August 3, 2009

Monday 090803

Rest Day


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CrossFit Certification Seminars: CrossFit One World, Union City CA - Chicago Police Training Division, Chicago IL - CrossFit East, Jacksonville FL

Graham Holmberg, 30 Muscle-ups for time - video [wmv] [mov]

"In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable" by Benedict Carey - The New York Times

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Posted by lauren at August 3, 2009 1:36 PM

Much Needed! Thanks For Everything Coach. If you only knew how much this program has impacted my life. Gotta go do the WOD

Comment #1 - Posted by: MikeySFV at August 2, 2009 4:01 PM

Excellent work Graham........

Comment #2 - Posted by: D.B. at August 2, 2009 4:21 PM

yes truly much needed,im already dyin from this mornings WOD going to bed soon but at athe same time cant wait till tuesday. im so hopelessly addicted to CF cant wait for basic training to do this with 50 other marines will be awesome

Comment #3 - Posted by: J-Bird at August 2, 2009 4:30 PM

Great Level one in Chicago this weekend. Funny thing.. after that talk on nutrition coming home to Elk Steaks on the grill! Too bad I have to walk downstairs to man that grill. Quads are a burning. Now for some recovery foods. Change the world. Change the world.

Comment #4 - Posted by: wes at August 2, 2009 4:38 PM

Congratuations Russell. Level 2 certified. Strong Work!

Comment #5 - Posted by: PSB MD 43/M/5'8"/157 at August 2, 2009 4:43 PM

Congrats to all the new coaches! I hope to earn L2 in September!

It's on! Day 1 of the FRAT 30-day Paleo Challenge :)

Comment #6 - Posted by: Herm at August 2, 2009 4:51 PM

Nice work graham that was fun to film and watch. Not alot of guys have a 505 deadlift and can do muscles ups like that. Sub three minutes could easily happen the next time you do that WOD!

Comment #7 - Posted by: Brandon Couden at August 2, 2009 4:56 PM

The article reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell and his book "Blink."

Comment #8 - Posted by: Ben Moskowitz at August 2, 2009 4:59 PM

Interesting article - reminds me a lot of Gladwell's 'blink' in the power and relative mystery of the unconscious mind's processing of information in those with both talent and experience. Blink covers medicine, art, police work - very similar findings. Paul

Comment #9 - Posted by: Apolloswabbie 6'2" 205 45 yoa at August 2, 2009 5:19 PM

Well today's WOD (Sunday) points out yet another weakness, HSPU. It was certainly a frustrating exercise today.

I enjoyed the article on battle hunches. It shows that the mind is certainly the most powerful part of the human body. If properly trained, you can do anything (detect the hidden, push past the burn, heal the body, etc.). Thank God for experienced, well-trained soldiers.

Now we need a crossfit for the brain...x(2) + 2x + 7 = 42, what is x? [x(2) means x squared]

Comment #10 - Posted by: Dom m/47/170 at August 2, 2009 5:33 PM

Day 1 of the FRAT 30-day Paleo Challenge is almost over. It has been a little tougher than I thought.

Comment #11 - Posted by: Corey Bibolet 39/M/159\5'8" at August 2, 2009 5:40 PM

This reminded me of some work done by Dean Radin, which I went to look up on his blog, and lo and behold he himself linked to the same article:

The experiments he has done, they put physiological sensors on test subjects--effectively the same sorts of arousal detectors used in polygraphs--then they show them a series of photographs. Some of them are neutral--a farmhouse, a horse, a flower. Some of them are disturbing--dead bodies, Swastikas, or whatever.

His thought was that if precognition existed, more sensitive people would show signs of arousal BEFORE the picture was shown. And he has shown that effect, repeatedly. Now, for this sort of science, it needs to be 2-3 times more precise and validated than what would be required to make a non-controversial claim, but work is on-going and positive.

