BS(135lbs) with rubber bands.
2 x 10 Reps (red bands)
2 x 10 Reps (blue bands)
1 x 10 Reps (blue and red bands)

Comment #34 - Posted by: Harry at August 14, 2011 3:56 PM

Article's freaking great...

Comment #35 - Posted by: Matt DeMinico at August 14, 2011 9:38 PM

Vacation WoD: 21-15-9 wall-climbs and burpees: 17.55

Comment #36 - Posted by: Espinosa m/26/5'11"/165 at August 15, 2011 1:52 PM

love the duct-tape wallball, I have the same !

Comment #37 - Posted by: PP at August 19, 2011 12:51 PM
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