July 23, 2010

Friday 100723

Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
12' Wall climb
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
12' Wall climb
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
6 foot Wall jumps with burpee, 5 reps
20 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents
Twelve minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Part A: Rich Froning Jr. 6:55, Kristan Clever 2 rounds + 30 push-ups (65lb)
Part B: Ben Smith 1 round + 18 ground to OH, Kristan Clever 2 rounds + 4 knees to elbows (65lb)
Part C: Chris Spealler 8:32, Annie Thorisdottir 7:34 (2 rope climbs).
Post times and/or number of rounds and reps completed for each part to comments.


Enlarge image

Christy Phillips, Event 6a, 2010 CrossFit Games.

"The Discovery of Pose Running: Part 2" with Dr. Nicolas Romanov, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

"The Active Shoulder" with Kelly Starrett - video [wmv] [mov]

The 2010 CrossFit Games "What is CrossFit?" commercial by High 5 Productions - video [wmv] [mov]

"Happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change."
- Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

Posted by lauren at July 23, 2010 5:00 PM

Love it!

Comment #1 - Posted by: B. Rhaly at July 22, 2010 5:01 PM

How am I supposed to get a 12 foot wall into the back of my truck?! And I know they won't let me bring it into the gym!

Comment #2 - Posted by: Doc Mock at July 22, 2010 5:02 PM

Anyone have a wall I can borrow?

Comment #3 - Posted by: Tim M/43/5'11"/165 at July 22, 2010 5:03 PM

Wow, sorry for all of the people who have all of that equipment at their gym.

Comment #4 - Posted by: Tubbs at July 22, 2010 5:05 PM

I think I'm going to sub. 5 towel pull ups + 1 muscle up for the wall. That sounds about right to me.

Comment #5 - Posted by: FinnishCraig m/22/5'8"/150 at July 22, 2010 5:07 PM

As a sub for the wall, you could try doing a jump squat into a dip. So squat down, explode up to a relatively high dip apparatus and complete a full dip. The dips get difficult because of the momentum-reversal, but the squat jumps stay kind of easy, so the higher the target - the better.

Comment #6 - Posted by: Justin V at July 22, 2010 5:11 PM

I love it! No 12 foot wall however. Any ideas for subs?
Will do burpee pullup for 6 foot wall jump instead.

Comment #7 - Posted by: Anthony at July 22, 2010 5:12 PM

Guess this will be one of those days where I make up my own workout...

Comment #8 - Posted by: gloria(F/28/5'8"/132) at July 22, 2010 5:12 PM

Few will have a 20' rope either (and up 15' down and up 5' is a bit different) - but I am sure the intent is that you sub in for what equipment you lack and just be amazed at what these guys and gals did in the games -- all a bit of "fun" (if fun = pain that is).

Comment #9 - Posted by: Tony Leyland at July 22, 2010 5:13 PM

Yea right, "A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!"
Right shoulder has a Torn rotator cuff; Surgery in 8 days
Squats and Pull ups

Comment #10 - Posted by: Pete In Sun City at July 22, 2010 5:13 PM

What do they mean when they say release hands at the bottom of the push up

Comment #11 - Posted by: charlie at July 22, 2010 5:15 PM

Hya! A little birdie tipped me off that this was coming, and also told me it would be OK if I offered some suggestions even if it's not January. Sooo...

This was the epic final workout sequence on Sunday for the Crossfit Games. There is literally no way we can duplicate this at home because not a one of us will have done each Games workout over the last couple of days, and it's hard to imagine that anyone would do these on a mat that comes in around 115 degrees F on purpose!

I'll split my thoughts up. First, let's all remember that we are training, that tomorrow is not a day of competition for us, and let's plan accordingly. There's a lot of really cool stuff that was in that arena that 99% of us will never see, let alone get to play on.

So...how to approach this? First, will you do ALL of them in one session? Cool. If so respect the time cap. It's there for a reason. If you are actually going to go back to back to back it's 7:00, rest :30, 7:00, rest :30, then 12:00 max. Record and post reps completed (>70% of the workouts were NOT completed in the Games in the allotted time).

Too much to do all at once? Word. How about a 2 or 3 WOD day with a couple of hours in between? Or Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with no time cap? These are really neat tests, and admit it, you want to test yourself against the big boys and girls.

Before you think about how you will adjust each WOD to fit the your equipment/ground at hand, give some thought to HOW you will do these as a group.

More in a minute...

Comment #12 - Posted by: bingo at July 22, 2010 5:16 PM

What? Ya'll don't have 12' and 6' walls at your box?

and check the FAQ for wall climb subs, its item 74

Comment #13 - Posted by: kevin at July 22, 2010 5:17 PM

Yes, I love all the games workouts they are giving us, but seriously.

I would feel very fortunate to have *either* a 20 foot rope, 6 foot wall, or 12 foot wall at my gym, let alone all three.

It's hard to find a wall 12 feet high *anywhere* in my town, actually.

Also, is that wall climb assumed to be done with a rope to assist, like in the picture, or not? I've gone over some pretty tall walls (parkour), and I doubt many people can conquer a 12 footer without a rope.

Comment #14 - Posted by: Crow at July 22, 2010 5:17 PM

anybody have a Plan B?

Comment #15 - Posted by: Richard at July 22, 2010 5:18 PM

never in a million years would I imagine HQ posting this as a WOD for everyone else. We've actually been joking about it being the next wod at my affiliate. Well I'll just improvise but in preparation for saturdays wod I will got to Home Depot and buy many sandbags, a wheel barrel, and rent out a stadium that has a wall with a small metal post that I need to be careful of while scaling the wall.

Comment #16 - Posted by: jdd3876 at July 22, 2010 5:19 PM

i dont get it, what is realse hands at bottom of pushup? whats ground and pound? and whats wall jumps with burpees?

and do we do all three rounds?

Comment #17 - Posted by: hart at July 22, 2010 5:19 PM

Workout 6A:

Got a 12' wall with a rope handy? No? Me either. Two thoughts here...#1: bag the wall. Seriously. 3RFT 30 push-ups and 21 OHS (by the way, women's weight is 65#) is lots of work, especially if you follow the push-up standard (hands off the ground at the bottom) and try to get it in under 7:00.

Not good enough? Gotta climb something? Bring your bar to ANY kind of climb. How about in and out of your pick-up truck bed? Up and over your SUV. You know that fence around the football field? That'll do. Use your imagination. It doesn't have to be 12', but it should take you 10-15 seconds or so to get up and over.

Did I mention how hot the mats were? Hmmm...consider doing your push-ups on asphalt, or...I dunno, burning coals...

Comment #18 - Posted by: bingo at July 22, 2010 5:23 PM

Is this a joke? Like stated above, how is ANYONE going to have a 20' rope, a 12' wall with a rope on both sides and a 6' wall all in the same vicinity?? REALLY HQ, REALLY?

Comment #19 - Posted by: Alex at July 22, 2010 5:24 PM

Isn't there a reason that this WOD was a Games WOD? Because it is designed for the elite level crossfitters, why are the workouts even being considered as mainpage WODS? I'm pretty sure the general xfit community does not have the capacity of our games athletes...not too mention the lack of people who have access to this type of equipment...isn't the point of xfit to be able to achieve high levels of fitness with as little equipment necessary? i.e a bar, bumpers, med ball, and rings...wats next we're all going to have to start wearing skins and drinking progenex?

Comment #20 - Posted by: The Dude at July 22, 2010 5:25 PM

Workout 6B:

This one is classic CF and you really don't need my help, but I'm on a roll so here goes...

Toes to Bar: hang from the bar, feet not touching the ground, and swing your legs up so that your toes touch the bar from which you are hanging. One. Kip all you please. Scale by starting with your feet on the ground on each rep. Scale down further to Knees to Elbows. Still too much? Abmat sit-ups. I would counsel NOT to do GHD sit-ups in a speed met-con unless you do tons of them in your W/U.

Ground to overhead, anyhow. Just like it sounds. FWIW the last two heats pretty much did muscle snatch in both men and women. C&J, snatch...whatever. Scale weight not reps.

Nothing fancy here...

Comment #21 - Posted by: bingo at July 22, 2010 5:28 PM

For all the confused people, this was the final WOD at the games. Nice of HQ to include the rest of us but there will be a lot of subbing going on.

Hand release pushups means pick your hands up briefly to ensure you're allllll the way down.

I'm tempted to post "3:00/3:34/6:15 Rx" just to witness the outrage.

Comment #22 - Posted by: john heins / crossfit fort meade at July 22, 2010 5:30 PM

Hahaha! Ripped off a gutter during the "wall climb". The ladies in the leasing office will be upset tomorrow. I'm sure I looked like some kind of burgler. Towel pullups x 10 for rope sub (didn't get to use my legs...). Didn't keep time effectively, but finished the exercises alright with subs.

Comment #23 - Posted by: Michael at July 22, 2010 5:32 PM

I have to agree with above, i do enjoy a challenge but this for me has to be done in a standard gym- not an army training facility with wall climbs, rope climbs etc. I do think the towel sub for the rope climb isn't the best are there any other suggestions out there ??

Comment #24 - Posted by: Alan Cremen at July 22, 2010 5:33 PM

And finally, in response to all of the whining already extant and that sure to come, 6C.

OK...who's got a 20' rope? Anyone? Bueller?

Didn't think so. Most CF boxes have 12 or 15' ropes. Seriously, that's good enough don't you think? Climb what you've got and call it a day. It's a rope climb folks...we sub for rope climbs all the time. Play with a cargo net, do Jumping Towel PU, do whatever you did every time a rope climb came up this last year.

How about burpee/wall jump? Gotta admit I'm stumped on this one. If you have a rope you could do burpee PU (a la GI Jane) for this, but that would add to the suck of JPU if you don't have a rope. Got a pommel horse? How about 4 times over the horse for each wall? Burpee fence climb? Burpee uphill bear crawl? Use your imagination. Make it fun.

Comment #25 - Posted by: bingo at July 22, 2010 5:36 PM

Gotta say sometimes common sense should play a role in determining the WOD. While this was a great WOD at the games, how many boxes out there do you know of that have a 12 foot wall?

Comment #26 - Posted by: DiBart at July 22, 2010 5:43 PM

Quite crying and whining. If you don't want to crossfit, go to aerobics class.

For those who want a challenge, asking why we should do this, is like asking why someone would climb a mountain. Because its there.

Comment #27 - Posted by: Joel at July 22, 2010 5:49 PM

For going on five years I have tried to express the "everyman's" view here, the view from the middle of the Bell Curve. Nothing different today. Most of us use this resource to train; we compete against only ourselves, and we compete on whatever ground we have available.

You vs. you.

It's simply not possible to duplicate what Rogue Fitness, Dave Castro, and Tony Budding put together at the HDC. Indeed, it's folly to try and foolish to complain that you can't. So come on...this is FUN! Use your imagination. THINK. The folks who posted this know we don't have all of this stuff, but wouldn't it be cool if we DID?! Make it up. Do all three back to back. Split 'em up tomorrow, or even over the whole weekend.

This glass is half full Brothers and Sisters. Do or don't do (think Yoda). Make it fun, because I gotta tell ya, it was a ton of fun there, and even the competitors were busting out ear-to-ear smiles at the end.

Shout out to my Brother Dale Saran and a big "Aye" to his comments from yesterday. I loved every minute of the competion last weekend, but it should come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my garbage here these last couple of years that the best part of MY weekend was Dale, Jeff and Mikki Martin and the Brand X crew, Dave, Tony, Nicole, the med team...

...and my friends Greg and Lauren.

Comment #28 - Posted by: bingo at July 22, 2010 5:50 PM

I like Bingo's Advice, here is more, For the 6 foot Wall 1 Burpee Bar Muscle up will do the trick. :), for the rope climbs in the final WOD use the rope that you have, do one extra trip, ;) for the 12'' wall climbs do 2 muscle up in the rings, getting Workdone and ofcourse use your Imagination it is YOU VS YOU at the end.


Comment #29 - Posted by: santi at July 22, 2010 5:50 PM

SICK commercial. S*** got me pumped.

Comment #30 - Posted by: JAMO at July 22, 2010 5:51 PM

I'm stoked! I just got a rope on Monday! Crossfit party at my house, puking optional.

Thinking of tying a rope to a tall tree for the wall climb with a rope and turning the picnic table on its end for the shorter wall jumps.

Also, is scaling for kids typically done by body weight? My daughter is 12 and tough as nails but still only 90 pounds. Would half the weight I do be a fair place to start??

Comment #31 - Posted by: Amykr F/38/5'9"/142 at July 22, 2010 5:54 PM

Can anyone explain the wall jump with burpee for those of us who are internet challenged and weren't able to watch the games?

Comment #32 - Posted by: rashmi at July 22, 2010 5:55 PM

HQ must be trying to get rid of mainsite followers. The only ppl that can do this are in affiliate gyms, and they don't follow the mainsite WOD.

Comment #33 - Posted by: Bill at July 22, 2010 5:59 PM

lots of complaining about how hard the WOD is or equipment constraints. if its too hard, scale to your level. if you want do the WOD, find a way.
personally i'm going to do a million preacher curls, quad extensions, and delt raises. then 5 minutes on the treadmill while i watch TV

Comment #34 - Posted by: wolfywolferton at July 22, 2010 6:00 PM

I can see tomorrows WOD already,

1 round for escape:
Steel something heavy
while carrying something heavy run from police
while carrying something heavy and running from police, hurdle fences, jump cars, perform one hood slide, evade barking dog, toss said heavy object over fence and climb over.

Comment #35 - Posted by: Owen Duff at July 22, 2010 6:01 PM

wtf is this? ... quite interesting, i'm not even sure where to begin.

Comment #36 - Posted by: Patrick at July 22, 2010 6:02 PM

And then I'm gonna pull an airplane with my teeth. Come on dot com come up with wods that most gyms can program or people can do at home. If we wanted to copy the games wods we could just read the games page. Someone on holiday right now?

Comment #37 - Posted by: Fetus at July 22, 2010 6:09 PM

is Romanov channeling Borat, or the other way around?

Comment #38 - Posted by: jason at July 22, 2010 6:09 PM

I would think that if you can't do the workout based on the equipment listed then:

A. Scale it to be as close as you can to the real workout based on what you do have or...
B. Pick another one workout, there are plenty to choose from.

