March 7, 2011

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Rest Day


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CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Courses: CrossFit Virtuosity, Atlas CrossFit, CrossFit Reston, CrossFit BGI.

"Starting Striking" with George Ryan, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"Developing the Behind-the-Neck Split Jerk With Coach B: Part 2" by Again Faster Equipment, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"Meeting Karl Steadman" - video [wmv] [mov]

Arcangelo Corelli, Violin Sonata No. 2.

James Wright - The Secret of Light.

"Marketing" by Fred Wilson, AVC.

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Posted by lauren at March 7, 2011 5:00 PM

Karl is the man!

Comment #1 - Posted by: Brian at March 6, 2011 5:02 PM

Thanks to Pat, Sara, Nicole, Jeff, Steve and Maggie for this weekend's cert. Had a blast!

Many thanks,


Comment #2 - Posted by: Jacob S. at March 6, 2011 5:02 PM

I have a Zone question. If you are suppose to have 13 blocks a day, normally people would split that up 3-3-2-3-2, 3 being the meals, 2 being the snack. What if you dont eat all your carb blocks at that meal, can they carry over, can you add them back in later? Sometimes that would make it 5 carb blocks at dinner or however the person chooses to add them in. This may be a weird question but I have been wondering about it for awhile.

Comment #3 - Posted by: Riley at March 6, 2011 5:13 PM

Hey there! Those of you who visit Crossfit on the weekend might be aware of a worthless bit of writing called "Sunday musings" that takes up a bit of cyberspace on Typically it's not in any way, shape, or form worth re-posting, but I'd like you all to know about some really great CF stuff that happened in Columbus this weekend. So, without further ado...

Sunday musings (sorta)...

Wow...just getting to my computer for the first time this weekend after being in Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Sports Festival. Both Crossfit Kids and Crossfit were well represented. As I did last year I handled the front of the Crossfit Kids booth, manning the microphone (what a surprise!) and doing some of the PR and interviews. We gave out 1500 Crossfit Kids wrist bands and put around 1200 kids through almost 1900 workouts! This in addition to spreading the news about both Crossfit Kids and Crossfit to literally anyone who stood still in front of the booth for a nanosecond.

To my great delight I was joined by Mrs. Bingo and Lil'bingo on Saturday. Lil'bingo (L1, CFKids) was a trainer taking kids through their paces on the CFK obstacle course. This spring he will be a CF Kids intern under the guidance of Jeff and Mikki Martin and the three Martin boys. It's good to be Randy White!

If you haven't seen a Crossfit Kids team in action it's hard to understand what a joyful experience they create for each child who participates. A part of the CF Kids HQ team was in Columbus (major props to CF HQ and Coach for the tremendous level of support they provided) and it was wondrous to watch them in action. Jeff and Mikki, Dan and Bob, Debbie and Todd, John and Esther, Danelle, Allison, and Jake, and the CF Kids themselves--Connor, David, Keegan, Duncan, and Jack--you just have to see it to understand what a treasure this group and this program is.

Forging the future of fitness, Crossfit Kids. We can all relax if Coach is going to grow our Crossfit table from the kids up! Crossfit + Kids = Crossfit Kids...= BIG FUN!

I'll see you next week...

Comment #4 - Posted by: bingo at March 6, 2011 5:15 PM

Karl is the man! nice mainsite coverage brother!

Comment #5 - Posted by: Connor Martin at March 6, 2011 5:16 PM

@ Riley
Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. The whole idea behind zoning is that when you eat that proportion of carbs/protein/fat together your insulin levels are to remain stable...eating carbohydrates causes your insulin levels to increase (promoting storage of glucose)...eating protein promotes glucagon levels which makes your glucose become mobilized (to be used)...this balance is key to maintaining insulin levels as this carb/protein proportion combat each other...if you carried over your carbs to another meal the proportions would be thrown off causing a bigger increase in insulin
Correct me if I am wrong any other Zone followers!
Hope this helps :)

Comment #6 - Posted by: Kendra Hall at March 6, 2011 5:40 PM

Great Level 1 cert class in Reston! Many thanks to Jeff and his staff for letting us use their fantastic facility (Reston Crossfit). It was a great weekend, with top-notch instruction from Pat S., Maggy, Sara, Steve, Nichole and Jeff. A great bunch of students too, who also taught me a lot. Thanks to everyone.