Basically what you have to do is invite the professional skeptics in, and ask them why, this time, they won't accept the result. They tell you, then you change it, and do the experiment again. Historically, you then get another set of positive results, and you invite them in again, and repeat the process. Eventually they run out of objections, and stop coming in. That's where the Ganzfeld experiments stand currently: statistically significant, and devoid of any remaining methodological objections.

He notes, too, that there is nothing in contemporary physics that would prevent this phenomenon, citing a long list of scholarly articles on retrocausation:

My own view is that--of course--cognitive elements are present. Clearly, the unconscious mind perceives things that are not always apparent consciously. I used to do a lot of "I Spy" books with my kids, and whenever you would find things, you often had to kick yourself. You saw it, you just didn't SEE it. But some people do see things, quickly.

Sherlock Holmes famously asked Watson how many stairs there were on the way up to his flat. He didn't know. Yet, I would argue that under hypnosis, Watson would have replied correctly. He knew; he just didn't know it consciously.

Personally, we used to do sensitivity drills when I did martial arts. We would stand behind someone with a wooden knife, and slowly push it towards them, while directing malicious energy.

Many may doubt me, but there is no question in my mind that what I felt was real. And I have felt it on a number of occasions since, and frankly think it has kept me out of danger on several occasions. If I get that feeling, I go the other way. That will have to remain anecdotal, though, since I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't trusted my instincts.

My gut instinct, too, is that a lot of soldiers out there have experienced things they simply could not explain rationally, even going back in their memories and looking for clues.

Most of this is cognitive--80-90%--but my personal belief is that some of it is more than that.

Comment #12 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 2, 2009 5:49 PM

X is -7 or 5. My eleven year old does these - for time - in her middle school 'Math Counts' competitions. Trust me, behind these meets there's as much drama and angst (and preparation) as in any round of Fran or 30 muscle-ups .

Comment #13 - Posted by: TRN III at August 2, 2009 5:50 PM

crossfiteast was the L2 site ..bottom photo. nice work all

Comment #14 - Posted by: tj at August 2, 2009 5:52 PM

I have an question concerning diet, performance and Dave Tate's recent discussion. In his most recent interview on the site Dave Tate mentioned how steroids are kind of an ace card that people pull to increase their level 1 notch. For example, high school kids may take them to play in college or college kids may take them to play pro, etc. But the ace card can only be pulled once and won't increase you two notches.

My question concerns nutrition. Is the zone diet sort of like an ace card? I understand and have witnessed how the zone has increased my fitness substantially. However I still am a farcry from top level crossfiting performance. I've seen tremendous gains so far since switching to the diet but in time I'm sure they will slow.

I guess summed up, my question is, can diet be a trump or ace card that is played, and if so, if it is played too early can it be harder if not impossible to reach top level crossfit performance?

Comment #15 - Posted by: MojoRISING at August 2, 2009 5:53 PM

Anyone check out the new GNC fitness guides they just posted on their website. I'm assuming you guys got as much of a kick out of it as I did.

Ohhhhh, GNC! I may have to set your site to my homepage for the sheer (unintentional) entertainment value.

Comment #16 - Posted by: Michael at August 2, 2009 6:03 PM

Excellent article. I can say, as a Marine, a lot of this strikes home with me. IED sweep teams and even the everyday foot patrol have thousands of stimuli to sort through every second.
Consistancy in observation is a key to successfully identifying these attacks before they happen. Every IED is an ambush of some kind, and, for those of you that have ever hid around a corner to scare the s*** out of a friend, you know what happens if they see your shadow or your reflection in a window...your ambush is blown. It's much the same.
It is interesting that the article mentions the 'predator' vice 'prey' mindset. That too is a key to success. Vigilence and an acute memory will notice that oddly shaped brick or that fresh concrete or that vehicle with the windows up when it's 120 out.
#9 mentioned Gladwell's "Blink"...a perfect example! He mentions how gut feelings, instinct, hunches, and those "just not right" moments can tell a lot about a person or situation. Often times, as the article and book mention, our subconscious recognizes patterns or oddities LONG before our conscious mind does. Though not infallible, trusting these instincts saves lives, and when someone has an explosive pointed at you or your Marines, going with your gut, right or wrong makes all the difference.