Comment #39 - Posted by: Eric/CrossFit North County at July 22, 2010 6:22 PM

@ 41 IMHO, I appreciate your response, but I don't believe I used a single cuss word in that post but correct me if I'm wrong

Comment #40 - Posted by: The Dude at July 22, 2010 6:24 PM

Wow, I've been waiting for this one. Alot of subbing going on, or as Bingo put it, "bag the wall." (My buddy declined my offer to build a couple of walls and a tower for hanging a rope in his back yard for some reason.)
I'm somewhat new to crossfit. ~8 months now, rarely post, probably because I'm too busy trying to recollect myself after the WOD to remember to, and thus far love/hate/loving it ;) I just wanted to add something I remembered after reading some of the complaints about the challenging WODs (ok, insanely wicked WODs that us mere mortals can only hope to complete rx'd). I once gave a colleague the following advice, "If you focused the effort you put forth to whining to actually doing your work you would be amazed at what you can accomplish."
Hmm, back to the wall thing... I wonder if I could take a bar to a local climbing gym?
3..2..1..(Tomorrow) GO!

Comment #41 - Posted by: Rodney at July 22, 2010 6:24 PM

Why are the stands almost empty in all these game pics? I thought it was sold out? Seems like there were less people than in Aromas last year, hopefully they still made money on the event (maybe the footage can be edited for ESPN)?

Also about the WOD whining, if you don't want to scale it just make your own, it's not hard to program.

Comment #42 - Posted by: grambo at July 22, 2010 6:27 PM

Dude - skins and progenex !

(Have you seen the big lebowski ? It's my all-time favorite movie....)

Comment #43 - Posted by: imho at July 22, 2010 6:27 PM

What ever happened to the garage box? It's cool to have a crack at a games WOD and see how we can stack up to the best. However, the beauty of Crossfit is as many have said doing more at a high intensity with less. This is a cool WOD though, wish I had all of that stuff.

Comment #44 - Posted by: Ship 5-9 180 at July 22, 2010 6:28 PM

Haha good call!...and yes that's where i got the name...T"he Dude abides"

Comment #45 - Posted by: The Dude at July 22, 2010 6:29 PM

Come on people! Let's get creative and make it work. I have a park down the street from me that has a fitness trail. I'm prepared to pack several bars and plates and carry them 100 yards to simulate this workout. I plan to do one over/under on the monkey bars to simulate the 12' wall climb.

Don't think about how it won't work, think about how you can make it work.

As far as the WOD's this week have gone. Sure they've been tough but it's shows us all that we have room to grow and get stronger. :P

Comment #46 - Posted by: Bushidoman at July 22, 2010 6:29 PM

Thank you SO MUCH K-Star for that video. I've always been confused about that active shoulder. I read about it recently on mikesgym.org but seeing the video helped a lot. You solved a major problem with my snatch. I feel way tighter and much more supported now.

Comment #47 - Posted by: Jordan D. at July 22, 2010 6:46 PM

This doesn't feel like programming for anything. Just feels like it is just promoting the wod's from the games. I hate complaining. And, I will be sticking with xfit for a long time. But, this wod post I don't think is a good decision.

Comment #48 - Posted by: c-lo at July 22, 2010 6:48 PM

@ #28 Bingo - great response. I couldn't agree more.

Also, I really dig the creativity for subbing this WOD. You guys and gals shouldn't get discouraged or cherry pick this one simply because of the lengthy equipment requirements. Sub well and give your all - that's what it's all about. There are plenty of great alternatives listed above.

Much love to the CF community!

Comment #49 - Posted by: Matt Chan at July 22, 2010 6:52 PM

My sub (to be done on 072310)

Part A:
Three rounds for time:
30 pushups (release hands from floor at the bottom of each rep)
5 towel pullups
20 overhead squats (w/ 75lbs)

After Part A, rest 1 minute and then move on to Part B.

Part B:
Three rounds for time:
30 hanging leg lifts (legs straight if possible; bent knees if necessary)
20 ground to overhead (w/ 95lbs)

After Part B, rest 1 minute and then move on to Part C.

Part C:
Three rounds for time:
5 burpee-pullups
15 towel pullups

(m / 145lbs / 5' 5"; yeah, it's way scaled and the rest interval increased but you know what? it's what i have available to me and can be done within the vicinity of a single power rack. it will be attacked at full intensity, noted in a journal, and hopefully improved upon if it comes up again.

when did we forget about scaling to our abilities and/or modifying to what we have available? put a little thought into it, do the work, and call it a day.)

Comment #50 - Posted by: steven n. at July 22, 2010 6:57 PM

You know I have only been doing this for a little over 3 months now and push myself well past my established limits every workout. I have seen great results in every aspect and I feel great.
Yes, I do the mainsite WOD's everyday.
Do I whine about it, yes.
Do I do them with my limited "garage gym", yes.
I scale where I can and even sub with what I have. But I still put everything into the WOD. If all you want to do is whine about the WOD's then find an aerobics class more to your speed. For myself I will happily "embrace the suck" and push on

Comment #51 - Posted by: Mopp at July 22, 2010 6:57 PM

Almost never post but felt compelled. Waaa Waaaa Waaa never seen so much whining from adults. Remember this is FREE they provide this service to you for nothing. They can program what ever they want. It's obvious they are simply following the games WOD's to a tee. Either don't do it and choose another one of the 10721 WOD'S previously posted or scale. I doubt really anyone has all the necessary equipment so do your best and be inventive. Soon there will be no more games WOD's to post and your regular scheduled program will return. Just remember to keep it in perspective it's brought to you one hundred percent FREE and scaling one workout the best you can wont hurt you. I see it like this if someone gifted me something and then I whined and complained about it than I've really forgotten what its all about.

Comment #52 - Posted by: Chris S at July 22, 2010 7:00 PM

Ok, ok, I see how its gonna be coach. Youre just not gonna make ez for us, are you? Thats cool we can handle it. 6a and 6b totally doable at a globo gym just sub 2-3 MUs for 12' wall climb like SANTI suggested, however 6c...I cant wait for posts to come about that. I proly just skip that portion, 6a and 6b is beastly enuf, Good luck everyone and....


Comment #53 - Posted by: BlackCatX-Fit at July 22, 2010 7:03 PM

If you live near a Marine Base and you have an ID/Driver's license, you can go to the O course at your local Marine Corps Base. They have a 6 foot wall and a 20 foot rope climb. I think it is 20 feet. Some bases have quite a few of these on the standard Marine Obstacle course. What I am saying is go through the gate after showing your ID and ask someone where a Marine O course is. The Marine O course does not have a rope climb wall, but it has other stuff to accommodate. If you are not close to a Marine base, good luck!
Oh and believe it or not they will let you on base with a driver's license and an agenda, meaning don't just say; "I don't know," when they ask you where you are going.

Comment #54 - Posted by: Brian at July 22, 2010 7:05 PM

So you know we gotta try the knees to feet thing!

Comment #55 - Posted by: Amber Hill at July 22, 2010 7:06 PM

What can I sub for judges erecting walls and other stuff until 4:30 AM? Much love to Boz and his minions. You were great last weekend.

Comment #56 - Posted by: batchmaster T at July 22, 2010 7:06 PM

Wow!! The amount of whining is CRAZY!!

We get FREE wods, FREE HD streaming of games, $20 per year of CF Journal with TONS of info on pretty much anything and people still whine & complain cuz HQ shows an Audi commercial..

These 2010 Game Wods shows u where u wanna be athletically - set high goals!! It took me the same time to do 1 round of run, kb & PU as it took Annie to do
3; I couldn't do 2 rds of DL, pistols & DU & all the girls were doing 5+.

Have fun & do your best, quit whining and above all, be grateful!!!

Comment #57 - Posted by: Robbyhernz at July 22, 2010 7:35 PM


I just have to say that I have been appreciating your 'everyman' view since '06. Your comments (and musings) are spot on every time. Mature, and down-to-earth. They say that the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Your advice seems to always lie somewhere in the middle. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, they are appreciated.


Comment #58 - Posted by: hub m/29/6'/165 at July 22, 2010 7:42 PM

Oh the whine, climbing my home made 15' rope x 4, 60 feet total ascent. Hanging the rings at a height of six feet then doing a muscle up raising my knees above my hands, up and over 6'. The wall climb? well thinking about that one. Like we havent had to innovate, sub, and scale before. Lets have some fun!

Comment #59 - Posted by: Jerry m/35/73/175 at July 22, 2010 7:42 PM

I couldn't say it any better than #54,55,56. I rarely ever post but felt I had too. This is free. Every wod can be scaled or rx'd. If you don't have the equipment, scale or use your imagination. There are fences and walls all over any town. Load your stuff up and do it. I have been with this since the blue board days and I have not found anything better for what I do professionally. How many true crossfit boxes follow the main site, not many. Those that do. Be grateful this is free. If you don't like the programming, Program your own wods. I apolgize for my irritability. The games were awesome. The programming was awesome and I love the fact that no one had any idea what the last wods were. The rope wasnt too high or too dangerous. Any military guy or gal will tell you that a 30ft rope is scary the first time, especially at the end of a 1-2 mile obstacle course. It is what is and you get what you get, deal with it and move on.

Comment #60 - Posted by: Jeff Arms at July 22, 2010 7:46 PM

Bingo, I agree with you 100%. I will have to sub some things and probably cut out the wall climb, no wall avail. Either way I'll have fun with it the best I can. I like your outlook on subs for this too, some good ideas.

Comment #61 - Posted by: WJC at July 22, 2010 7:49 PM

got rope but no 20' height to hang it from or 12' wall to climb? attach some weight to the rope and pull it towards you. you can even attach weight to both ends, making the "rope climb" heavier than the "wall climb"

Comment #62 - Posted by: steven n. at July 22, 2010 7:52 PM

Thanks Chris S. very well put!!! Come on people sometime its fun to have a bit of an imagination and think up so good subs.

Comment #63 - Posted by: Q at July 22, 2010 7:52 PM

I picked the wrong day t stop sniffing glue.... I mean restart crossfit.

Comment #64 - Posted by: theNine at July 22, 2010 7:54 PM

I can't wait for my gym membership to be up so that I can afford to go to my local CF box, but until then I will do sub workouts as needed. Yeah, people think I'm weird at the gym and I get frustrated because I don't have the right equipment. Improvise and challenge yourself - that's what Crossfit is about.

Comment #65 - Posted by: Joses at July 22, 2010 7:58 PM

#61- yeah dude sealfit has linda...... looking forward to that and then a long run after. People can complain if they feel like it, just because this site is free doesnt mean that people cant voice their opinions. While their opinion might clash with yours, I believe that there is some value behind their points. Kudos, to all who have come up with subs for the stuff that is not easily accessible. Have a great weekend.

Comment #66 - Posted by: Spicoli at July 22, 2010 8:09 PM

No one is really whining as much as critiquing poor programming on HQ's part...they have their ups and downs and there have been a lot of downs lately, i thinks it's important the community lets HQ know where they stand on certain topics

Comment #67 - Posted by: The Dude at July 22, 2010 8:15 PM

Thanks HQ for these amazing Wods and an amazing 2010 Games. Every year a friend and I do the games wods during the games in our own competition. We do this, not because we are elite athletes, but because it is fun to see how we stand up against the best. It is always humbling. We don’t have all the equipment and usually cannot do the wods as Rxd, however one thing great about Crossfit is that it is scalable. It’s also ok to sub parts of the wods due to lack of equipment. To describe doing the ‘as close to the Games Wods as possible’ I will use the words of Annie Thorisdottir “It was extremely fun…it was amazing, really fun”. Don’t stress it folks have fun with it.

Comment #68 - Posted by: DL at July 22, 2010 8:18 PM

I love the "What is CrossFit" video. I would like to have one that shows individuals of below average-average fitness giving heart, not just the elite level CrossFit'ters as seen there. It would relate to some of my friends and family who aren't into it more than this one. :D

Comment #69 - Posted by: Isaac de Masi at July 22, 2010 8:18 PM

Here's to all the arm chair critics.

Comment #70 - Posted by: a-Ron at July 22, 2010 8:20 PM

#55 Steven N. I like the way you think. I'll adapt my workout to something similar to what you just posted.

Comment #71 - Posted by: Mik at July 22, 2010 8:25 PM

Whining, complaining, whatever you want to call it.... your doing it. If you don't like the programing then quit or at least quit posting on here. No one cares if you like it or not.

Comment #72 - Posted by: B at July 22, 2010 8:26 PM

Can we just go back to the "girls" and get over what all the studs (and studettes) got to do at the games?

Comment #73 - Posted by: Brian Cook at July 22, 2010 8:43 PM

Well, u lost me crossfit. My wife and i have been doing crossfit out of our garage for 3 years and the lack of direction by HQ is distrubing to say the least. We stopped posting on the site or even bothering to read the comments after the first year because of the new type of people coming to crossfit(and we arnt the only ones who feel that way) and now we have decided to do our own programming. Thanks for everything, and if you decide to return to ur roots then we will be back.

Comment #74 - Posted by: nathan at July 22, 2010 8:44 PM

#77 That is the point of this blog, to be able to speak our minds. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that people follow to better themselves, and if they can't speak about their program then how do we as a community grow. We have to look at the good the bad and the ugly to get better. If we push people away then we are no better than the rest of the industry. Learn from each other.

Comment #75 - Posted by: Nick at July 22, 2010 8:54 PM

Heebs- Fantastic video brother. Ben is funny as always...and the video is classic CF and HEEB. Fantastic work dude...love seeing your vids brotha! keep it up!

Comment #76 - Posted by: Mr.Moody at July 22, 2010 9:20 PM

I rarely post here (tried posting my times regularly, didn't keep with it- old fashioned notebook works for me) but I felt inspired today.

With some of the negativity going on here, I just wanted to throw in that I fully support these crazy workouts! They seem to verge on impossible sometimes, sure, but they never fail to excite me with something new and challenging each day. And isn't that one of the points of Crossfit? Constant variation? Stick to the same "girls" and standard routines for years, and even if there are 50 or more workouts to cycle through, they'll eventually grow repetitive. Constant evolution keeps the challenge alive for both the body and mind.

Who knows. My two cents, we've got a fantastic free resource here, and if we never know what to expect from it, I'd say that makes it all the better.

Comment #77 - Posted by: CRPoole M/21/185/6'3" at July 22, 2010 9:23 PM

#80 5 years ago when I started doing CF the only comments were Q's about the wods and posting your times. The community grow? Hopefully not with a bunch of complaining bad attitudes. Push people away? You a mean the few that are complaining? I'm not a deep feeler, thus I can not comprehend your thinking.

Comment #78 - Posted by: B at July 22, 2010 9:36 PM

Comment #22 - Posted by: john heins / crossfit fort meade

"I'm tempted to post "3:00/3:34/6:15 Rx" just to witness the outrage."

Im not outraged, but did you do all 3 rounds of each metcon? because those times sound like you only did one round of each. Not trying to hate just want to figure out why you weren't at the games with times like those.

Comment #79 - Posted by: JBarr 27/6'/203 at July 22, 2010 9:36 PM

I posted at the beginning (#9) that this is a hard workout but also a bit of fun -- some variety and a break from standard workouts.

Bingo has helped suggest a way to do it close if you want to.

