April 8, 2011

Friday 110408

Rest Day


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Worldwide Handstands 5.

"The Super Long Garage Gym Series: Part 2" with Dave Castro, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"The Reebok CrossFit Open in Their Own Words: Week 2" by Again Faster Equipment, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"Khalipa's History with the Heavy Squat Clean Thruster" with Open Workout 11.3 - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov - Download Only]

"Rolling Randy" with CrossFit Kids at the Arnold Sports Festival - video [wmv] [mov]

Gabriel Faure, Pavane.

Jorge Luis Borges - The South.

"Human Complexity: The Strategic Game of ? and ?" by Rick Bookstaber.

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Posted by lauren at April 8, 2011 5:00 PM

anyone know the song playing in khalipa's video for most of it?

Comment #1 - Posted by: Dan at April 7, 2011 5:49 PM

Kittitian Crossfitters unite!

Comment #2 - Posted by: Matt M at April 7, 2011 6:10 PM

Epic performance on 11.3 Jason
Epic rainbow in the foreground

Comment #3 - Posted by: michael cooper at April 7, 2011 6:25 PM

We did it! Crossfit has defeated communism! WE DID A HANDSTAND IN RED SQUARE!!! The cold war is over!

Comment #4 - Posted by: Sean F at April 7, 2011 6:32 PM

Beautiful photo, HQ. I like how you guys don't throw up crappy posts even though it's a rest day.

Comment #5 - Posted by: Jimbotron at April 7, 2011 6:38 PM

These are seriously cool posters. This is the best collection yet...especially bottom right and bottom left =)

Comment #6 - Posted by: Brendan at April 7, 2011 6:57 PM

I'm not sure if this has been talked about before or not, but the scoring for the games doesn't seem fair. 30 reps of double unders is no where near 30 reps of 165# C & J. So the score should be weighted in the case of the C & J. Am I making sense? Anyone else picking up what I'm laying down?

Comment #7 - Posted by: zach at April 7, 2011 9:06 PM


Comment #8 - Posted by: chuck at April 7, 2011 9:14 PM

Hey anyone got some links to some older women actually doing Crossfit. I've found some talking about doing it but I need some where they are actually getting after it. I'm trying to motivate my 63 year old mother.


Comment #9 - Posted by: adamk at April 7, 2011 9:57 PM

Love seeing the Open vids! Plus Pat is wearing one of my most favorite t-shirts ever in his WOD vid!

Comment #10 - Posted by: Erin at April 7, 2011 11:03 PM

This is completely irrelevant to any of the actual subjects of the video... but the girl judging Khalipa... Whoever you are... Will you marry me?

Comment #11 - Posted by: Sean V. (M/23/6'0"/210) at April 7, 2011 11:23 PM

What do you guys do on rest day? Take the day off, work on a weakness, stretch, etc..

Comment #12 - Posted by: Dewayne at April 8, 2011 12:30 AM


interesting point...I'd like to see HQ respond to this...

Comment #13 - Posted by: Bill Gibson at April 8, 2011 3:52 AM

Good pic guys.
Good job in Sao Paulo, Rogerio. Loved it.

Comment #14 - Posted by: Joel at April 8, 2011 4:31 AM

Fellow Crossfitters:
I am writing to see if anyone that is interested in signing up for the Crossfit Football Cert, at any location, could contact me. I signed up about a year ago, and have not been able to go yet, and was hoping someone could take my place at a cert. You can reach me at jpichie@gmail.com if you are interested in helping me out.
Thanks in advance,
Jason Pichie

Comment #15 - Posted by: Jason Pichie at April 8, 2011 4:38 AM

Kudos to Jeff and Mikki Martin for the fantastic job they did at the Arnolds. Crossfit Kids was mobbed all day every day; we put more than 1500 kids through the obstacle course. Many young gymnasts, girls typically not allowed on the rings, got their first MU at the CFK booth.

We, who are in the near outside orbiting both CF and CF Kids, are excited to see what wonderful things are to come with the new, tighter association between the kid and adult Crossfit worlds. The bar that has been set by Jeff and Mikki is quite high, similar to the bar set by Coach before the explosion of certs made it impossible for him to attend each one. Crossfit Kids is a treasure, a precious thing in all ways.

You should have seen those kids smile...

Comment #16 - Posted by: bingo at April 8, 2011 4:50 AM


As I understand it (and I may have got it wrong), the C&J counts as 2 points, one for the clean and one for the jerk. So it is weighted. No?

Comment #17 - Posted by: Joel at April 8, 2011 4:51 AM


I think I burst some blood vessels around my eyes doing the handstand press ups, should I be concerned about this?