Comment #7 - Posted by: Patrick at March 6, 2011 5:43 PM

Thanks Pat, Maggie, Jeff, Nicole, and Steve. I passed Level 1 test!!

Comment #8 - Posted by: R. Brown Stafford ,VA at March 6, 2011 5:45 PM

Kendra is 100 percent correct. If you miss the 1:1:1 block ratio on a single meal or snack, forget about it and get right back on the horse with the next meal.
If you missed out on protein, you would want to eat another balanced meal to hit your protein blocks for the day.

Comment #9 - Posted by: Erik 34 | M | 72" | 216lb at March 6, 2011 5:52 PM

Just finished level1 cert at Crossfit BGI today. The trainers were really informative and really nice people. The program itself was extremely well run and professional. Well worth the money and time. Thanks again.
321...he'll yeah!
D Roc (crossfit hardcore, Boca raton)

Comment #10 - Posted by: D Roc at March 6, 2011 5:56 PM

Hey Guys,

Awesome job this week-end at the certification hosted by BGI! The instructors were amazing, funny and painfully honest and the hosts were as always, very organized and great. Thanks for making me realize how bad my form is.. lol.

Comment #11 - Posted by: Silke at March 6, 2011 5:56 PM

karl rocks! hope to see you again soon

Comment #12 - Posted by: ec at March 6, 2011 6:02 PM

Thanks for the good advice. Unfortunately, I had gotten some bad advice from a crossfit affiliate that I used to go to. I just wanted to ask to make sure my though process was correct. :-)

Comment #13 - Posted by: Riley at March 6, 2011 6:05 PM

Want to say a BIG THANK YOU the coaches Chuck, Mike G, Bethanie, Bobbi, Jenni, Jordan, Jmac who ran the Level I Cert at Crossfit BGI this past weekend. Well handled very informative. This group ran a tight ship and on point like the good professinals they are. And of course we can't forget the hosts because without them we wouldn't be having this Cert at such a great facility known as Crossfit BGI. Todd and Dana much thanks for allowing these Certs to take place at your box. We all know it takes a lot of behind the scenes hard work to make these things happen and you guys do it well! Good job to all participants who attended and put in strong work on the wods and skills presented to them! Great weekend! Glad i attended!

Comment #14 - Posted by: Omar at March 6, 2011 6:08 PM

Best coaching crew in Chicago this weekend! Learned a ton and had a blast! Thank you all!

Comment #15 - Posted by: emily at March 6, 2011 6:21 PM

Nice to see some great UK CrossFit Peeps being represented!

Comment #16 - Posted by: Ling at March 6, 2011 7:19 PM

I surf to the site tonight and see an interview with one of my favorite CrossFit superstars. 100 points Karl, 100 points!

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped us run the CrossFit Kids course at the Arnold's the weekend. Special thanks to the kids who did three demo wods a day. You kids were awesome.

Highlight of my weekend though was watching a CF Kids trainer teach 10 year old girls to do muscle ups. Video to follow. The look of accomplishment on the young ladies faces rocked and I will remember it to my last days.

Comment #17 - Posted by: Jeff at March 6, 2011 7:31 PM

I was blown away by the quality and professionalism of the certification program and all the instructors this weekend. I have been taking continuing education seminars (Health Care) for more than 18 years, often in dealing with exercise from a rehabilitation perspective and have been a martial arts instructor nearly as long. I think this was the most productive, effective and organized seminar/program that I have ever experienced. From the pre-certification notes, to the presentation and hands on training, you were concise and through, enabling me to immediately improve my technique and instruction. You were everything that you've so boldly proclaimed to be. Thanks!

Comment #18 - Posted by: Patrick L. at March 6, 2011 7:49 PM

Suggestion: offer a prepaid clean lunch on site.