The strength and conditioning research is clear that changing things is good -- if you really don't like this WOD take an extra day off -- it may actually help you.

Don't take life toooooo seriously folks.

Comment #80 - Posted by: Tony Leyland at July 22, 2010 9:49 PM

lol, i'm an idiot, just realized that he was joking.... it has been a long deployment and my mind is focused on getting home next week sorry all for the last post.

Comment #81 - Posted by: JBarr 27/6'/203 at July 22, 2010 9:58 PM

I generally don't comment on the mainsite anymore but I just wanted to say that I love the videos of Kelly Starrett. His information is always spot on and it really helps me help my clients.

Thanks Kelly,

Have Fun, Train Hard,


Comment #82 - Posted by: Billy Olympic Crossfit at July 22, 2010 10:09 PM

I would love to have the equip/facilities to complete this wod as RX'd! My Globo gym would freak if I started climbing stuff though, and regardless I'm going fishing this weekend...
On another note, what's with the tape that was criss-crossed all over some of the competitors at the games? Is it to support or brace? Is it cross fit fashion, someone fill me in?

Comment #83 - Posted by: brone at July 22, 2010 10:10 PM

Love the "What is Crossfit?" video. Anyone know what the song is?

Comment #84 - Posted by: Jim Brikman at July 22, 2010 10:16 PM

#54 you shouldn't have posted that advice on here. If you are a Marine you should know better. If you are not a Marine you have no business advising people on how to gain access to installations especially on a public forum on the internet. People stop complaining. Do the work or don't, I really don't think HQ cares either way its your fitness. They are getting theirs done with or without you. you are embarrassing yourselves by complaining so much, and bringing discredit to the community and the sport. Maybe problem solving, common sense, or creative thinking should be added to the list of modalities that fitness is measured so some of the sheeple can survive without someone telling them how to accomplish a task without spelling it out. Hey Glassman post a link to the essay A Message to Garcia and have everyone read it before you post each WOD so they can use some freakin initiative. I know we have a socialist in the Whitehouse, but come, this is getting ridiculous.

Comment #85 - Posted by: Ralph at July 22, 2010 10:57 PM

Thanks Bingo, it is such a pleasure having you on our team. I second your appreciation of Dale's brilliant comments day before yesterday--two great brains supporting Coach and Lauren.

Comment #86 - Posted by: mas 53/M/155 at July 22, 2010 11:00 PM

#83 brone, that tape helps with injuries and such. supporting muscles and giving added stability to problem areas.

Comment #87 - Posted by: pat at July 22, 2010 11:06 PM

For those deployed, grab some rope from the SSSC and tie it to the rebar loop on top of a high t-wall barrier. Then have fun because people will watch as you climb over the t-wall.

Comment #88 - Posted by: Allan Jackman at July 22, 2010 11:12 PM

Holy adult cry-babies! Are you really going to complain about HQ answering to all the complainers who wanted to see the full details of the games wod's in the first place??? And for the people who can't seem to just get it...there are 1700 affiliates that require an operational website you can follow for the 3 days that HQ is posting the games wod's as an alternative Life is hard, I know. If you've been following CF for years, don't ye think ye ought ta be able to create your own wod for the days you just can't stand Mainpage's? C'mon peeps!

For those 'half full' glass drinkers, here's to you! This is not a political game, let's shun the people that continue to bash CF and continue to motivate the ones who want to help and be here.

Just WOD it!!!

Comment #89 - Posted by: CF Bleeder at July 22, 2010 11:54 PM

Holy adult cry-babies! Are you really going to complain about HQ answering to all the complainers who wanted to see the full details of the games wod's in the first place??? And for the people who can't seem to just get it...there are 1700 affiliates that require an operational website you can follow for the 3 days that HQ is posting the games wod's as an alternative Life is hard, I know. If you've been following CF for years, don't ye think ye ought ta be able to create your own wod for the days you just can't stand Mainpage's? C'mon peeps!

For those 'half full' glass drinkers, here's to you! This is not a political game, let's shun the people that continue to bash CF and continue to motivate the ones who want to help and be here.

Just WOD it!!!

Comment #90 - Posted by: CF Bleeder at July 22, 2010 11:55 PM

Thank you for the "What is Crossfit" commercial. It'll serve me well to send it to friends when they ask me what I've been doing to get into shape!

Comment #91 - Posted by: kareem at July 23, 2010 12:08 AM

Geez people, seriously?

You're on CF main-site, and you haven't seen the CF Games (you need to question the push-ups standards)?! What rock have you been hiding under?

You get the best programming in the world FREE, and you dare to question the motives (accusing Coach and Lauren of just promoting the Games! Ha! And so what if they are? So they should!)?!

And on that note, no CrossFitter calls what we do xfit. "xfit-ers' are usually stealing CrossFit.

I for one am looking forward to smashing the back out of these three wods. If neccessary I will scale them (no 12' wall yet at my box, doh!), and it will hurt something real good.

Thanks Coach, keep up the good work.

Comment #92 - Posted by: Alex M/31/5'7"/167 at July 23, 2010 12:13 AM

Just started the cross fit life style n man id have to say im lovin it lifted weights on n off for years n got great results but that dont even come closs to the mental n physical test that cross fit gives you keep the WOD's comin baby woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!todays was crazy hard only got 2rounds out before i spewed lol

Comment #93 - Posted by: Morgie at July 23, 2010 12:53 AM

Part A
30 push ups as rx'd
5 towel pull ups
20 overhead squats 90 lbs
2 rds minus 12 overhead squats

Part B
30 toes to bar
21 100-lb ground to overhead
1 set plus 4 toes to bar

Part C
3 pull ups/3 dips plus burpee x 5
30 jumping towel pull ups
three rounds in 14:11

Comment #94 - Posted by: Mik at July 23, 2010 2:19 AM

Just to chuck my 2¢: I thoroughly approve of HQ posting (almost) impossible WODs. These are supposed to be the gold standard, and we find our ways to work up to them. I have a pull up bar, a kettle bell, and some room to run around in, and (with heavy modification) I'll do the WOD as best I can.

tl;dr Epic WOD, I'll get creative tomorrow.

Comment #95 - Posted by: Silver at July 23, 2010 2:37 AM

To everyone complaining about the workload: The beauty of CrossFit lies in the fact that it is universally scalable. When I was starting out, I laughed at Angie and thought, "impossible, I'll be here all night!" They posted this workout as a test, because there are people who are constantly training and really want to compete or at least see where they fit in with the pro's. I love that HQ posted these WOD's, it gives me something to strive for. As far as lack of equipment goes, you gotta suck it up. Im sure anything you dream up as a substitute for a 12 foot wall climb or a 20 foot rope climb will still get the sweat pouring and the heart racing.

Comment #96 - Posted by: Cameron at July 23, 2010 3:40 AM

this is why I switched to CFFB. @ 53 y/o the wods offer the intensity w/o the chronic shoulder injuries a regular diet of mainsite wods have produced. + added strength

Comment #97 - Posted by: delfire5 at July 23, 2010 3:57 AM

I'm new to crossfit, and I don't understand all the complaining. Remember people this is a free site. What kind of intelligent info. can you get anywhere for free. I have been looking for something like crossfit my entire life. I only wish it was available many years ago. Whatever wod is posted is better than anything I could dream up.
BTW let's talk about Christy going over that wall.
Great pic. of a great athlete

Comment #98 - Posted by: Dan at July 23, 2010 4:00 AM

Hey up,

Just a thought but those who haven't got the kit maybe have a look at


Apologies if that had been posted already!

Comment #99 - Posted by: Whitters at July 23, 2010 4:03 AM

i just want to thank crossfit for ALL they have done for me , they changed my life, and all for free.i have a garage gym and i love the challenge of making days like today work. its not all that hard to come up with movements that can replicate the walls.we may not look as bad ass climbing over walls but dam i cant wait for the neighbors to see me do burpees and then jump my fence and do another.JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT !!!

Comment #100 - Posted by: b peek at July 23, 2010 4:17 AM


Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
65 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps

2 rounds + 30 push-ups + 5 OHS

Rest 30 seconds.

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
65 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps

1 round + 30 T2B

Rest about 30 minutes (had to change location with bicycle).

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
6 foot bar muscle-ups, climb over the bar, 5 reps
15 ft Pole Climb, legless, 3 ascents


Part C wasn't too bad due to my long rest period. Should have done 4 pole climbs each rounds.

Comment #101 - Posted by: Memuc at July 23, 2010 4:45 AM

comment 10 pete in sun city,

good luck with the surgery, my brother had it done right after regional's. first week is gonna be the worse but it gets better.

Comment #102 - Posted by: mike at July 23, 2010 4:47 AM


Part A: 13:58

I'm taking bongos suggestion and splitting them up over time. I also had to make up a sub for the wall, just some jumps as someone else suggested. I'm stoked that i killed the overhead squats which is a real weakness for me, and those new pushups are quite killer.

I really enjoy trying to "replicate" the games WODs. Puts a lot in perspective for what those incredible athletes wre going through. Congrats to all of them! Mad expect. The entire event was inspirational!

Comment #103 - Posted by: Steven Platek at July 23, 2010 4:53 AM

Awesome. I'm going to go get my rope and my wall.

Comment #104 - Posted by: JoeK at July 23, 2010 4:56 AM

Great job on todays wod cfit. I mean who the hell has a huge wall at their gym. We dont even have a rope. Great way to get out of programming for the week. Oh, lets just do all the games wods. Might as well throw in the wheelborrow wod in there. Dont worry cause we have 15 wheelbarrows, but no walls!

Comment #105 - Posted by: Timmy B at July 23, 2010 4:57 AM

This is awesome. I think it is great that this is posted on the mainsite. I am beating the horse that Bingo and Santi already so eloquenty killed but this was posted for several reasons in my mind. First off, CF is scaleable and this reiterates that not everyone can do everything. The elite games qualifiers couldn't even finish every WOD under the cap. Second, why should HQ judge what the rest of the comunity can and can't do? The moment they limit the perception of our abilities the moment we are robbed of unlocking our true potential. Third, this is a test of us to determine effective substitutions that still mimic the effort of the posted movement but tax the body and really push us.
Lastly, echoing Bingo again, this just looks damn fun and CF is supposed to be fun.

Cheers HQ for challenging us the way you always have.

(and the soapbox just broke!)

Comment #106 - Posted by: josh at July 23, 2010 5:04 AM

Up and over the top of the chin up bar could be used for a substitute for the wall in the "Wall jumps with a burpee"... something we had to do at Parris Island over 40 years ago.

Comment #107 - Posted by: Tom at July 23, 2010 5:24 AM

A fun sub we used today: whatever vehicle we drove in on for the 6 foot wall climbs burpees. The brother who came on his bike laid it flat and jumped over while laughing at the folks who had driven in on giant SUVs. Good times!

Comment #108 - Posted by: Torcher at July 23, 2010 5:24 AM

My globo doesnt have a rope either but they do have a rope-sled. My sub for 6c will be burpees to boxjump and 4 lengths of the sled with 200lbs stacked on it. Seems reasonable to me and should be fun.

For 6a, I may just do 1 or 2 lengths of the sled.


Comment #109 - Posted by: cb at July 23, 2010 5:30 AM


Part A:
30push ups with hand release
12ft rope climb
21 OHS @40kg
12 ft rope climb

Managed 1 full round +1OHS

Part B:
30 Toes to Bar
21 Ground to Overhead @60kg

Managed 16 GTO of first round (toes to bar are horrible)

Part C:
5 Burpeee Bar Scalers (we have a 5 1/2 foot supporting bar in our frame structure that I went over)
3x15 ft rope climb (all we have)

managed one round + 1 rope climb

This is the first time I have climbed the ropes int he box and it gave my elbows a real hammering!!

All good fun though

Comment #110 - Posted by: David Millings at July 23, 2010 5:32 AM

Part A: subbed climb back and forth over minivan for 12' wall climb

2 rounds

Part B: 1 round, 11 toes to bar

Part C: subbed burpee pullups, 10 ft rope climb with knots, assisted by treehouse


Comment #111 - Posted by: monkeyman at July 23, 2010 5:34 AM

Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
Burpee Pull-ups, 6 reps
500 Meter Row
Twelve minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Part A: 5:58
Part B: 1 Round + 4 Ground to Overhead
Part C: 8:32

Comment #112 - Posted by: joecam 35/M/190 at July 23, 2010 5:36 AM


WOD was a killer!!!

Jogged 2km the gym, with my rucksack.

Instead of 12´ wall climb i did 6 TowelPU
30kg OHS

2 rounds minus 6 towel PUs

30 kg ground to overhead

1 round and 10 toes to bar

Subbed with 6 burpee-pullups
Firt round 15 towel PUs
second third and fourth i did them with feet on the ground in a ca. 30° angle (armes streched)

Had a lot of subbing to do, but still it was a KILLERWORKOUT!!! And everyone started at the gym ;) (i train in a regular one)

Comment #113 - Posted by: Darius at July 23, 2010 5:37 AM

Nice #108! Up and over a 6' pullup bar twice = 12'... I like!

Comment #114 - Posted by: Joses at July 23, 2010 5:38 AM

Hahaha...I definitely picked the best week ever to start doing crossfit...bout to go to work on this

Comment #115 - Posted by: Jared at July 23, 2010 5:46 AM

I can't believe there is so much complaining. OF COURSE CF HQ knows you don't have the equipment...they're expecting you to sub. One of the comments on here said something along the lines of they thought there should be a little more common sense when they post workouts....that's ridiculous...if you really think they expected you to have all that, then maybe you should reconsider your common sense. I'll do what I can and sub where necessary. If you're complaining about how hard the workout is...I think you need to reconfigure your philosophy of fitness. Just because Crossfit posts WODs doesn't mean you always have to follow them....don't fall into the consistency of just following the Crossfit WOD's....start being creative for once. Scale, sub, and complete a workout. Or just don't workout that day because you can't do what's on the main page...your choice. Enjoy!!

Comment #116 - Posted by: Dk at July 23, 2010 5:47 AM

A suggested sub for the rope climb:

If you have an extensions ladder, place it up against your house or other building. Be sure to tie it off against an anchor at the bottom or brace it some how. Give yourself a decent climbing angle and from the inside (side toward the wall) climb the rungs hand over hand up then down. Just a thought...

Comment #117 - Posted by: Troy at July 23, 2010 5:59 AM

Thaks Bingo, I was thinking along those lines for subs. it will be intresting to say the least.

I agree with you about the complants.

People, yes this is for the elite competiters, but as Crossfit is, every workout is scaleable...REMEMBER? Do what YOU can do! Scale to your level of fitness.

Like Bingo said, have fun ... or do something else.

Comment #118 - Posted by: NikNichols42yo 5'7'' 165lbs at July 23, 2010 6:01 AM

A guy at our gym came up with an idea. The 11th aspect if fitness - RESOURCEFULNESS - figure out a way and get it done.