Comment #18 - Posted by: Luke Pendlebury at April 8, 2011 5:22 AM

Love the poster!! Especially the picture of the Arenal Volcano as we were also so inspired by our trip to Costa Rica and the Arenal Volcano that we named our Box after it. In the CF world we are CrossFit Arenal. In the fitness world, we are Arenal Fitness. www.arenalfitness.com

Comment #19 - Posted by: Lauren at April 8, 2011 5:52 AM

Wow double rainbow across the sky! What does this mean? Ha jk

Comment #20 - Posted by: s.h. at April 8, 2011 5:54 AM


Comment #21 - Posted by: robert at April 8, 2011 6:00 AM



Comment #22 - Posted by: D Craig at April 8, 2011 6:27 AM


Don't sweat it. It will heal. Next time, try not to strain your face. A few years ago, when I first started doing handstand pushups, this would happen to me. Focus on relaxing your face.

Comment #23 - Posted by: Hunter Leo at April 8, 2011 6:44 AM

whoever told the judge in Khalipa's video to get out of the frame -needs to be slapped.

Comment #24 - Posted by: Boo T. at April 8, 2011 6:45 AM

Boo T..........concur!!!

Comment #25 - Posted by: Deano at April 8, 2011 6:49 AM

Hey all!

Thanks for posting my picture here!!! I'd like to get in touch with the other guys in the post. Please, look up for Rocinha CrossFit on FaceBook and here www.rocinhacrossfit.com

Wishing you all the best! Um abração do Brasil!!

Comment #26 - Posted by: Rogério Rodrigues at April 8, 2011 6:50 AM

Hey all!

A big shout from Rocinha CrossFit to everyone in the picture! Thanks for posting mine in São Paulo. Whenever you you all come to Rio, you are very welcome to WOD here in Rocinha!

Guys in the picture, friend us on Face Book!

Thanks for letting me know about the post, Joel!

Um abração para todos direto do Brasil!

Comment #27 - Posted by: Rogério Rodrigues at April 8, 2011 7:01 AM

It is weighted in the sense that you compete with everyone on only double unders... you get a ranking and then you do the clean and jerk.. It is my understanding that a rep of double under is never compared to a clean and jerk.

They aren't taking total reps from multiple workouts. They are taking placings.

Comment #28 - Posted by: Adamk at April 8, 2011 7:01 AM

Hey all!

A big shout from Rocinha CrossFit to everyone in the picture! Thanks for posting mine in São Paulo. Whenever you you all come to Rio, you are very welcome to WOD here in Rocinha!

Guys in the picture, friend us on Face Book!

Thanks for letting me know about the post, Joel!

Um abração para todos direto do Brasil!

Comment #29 - Posted by: Rogério Rodrigues at April 8, 2011 7:02 AM


Comment #30 - Posted by: danlau at April 8, 2011 7:04 AM


Comment #31 - Posted by: danlau at April 8, 2011 7:14 AM

Shazam didn't even know the song in Khalipa's vid.
I'd like to know his song and his judge!!!

Comment #32 - Posted by: Mike at April 8, 2011 7:23 AM

Hustle Hard by Tone Trump is the song name. Does anyone know what Khalipa got on this WOD?

Comment #33 - Posted by: Kyle at April 8, 2011 8:01 AM

Hello, great poster! Me posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, it was amazing. Thanks to Branko who let me know about it! :) Greetings from Slovenia! Branka

Comment #34 - Posted by: Branka at April 8, 2011 9:09 AM

@zach - the athlete's total score is based upon their ranking in each event, not reps. Reps are only tabulated for scoring in each individual event.

So if you finish 1st in the first three events, your total score after week 3 is '3', not how many reps you've accomplished in all three weeks. The athlete with the lowest score at the end of six weeks finishes 1st overall.

Comment #35 - Posted by: Alex at April 8, 2011 9:10 AM

Khalipa got 41 rounds. Great work. Can't believe there're a few scores higher than that. One of them 49 rounds from a 170 lb guy... I'd like to see that video, 6 seconds a round sustained for 5 minutes straight, crazy high power output. I saw someone else post this but yea, if these scores are true CrossFitters should be able to fly on their own power soon lol.

Comment #36 - Posted by: zach-brodis240 at April 8, 2011 9:27 AM

just looked at the top 10 scores and it looks like that 49 score has been removed now. maybe it was an April fools joke..

Comment #37 - Posted by: zach-brodis240 at April 8, 2011 9:33 AM

@ zach

Exactly what adamk said. You are ranked in the world for each workout. Your rank is what determines your place, not your "reps". So a DU is never compared to a C & J.

Comment #38 - Posted by: Fosco at April 8, 2011 9:47 AM

10:09 - 10:14 = best part of Khalipa video

Comment #39 - Posted by: mike at April 8, 2011 10:57 AM

ran 8.06 miles- 1h09m

Comment #40 - Posted by: mike/41/6'3"/225# at April 8, 2011 11:09 AM


That happens to me as well. Make sure you are breathing during each and every rep. Dont hold your breath. Also helps me to do in sets of 5-7. I cant actually do more than that without a short break anyhow, but its better to rest standing up than upside down.