Comment #17 - Posted by: Matt M at August 2, 2009 6:06 PM

x=5 or x=-7

Comment #18 - Posted by: JohnDude at August 2, 2009 6:10 PM

Wonderful form and way to not cheat the last rep, that was as important to me as the was the time. That exuded what I see and read about on this site every single day.

Hope to see sub 3 soon.

Great job at the games as well, loved watching the deadlift video on youtube

Comment #19 - Posted by: Ralph Hicks at August 2, 2009 6:11 PM

MojoRISING- IMHO, diet is not an ace card. I'm not a card player, but I think it means you use it when you have nothing else in your hand, and you need or have to use it in order to stay in the game?

I would say that if you eat Zone/Paleo correctly, you won't NEED an ace card. You will have a great hand of cards- strength, met-con and *gymnastics* :) along with adequate sleep, rest/recovery, hydration and nutrition.

Waiting to tune in your diet is like dieting to lose weight before you join a gym. Doesn't make sense to me, but I know PLENTY of people who do that.

Yes, your gains eventually will stop coming in leaps and bounds but they sure won't *stop*


Comment #20 - Posted by: Strong Lil Pony! at August 2, 2009 6:20 PM

The One World cert was awesome! Thanks so much to Freddy for letting us spend the weekend in his gym! Huge props to Chong for working his first cert! I hope that more athletes have the opportunity to learn from him and benefit from his expert coaching in the future! Thank you to Austin, Pat, Drew, Jolie and Josh as well! Thanks to you guys, I'm now more invigorated and in love with crossfit than ever!

Comment #21 - Posted by: Dan N. at August 2, 2009 6:38 PM

MojoRISING- and how long have you been crossfitting? Do you do the 3 on 1 off cycle? Do you skip WODs that you don't like? How old are you? Were you an athlete in high school or college? How is your health? how many hours do you sleep? Sorry for all the questions, don't want to come across pushy, just want to know what your deal is... and put into perspective that well, these things take time, also, many elite CFers are former athletes as well as genetic freaks (meant in a complimentary way of course)

Again, sorry for all the questions....I'm sure you weren't expecting a kind of Spanish Inquisition.... "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

That was for you Cynthia. Happy Birthday my darling kindred spirit! I *know* you know all about intuition and trusting your gut :) Here's to tapping into it more and more.

Comment #22 - Posted by: Strong Lil Pony! at August 2, 2009 6:42 PM

Way to go on the muscle-ups! Strong work. I did find the sway on the pull-up structure worrisome... Extra bracing maybe?

Comment #23 - Posted by: Mike Alley at August 2, 2009 6:42 PM

Yeah I got a kick out of watching that pull-up apparatus shaking. Looked like my garage bar.

Comment #24 - Posted by: Wayne at August 2, 2009 6:52 PM

Way to raise the bar on the Muscle-ups!

Comment #25 - Posted by: Tello at August 2, 2009 6:53 PM

I can't find the words to describe how awesome the Crossfit OneWorld certification was this weekend. The trainers were amazing and extremely informative plus very funny! I gained so much knowledge that I will be able to take with me for personal gain as well as to utilize in training others. Crossfit has definitely been life changing in such a positive way. It was amazing to be around people who share the same passion and addiction to the Crossfit program and fitness as a whole. I can't thing of anything that could be changed in the certification. Everything I wanted to gain more information of was covered and all fundamentals were performed. You guys definitely kicked my ass that is for sure! I definitely will continue to spread the word about this amazing program!!!! Good job to all those that attended! We rocked the WODS!!!!!

Comment #26 - Posted by: Jess at August 2, 2009 6:56 PM

Nice job on the muscle-ups, but can we like get a video where there aren't like 3 kips per muscle-up to make them occur?

The amount of wasted energy being put into that pull-up bar set up shows how inefficient those muscle-ups really are.

No, my time isn't that good, but my muscle-ups aren't that much use of kipping either.