Comment #119 - Posted by: sam at July 23, 2010 6:02 AM

Suck it up Butter cups!

Comment #120 - Posted by: Danny at July 23, 2010 6:05 AM

A) 132 reps, subbed 5 strict pull ups for wall climb (didn't include PUs in rep count)

B) 74 reps

C) 6:54, subbed 100 burpees

Comment #121 - Posted by: B. Noyce at July 23, 2010 6:23 AM

Dk, et al: I FOLLOW the mainsite WOD because I want to DO the mainsite WOD. If I just sought to be "creative with my workouts" I wouldn't consult with an expert-led fitness program! I LOVE cF, but when I can't do the workouts one out of every three times, it's frustrating.

And to all the lap-dogs: The wod's are free, yes, and appreciated. But we bring value to CF...we buy the journal, buy products from sponsors (I've got several) and fill th site with discussion, promoting its commercial viability. When the administrators don't give a care about what we think or listen to our feedback, it's crummy. Period.

Comment #122 - Posted by: Bill at July 23, 2010 6:26 AM

Ok, here is my plan for this wod...
Since I have not been able to find a 12 foot wall to jump over that will not get me arrested. I am going to use the pull-up bars as a sub. I am going to do an "up and over" via the bar muscle-up 3x for each wall climb in part A. I'm doing one for each in part C, and doing towel pullups for the rope climbs.
We'll see how it goes.

Comment #123 - Posted by: J. Keel at July 23, 2010 6:28 AM

Great WOD! personaly this is why i do crossfit, for the constantly varied training with REAL world application. you never know what you sre going to run into tomorrow, so better to prep for the unexpected today! will be subbing somehow on the street later, i will try to find a terrace wall or jungle gym to scale and maybe climb a pole for the rope climb.

Comment #124 - Posted by: woody So.IL. at July 23, 2010 6:49 AM

Subbed climbing over the pullup bar for wall climb and wall jumps. Subbed rope climb with 3' to 1 pull ratio with rope over bar. Definately did not make WOD any easier.
Part A: 1.5 rounds.
Part B: 1 round + T2B and 6 OHs.
Part C: 10:25.
Identified huge deficiencies in OHS/Snatch technique. I'm all about attacking my weaknesses, but that was a wrecker of a WOD.

Comment #125 - Posted by: Xman at July 23, 2010 6:53 AM

I am loving the chance to test myself to the guys at the Games. HQ rocks!! I get the strangest looks from people at the Globo that I work for, when I am performing WODs. But these are going to turn major heads.

My subs are as follows:

30 PU
12 meters cookies with hand over hand sled drag
21 OH Squats
12 meters cookies with hand over hand sled drag

30 Toe to bar
95lbs Ground to overhead

GI Janes-Burpee and pullup
Heavy tire flipping(I know its not the same, but I don't have a rope in the Globo)

Comment #126 - Posted by: Jonboy at July 23, 2010 6:55 AM


Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom - AS RX'D
12' Wall climb -Sub 12pull-ups
65 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
12' Wall climb -Sub 12pull-ups

Completed 1 round + 5 Push ups on the 7 minute time cap

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar- AS RX'D
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps- AS RX'D
Seven minute time cap.

AS RXD: 1 Round completed on the 7 Minute cap

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
6 foot Wall jumps with burpee, 5 reps (SUBBED 5 BURPEE BAR MUSCLE UPS and over the bar :)
20 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents- AS RX'D
Twelve minute time cap.

2 Rounds + 5 Burpees Bar Muscle ups and over the bar and 10 feet climb when the time finished.

Nice WOD and FUN!, Pikes peak crossfit has a 20'' rope inside their gym. :) The Burpee Bar Muscle ups spin at the top were harder than climbing over the wall, a minute in a half more and I would have completed that last WOD (harder than the games), It is incredible the Working capacity of most of the athlethes at the games. those T2B were a Killer. and I love the Standard on the Push ups it is harder than what It Looks. I wonder what's for tomorrow.


Have a nice one everybody.


Comment #127 - Posted by: SANTI at July 23, 2010 6:55 AM

Bill #122 et al.

The Main Page WOD's are, have been, and apparently will continue to be designed to challenge the fittest athletes around. Most of us don't qualify, at least at this time (perhaps I might have in my college football prime, but not now at 50). There is an assumption on the part of the WOD designers that MOST people will scale or sub on MOST of the WOD's. While not stated anywhere on the MP this has been noted multiple times in the CFJ and earlier posts from Coach and others.

The dichotomy (irony) is funny...we go through periods where complaints about the lack of tire flips or cargo net climbs, or swimming for Heaven's sake are rampant. Now we have an equal number of complaints offered with equal fervor about a WOD with less common equipment. Just sayin.

Tone and content. Content and tone. Reasoned disagreements offered with a respectful, cordial tone are not only acceptable but welcomed in my experience. I'll be sharing (offline) some gathered comments critiquing the Games and will try very hard to offer them with a tone that will enable them to be accepted as the well-meaning constructive criticisms that they are.

There are a few posts above that are critical of the programming today that are reasonable and reasoned. Most are just whining, a tone that deserves all of the ridicule and dismissiveness one can muster.

I just can't help chuckling at the thought of what this would look like if HQ had taken all of the suggestions pre-Games and had a swimming WOD...


Comment #128 - Posted by: bingo at July 23, 2010 6:56 AM

30 hand release pushups, 2 10' rope climbs, 21 95# OHS - 2 rounds + 2 push ups
30 T2B, 95 # ground to overhead - 1 round + 6 T2B
5 burpee 10' rope climbs, 6 10' rope climbs - 2 full rounds

Comment #129 - Posted by: Nickosaurus at July 23, 2010 7:00 AM

forgot i did 2 10' rope climbs after the OHS on part a too

Comment #130 - Posted by: Nickosaurus at July 23, 2010 7:01 AM

I'll be doing this next weekend and I have some more sub ideas:

12 foot wall sub:
We have a cedar jungle gym in the yard, the wooden beam is about 7 1/2 feet high and you have to jump to get a finger hold, so a bar-like muscle up and over that should be a good sub for the wall climb.

6 foot wall burpee sub:
Same as above, but with a 2 foot platform to jump from.

20 foot rope:
My rope has degenerated from being outside, so I guess a bunch of towel pullups will have to do for now unless I can find a decent rope in the Toronto area soon.

Comment #131 - Posted by: mikeyb at July 23, 2010 7:03 AM

If you're thinking of substituting a chin up bar for a wall, you don't have to be able to do a bar muscle up to get over the top... just throw one leg over the bar, then rock back and forth until you get enough momentum to roll the rest of your body over the top... just like kipping... piece of cake! :o)

Comment #132 - Posted by: Tom at July 23, 2010 7:15 AM

nothing makes you feel fat like your towel ripping in half while doing towel pullups... oh well.

Ok.. so maby I gained a pound or two since the injury. Hahahaha.

Comment #133 - Posted by: Jonathan at July 23, 2010 7:18 AM

Thank you HQ. This is a difficult workout, this is why I started doing crossfit in the first place. Also started because I didn't think people whined all the time, I thought people just did work... I don't have everything either, but god forbid you have to think a little and get creative. Remember people, they are giving you these workouts for FREE. If you can't do it, sub it, scale it or something. Just do it with intensity and be done with it. Then, anxiously wait for the post with tomorrow's WOD.

Comment #134 - Posted by: JKup at July 23, 2010 7:20 AM

This one is crazy..

Comment #135 - Posted by: Yuriy at July 23, 2010 7:22 AM

Well this will be hard I won't be able to do all this together but Im going to get some rope and get up on the roof and find something to tie it to and just let it hang down. I'll see if that works for the wall climb.. My neighbors will defintely think I'm crazy now

Comment #136 - Posted by: Brandon at July 23, 2010 7:26 AM

Well, there's no way I can do this workout. I haven't the time nor resources but I gotta say, some of you are making me chuckle with your complaints and substitutions...especially about the one about escaping the police. Happy Friday. :)

Comment #137 - Posted by: Keith M at July 23, 2010 7:49 AM

So great that you threw some average looking people in the what is crossfit video!!! crossfit is truly for all people no matter their starting fitness level, i can attest to that.

Comment #138 - Posted by: stephanie Vincent at July 23, 2010 7:51 AM

Whats the reasoning behind picking up your hands at the bottom of the pushup? I'm assuming it was done so the judging would be easier/consistent.

Any input?

Comment #139 - Posted by: Xfitaddict M/CT/27/6'2"/175 at July 23, 2010 8:12 AM

The sky is falling,the sky is falling! What a bunch of drama queens. Just pick a WOD and do it!

Comment #140 - Posted by: bigbenny at July 23, 2010 8:32 AM

Ok, everybody. I stayed up all night and went back to Home Depot like 11 times, but I finally built the 10 foot wall. Who's in for a WO... wait, what? 12 feet?! F my life!

Comment #141 - Posted by: Tino at July 23, 2010 8:34 AM

Subbed two 6' wall climbs for each 12' wall climbs, and subbed 15 jumping towel pullups for each 20' rope climb.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) there were actually 6' walls outside my gym! I got some REALLY weird looks crawling back and forth over them.

First workout: 2 rounds.

Second workout: 1 round.

Third workout: 10:15.

Also 5RM deadlift, 355#, PR by 10 lbs

Comment #142 - Posted by: Latham M/30/180 Camp Cropper at July 23, 2010 8:38 AM

#139 Xfitaddict, RE: picking up hands

This takes away the "bounce" and guarantees you get to the full bottom position with chest touching the deck.

I'm assuming next year they'll make you get your hands off the ground at the fully extended top position as well ;)

Comment #143 - Posted by: Steven n. at July 23, 2010 8:44 AM

3 Rounds

30 Push Ups
30 Toes to Bar
15 Ground to Overhead @95


First time I've ever done toes to bar, they wound up taking up the majority of the time.

Hands look like ground beef.

Comment #144 - Posted by: Shane/M/22/5'11"/185 at July 23, 2010 8:55 AM

x30 hand release pu, x21 55lbs over head squat (7 minute cap) 2 rounds +6 RPU
rest 30 sec
x30 toes to bar, x21 55lbs groud to OH (7 minute cap) 1 round +8 toes to bar
rest 30sec
x5 burpie pull up, x20 towel pull up (12 minute cap)


Comment #145 - Posted by: venassa at July 23, 2010 8:59 AM

I don't read the comments section too much anymore because I get annoyed from all the whining. I guess I shouldn't have read todays. Its worse then ever. You guys who can't do workouts because you don't have the equipment should check out anywherefit.com and quit complaining.

Comment #146 - Posted by: Scott B 36 5'10" 192lb at July 23, 2010 9:05 AM

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
30 Toes to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
10 Burpee-pullups

50:28 rx

This was my version/conversion/medley of today's WOD. Due to lack of equipment I did this. I think I covered all the pathways and general physical skills.

Thanks CrossFit for all the good things you do and forcing me to "think outside the box" today.

Comment #147 - Posted by: gb 43/m/71"/185# at July 23, 2010 9:06 AM

Come on guys, your workout program basically just dared you to go out, find the biggest wall you can, and climb it as many times as you can! What could be more Crossfit than that? These workouts have brought back the sense of FUN that has sometimes been sorely lacking around here.

Bravo, HQ, what else you got??

Comment #148 - Posted by: Latham M/30/180 Camp Cropper at July 23, 2010 9:13 AM

# 85 Ralph,
Ralph, having an ID/drivers license means that you are in the U.S. legally. It also means that if a federal reserve is not OFF Limits, you can go there too. Marine Bases invite the public to come out to their local bases and tour it. They have those set up for the community. Bases with beaches and recreation National Forests and Wild Life reserves are very accessable. There is no taboo here about going on a Federal Instalation. Ralph I encourage you and others to go visit your local base and go on a tour, so does your military. Look into it, you'll see. I assure you that it will be OK.

Comment #149 - Posted by: Sam at July 23, 2010 9:42 AM

It's just a workout people. If you want to do something that will help 90% of the that read mainsite more than the posted WOD, work on your back squat. If you are not back squatting 2X BW you are weak.

Comment #150 - Posted by: grambo at July 23, 2010 9:49 AM

Looks like Fran today.

Comment #151 - Posted by: Tim at July 23, 2010 9:49 AM

Sam @149

I dont have an opinion on RAlphs point but FYI some states Issue Drivers License to illegal aliens (i think approx 8-14). The logic is the state would like to know that drivers know the rules of the road, have insurance as required by law and that it is better to know who they are rather than know not. A Drivers license does not indicate legal status in the country.

Comment #152 - Posted by: B in New Mexico at July 23, 2010 9:55 AM


Sort of combined Wed's and today's WOD to create my own WOD. Here it is:

5 rounds of: Clean- 115 lbs x 3 reps
HSPU x 4 --- 3:26

2min break

3 rounds of: 30 pushups
75 lb overhead squat, 8 reps----7:56

2 min break

3 rounds of: 15 pullups
30 sit ups-----4:57

Total Work Time: 16:19
Total Rest Time: 4:00

4 to 1 Work to Rest Ratio. Not as tough as the RX'd WOD, but I'm also not Graham or Speal :)

Turned out to be a good "total body" workout like the mainsite RX'd one. Didn't have most of that stuff so made due with this.

Comment #153 - Posted by: D-Murda at July 23, 2010 10:09 AM

Wow! All you folks complaining about the mainsite WOD, should definitely ask for your money back right away!

Oh yeah, its FREE!!!

Had to sub 12 towel pullups for the wall climbs
2 rounds plus 10 pushups

1 round plus 9 KTE

Had to sub burpee-pullups (x5) and 60 towel pullups (20 per ascent)
3 rounds 9:25

Don't listen to the complainers, Coach...keep raising the bar :-)

Comment #154 - Posted by: Eric at July 23, 2010 10:15 AM

Did anyone else notice how apropos the quote from Von Schiller is relative to all the complaints about today's WOD?

Comment #155 - Posted by: Michael m/46/5'9"/175/MI survivor at July 23, 2010 10:27 AM

A: 30-push up w/ release
12 see-saw tpu's
21 #95 OHS
12 see-saw tpu's

B: 30 TtB
21 #95 ground to overhead

C: 5 burpee to pull-ups
20 tpu's

A: 2 rounds
B: 1 round
C: 3 rounds in 11:30

Shoulders are completely fried after ring hspu's last night, struggled thru OHS and ground to oh

Comment #156 - Posted by: amped 36/M/190/6' at July 23, 2010 10:27 AM

too complicated. I did 10 wallballs and 10 burpees AMAC in 12 mins. 7 reps total.