Comment #19 - Posted by: Patrick L. at March 6, 2011 7:51 PM

Check out this link. I ran across this article today. Only reason is due to the Hero WOD"McCluskey"

Comment #20 - Posted by: JON HERRING at March 6, 2011 8:23 PM

Check out this link. The only reason I noticed it is due to the HERO WOD "McCluskey"

Comment #21 - Posted by: JMH at March 6, 2011 8:25 PM

I was very impressed by the professionalism of the instructor staff, Pat Sherwood, and the box in general at CF Reston. I have been trying to attend the Level 1 Trainer Certification for 3+ years, and am very glad that I waited to attend this cert. Pat, Jeff, Maggie, Sara, Nicole, and Steve were all very helpful, and they all demonstrated a vast knowledge of CrossFit. I was especially impressed with Maggie/Jeff in the CF Reston box; the weekend was so much better because of those two and their candor, professionalism, and overall upbeat demeanor. Thanks to all of you for a great weekend!

Comment #22 - Posted by: RIDJ. at March 6, 2011 8:51 PM

Thanks to Todd, Joe, Doug, Nadia, Curtis and Rudy at the Level 1 Cert this weekend at Atlas! I had an awesome time and got so much out of it! You guys rock!

Comment #23 - Posted by: Amy P at March 6, 2011 9:03 PM

Karl rocks!!!

Comment #24 - Posted by: Courtney at March 6, 2011 9:14 PM

I'm glad the entire world finally gets to meet Karl. He is doing great things for CF around the globe.

Good work, bro!

Comment #25 - Posted by: Pat Sherwood at March 6, 2011 9:29 PM

Karl is legit!

See you soon brother.

Comment #26 - Posted by: Jami at March 6, 2011 11:58 PM

Karl is the MAN...Flying the flag for UK crossfit..check out his box

Comment #27 - Posted by: Neil C at March 7, 2011 2:58 AM

Hey, there's my coach ... he makes me believe! He rocks and makes CrossFit 3D rock!

Comment #28 - Posted by: Janey H at March 7, 2011 3:48 AM

Ninja Karl, too bad the beard's already gone ;)

Comment #29 - Posted by: Niels at March 7, 2011 4:13 AM

The crew that led the level 1 cert at CF Reston ROCKS. They are the epitome of good ambassadors of CrossFit and I wish I could attend a cert with these guys every weekend. I learned more in two days than I have in the last 2 years of "enjoying" CrossFit. Thanks guys!

Comment #30 - Posted by: Steve Bohnke at March 7, 2011 4:35 AM

The Cert was a great experience. It was also good way to get a unique perspective and tips from other trainers. The lectures really helped me understand what Crossft is all about, and their goals, which is results.

Whether you want to coach or deepen your Crossfit knowledge and experience, its definately worthwhile.

Frank V

Crossfit Chicago

Comment #31 - Posted by: Frank at March 7, 2011 5:20 AM

Thanks to Todd, Joe, Doug, Kurtis, Nadia, and Rudy this weekend at Atlas CF in Chicago. I've been Crossfitting now for about a year and a half, and I was able to gain an immense amount of knowledge the last two days that will help not only as an athlete, but more importantly as a coach. The trainers truly showed their passion for the program while also encouraging everyone to keep an open mind towards the pursuit of fitness, and I found that pretty inspiring in terms of my own future development.

Looking forward to competing with everyone in the Open next week!

-Anthony Dayrit, CF Chicago

Comment #32 - Posted by: Anthony D. at March 7, 2011 5:57 AM

To the Reston Certification Team, thanks so much for a great weekend! You've given me so many tools to help me keep my unit performing at peak levels while in Kandahar. You've opened my eyes to how much more CrossFit can be in comparison to what I thought on Friday.

Thanks you guys!

Comment #33 - Posted by: Keith S. at March 7, 2011 6:01 AM

Many thanks to the Pat, Jeff, Maggie, Sara, Nicole and Steve for an awesome weekend @ CF Reston's L1 cert! I learned more than I could have imagined and am even more proud to be part of the CrossFit community.

Thanks again!