Is the point fastest time with as much momentum driving the time, or harder workout with a longer time because of more focus on correct form? This goes back to the same thing...a 1:45 Fran with crap form or a 2:30 Fran with great form. The 2:30 Fran with great form is much more impressive. Strive for perfection, don't cheat yourself.

Comment #27 - Posted by: G at August 2, 2009 6:57 PM

#27 G,

Kipping MU's aren't cheating yourself. It goes back to power output. If he wasn't reaching extension in the bottom or top of the Rep, then he is cheating himself by altering the Distance variable in the equation for power. If kipping allows him to move the same load (his bwt) over the same distance (the ROM for 30 MU's) in a shorter time, his power output is higher. This is good.

Your analogy of a sloppy 1:45 Fran vs. a more technically sound 2:30 isn't really applicable here. It's more like comparing a Fran with kipping pull-ups and thrusters to a fran performed with a front squat-shoulder press combo and strict pull-ups. The same load is being moved the same distance, but the time will be drastically different and result in a lower power output.

Comment #28 - Posted by: Ryan Brown at August 2, 2009 7:03 PM

Interesting article and one I truly believe in. If you enjoyed that article you should read Gavin De Becker's, The Gift of Fear. It talks about trusting your intuition. The mind is very powerful and is able to pick up subtle sign/signals that can possibly endanger us. Great read. I'm a police officer and have recommended the book to all my friends and families. Lt. Col. David Grossman's, On Combat, is another excellent read.

Comment #29 - Posted by: Tommy in TX at August 2, 2009 7:04 PM

Graham, that was fully sick!

Quick question for you, do you think you did too many right off the bat?! It was 10 or 11 in set 1 and then pretty much singles the rest of the way. 11 in a row is phenomenal but perhaps doing 7ish, rest a touch, 6-7 more, rest, 5ish, then singles? Either way - GREAT WORK. I really liked that you didn't accept your first attempt at the 30th rep even though the camera man didn't realize....

Comment #30 - Posted by: Matt_in_Oz at August 2, 2009 7:37 PM

very well put Ryan Brown

Comment #31 - Posted by: deuceamatic (Todd) at August 2, 2009 7:38 PM

#27 G,

Graham also does very good super strict deadhang muscles up without kipping, just like he can do really good deadhang pull ups 20 in a row or so but when he kips he does he does in the 50's without dropping. like Ryan pointed out above he has full extension and gets from point a to point b.
It's really unfortunate he missed the second day of the games three spots. He really would have impressed people on that chipper WOD he was hoping for muscle ups, dude is nasty in those type of WODS. Graham is someone you'll be hearing about for years in the crossfit community!

Comment #32 - Posted by: Brandon Couden at August 2, 2009 7:38 PM

Looked Like Graham was going to pull down that whole contraption.

Comment #33 - Posted by: andy P 42 YOA 6'3" 205 lb white guy at August 2, 2009 7:42 PM

Thanks to all the trainers this weekend at the Level 1 Certification at CrossFit One World. It was an honor learning from all the trainers and making me that much more of a better athlete.

Comment #34 - Posted by: Marty at August 2, 2009 7:46 PM

"In a study that appeared last month, neuroscientists at Princeton University demonstrated just how sensitive this visual ability is — and how a gut feeling may arise before a person becomes conscious of what the brain has registered."

This is very similar to the discussions in Malcolm Gladwell's book "Blink". A great read!

Comment #35 - Posted by: Valery F/25/5'3"/112 at August 2, 2009 7:49 PM

The Russian judge deducted a bunch of 10ths for Graham's kips as well as his foot separation. The clock didn't seem to mind, though. I'm with the clock. Sweet work.

Comment #36 - Posted by: WeemsFit at August 2, 2009 7:55 PM

predators and not prey, indeed.