Comment #157 - Posted by: Watson at July 23, 2010 10:27 AM

Wow! Loved it, will build a 20' wall (combine rope and wall!) soon!

a. Subbed 10' squat jump to bar with bringing foot up as to climb over x 2 for the 12' wall climb, rest as Rx'd: 1 round, 30 pushups in 7 min.

30 knees to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps- AS RX'D
did 2 round, 2 knees to bar in 7 min.

6 foot Wall jumps with burpee, 5 reps (subbed burpee to muscle up on bar at 6')
20 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents (subbed 20 towel pull ups)

2 rounds even in 12 minutes.

Comment #158 - Posted by: BillB at July 23, 2010 10:30 AM

Did Helen @ CrossFit Reaction
then max double unders in 2 mins (126)

Comment #159 - Posted by: Jonblaze at July 23, 2010 10:34 AM

Anyones iPhone app stuck on the 22nd July still?

Comment #160 - Posted by: Dave at July 23, 2010 10:37 AM


You are correct. California is one of those states. On the back of our driver's license it reads that the license does not establish eligability for public benefits, yada, yada, etc...

Comment #161 - Posted by: Crow at July 23, 2010 10:47 AM

Haven’t posted in a while, but still hanging around... for the most part.

Felt compelled to post results for the rest of the mortals out there, subs inspired by Bingo:

For time:

- Clapping push-ups
- 95lb OHS
- Toes to bar
- 95lb bar to overhead (pwr cln & PJ)
50 reps
- Burpee with push-up to jumping pull-up

Time: 26:53

Comment #162 - Posted by: C_Mel at July 23, 2010 10:51 AM

Now that was FUN! I have been ghosting this site since April and haven't missed a WOD since. Maybe all the whining made me want to post...

I like the creativity Crossfit encourages. I wasn't sure how I would make this WOD work - but I did.
The looks today at the Globo were great! Obviously no wall - so I climbed up and over the squat cage.
No rope - no towel - so I flipped the "triceps extension rope" over a pull up bar and jump pull upped away. 20' ascent x3 = 20 jump pull ups x 3
I still dont know what a 6' wall jump is - so I did burpee pull ups.

I got close to two rounds with each one except C (the jump pull up takes longer than a rope...thats what I tell myself)
Need less to say it was great and fun WOD. Its more fun when the challenge includes creativity with the WOD.

Comment #163 - Posted by: Ted - Ocala, Florida at July 23, 2010 10:57 AM

Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
12' Wall climb
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
12' Wall climb
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
6 foot Wall jumps with burpee, 5 reps
20 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents
Twelve minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Part A I climbed 12 foot up our racking monkey style no rope
Pushups were funny I was laughing during them.
OHS's RX'd
Pushups RX'd

Part B
RX'd power clean and jerk

Part C I climbed through and over our Squat rack which is 7 foot tall.

Part A 1 round, 1 climb 5 OHS's
Part B I got to 28 reps on the C&J
Part C complete in 10:20

Comment #164 - Posted by: NikNichols42yo 5'7'' 165lbs at July 23, 2010 11:01 AM

Also, I think a lot of people like to do the mainsite wod and be able to compare their progress with other people who post on here. I know I do. Otherwise there is practically no reason for me to bother reading these.

When the workout is one that requires a lot of non-standard equipment, and most everyone has to jury-rig a substitution, it becomes very difficult to judge your performance compared to other posters. I understand YOU vs. YOU, I really do. But sometimes you just want to see how "YOU" stacked up against the other guy.

I haven't really seen anybody complaining about the difficulty of the workout as some have seemed to imply. It's been more about being able to set up the workout. Yes, the "whiners" should probably just keep their comments to themselves, but it would seem that some of the "kool-aiders" could probably keep to themselves as well.

As always, if you don't like the wod, you can sub something else. Either make it work, or work on a skill that you need help with. Hell, substitute a hero wod. If my life was explicitly tied to the mainsite, I would never be able to go out and play soccer, do parkour, or hit balls at the batting cages. Just because you're not doing a mainsite wod does not mean you're not exercising.

Comment #165 - Posted by: Crow at July 23, 2010 11:06 AM

* It seems a good sub to 'Wall Climbs' would be a squat jump into a Bar Muscle-Up. The mov't resembles the mov't required to scale a wall. As far as the

BINGO- You still crack me up bro! Hope all is well!

Get some, Go again!

Comment #166 - Posted by: DJ at July 23, 2010 11:18 AM

5 rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
10 95# Power Snatches
10 Burpees

Comment #167 - Posted by: Linwood Wright at July 23, 2010 11:19 AM


30 Push Ups, hand release
11' Wall Climb (climbed up side of kids play set)
21 OHS @ 95#
11' Wall Climb
1 Round + 30 PUs + 11' WC + 18 OHSs

Rest 2 minutes

30 TTB
21 95# Ground to Overhead (Did Power Snatches)
1 Round + 24 TTB

Rest 5 minutes

5 Burpee Muscle Ups
5 11' Rope Ascents
2 Rounds + 5 Burpee MUs

Comment #168 - Posted by: Alan at July 23, 2010 11:35 AM

Thanks again Kelly Starrett for the excellent video explanation. I've always had trouble getting into the proper position for OH squats and snatches, and "The Active Shoulder" video explained perfectly what I was missing. As #47 Jordan and #82 Billy said, Kelly has a knack for explaining these things clearly. As a student unable to afford the local CrossFit gyms, working out of my garage gym leaves me dependent on these videos for my coaching. They are invaluable!

By the way, anyone in Nashville looking for a training partner, feel free to email me. I'm starting to get my garage gym pretty well stocked now. Just added two tractor tires the other day to the bumper plates, pullup bar, rings, etc.

Comment #169 - Posted by: Willis_Nashville - 5'11" - 185lbs at July 23, 2010 11:41 AM

for all people complaining about the WOD, it's simply a tradition, the HQ always posted the Game's WOD didn't they?

Comment #170 - Posted by: PPSP at July 23, 2010 11:47 AM

Ok...I'm off to the gym in an hour or so. Gonna bring along a Lt. Col. in the Marines who's leaving OH for Cali and wants to get his CF on first. He did "mini-Cindy" two days ago so he gets a pass on 'A'. Here's what I plan:

A: 3RFT Push-ups/Climb over Squat Rack/OHS 65#/Climb, 7:00 cap

B: 3RFT 30 Toes-To-Bar (sub KTE when I crash)/21 Ground-to-OH 65# 7:00 cap

C: 100 Burpee Pull-ups (GI Jane) 12:00 cap.

Will report back later after I recover...

Comment #171 - Posted by: bingo at July 23, 2010 12:02 PM

jak grueneberg m/155/21

ssgt 'joshua taylor'

as rx'd : 15:10

Comment #172 - Posted by: jak at July 23, 2010 12:05 PM

SealFit Workout Today

Warm-up: 3 rounds:

1. 450m Run
2. 20 x 55lb Dumbbell Swings
3. 15 x Assisted Pull-ups

Strength: 3 Bars of Death 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

1. 250lb Deadlift
2. 225lb Bench Press
3. 135lb Power Clean


Good workout!!!

Comment #173 - Posted by: Dean at July 23, 2010 12:06 PM

Lacked the equipment to do the workout as rx'd. Had to sub a lot.

Part A:
30 pushups release hands from floor
24 jumping pullups
21 #95 overhead squats
24 jumping pullups
-7 min cap

Part B:
30 toes to bar
21 #95 ground to overhead
-7 min cap

Part C:
5 -burpree into 2 jumping pullups
36 towel pullups
-12 min cap

Total 208

Comment #174 - Posted by: Fesser B. M/17/6'5"/204 lb. at July 23, 2010 12:11 PM

For all those who complained about the WOD:

Like you could do the workout even if you had all the equipment in your back yard!

Puleeze. You'd be scaling the $#!T out of this anyway.

Comment #175 - Posted by: Conrad at July 23, 2010 12:19 PM


Cindy As Rx'd: 24+1 Pullup (PR)

Comment #176 - Posted by: Ben S at July 23, 2010 12:21 PM


Did part b, with 65# ground to overhead:

1 round + all toes to bar + 6 gto.

Finished out the second round in 7:59.


She redid the WOD from a couple of weeks ago with walking lunges/pull-ups/sit-ups.


Cut seven seconds off the previous time.

Comment #177 - Posted by: Kevin C. at July 23, 2010 12:29 PM

got a rope - got a barbell

I'm going down to the kids school and get it done.

Do your best; learn to adapt - Crossfit, damn it!

Comment #178 - Posted by: steve_t_47_5'7"_138# at July 23, 2010 12:31 PM


Cindy As Rx'd: 24+1 (PR)

23+5/5 (PR)

Wanted the same time domain and didn't have time to sort out scaling/subs. Cindy's always ready to punish!

Comment #179 - Posted by: Ben S at July 23, 2010 12:32 PM

I'm looking forward to the challenge of doing the WOD this evening. Especially after spending the day sitting in my office.

Quit whining people! Be thankful that you have the physical capacity to at least give it a try...

Comment #180 - Posted by: Jeremy H at July 23, 2010 12:37 PM

Half the fun of performing an unusual WOD is the creative substitutions we all invent that will mimic the intended CrossFit movement. I have everything I need in my garage gym to do most every CF movement, including a 20' climbing rope rigged between two trees in my front yard. I do not however, have access to 6' and 12' climbing walls. I will do this WOD as rx'd with these exceptions. String a rope through the same carabiner holding my climbing rope and attach 2x45# weights on one end. Pull the weight up 20' twice as a sub for the 12' wall climb. Perform 10 x burpee chest-to bar pull ups as sub for 6' wall. These sub's are by no means equivalent to the posted routine, but I don't believe I'm in any danger of being unchallenged my version.

Comment #181 - Posted by: Glenn at July 23, 2010 12:42 PM

Sorry for the silly question but are you supposed to do parts A, B, and C?

Or do you choose from one of the 3?

Comment #182 - Posted by: Shone T. at July 23, 2010 12:43 PM

Well said Conrad!! Bill, I too am subscribed to the CFJ etc...I too DO the mainsite workouts....but most of the time it's a guide. You use that expertise from the CFJ and videos on the main site and apply them to your work outs....you don't have to DO the mainsite workout to get the expertise from HQ. I wouldn't say the administrators don't give a care....just take a look at this site. I'm doing this tomorrow.

I still haven't seen if anyone said what the release hands at the bottom is????

Comment #183 - Posted by: Dk at July 23, 2010 12:51 PM

Just did what I could with running time 34:09

3 rds of each rxed weight and reps.

Comment #184 - Posted by: JETT at July 23, 2010 12:52 PM

No wall(s), so subbed for:

WOD: CrossFit Games Masters Regional Event 1:

Three rounds for time of:
50 Double unders
21 Kettlebell swings (1.5 pood men / 1 pood women)
12 Pullups

As rx'd, 6:26.

Fun, fast WOD. Double unders went smoothly, just a few misses. Swings unbroken, but harder in later rounds. Wanted to stay unbroken on pull-ups too, but grip/forearms were trashed; had to go 9-3 on the last round.

Comment #185 - Posted by: Mel/37m/5'10"/175 at July 23, 2010 1:06 PM

Right shoulder has a Torn rotator cuff; Surgery in 7 days
No WOD's for a while
Physical therapy and stretching

Comment #186 - Posted by: Pete In Sun City at July 23, 2010 1:16 PM

Didnt have the equipment to do as rx'd, ended up subbing for rope climbs, wall climbs, and 6 foot wall jumps with burpee's. Also i scaled the weight down on the over head squats, figured working on form was more important than killing myself. I hated it but where i worked out i couldnt do towel pull-ups so i just did straight pull-ups

Part A. Three rounds for time
30 push-ups, release hands at the bottom
24 jumping pull-ups
21 reps over head squat 65#
24 jumping pull-ups
-Seven minute time cap

Part B. Three rounds for time
30 toes to bar
21 reps ground to over head 95#
-Seven minute time cap

Part C. Three rounds for time
5 reps (One rep= 1 burpee into 2 jumping pull-ups)
36 pull-ups
-12 minute time cap

Part A. 1 round + 30 push-ups + 15 jump. pull-ups= 144 reps
Part B. 1 round + 5 toes to bar= 56 reps
Part C. 2 rounds + 5 burpe jump. pull-ups= 87 reps
Total reps= 287

Comment #187 - Posted by: Ryan P at July 23, 2010 1:25 PM

Subbed entire workout. Did Grace with a 800m run before and after.

Comment #188 - Posted by: Shane m/36/6'3"/205 at July 23, 2010 1:34 PM


30 pushup
6 muscleup
45lb ohs x 21
6 muscleup
= 1rnd +30 pushup

30 toe to bar
95lb ground to oh x 21
= 30 tow to bar + 18 g2oh

Burpee to 24"box jump x 5
7 pullup
14 squats
= 7rnds + 5 burpee + 7 pullup + 4 squats

Not as rx'd but all good.

Comment #189 - Posted by: LMD_Mike at July 23, 2010 1:53 PM

DK #182

All release hands at the bottom of the pushup means is that you set your entire bodyweight on the ground (ie. lay on the ground flat on your stomach) and actually lift your hands off the floor at the bottom of each pushup. So each rep you are actually lifting your entire bodyweight off the the floor to full arm extension and back to the floor. It's just harder.

Comment #190 - Posted by: LMD_Mike at July 23, 2010 1:56 PM

Subbed squats today
First time I have done squats since Jan.
Lost about 15%. Ill get it back soon.

215# x 3 singles.
Then dropped to 185# and did singles on the minute for 10 minutes.

Will tackle a variation of todays wod this weekend.

Laura f/47/5'7/150

Comment #191 - Posted by: power-girl at July 23, 2010 1:59 PM

all 3 wods, 2 modified

#1 - 9ft wall climb over chin up bar in garage, everything else rx'd
1 round + 30 push ups, wall climb, 21 ohs

#2 - as rx'd, 1 round + 30 t to b and 15 snatches

#3 - 5'8" fence, 20' extension ladder against the house, alternated rungs hand over hand feet free hanging, 3 ascents (hate ladders without round rungs)
2 rounds, 5 burpee fence jumps and 1 ascent.

30 seconds rest between, gassed - but awesome workout!!

Comment #192 - Posted by: Troy at July 23, 2010 2:00 PM

#s 152 & 160
Good to know. Also, it is not as easy as just showing your ID/ driver license. Proof of insurance, what your business is on base ect. I stand corrected on the driver license thing, thank you. Just trying to let Ralph know that getting on a base doesn't mean that state secrets are available on every corner of every street, as well as trying to be helpful like #54 probably was. Bases are allot like small towns. They throw out the welcome to the local community. It is on their websites, how to set up tours ect.
By the way Bingo, I followed some of your advice and some from a few others. I was able to sub this wod with a. 30 push-ups 12 foot rope climb, 21 ohs with 95lb. got through two rounds and 3 push-ups. b. got through one round and 10 toes to bar. c. used rings at just over 6 feet, burpee muscle upX5 and 6 twelve foot rope climbs. Got through one round complete, 5 burpee muscle-ups and 0ne rope climb. I got a call at around the six minute mark and I had to go. It worked out pretty good for me though. I had allot of rest in between wods, like a min or more.
This was allot of fun and challenging to figure out. I like the fact that the wod was not spoon fed to me and I had to adapt and overcome, so to speak. I look forward to more wods like this one that challenge my intellect while helping me get stronger. Thanks!