Comment #34 - Posted by: Adrienne at March 7, 2011 6:25 AM

Big thanks to Todd, Joe, Nadia, Rudy, Kurtis and Doug. Our cert at Crossfit Atlas was exceptional! You all had excellent depth of knowledge and articulated it very well. Money well spent. Thanks again!
PS: Nadia, can you show us the hip and back extension just one more time? ;)

Comment #35 - Posted by: Rick at March 7, 2011 6:31 AM

Thank you to Todd and Dana Lynch for hosting Level 1 cert at BGI in West Palm Beach. An amazing experience!

Thanks to the trainers: Chuck, Mike G, Bethanie, Bobbi, Jenni, JMac, and Jordan for an awesome weekend!

Comment #36 - Posted by: Houston at March 7, 2011 6:42 AM

Thank you so much for the invaluable training weekend! Thank you to the excellent trainers and facility. You rock:)

Comment #37 - Posted by: Ruschelle at March 7, 2011 6:47 AM

i did my frist handstand pushups the other day
so i sub 20 for 5 rds.when i went to do muscle ups on the rings, my shoulders were killing
me. has anybody ever felt this, and how long before no pain at all.

Comment #38 - Posted by: pete at March 7, 2011 6:50 AM

HELP!!!! Can someone please explain what a suitcase deadlift is? Do you use a dumbbell or olympic bar?

Comment #39 - Posted by: KP at March 7, 2011 7:01 AM

Awesome cert at Crossfit Atlas this weekend. Big thanks to HQ for hiring some great people. Todd, Nadia, Joe, Doug, kurtis, Rudy.... All did great job. Learned a ton, own technique improved greatly, soaked up the passion and finally got my 1st strict muscle up. Atlas Crossfit in downtown Chicago was a great facility and hosted us well!!!!! Thanks all

Comment #40 - Posted by: Ryan at March 7, 2011 7:06 AM

Karl = Legit.

Comment #41 - Posted by: Jordan Wallace at March 7, 2011 7:09 AM

Congrats and thanks to all the people that came out to Virtuosity in Brooklyn this weekend for the L1 cert. It was a pleasure to host such a great group of athletes.

Thanks to the staff that was awesome as always: Dennis, Jennifer, Chris, Russell and James. You guys are top notch.

Comment #42 - Posted by: Keith Wittenstein at March 7, 2011 7:41 AM

Thank you Reston level 1 cert crew! I have to echo Patrick, who said it so well in comment #17 - I too have attended many [globo-gym type] ConEd seminars and none have struck the same balance of lecture and movement, while avoiding lagging down times and keeping the enthusiasm high, as this CrossFit cert. My body is pleasantly sore and my mind pleasantly full!

Comment #43 - Posted by: Erin W at March 7, 2011 8:17 AM

I would just like to say that I am very honored to have Karl as my FB friend...Karl, you're the Shizzle....

Comment #44 - Posted by: Shawn at March 7, 2011 8:39 AM

Thanks to Chuck, Mike G, Bethanie, Bobbi, Jenni, JMac, Jordan, and all of those at BGI for putting on an awesome weekend. Very informative and all of the instructors were extraordinary. Had a great time and I'm glad I made it down to sunny Florida for it!

Comment #45 - Posted by: John A at March 7, 2011 8:42 AM

Karl was the first CrossFitter i ever met. I had been attempting the WODS on my own back in 2008 in a gym in Cork, Ireland getting plenty of funny looks from other gym users that thought was nuts. I called in to CrossFit Manchester while i was visiting the city to do some personal training and a WOD. I was blown away by the how friendly and welcomeing Karl and his crew were to me. I knew there and then that someday i would own an Affiliate. I now own CrossFit Mallow and its going really well, i want to thank Karl for being a top bloke. He really is a great ambassador for CrossFit. keep up the good work!

Comment #46 - Posted by: Gerard at March 7, 2011 8:44 AM

#37 see link

Comment #47 - Posted by: Mike at March 7, 2011 9:11 AM

Re: CrossFit Reston Cert
I took the exam only, good to hear Pat Sherwood talk about programming before the test. Great to see Steve, Nicole, Sarah, Jeff, Maggie, and a bunch of other long-time CrossFitters that were in attendance. A Solid Crew.