Comment #37 - Posted by: ScottMacArthur at August 2, 2009 7:56 PM

awesome job to everyone who participated in the L2 in Jacksonville this past weekend and congratulations to the 5 out of 11 who passed! my wife (who is coming up on 9 months pregnant) and i both made the requirements to achieve this milestone and we are relieved and excited to have passed.

big thanks for a great certification seminar held by pat, boz & chuck - way to keep the standards high.

last but not least, a huge thanks to our crossfit ambassador, tj cooper of crossfit east for graciously hosting it for all of us!

Comment #38 - Posted by: chris at August 2, 2009 7:57 PM

Amazing cert in Chicago this weekend. I'm so happy that CrossFit finally made it's way to the Windy City. It never ceases to inspire awe at the humility and ingenuity delivered by every CrossFit coach I encounter. Todd, Andy, Stefan, Nadia, Rudy, Joe, Joe, Joe (did I miss a Joe?!) did outstanding work conveying the concepts inherent to understanding the CrossFit method while adding their own little bits of punishment (or "treats" as Todd likes to call them).

Keep up the good work guys and I'm sure we'll cross paths soon.

p.s. Nadia's pull-up demo was, um, *mildly* impressive. Damn...

Comment #39 - Posted by: Krzysztof "Kaz" at August 2, 2009 8:06 PM

Can't say enough good things about the Level 1 Certification at CF One World this weekend...

So I'll try & break it down in order of importance to anyone considering attending such an event.

If my college professors had been more like Josh E, Drew, Jolie, Austin, and Chong - I would have learned a lot more. Such succinct presentation of information and such precise coaching, they packed a semester's worth of knowledge into just 2 days.

And if my college professors had been more like Freddy C and Pat Barber...I never would have missed a class. These two (with no lacking observatives meant to their compatriots - their topics just leant themselves to different styles) go beyond the impartation of knowledge and into true performance art. NO, not some kind of interpretive dance with oil paints - but something that actually comes closer to the idea of "must-see TV" : at the edge-of-your-seat, don't-miss-a-word, don't want to look down long enough to take notes, kind of a way.

Thanks, you all gave me a year's worth of coaching in about 16 hours total (ok, including Freddy's beer coolers, maybe 18 hours).

See - I'm a garage guy. Never actually been inside a Crossfit Gym until Saturday. Been following the main page just 5 months or so, and had strength & conditioning coaching as a college athlete - class of '91! So I was really needing some overdue coaching.

I introduced myself to Drew & Freddy first thing and I explained my lack of coaching and my gym situation. I have to say - they were able to go out of their way enough throughout the weekend to make me feel like I'd signed up for personal training. Or maybe they make everyone feel like that, I couldn't tell. Yes, they probably do - since by the end of the Cert all the trainers had given me not only great information, but personal interactions which let me know its not just a job or a numbers game - they're totally invested in what they're doing. And they do want to make sure that all Certified Crossfit folks hit the street with solid fundamentals and clear knowledge of the primary foundations of the sport. Whether the students' stated goals are anything from opening a box to training only themselves (and maybe their wife & kids, like me).

So any of you out there in internetland who read along and maybe post sometimes; all of you who work out alone in your garage or in a park or at a Globo: go to a Certification seminar sooner rather than later. You'll get a year's - or a decade's - worth of coaching and never regret it.

Thank you to all the trainers I met and I hope to see you again soon.


Comment #40 - Posted by: Benny1/40/74"/220 at August 2, 2009 8:07 PM

In battle there is no law: (WFS)

Comment #41 - Posted by: Todd at August 2, 2009 8:27 PM


Day one of the FRAT 30 Day Paleo Challenge is in the books. It was harder than I thought, but not too bad. The worst part is the headache I have had all day from going without caffeine. Tomorrow I'm going to have a cup of the black stuff (no sugar) as soon as I get to the office.

To the rest of you who made it through the day, GREAT JOB! Just 29 more to go...

Cynthia J: Happy Birthday! :-)

Congrats to all the new trainers!

Comment #42 - Posted by: Playoff Beard at August 2, 2009 8:28 PM

Thank you to Coach Tucker for a fantastic cert this weekend at CF Ignite.