Comment #193 - Posted by: Sam at July 23, 2010 2:05 PM

Wow... amazed at the level of whining I found here today, let alone the fact that anyone was surprised that this was today's WOD.

Really folks, back to basics... adapt already and do your best or just. go. home.

Comment #194 - Posted by: Greg C at July 23, 2010 2:07 PM

Part A: 5:35
Part B: 4:10
Part C: 8:00
As Rx'd (in my dreams)

I did Part A
30 Push ups
5 Burpee Pullups
21 OHS 95#
5 Burpee Pullups

2 rounds even

Finished with 100 Burpees in 8:41

Great WOD Keep it up HQ!

Comment #195 - Posted by: Dan Mason at July 23, 2010 2:15 PM

Wasn't feeling the love today:
6a: 1 rd (subbed rope pullups)
6b: 1 rd and 6 T2B
6c: did 1 rd of 5 foot bar jump with burpee, 5 reps. Tried to sub towel pullups but got annoyed so I went and wall climbed for 7 minutes.

Comment #196 - Posted by: Casey at July 23, 2010 2:25 PM

jog 4 miles in 42 minutes as warmup

do not have walls to climb or ropes so just did middle wod toes to bar and overhead

1 round plus 21 toes to bar
in the 7 minutes

Comment #197 - Posted by: Kevin McClellan 48/M/195 at July 23, 2010 2:26 PM

CFWU 3x10

Cindy 16

then did toes to bar 3 x10
OHSq 1x15

hit the wall--my bad

Comment #198 - Posted by: budd 51 5'9' 170 CF 1206 at July 23, 2010 2:32 PM

What do you mean you don't have a 12' wall with a rope?? LOL.
You could call it the Home Depot WOD.
Watching the athletes tackle this WOD had me glued to the screen.
Very nice. Many people have said this already... just scale and substitute. Unless you wanna build a wall for time then WOD.

Comment #199 - Posted by: Ron at July 23, 2010 2:40 PM


Did the crossfit Coronado wod 26:26

Comment #200 - Posted by: Karim saoud at July 23, 2010 2:49 PM


A)2rds (Sub 2 Bar MU's per 12' Wall Climb)

B)1rd (Toes-2-Bar took me forever)

C)3 rds +3 (Sub Burpee jumpint to Bar MU for WallJumps w/Burpee)

1500m Row- :06::18

Shoulders killing me now.

Get some, Go again!

Comment #201 - Posted by: DJ at July 23, 2010 2:51 PM

Part A
30 push-ups with hand release
12' rope climb up a palm tree
21 OHS used 45#

completed 2 rounds + 5 push-ups

Part B
30 toes to bar
21 GTOH used 45#

completed 1 round + 25 toes to bar--toes to bar need work

Part C
5 picnic table jump burpees
15 foot rope climb

completed 2 rounds

It is scary as hell climbing a rope that high when you are that exhausted.

Comment #202 - Posted by: Amykr F/38/5'9"/142 at July 23, 2010 2:59 PM

2010-07-23: 10:19. Changed WOD.
25m oh(50kg plate)
1 climb (13 ft with bp vest+10lb)
25m shrimp crawl
25m oh walk
1 climb
25m oh walk
25m shrimp crawl
1 climb
2m oh walk
25m shrimp crawl
1 climb

Comment #203 - Posted by: gs at July 23, 2010 3:02 PM

PartA: 2 rounds and 5 pushups
PartB: 1 Round, 30 Toes to bar
PartC: 2 rounds, 1 ascent

subbed rope climb with towel pullups

Comment #204 - Posted by: Kevin - M/190/6'/38 at July 23, 2010 3:05 PM

the crying is annoying as hell. HQ keep us guessing and never compromise il be xfit faithful

Comment #205 - Posted by: Aric D at July 23, 2010 3:07 PM

Sam, tours, rec. areas opened to the public, and regularly scheduled events are one thing, using equipment is another. There are some things that are not opened to the public and certain protocol has to be followed for units and individuals to use these training facilities. I bet you would think it is o.k. for some rock climbers to just say they are visiting a friend, then pull over at the rappel tower and rappel/belay on, right. Another reason #54 is wrong for his post is that opsec encompasses several facets not just national secrets. It is not a service members place to advise people (on an open source over the WWW) how to gain access to an installation or to suggest they can use the equipment once they have.

Comment #206 - Posted by: Ralph at July 23, 2010 3:09 PM

Can't remember where I left my 20' wall, DANG IT!

Blew off 20' wall climb, sub'd 32" scaffolding jumps for 6' wall, scaled overhead weight to 85#, all else as RX'd:


Wow! Awesome workout!

Comment #207 - Posted by: james.patrick [M/48/66/135] at July 23, 2010 3:11 PM


Didn't do today's WOD although it would have been fun to try it!

Instead I found a workout on the crossfit football site that I was interested in...

8 rounds for time:

7 Squat 205 lbs (65% max)
8 Standing Broad Jumps (6ft min. distance on Jumps)


Bench 225x5/245x5/265x3/265x3/275x1/295x1/315x1/305x1

3 x Max rep Strict Pullups

7, 5, 4

Comment #208 - Posted by: Coach A at July 23, 2010 3:13 PM


AMRAP in 7 min: 30 push-ups (release hands at bottom); 6 towel pull-ups; 95# OHS, 21x; 6 towel pull-ups.

Rnds: 2.

- 30 seconds rest -

AMRAP in 7 min: 30 toes to bar; 95# ground to overhead, 21x.

Rnds: 1 + 20 toes to bar.

- 30 seconds rest -

3 rounds for time: gymnastics rings muscle-up + burpee, 5x; 180# rope pull, 20 feet, 3x.

Time: 8:39.

Done during a heat advisory (93F, 47% humidity, 100F heat index). Felt twice as hot in the gym. Heat was definitely a factor today.

Part A notes: Like releasing the hands at the bottom of the push-up. OHS were tough today.

Part B notes: Should have gone faster, but both exercises felt more difficult than usual.

Part C notes: Tied 180# of Olympic plates to one end of a 1.5" thick polypropylene rope and pulled it, hand-over-hand, 20 feet, three times each round.

Comment #209 - Posted by: rjf (Since 07-20-07. WOD no. 825) at July 23, 2010 3:23 PM

3 rds, 5 Pullup-burpees, 3 14' rope-climbs


With gloves, which were allowed at the games, as demonstrated by Jason Khalipa. This WOD was unbelievably fun to watch from the front row, and provided immense drama following all the events the athletes had already performed. Especially in the first heat with several women who got "stuck" with cramping hands and arms near the top. It was painful and scary to watch, but demonstrated extreme physical and emotional strength and courage. Kudos to all the competitors, especially Speal, Annie and Kristan.

Good work, as usual, Carole and Kevin. Very impressive Memuc and Alan.

Comment #210 - Posted by: mas 53/M/155 at July 23, 2010 3:27 PM


Part A:
30 PU hands up
10 pullups
21 95# OHS
10 pullups
1 rd plus 22 pushups

Part B: as rx'd
1 round

Part C:
(rings set @ armpit height)
5 burpees w/ ring dip at top
36 ring pullups from sitting
3 rounds in 12:15

Rested ~1min between parts

Comment #211 - Posted by: Chas at July 23, 2010 3:29 PM

Why don't you just call the CIA on him and be done with it? The "equipment" you spoke of is in public areas on public roads, with public access. Be serious though, rappel towers are not on the beaten path, usually. They are in training areas and for good reason. They sometimes even, are fenced in. They are also marked clearly with the words Keep Off. There are also some bases with rocks on them that rock enthusiast can go climb. The Marine O course however does not say this on the base I am on. One of them is right next to a soft ball and socker field near the beach. Nope, no sign. I am sure that there are the exceptions of course.
As far as getting on base, it's the job of the base police to ensure that no riff-raff succeeds in any riff-raff endeavors. It's not a big deal Ralph, not at least for most. It is going to be OK. The U.S. will still be flying the Red, White and, Blue tomorrow and they day after. Now, i hope you had as much fun on today's wod as i did, and if you serve our country, and if the other guys serves our country, thank you for your service.

Comment #212 - Posted by: Sam at July 23, 2010 3:45 PM


A: 1 Round + 30 push-ups + 15 OHS (65#)
Note: climbed the squat rack, took a look across, thought the better of it and climbed down. It's SCARY up there!

B: 1 Round + 30 TTB + 5 GTOHA (65#)

C: 77 Burpee Towel PU (towel just above hands; towel prevented any momentum from burpee jump)

28:00 of pure CF fun! Thinking through the subs at my gym was fun, too. I've always enjoyed the mental engagement of CF, whether it's trying to figure out the intent of a WOD, the energy pathways involved, or how to sub for my gym (or my inadequacies!).

There are some really great, fun posts among all of the dross. We even heard for some Games competitors these last couple of days. I especially like Bill #181. Kudos to all.

It's a great day to be a crossfitter.

Comment #213 - Posted by: bingo at July 23, 2010 4:11 PM

Forgot to add, I was joined today by Lt. Col. Mint R. who did versions of B and C, beating me on both!

Yup...that's right...I did the Games WOD with a Marine. Pretty good day in Cleveburg...

Comment #214 - Posted by: bingo at July 23, 2010 4:13 PM

32yo M 175lb 5’10”
CFWU x 3, 5 pull ups, 5 ring dips per round
Clean and Jerk 45lbs x 5 65lbs x 5 85lbs x 3
Overhead squat 45lbs x 5 65lbs x 5 85lbs x 3

Part A: Subbed 12 towel pull ups instead of wall climb: 1 round + 5 push ups
Part B: 30 toes to bar, 12 reps 95lbs ground to overhead
Part C: Subbed 12 burpees, 20 towel pull ups: 3 rounds
Foam roll after

Comment #215 - Posted by: Sesoku at July 23, 2010 4:16 PM

Subbed drink 12 oz beer for 12' wall climb. Repeat 3 times. Done

Comment #216 - Posted by: Casey P in Milwaukee M/43/5'10/163 at July 23, 2010 4:37 PM


A. Subbed 5 jumping pull ups for wall climbs
1 full round +8 OHS

B. As RX'd
1 round + 3 C&J

C. Subbed 10 burpee/pullups for wall burpees
12 foot rope climbed 5 times per round
2 rounds
Quite tired now

Comment #217 - Posted by: Matt Burritt at July 23, 2010 4:37 PM

Rx: 2, 1 + 19, 2.

Comment #218 - Posted by: RH CF Daytona at July 23, 2010 4:38 PM

I just did the Marine O coures for today's wod. I did it five times and I figured it was enough, for me, for today. Did not time it.

Comment #219 - Posted by: trip at July 23, 2010 4:39 PM

no walls or ropes, sub'd with 65#

Comment #220 - Posted by: greg 6'3"/211/38 at July 23, 2010 4:41 PM

I decided I was going to break these up over a few days, throw out the time cap, & sub as necessary. Let me just say, it was really damn hard & my hands tore during round two.

6B (no time cap):

30 K2E
21 GTO #95



Comment #221 - Posted by: Jordan at July 23, 2010 4:43 PM

Somersaults next year - off to do mine tonight - check out Kristan's time then :)


Comment #222 - Posted by: Collard at July 23, 2010 4:43 PM

But Rick, it hurts so good? :)

Comment #223 - Posted by: Jordan at July 23, 2010 4:47 PM

38:23 for 3.11 mi run in Redwood Regional Park. Love trail running!

Comment #224 - Posted by: kevin o at July 23, 2010 4:51 PM

wo wall climbs

part a - 30 pushup/21 ohs

2 rds

part b - 30 toe to bar/21 g to oh

1 rd + 9 ttb

part c - 21 burpee/21 pullup

2 rds + 10 burpees

Comment #225 - Posted by: controlfreak at July 23, 2010 4:55 PM

Part A:
30 PU hands up
21 45# OHS

1 rd plus 15 pushups

Part B: as rx'd
30 Toe to Bar
95# 21 reps Ground to Overhead

1 Round, 15 Toes to Bar

Part C:

5 burpees
20 Towel Pullups

3 rounds in 10:06

Comment #226 - Posted by: John Calgary 195/49/M at July 23, 2010 5:01 PM


no walls to climb

part a - 30 PU/21 OHS (2 rounds)

part b - 30 knees to bar/21 ground to OH (1 round + 15 knees to bar)

part c - 5 burpees/20-ft rope climb (3 rounds)

Comment #227 - Posted by: Jeff H at July 23, 2010 5:02 PM

No walls to climb,not able to climb rope:
30 push ups
7 pull ups
30# OH squat x 21
7 pull ups

30 toes to bar
30# overhead from ground 21 x

5 box jump burpees
21 pull ups

Comment #228 - Posted by: melanie at July 23, 2010 5:10 PM

Did this in a hurry before leaving town:

A: Sub 12' rope for wall - 2 rnds + 22 pushups
B: 1 rnd + 30 t2b + 10 G2OH rx'd
C: Sub bar MU for wall, 15' rope - 10:10

Then fly to Cleveland


Comment #229 - Posted by: brian p at July 23, 2010 5:18 PM

Okay...I'll be the first to admit it when I first looked at the mainsite WOD for today, I was irritated. I don't have the ability to replicate this WOD in my garage gym and I don't have any place to go and do these exercises. Then after a few minutes I decided that being irritated wasn't going to accomplish anything and what I should do is use this as a chance to work my mental muscle as well and come up with something similar that would be a challenge.

WOD A...I don't have a wall. No big deal only one of the elite athletes finished it with the wall...I wonder if I can finish it just by doing the push ups and OHS? I couldn't...

2 rounds, 30 push ups

WOD B...Hey I have all the equipment for this one so no issue. Didn't finish it either because my shoulders were smoked from WOD A.

1 round 15 toes to bar

WOD C...Don't have a 6 foot wall either but I do have a 24 inch box I can jump on, I don't have a rope but I have a sled that I can pull 25m backwards seems like a leg/pull exercise to me. Probably miss judged this one but don't care because I was smoked. Did 3 rounds of 5 x Burpee box jumps and 3 x 25m 135lb backwards sled pulls.


Look forward to tomorrow.