The small capillary bleeds (called petichiae in the medical world) that develop around the eyes are a result of increased pressure in superficial vessels that dont normally see elevated pressure. Its harmless if limited to superficial vessels, but to be honest I believe that the same elevated pressure could cause a problem for a person with fragile intracranial vasculature (ie, aneurysm or AVMs). For that reason I would definitely recommend that you breath regularly and "relax your face" as someone else mentioned.

Comment #41 - Posted by: brendan at April 8, 2011 11:21 AM

Hey do any of you suggest heavy lifting after WODs? Just 20 or 30 minutes worth. I'm in the military and I want to make sure I'm a well rounded athlete. Right now I'm only swimming laps every morning and doing the WODs after work. I'm pretty spent after the WODs but I was thinking I should add some strength training as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also I'm 6'1 200lbs. Is 225g of protein too much or too little or just right a day? Thanks guys.

Comment #42 - Posted by: JayRay at April 8, 2011 11:43 AM

Had to train today, so I pulled out a classic from CFFB:

"The Volkswagen"
Bodyweight bench press

BW today 132.7, so I used 135 for convenience.

Time: 4:21 (PR by 5 seconds -- I'll take it!)

Good workout but it's a little bit in my wheelhouse, which is why I usually follow the mainsite WODs -- forces me to do the (many) things I'm not so good at. But every once in a while it's fun to do the stuff you like.

Comment #43 - Posted by: Bill M. m/46/5'3"/133 at April 8, 2011 11:53 AM

My God, there are some FINE lookin' women in this community ;D

Comment #44 - Posted by: Max at April 8, 2011 12:04 PM


Khalipa Windows Media vid link broken, but using the MOV link as a map I found the one that works:




Comment #45 - Posted by: Reis Baron at April 8, 2011 12:14 PM

"JT", details there.

Comment #46 - Posted by: bingo at April 8, 2011 2:24 PM

@JayRay #42 - You can search the journal for strength bias (or just google crossfit strength bias). Lift before the WOD. If you have the energy to lift after the WOD...WOD harder :)

Comment #47 - Posted by: Jon at April 8, 2011 2:26 PM

4-7 Beach Wod #1 9:30

40 yard sprint/ 50 squats
40 yards, 40 sit-ups
40 yards/30 games push-ups
40 yards/ 20 burpees
40 yards/ 20 yard hand-stand walk/20 yard crab walk

4-7 Beach wod #2 50reps 35# dumb bell squat clean and press
7:30 (spealer/khalipa inspired)

4-8 Beach wod #3 10 rounds of: 25yrd sprint/25 yard back pedal/ 10 push -ups/10 sit-ups.... then get head wet in ocean, come out and chug a beer :)

Comment #48 - Posted by: Joe-fiT at April 8, 2011 2:31 PM

Thanks for the responses, I understand the ranking now, I didn't look at that closely enough. Your rank for each WOD is totaled to give the final overall place...got it. Thanks, again.

Comment #49 - Posted by: zach at April 8, 2011 2:40 PM

Games WOD 11.3 today

21 rounds
42 reps

took 3 min rest then
95# 1 min 7 rounds 14 reps

Laura f/48/5'7/150

Comment #50 - Posted by: power-girl at April 8, 2011 2:44 PM

@ Jon #47 - Thanks I appreciate the advice. I will make sure I'm giving the WODs my 110%. It seemed like there was a debate on whether the strength training bias deal was even necessary. I would never leave crossfit and go back to traditional weight lifting again though that's for sure.

Comment #51 - Posted by: JayRay at April 8, 2011 4:49 PM

Comment #9

Hey Adam K,

checkout an inspiring interview of Helen by Pat Sherwood in the CrossFit Journal. It just went up like last week.


Here is an older video that might be interesting:

Comment #52 - Posted by: Dave Leys at April 8, 2011 6:24 PM

M/38/6'3"/239lbs CF DOB 2/7/11

Did Games WOD #3 at box today as RX'd

165lb Squat Clean
165lb Jerk

10 rounds

Comment #53 - Posted by: fitefire12 at April 8, 2011 7:37 PM


5K: 27:53

Comment #54 - Posted by: mom to five at April 8, 2011 9:14 PM

Felt like working the Cleans and using my Rogue games box so I made this triplet.

Cleans, #115
Box Jumps, 24"
Row for cals

19:40 Tougher than I anticipated.

Comment #55 - Posted by: JF Lauzon, Wakefield, QC (M/165/5'10) at April 9, 2011 9:03 PM

Yo! How bat the dumper on khalipa's judge? Wow.

Comment #56 - Posted by: Cal bear at April 9, 2011 9:42 PM
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