Tucker is a wonderful coach- engaging, colorful, motivating, tough. I always strive to do my best, but he really made me feel like it was my duty to give all I could.

I learned so much this weekend. Scaling options, coaching positions, cues- visual, verbal, contact. Programming ideas/goals for myself and my personal training clients. And then the moves themselves.

I had no clue what I had gotten myself into with this cert. I was nervous about being older (yeah, duh!) and not being able to do more than 3 chin ups and 1 pull up. I just wanted to be able to friggin' kip! Unbeknownst to me was my fear of inversion...

After the first few times upside down on the bar, I knew something was not right. My eyes kept watering and heart was jack hammering my ribcage. When we moved to the rings, it crystallized.. I was scared. To be more precise, terrified. I could not believe it. And embarrassingly enough, I really did cry. Ugh, I was mortified.

Early this morning before we got started, someone referred to Evel Kneievel and I smiled, thinking back to being a little kid in the 70s and my big brothers using me as an obstacle that they would jump across with their bicycle ramps. Then I remembered, same time frame, an incident- I think 9, I was held upside down from a second story window. I remember being so scared I could not scream, or even breathe.

Well, that certainly put a new paint job on yesterday's Chernobyl. No wonder I was shakin' up there. So I approached today with a different perspective and when I had the opportunity to pass on inversion, I didn't. I got up on the rings and instead of scaling and balling up, I went completely upside down and did what I couldn't yesterday :) I was so proud of myself.

Many thanks to the kind hearts who helped me yesterday and today, they knew how hard it was for me, and every little thing I did, I beamed. I just beamed. I had so much fun- I alternated between Rogue and Jean Grey and Power Girl :)

Funny the post yesterday about how pricey the certs were. Shoot, I was thinking today on lunch that I need to do this cert AGAIN, cause I was such a ninny on Saturday with all my childhood trauma LOL as I awaited certain death on the rings, that I missed out on lots of cues and instructions.

Comment #43 - Posted by: Strong Lil Pony! at August 2, 2009 8:32 PM

Thanks to all the coaches at the one world cert this weekend. You all did such a great job and I couldn't have asked for a better crew of coaches. Great weekend!!

Comment #44 - Posted by: Will - Crossfit sonoma county at August 2, 2009 8:49 PM

Congrats to Chris and Meghan Russell of CFJAX for earning their L2 today! Meghan is 9 months pregnant by the way!! way to go Prego! We are so proud of you guys!

Comment #45 - Posted by: AR at August 2, 2009 8:56 PM

Level 1 Cert at Chicago was great. The trainers were very well versed and answered any and all questions. The Police Dept. also did a great job of hosting and accomodating the cert.

If nothing else, I learned the importance of "hip extension." I never realized how many bad habits you pick up over the years (especially when you are just doing it based off of videos on the site). But, I feel much more confident in being able to teach and model these movements.

Anyone who hasn't done this needs to find a way. The information is beyond value.

Comment #46 - Posted by: Ross Forlines at August 2, 2009 8:58 PM

Question. Is there a reason why gloves are never worn with crossfit? I hate to see all of these cut hands. Gloves would change that. Than again, I didnt agree with a lot of crossfit when i started. Looking for this reason. JJ

Comment #47 - Posted by: JJ at August 2, 2009 8:59 PM

Fascinating article.

On the subject of gut feelings and intuition, there actually is a brain in your gut.

Comment #48 - Posted by: Harry MacD at August 2, 2009 9:35 PM

The level one cert at cf oneworld this weekend was stellar! The coaching was on point, the lectures were extremely informative, and the wods were intense! Josh, Jolie, Pat, Drew, Austin, Freddy, and Chong were amazing and did a great job of exemplifying what CrossFit is all about. Could not have asked for a better crew to lead us through another step in our athletic endeavors! Thanks for the knowledge, here's to the future!