Comment #230 - Posted by: Dan Blackmon (M/36/5'10"/175lb) at July 23, 2010 5:32 PM

Part A: 30 clapping push-ups, 12 jumping muscle-ups, 21 over head squats 6 jumping muscle-ups
Part B: 1 round + 25 Toes 2 Bar with power snatches
Part C: 5:25 with burpees and jumping towel pull-ups

Comment #231 - Posted by: Tyler Scott at July 23, 2010 5:38 PM

one thing i absolutely love about the sport of fitness is that we watched some amazing athletes do this and now after doing it i have even more respect and admiration for them if that was even possible. but we get to try it and see how we compare. although this was absolutely horrible i had a smile on my face after i recovered. i would love to see any other program come even close to this kind of functional fitness or fun. that being said. thanks Coach,

used 2 muscle-ups for 12 foot wall climb in part A

5 burpee pull-ups to bar muscle-ups for 6 foot wall jump

60 jumping towell pull-ups for 3 rope climbs

Part A: 1 round plus push-ups and 2 MU
Part B: 1 round rx
Part C: 2 rounds

Comment #232 - Posted by: Raph at July 23, 2010 6:01 PM

Just like what's been said above, at the end of the day you're only competing against yourself. If you can't think of good subs, why not just replace the climbs with something all together different? Use it as an opportunity to work on one of your weaker areas / exercises, either way you're going to be smoked once finished.

If you really must drink the whole bottle of Kool-Aid and have your whole training session written out word for word, try an affiliate site (not necessarily yours) that might have posted its own WOD.

2 rounds + push ups & 10 squats
*Subbed the wall climb with a 12ft hands only rope climb

30 toes to bar + 15 ground to overhead

2 rounds
*subbed the 6ft wall jump for a box jump, from the box then grabbed hold of a beam and did a pull up
*subbed 20ft rope climb with the same rope climb I did in partA

Comment #233 - Posted by: DanJack (M/20/152lb) at July 23, 2010 6:11 PM


Do you realize that even for a command that is stationed on a base there is a whole approval process that you have to go through to be able to do the O Course?

You have to have medical personnel there to watch the participants incase something goes wrong, you have to reserve the course and there are certain obstacles that, unless you are going through a course that allows it, people are not even allowed to do, due to safety restrictions.

What Ralph said was absolutely correct.

So maybe you are talking about the dog agility course on your base?

Comment #234 - Posted by: Adam Stevenson at July 23, 2010 6:26 PM

Part A-3X
30 push ups hands release suckeeedd
8 towel pull ups
bar OHS 21 reps
8 towel pull ups

Part B-3X
30 toes to bar
65 ilb. ground to overhead 21 reps
(worst one of them all)

Part C-3X
5 burpee pull ups
24 towel pull ups

Part A- 9:53

Part B- 36:13

Part C-8:05


Comment #235 - Posted by: thelittleenginethatcould-but didnt at July 23, 2010 6:40 PM


ran a 5K instead - 22:15

Comment #236 - Posted by: john g at July 23, 2010 7:20 PM

My WOD partners and I decided to do all 3 WODS with no time caps. We did rest 30 seconds between each.

Part A- 3 rds
30 push ups hands release
8 towel pull ups
OHS 21 reps- 45 lbs
8 towel pull ups

Part B- 3 rds
30 toes to bar
55 lbs ground to overhead 21 reps

Part C- 3 rds
5 burpee pull ups
24 towel pull ups

Part A: 10:53
Part B: 19:53
Part C: 3:43

Comment #237 - Posted by: thinlizzie at July 23, 2010 7:24 PM

Did some subbing due to lack of equipment. It was still a very challenging workout. It's amazing to think of how the Games athletes did several workouts a day like this in 115 degree weather.

Part A: I subbed 1 (12' legless rope climb) instead of wall climb. I finished 2 rounds.

Part B: Rx'd, I finished 1 round + 1 T2B.

Part C: I subbed 5 burpee bar muscle ups, and did 5 (12' rope climb, instead of 3-20' rope climbs).
I finished this part in 11:53.

Very challenging, great wod.

Comment #238 - Posted by: Josiah Ertz at July 23, 2010 7:32 PM

A: 2 rounds + 13 push ups
B: 1 round + 23 TTB
C: Sub'd burpee pull up AMRAP in 7 min - 39

Comment #239 - Posted by: Mike Honcho M/31/5'10"/170# at July 23, 2010 7:33 PM

SUB 40# 1a
SUB 65# os
SUB 65# go
SUB 87# rp
SUB 40# 1a


Comment #240 - Posted by: Ticotexas M/40/69/150 at July 23, 2010 7:39 PM

Thanks Adam Stevenson, and Sam its not all top secret CIA stuff. Its common sense for military members not to be giving the public the impression they can go to an installation and start doing whatever they want. And if you aren't in the military you shouldn't be doing it either.

Comment #241 - Posted by: Ralph at July 23, 2010 7:50 PM

Damn this would be fun to do! But alas, I must sub...

Comment #242 - Posted by: Jesse at July 23, 2010 7:54 PM


Part A:
30 pushups hands off floor on bottom
SUB: 12 L-Pullups
95lb OHS 21 reps
12 L-pullups
1 round 5 L-pullups in 7min

Part B:
as RXd
1 round 9 toes to bar in 7min

Part C:
three rounds for time of:
1 bar muscle up with each burpee, 5 reps
30 pullups

CRAZY WOD, wow for all the athletes that competed in the games, they deserve the title of fittest on earth!

Comment #243 - Posted by: Eric-Clint, Texas at July 23, 2010 8:36 PM

Part A)Three rds for time of:30 push ups/12 pull ups/21,95# OH squats/12 pull ups/rest 1min.
Part B)Three rds for time of:30 toes to bar/21,95# ground to overhead/rest 1min.
Part C)Three rds for time of:30 burpees/10 pull ups.

Comment #244 - Posted by: Libbie at July 23, 2010 10:14 PM

I first saw this on the homepage (I have made crossfit.com my home page for my internet browser!) and my immediate reaction was similar if not the same as the people who posted the first comments on the board. I was thinking about subbin the whole workout with something else, but while I was looking around for a good workout to do, I came across people talking about crossfit "selling out" and/or loosing themselves in their popularity, and I realized, posting this workout is right along the line of thought of the crossfit philosophy! Modify the workouts or find something for yourself, do something unexpected to your body, a lot of people probably guessed this was coming around because of the past few WODs posted were the ones from the games! Well I must say, finding exercises to sub for the ropes and walls was a challenge in itself (I am on a Patrol Base in south Iraq, not much here) and I felt I had accomplished something just for deciding on what I could sub for the things I could not do. Here is what I came up with:
A: 30 Chest to Dirt Pushup
12 Ring Pullups (just got them on the CLP the night before, woohoo!)
21 Overhead Squats
12 Ring Pullups
B: 30 T2B
21 Ground to Over Head
C: 5 4 count Burpee to Homemade Sawhorse jump
12 per side, side to side pullups
this was intense and I for one hope that whoever posts the WODs continues to challenge my buddies and I's creativity, THANX

Comment #245 - Posted by: JeffBriner at July 24, 2010 1:42 AM

Substitute WOD taken from Crossfit Epic


20 locked out overhead lunges 45# plate
15 box jump 24"
10 wall ball shots 22#

If the weight is lowered from overhead during lunges or the ball is dropped during wall balls no reps count and the round must be started over


Comment #246 - Posted by: tdhalls at July 24, 2010 6:47 AM

Modified ...

30 pushups/15 pullups/21-45lb overhead squat/15 pullups.

2 full rounds at 7 min

30 toes to bar/15-95 lb floor to overhead

1 round plus 30 toes to bar plus 10 f/overhead

10 burpees/15 pull ups

completed in 6:40.

Comment #247 - Posted by: sb at July 24, 2010 7:08 AM

can't wait

Comment #248 - Posted by: maxfit at July 24, 2010 8:15 AM

Part A: Subbed straight bar mu's for wall climb
2 rounds 29 push ups
Part B: 1 round 14 ttb
Part C: subbed 40 pull ups for rope climb, subbed burpee pu's

Comment #249 - Posted by: D. Swan at July 24, 2010 11:05 AM

Had to sub extensively:
30 pushups
15ft. ladder climb
21 95lb thrusters
15ft. ladder climb
30 KTE
21 C&J 95lb.
25 Burpee pullups
No rests, did it straight through. Very hot and humid in the app. bay.

Comment #250 - Posted by: ScottMacArthur at July 24, 2010 11:10 AM

Did part C this morning, 5.45, scaled as: 14' rope climbs, and used a pick up truck bed vice a wall

Comment #251 - Posted by: Apolloswabbie 72.5 209 46 yoa at July 24, 2010 12:09 PM


A - 5 burpee pullups for 12' wall climb
C - 5 burpee pullups for 6' wall climb with burpee; 30 towel pullups for rope climbs

everything else as rx'd

A - 1 full round plus 30 pushups, 5 burpee pullups, and 11 OHS
B - 1 full round
C - 2 full rounds plus 5 burpee pullups

Comment #252 - Posted by: cnc at July 24, 2010 12:31 PM

Jeff @ 2.0
Part A- Subbed 13' rope climb for wall climb
Part C- Went over the bed of my truck to the other side instead of wall. 4 rope climbs (head to 13' height) each round.

A-2 rounds + 30 push ups
B-1 round plus 30 T2B

Comment #253 - Posted by: Jeff & Charity @ CF Snohomish at July 24, 2010 12:56 PM

23 / M / 5'9" / 135lbs

Part A.
Three rounds or seven minutes of:
20 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Climb up and down playground A-frame bar x2
25 pound dumbbell Overhead squat, 20 reps
Climb up and down playground A-frame bar x2

1 round plus 20 push-ups

8 minutes rest, travel, and set-up

Part B.
Three rounds or seven minutes of:
30 Toes to bar
65 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps

30 toes-to-bar plus 17 ground-to-overhead

8 minutes rest and set-up

Part C.
Three rounds or fifteen minutes of:
Burpee plus jumping bar muscle-up, 5 reps
30 jumping towel pull-ups

2 rounds plus 5 burpee/jumping bar M-Us plus 13 jumping towel pull-ups

That was interesting...

Comment #254 - Posted by: BC at July 24, 2010 2:14 PM

a-4 rounds
b- 6 rounds

Comment #255 - Posted by: John Miner at July 24, 2010 2:38 PM

35 yom 210 bwt

wod 1 (7min cap)
3rds of:
30 push-ups
21 95lb ohs
1 rd +30pu's+1ohs
3rds of:
30 t2b
21 95lb g2oh (power snatch)
1 rd +25t2b

Comment #256 - Posted by: brian t at July 24, 2010 3:34 PM

Part A.
Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Smith Machine 'Wall Climb. x1
65 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
Smith Machine 'Wall Climb' x1
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

1.3 rounds (15 OHS)

Part B.
Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
65 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

1.1 rounds

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
Burpee to box jump (7), 5 reps
Smith 'Wall Climb' x3
Fifteen minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.


Comment #257 - Posted by: JT at July 24, 2010 3:59 PM

WOD #1 Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
95 pound/65 pound overhead squat, 21 reps
7 Minute Time Cap

Rest 30 seconds.

WOD #2 Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
95 pound/65 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps
Seven minute time cap

Rest 30 seconds.

Part C.
25 Burpee Muscle ups (drop down and do a burpee... jump up and do a muscle up)
Twelve Minute Time cap

Total reps = score

Paul: Wod #1 2 rounds plus 21 pushups (123)
WOD #2 1 round plus 11 ground to overhead(92)
WOD #3 20 burpee muscles ups plus 1 burpee (20.5)
Total Score: 235.5

Harold: Wod #1 2 rounds plus 20 pushups (132)
WOD #2 1 round plus 23 toes to bar (74)
WOD #3 19 burpess muscles ups plus 1 burpee (19.5)
Total Score: 225.5

Jen: WOD #1 1 round plus 16 overhead (67)
WOD #2 1 round plus 6 ground to overhead (87)
WOD #3 9 burpee muscle up plus 1 burpee (9.5)
Total Score: 163.5

Comment #258 - Posted by: jenniferg at July 24, 2010 4:15 PM

M/25/5'9"/175/Moody AFB

6a: 30 push-ups
2 MUs
21 OHS 95#s
2 MUs

1 round + 16 OHS

6b: 30 K2E
ground2OH 95#s

1 round + 23 K2Es

Whoo, 3-5 min rest then


time: 10:46

I did Randy cuz I hate towel pullups and it was a WOD that fit in that time domain. The rest period was thrown in there cuz I didnt plan to do anything for 6c but then I would have felt like a chump so Randy was 1st thing I thought of and it worked out well. I felt like I might puke or crap myself the entire WOD. I need to get my s#!t together and eat right and sleep good, ALL THE TIME.


Comment #259 - Posted by: BlackCatX-Fit at July 24, 2010 5:08 PM

@ home
3 rnds for time
30 GHD's
21 GTO 95#
110 340
545 845
1105 1338

Comment #260 - Posted by: waderpro D m/48 W f/45 at July 24, 2010 6:00 PM

Lacked the equipment to do the workout as rx'd. Had to sub a lot.

Part A: 3 sets of:
30 pushups release hands from floor
24 jumping pullups
21 #95 overhead squats
-7 min cap

Part B: 3 sets of:
30 toes to bar
21 #95 ground to overhead
-7 min cap

Part C: 3 sets of:
5 -burpree into 2 jumping pullups
36 towel pullups
-12 min cap

of course didn't make it through all sets so scored by reps.


Comment #261 - Posted by: Kevin A. M/17/178/5'11 at July 24, 2010 6:15 PM

30 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups
21 (95#) Front Squats

30 K's to E's
21 (95#) Thrusters
1000 M row
50 Sits

Comment #262 - Posted by: dyagg at July 25, 2010 7:25 AM

A. 19:10 with sub 12 pull-ups for rope climb and 45# for OHS. Skipped th rest due to work schedule. Managed to get an hour of cardio in there later in the day.

Comment #263 - Posted by: Chris G. 43/6'1"/230 at July 25, 2010 12:08 PM

Part A: (subbed Mountain Climbers for Wall Climb, 20 reps total - 10 each leg; wrote down wrong reps for OHS 15 instead of 21) finished 2 rounds

Part B: 1 round + 10 toes-to-bar

Part C: (subbed Mountain Climbers Wall Climb, 10 reps total - 5 each leg then finished with a burpee for 1 set; crowded weightroom, 1st set did 12 regular pullups, 2nd 36 jumping towel pullups, 3rd set 12 jumping towel, 8 regular) - 3 rounds

Comment #264 - Posted by: dsm19 M/31/6'0/210 at July 25, 2010 12:34 PM

M 36/5'10"/170

"Towel" Wall Climb
1 rnd + up to 10 OVHD SQ
- 1 min
20 TTB
1 rnd + 17 TTB
-1 min
simulated 20 ft towel climb at 2 ascents
2 rds + 1 ascent

Comment #265 - Posted by: Rholl at July 25, 2010 4:44 PM

A. Subbed 4 jumping bar mu for wall climbs.
B. 1+5 toes to bar
C. Subbed burpee pullup (chest to bar) for wall jumps, gorilla pullups x 5 for rope climb : 7:00

Comment #266 - Posted by: Jongb at July 26, 2010 7:03 AM

WOOO ben smith is on here i train with him :)

Comment #267 - Posted by: simone at July 26, 2010 12:26 PM

31/m/71"/173#/Centurion Crossfit: Fort Hood, TX

A: 1 round & 16 OHS
B: 1 round & 30 Toe-to-Bar
C: 1 round & 1 Rope Climb (7 minutes. I forgot it was 12...)