Comment #48 - Posted by: Jerry Hill at March 7, 2011 9:41 AM

Huge thanks to the coaching crew at Atlas Crossfit in Chicago this weekend, Todd, Nadia, Joe, Doug, Curtis, Rudy. The Level 1 cert process was amazing. It was a pleasure to be a room full of so much knowledge and energy. As always the community of Crossfit was felt during the entire weekend. The Coach's gave tremendous feedback and shared a vast amount of knowledge. I Couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Level 1's world wide.

Peter B
Crossfit Chicago

Comment #49 - Posted by: Peter B at March 7, 2011 10:24 AM

Congratulations to all Level 1 Certs this weekend! But especially to those at Atlas CrossFit in downtown Chicago. :) We had a great group of people and talented, articulate and sincere trainers...thanks Todd, Joe, Doug, Nadia, Kurtis and Rudy. I hope you realize the impact you have on all of us. You're all truly exceptional people.
The Cert surpassed all of my expectations. The amount of information they were able to fit into one weekend and make it so fun and effortless is impressive. I encourage anyone to take the Level 1 Cert whether you plan on coaching or not.
Thanks again! ~re-inspired

Comment #50 - Posted by: Jessica K at March 7, 2011 11:10 AM

has anyone seen or heard anything about the open site? i read it was supposed to be up today. Thanks

Comment #51 - Posted by: Raph at March 7, 2011 11:41 AM

Karl is a great trainer! CrossFit HQ did a great job having him on board doing the Certs!

Comment #52 - Posted by: Rob in Ger. at March 7, 2011 12:33 PM

holy cow my legs hurt so bad from the last two sets of workouts.

Comment #53 - Posted by: Keith at March 7, 2011 12:41 PM

Big thanks to Todd, Joe, Doug, Nadia, Curtis and Rudy, as well as Atlas Crossfit. Absolutly great information delivered by professional, enthusaistic (people who love what they do), 1st class people. Strongly recommended, for anyone looking to broaden and enrich their Crossfit Experience! Thanks Again.

Comment #54 - Posted by: Brandon at March 7, 2011 12:53 PM

Would like to thank the staff who put on the level 1 cert in Brooklyn over the weekend. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and funny. Had a blast, and learned a ton.

Comment #55 - Posted by: kyle at March 7, 2011 12:54 PM

Thanks Pat, Maggie, Jeff, Nicole, and Steve for all that you've done!!!

Comment #56 - Posted by: Tyree at March 7, 2011 2:04 PM

Thanks for the love everyone! Gotta admit, it's real tough living the dream! I love being able to help people through CrossFit, thank you for the opportunity.

Just an aside, CF Manchester was my old affiliate and if you want to get hold of me, check out

Comment #57 - Posted by: karl Steadman at March 7, 2011 2:18 PM

Thanks for the fantastic certification training class at BGI in West Palm Beach. I was impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail and frankly the teaching ability of all the trainers. They did an excellent job of synthesizing the material and were so readily accessible and helpful that they put us all at ease. Chuck, Mike G, Bethanie, Bobbi, Jenni, JMac and Jordan - would love to have you guys at our Box anytime. Thanks for the dedication. You are all grand ambassador's of CrossFit.

Comment #58 - Posted by: morrowesq at March 7, 2011 2:32 PM

Just wanted to say thanks to the training staff that broke it down at BGI this weekend: Chuck, Mike G., Jenni, Bethanie, JMAC, Jordan, and Bobbie. Thoroughly enjoyed every second, and I was super impressed by the professionalism, organization, and expertise of the entire weekend.

Comment #59 - Posted by: Steve at March 7, 2011 2:43 PM

To motivated to rest. Did Fran for the first time at full speed since I started Crossfit on the first of the year. 7 minutes even. I'm lovin it. My hands are still shaking. Used 75 lbs for the thrusters.

5' 6"

Comment #60 - Posted by: DW at March 7, 2011 4:35 PM

Big thank you to the staff and coaches leading the CF Cert @ Virtuosity - Dennis, Jen, James, Russell, Chris and Keith. Had an awesome experience! Completely on point, professional, and engaging.