Comment #49 - Posted by: Arsenio & Lindsey at August 2, 2009 10:07 PM

Graham Holmberg,

Nice job on the muscle-ups dude! This is my favorite WOD. When I started I was somewhere around 25 minutes, then 15, then 9, then 6, then 4, and now 3:36 is my fastest.
I like to see these videos come out and see how the WOD's are being tackled with different approaches.
I know a lot can change your time for this WOD like, form, technique, approach, kipping.
With that in mind I almost have to agree with Matt_In_OZ, that playing with the approach may help you get an even faster time.
It may sound ghey, but my fastest time came from all singles 1 every 7 seconds.
I don't know what the ruling would be on this type of intensity: go all out then taper off vs. steady pace the whole way.
Either way, you killed it man, with a stellar time, and I hear you even have a 505 dead, whew! Don't get down on yourself for missing that last one, you were pretty dead on with precision, just like the shooting analogy used for intensity. You're only going to get better keeping yourself honest like that!
I'm sure you can take at least 10 seconds off from losing all that power output due to that *swaying* pullup bar.
Happy training, and hope to see you hit 3:00 next time (I'm sure it wont take long), and some more great vids from ya.

Comment #50 - Posted by: cory at August 2, 2009 10:14 PM

I've had what I would consider similar experiences as those mentioned in the article while in Iraq.

I was riding in the back of a humvee down a road that I would say had a somewhat high occurance of IEDs. The driver, SPC Saulter, was approaching a drainage culvert that another vehicle had just passed. Once you see the vehicle in front of you traverse terrain, it kind of gives you that "safe" feeling. But not this day, not for SPC Saulter. He refused to cross over this particular culvert even though my Platoon Sergeant had told him to just keep driving. Sure enough, once we inspected it further, we found a 300mm (yes full 300mm) artillery shell. It was pure intuition and he really had no further visual cues to go off of. He just simply refused to drive over that part of the road.

Another experience I had that is considerably harder to believe and I never know if it was just coincidence or not, was when the first two guys in my company died. One, Coty West, died on the 29th of November, 2006 and the other one, a good friend, Nicholas Steinbacher, died on the 9th of December, 2006. On the nights prior to both deaths, as I laid in bed to go to sleep, I had a terrible sense of foreboding that I had never felt before and still to this day believe I was just imagining. The night that Nick died, the initial contact had been an IED with about 3 casualties, none of whom died. I remember feeling relieved that this time, my sense of awful foreboding hadn't been followed by a death. But a few hours later, a secondary IED placed a short distance away from the original, took Nick's life.

I'm not sure what to make of those feelings I had before those guys died and I definitely don't claim to be able to "read the future" or anything like that. I've just remained baffled as to whether or not it was my mind playing tricks on me or what...

Comment #51 - Posted by: SGT Collins at August 2, 2009 10:16 PM

#44 JJ

To quote rippetoe:
'If you insist on wearing gloves,
make sure they match your purse.'

Let your hands get used to the movements.

Comment #52 - Posted by: Niels 18/m/160 at August 2, 2009 10:29 PM

Level 1 cert at One World was insanely awesome. Got plenty of great material to chew on mentally, plus a PR on Fran and my first muscle up. I can't thank all of the trainers and my fellow Crossfitters enough...Even though (or maybe because) my body will be angry at them for a few days.

The thing that really gets me about the instructors at the cert is the incredible charisma they project in everything they do. I don't think I've met a more personable bunch of people. It really gives me something to shoot for if/when I go into training. I was motivated beyond my self-perceived level of performance.


Comment #53 - Posted by: Charles at August 2, 2009 10:34 PM

RE: Level 1 Cert in Chicago. I just finished the 7 hour drive, for time, of course, but I wanted to say some things before I turn in. By the way, if you're thinking about attending a level 1 cert, stop thinking and make it happen.

First, many thanks to the Chicago PD for hosting a cert within driving distance of the Twin Cities.