Comment #268 - Posted by: Archer6479 at July 26, 2010 2:01 PM

3 rounds:
21 pushups (new standard)
21 Overhead Squats
-7 min cut off

rest 30 secs

3 rounds:
21 knees to elbows
21 ground to overhead (clean & jerk)
-7 min cut off

Morrow: 5:17 (45 lb overhead squat)/1 + 10 (k2e)(85 lb c&j)
Size: 6:56 (35)/1 + 19 (jumping k2e)(65)
Mrs Stoltz: 5:53 (knee pushups/pvc)/1 + 21 + 8 (ground toes to bar)(10lb med ball)
Lama: 5:13 (15)/1 + 10 (k2e)(85)
Lauren: 6:05 (k/15)/1 + 21 + 9 (g/35)
Tara: 4:16 (k/15)/2 + 21 + 9 (g/35)
Colleen: 4:15 (k/15)/2 + 21 + 16 (g/35)
Mrs Hermes: 6:06 (k/pvc)/2 + 21 + 7 (g/med ball)
Meghan: 5:27 (k/15)/2 + 21 + 4 (g/35)
Amanda: 4:30 (k/15)2 + 17 (g/35)
MegO: 3:28 (k/15)/6:22 (g/35)
KJ: 5:56 (k/35)/1 + 21 + 8 (jk2e/35)

Comment #269 - Posted by: BFCC at July 26, 2010 2:37 PM


My subs:

Part A:
Three rounds for time: (seven minute cap)
30 pushups (release hands from floor at the bottom of each rep)
6 towel pullups
21 overhead squats (w/ 75lbs)
6 towel pullups

30 sec rest

Part B: (seven minute cap)
Three rounds for time:
30 toes to bar
21 ground to overhead (w/ 80lbs)

30 sec rest

Part C: (12 minute cap)
Three rounds for time:
5 burpee-pullups
6 complete reps towel pullups, 3 times.

Part A: 1 round + 27 pushups
Part B: 20 toes to bar (10 knees to elbows), 12 G to OH
Part C: completed 11 mins 4 secs

I'm stuffed, but the veins are popping of my arms ... which is pretty cool.

Comment #270 - Posted by: Perry Cox at July 26, 2010 10:42 PM

Christy Phillips is hot...how does one reach her.

Comment #271 - Posted by: manmountain at July 27, 2010 2:26 AM

alright here we go...

started with
2 rds. for time of:
30 pushups hands off ground
2x 8 ft rope climb (rigged up by sledge "mechanically incline one of the group")
95 lb ohs x 21
2x 8 ft rope climb


then did 2 rds:

30 toes to bar
21 95 lb floor to overhead


then finished it off with 3 rds of:

5 burpee box jumps
145 lb bumper plates pulled on a platform approx 60 ft. by a rope!


total time was 37:01

this wod was very interesting to say the least! we just had to scale and modify big time! but felt like we got a great workout by the end of it!

so worn out! with a big dirt spot where my stomach was, THIS IS CROSSFIT!!


Comment #272 - Posted by: al deezy 33/m/155 at July 27, 2010 6:21 PM

Part A. Two rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups
14' Wall climb
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
14' Wall climb

Part B. Two rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
5 Burpees onto a 20" box
165# on a man made wooden sled, 60 feet rope pull in seated position

Total time = 39:35

"Mrs. Wobbly"
Part A. Two rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups
14' Wall climb
65 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
14' Wall climb

Part B. Two rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar
45 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
5 Burpees onto a 20" box
90# on a man made wooden sled, 60 feet rope pull in seated position

Total time = 38:41

Comment #273 - Posted by: Miyagi 30/m/164.2# at July 27, 2010 6:59 PM

2 rds: 30 pushups, 12 towel pullups, 21 75lb ohs, 12 towel pullups 10:15
rest 1:15...actually that's how long it took to move to a different area for the next part:
2 rds: 15 toes 2 bar, 15 knee ups, 21 75lb clean and jerk 14:49
total time 26:19
grip gone by the time I got to the c&j. not sure why. maybe it was the towel pullups

Comment #274 - Posted by: ecp2 at July 27, 2010 7:12 PM

as rx'd

A - 1 round + 17 Push ups
B - 1 round + 11 TTB
C - completed @ 9:35

Comment #275 - Posted by: cory at July 28, 2010 7:23 AM

Did one 7 minute set of part A after doing a crossfit total WOD (SP SQ DL)

The pushups were a lot harder then I thought they'd be subbed 24 jumping pullups for the wall climbs Did one set plus about 20 pushups

Comment #276 - Posted by: Cleveland at July 28, 2010 8:54 AM

30 pushups
6 pull ups
21 65# (switche to 45# OHS cuz of bad shoulder)
6 pull ups

2 rounds + 30 pushups

30 sit ups
21 GTO at 45#

3 rounds 7:11


6 burpees
6 pull ups

6 rounds 11:40


Comment #277 - Posted by: berts M/41/72"/180 at July 28, 2010 7:54 PM


30 Push-ups
120 lb pulldowns 12 reps
55 pound overhead squat, 21 reps
120 lb pulldown 12 reps

7 minutes, 2 rounds

30 situps
65 pound ground to overhead, 21 reps

7 minutes, 2 rounds

10 burpees
20 pulldowns with 80 pounds

12 minutes, 4 rounds

Comment #278 - Posted by: MK44 at July 29, 2010 8:20 AM

30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
12 jumping towel pullups
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps
12 jumping towel pullups
3 rounds


Comment #279 - Posted by: Bells 37/6"1"/195 at July 30, 2010 5:07 AM

CFWU-3. Toes to bar instead of PU 2nd just to practice. No HSPU 3rd. Superman. Burgener. DU.

Part A: 30 hand release pushups, 7 PU on TRX with legs on side. 21 OHS, 7 PU as before. Set 14 min time cap.
Rested 1 min
Part B: 30 toes to bar, 21 ground to overhead.
Completed 2 rounds in 15:24
Disapp w/2nd part. Pace not good on either exercise. Thought I would be able to kp better on toes to bar, but trouble getting rhytm & toes up to bar.
Tech not too bad on C&J. Pace just sucked.
Part C: took a pass on this one.

Comment #280 - Posted by: jrm at July 30, 2010 6:04 AM


Did part A and B w/o the wall, skipped on part C due to time. So:
7 minute time cap:
30 pushup
21 OH Squat 95#
30s rest
7 minute time cap:
30 Toes to bar
21 G2O Anyhow 95#

Part A: 2 rounds even
Part B: 1 round even

Comment #281 - Posted by: Jordan D. at July 30, 2010 8:35 AM

No wall, no rope, so...

Part A - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 pushups
5 strict pullups
21 OHS at 95 lbs
5 strict pullups

1 rd plus 30 pushups, 5 pullups, and 7 OHS

Part B - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 Toes to bar (turned into KTE's after about 15)
21 Ground to Overhead

1 rd plus 30 KTE's in 7:11

Part C - 3 rds for time, 12 minute limit
10 burpees
20 jumping towel pullups

3 full rounds in 10:57

Comment #282 - Posted by: Matt I. M/29/230/5'11" at July 30, 2010 10:18 AM

Only tried part B, scaled G2O to 88lb with mostly power snatches and a bit of push press thrown in when needed. Did just under 1 round in the 7 min cap, but completed the 3 rounds.



Comment #283 - Posted by: JonK at July 30, 2010 3:41 PM

Part A - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 pushups (hands off ground)
5 strict pullups
21 OHS at 45 lbs
5 strict pullups

1 rd plus 15 pushups

Part B - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 Toes to bar (turned into KTE's after about 15)
16 Ground to Overhead (45# squat cleans)

Part C - 3 rds for time, 12 minute limit
10 burpees
5 towel pull ups (last set was negatives)

3 full rounds in 11:30

Comment #284 - Posted by: nat&chris at July 30, 2010 4:24 PM

M54yo 238 41:45

Did 2 man comp. at PD instead of this WOD.
100 burpees
400m run
75# Thrusters
400m run
145# keg carry, 40m
100 Kb swings, 1.5 pood
400m run

Comment #285 - Posted by: do_b330 at July 30, 2010 7:22 PM

Part A - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 strict push-ups
21 95-lb overhead squats

2 full rds - 1 min rest

Part B - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 toes-to-bar
21 ground-to-overhead (all power snatches)

1 full rd - 1 min rest

Part C - 3 rds for time, 12 minute limit
15 burpees
15 pull-ups

3 full rounds in 9:19

Comment #286 - Posted by: Bergheim J M/30/5'11"/220 at July 30, 2010 10:11 PM

Scaled. Did part A w/14 min limit + part B w/14 min limit. Rested 1 min between. Did not do part C.
Part A - 2 rounds + 30 p/u + climb + 1 OSQT.
Part B - 1 round + 30 TTB + 1 grnd to ovhd.
Completed 07/30/2010

Comment #287 - Posted by: RB at July 31, 2010 4:39 AM

Part A (13 minutes) - 1 rd, 30 pushups, 8 OHS, 1 MU sub for wall climb
Part B (13 minutes) - 1 rd, 30 TTB, 16 g2oh

Part A (13 minutes) - 1 rd, 30 pushups, 18 OHS, 1 PU 1 ring dip sub for wall climb
Part B (13 minutes) - 2 rds, 15 TTB, 1 g2oh
65 lbs

Worked out with use but don't know his reps. 15 lb bar

Comment #288 - Posted by: Doug at August 1, 2010 12:09 PM

Part A - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 pushups (hands off ground)
5 strict pullups
21 OHS at 65 lbs
5 strict pullups
----1 rd plus 30 pushups/5 Pull Ups/16 OHS

Part B - 3 rds for time, 7 minute limit
30 Toes to bar (turned into KTE's after about 15)
16 Ground to Overhead (65# squat cleans)
----1 rd plus 8 KTEs

Part C - 3 rds for time, 12 minute limit
10 burpees
5 towel pull ups (8 on last round)
----3 full rounds in 11:30

Comment #289 - Posted by: nat&chris at August 2, 2010 12:43 PM


Comment #290 - Posted by: Bphantom at August 3, 2010 10:50 AM

Here's the modification and times:
Part A.
3 rounds:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
21Overhead squat, 65 lbs
Seven minute time cap.

The hand release for the pushups is a whole new ball game. I was surprised I could do all the OHS considering when I did the heavy OHS WOD a month or so back, my 3 rep max was only 75 lbs.

2 Rounds Completed, plus 15 Push Ups

Part B.
3 Rounds:
30 Toes to bar
21 Ground to overhead, 65# lbs
Seven minute time cap

Toes to bar, as well as knees to elbow SUCK! I can't get the kipping down, so I have to do one, then stop, do one, then stop...very similar to how my double unders use to be.

1 Round Completed, plus 20 Toes to bar

Part C.
3 Rounds:
10 burpees
Rope climb, 3 ascents
Twelve minute time cap

Completed in 11:09

Okay....so this sucked. I was having no trouble with the rope climbs, they were exhausting, but I was getting them done. My very last ascent, I reached up for the top and yelled time just as I slipped and fell down the rope, and realized I had missed the top by about an inch and it was a missed rep. I would have finished 4 minutes earlier, but by that point I was so exhausted, I had about 5 more missed reps getting half way up the rope, or even all the way up again and just not being able to reach the top. I was afraid I wasn't going to finish within the time cap, but did make it, and have terrible rope burn on my lower shin and hands to prove it!


Comment #291 - Posted by: Bryan Ohr at August 5, 2010 9:02 PM


21-15-9 for time:

Thruster 95 lbs SUB 75 pound


Comment #292 - Posted by: Louis Herrera 51 70" 178 at August 10, 2010 8:54 PM

20 clap push ups
12 towel chins
70 lb overhead squats 15 reps
12 towel chins
1 round + 12 clap push ups in 7 min

30 knees to chest
70 lb ovrhead squats 15 reps
1 round + 30 k2c (k2c were very high) in 7 min

20 reps burpees to tuck jumps
15 towel chins
1 round + 2 burpees in 12 min

Comment #293 - Posted by: joe138 at August 12, 2010 10:45 AM

Part B
1 round + 30 t2b,+ 11 gtoh
obviously no walls for other parts,plus was short on time,so did 2008 CrossFit games D/L , Burpee wod,5.10 D/L @ 125kg

Comment #294 - Posted by: Pedro Barrera Scotland at August 14, 2010 3:35 PM

scaled 27 July(?); 28:58

3 rds 20 push-ups, release hands and 65 lb overhead squat, 30 sec rest;

3 rds 30 knees to chest, 65 lb ground to overhead 21 reps, 30 sec rest;

20 24" jump with 5 burpees, 3 reps

Comment #295 - Posted by: Slugger 6 at August 17, 2010 6:18 AM

3 rounds:
30 pushup, hands released
21 95lb overhead squat

0:30 rest

3 rounds:
30 toes to bar
21 95lb power snatch

0:30 rest

3 rounds:
05 burpee pullup
15 chest to bar pullup

47:41 08/19/2010

Comment #296 - Posted by: johnathon in seattle 29/5'8/154 at August 20, 2010 11:56 AM


Subbed half rope climbs for the wall climbs
Subbed jumping MU burpee for wall climb burpee

Scaled to 45lb OHS on Part A

Part A:

1 rnd + 14 OHS

Part B:

1 rnd + 16 TTB

Part C:

2 rnds even

Lucky enough to have a gym where I could do most this stuff! Balad rocks!

Comment #297 - Posted by: Mayhem at September 4, 2010 6:25 AM

Part B:

1 round plus 22 toes to bar in 7 minutes

Part C:

1 round in 12 minutes

Comment #298 - Posted by: MNinKC at November 9, 2010 7:00 PM

A-1 round
subbed 2 MU for Wall Climb
65# OHS
B-1 round
subbed 65# ground to overhead
C-1 round
subbed MU for wall jump, 30 pullups for 3 rope climbs

Comment #299 - Posted by: dcyn at November 4, 2014 10:31 PM
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