Comment #61 - Posted by: EJ at March 7, 2011 6:22 PM

Heres a good WOD if anyone wants to try it out

AMRAP 30 Minutes:
7 Toes 2 bar
7 Air Squats
7 Handstand Pushups (IF muscles start to fully fail go to hand release pushups)
7 Box Jumps 28"

Results: 16 Rounds + 7 T2B + 4 Air Squats

Comment #62 - Posted by: Little Johnny at March 7, 2011 6:35 PM

Did the level one cert at CFV this weekend. It was an awesome experience Thank you to an exceptional group of instructors. I can't wait to learn learn more

Comment #63 - Posted by: Daniel Cipriani at March 7, 2011 6:40 PM

Karl is a fantastic coach and a great leader.

The only problem I have with the video is the portrayal of his declining sprinting abilities....

He can still flat out Fly!

Comment #64 - Posted by: Chuck Carswell at March 7, 2011 7:45 PM

Did the level 1 cert at CF Virtuosity this past weekend. The instructor's extent of knowledge and ability to teach was incredible. Well done. Money well spent. I look forward to applying my newly acquired knowledge.

Comment #65 - Posted by: Finn at March 7, 2011 7:48 PM

Big thanks to crossfit bgi, Chuck and his rockstar training staff jmac, jordan, jenni, brittinae, bobbi and mike g who brings the street all ran the gamut of being informative helpful comical professional and motivational and probably a dozen or so more praise worthy qualities... I just went out and bought a shake weight and a hula hoop for my girlfriend, ha, just kidding...awesome job guys thanks! You'll have to swing by crossfit miami beach next time you come down south!

Comment #66 - Posted by: Jared PS at March 7, 2011 8:06 PM

Awesome time In Brooklyn. The whole course was well worth it.

Comment #67 - Posted by: Jason at March 7, 2011 9:01 PM

4 miles in 31:53 (7:52/mi).
Outdoor track at work, 2nd lane.


Comment #68 - Posted by: Joshua at March 7, 2011 9:43 PM

Thanks to all the trainers at Crossfit Reston. Absolutely superior training and I look forward to the journey in Crossfit. Great training by the entire certification team. Thank everyone for creating a great learning environment!

Comment #69 - Posted by: Myles at March 7, 2011 11:26 PM

MEETING KARL STEADMAN - Errr, you know his gym is, not CrossFit Manchester right? Shambles.

Comment #70 - Posted by: Dude at March 8, 2011 12:36 AM


5K: 29:11

Comment #71 - Posted by: mom to five at March 8, 2011 4:52 AM

Many thanks to Pat, Maggie, Jeff, Sara, Nicole, and Dave for an awesome cert at CF Reston! I learned so much and loved the energy all weekend! Thank you all so much for your time and dedication to coach future coaches!

Comment #72 - Posted by: Carlton at March 8, 2011 6:48 AM

Big props to Sherwood and company on the outstanding presentations during the CF LV 1 course @ CF Reston. I learned a lot and I got to meet some great athletes in the community.
All the best,
Lil Joe

PS- Thanks Maggie and Jeff!

Comment #73 - Posted by: lil joe at March 8, 2011 12:37 PM

I second what Jessica said, as well as the other Chicago Level 1 participants who posted. It was an amazing experience. Thanks to Todd, Joe, Doug, Nadia, Curtis and Rudy. Fantastic group of coaches!! You love what you do and it shows. Thanks to Atlas Crossfit for hosting. Great facility!

Comment #74 - Posted by: Dallas Stefanos at March 8, 2011 3:24 PM

Flu day 2, Temp at 4am 102

Comment #75 - Posted by: onepostandimout at March 9, 2011 1:58 PM

LIL late post but A HUGEEEE SHOUTOUT to the coaching staff at the Atlas Cert.!!! They were the first lecture(s) i've ever been through and didn't zone out or daydream AT ALL! Could've listened to them all for much much longer! Wish the cert. was a week long! invaluable information that stuck with me! Thanks guys!

Comment #76 - Posted by: Justin Bruehl at March 13, 2011 7:52 PM

AMAZING weekend at BGI L1!! Thanks to all!!

Comment #77 - Posted by: Renee at March 15, 2011 8:39 PM
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