Thanks also to Todd, Andy, Stephan, Nadia, Joe, Joe and Rudy (did I miss somebody?) for spot-on and incredibly informational lecture, instruction and coaching on the 9 fundamental movements and so much more. I was an honor to spend time with so many people of such high caliber. Your knowledge of human performance and ability to relay that knowledge is phenomenal. A person can learn a lot through the multitude of videos and articles on the site, but there is NO substitute for great coaching in person. The team workouts gave tangible example of task priority vs. time priority. The bottom to bottom, rest at bottom tabata squats gave me a new perspective on how difficult an unloaded squat can really be. "Easy day," right Todd? Excellent lectures. Excellent coaching. I can't say enough.

I would be remiss if I failed to say thanks to all the other participants that made this such a remarkable experience; David of Shoreline CrossFit out east, Brian, who's moving to Cali to open a box with his friend, to JJ, who's opening a box right in Chicago, Dave and Lee, both from Tennessee, Aaron from right here at CrossFit Minnesota, Kate who was our secret weapon in the task priority WOD, Justin who got his first muscle-up at the cert. The list goes on, but it's late and I'm spent.

Time to change the world.

Comment #54 - Posted by: MNSteve 29/m/160 at August 2, 2009 11:45 PM

Level 1 cert @ One World (Union City, CA) was amazing. The information, instruction, and awareness of fundamentals and beyond that were given to us in 2 days were phenomenal. The other attendees were extremely friendly and all of them are great additions to the level 1 trainers in the crossfit community. The most impactful part of the training was the presentation and demonstration of this material by highly motivating, entertaining, and quite frankly, inspirational trainers! Each trainer embedded examples of proper form that I will always remember. Thank you so much Jolie, Josh, Pat, Drew, Freddy, Austin & Chong!!! You are all the Crossfit training "A" team in my book.

And of course big thanks to Freddy for allowing us to use his awesome facility @ One World.....we look forward to stopping by for a Sunday WOD!!!

-Chongo (MM Crossfit)

Comment #55 - Posted by: Chris "CHONGO" King at August 2, 2009 11:45 PM

I always love to enlarge the cert pics, because there is always that one guy without his shirt flexing for the camera, classic funny!

Comment #56 - Posted by: pmanfre at August 3, 2009 3:20 AM

Its halfway through day two of the FRAT 30 Day Paleo Challenge for me here in Germany today has been so much easier than yesterday because of work and just being busy.

Comment #57 - Posted by: bryar25/70"/195 at August 3, 2009 3:48 AM

Nice job on the muscle-ups. Remains a CF goal of mine to get 30. Love the Pantera soundtrack!


Comment #58 - Posted by: J1 at August 3, 2009 4:06 AM

If you found the article in todays WOD posting ineresting then you will like "How We Decide" by Jonah Lehrer. Awesome stuff!!! GO CF Jax!!!!!!

Comment #59 - Posted by: esoos at August 3, 2009 4:25 AM

#48: in my opinion, that sort of thing happens all the time. If we could tap the entirety of the actual experience among the LEO's, military personnel, firefighters and others, we would likely have a LOT of very good stories.

That won't happen, though, since we have been conditioned to believe it isn't "scientific". In my experience, though, you get people one on one, add some booze, and you will hear stories like that all day long, from honest people.

Net, net, regardless of your beliefs: you know more than you think you do, or can explain. Some of it is clearly processing happening at a preconscious, unconscious, pattern level, that gets better with experience, and is more easily obtained by some than others. Some of it may be more than that.

Actually, I will add that this article makes me think of the scene in Lawrence Gonzalez' book "Deep Survival", where he asks the lifeguard in Hawaii if it's safe for him to go surfing. He's expecting a quick "no, dude", or "sure, dude", but he takes something like five minutes, scanning the swells, looking at the sky, feeling the air, and then gives (as I recall) a provisional OK. That's professionalism, in the deepest and best possible sense. It's seeing things that an amateur wouldn't even know to look for.

Comment #60 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 4:46 AM

You gotta see this!

i am an affiliate up in the seattle area and a client of mine who is on a full ride scholarship to play football at Stanford University came home this weekend because he was homesick. his plane lands and he asks his mom to drop him off here before he goes anywhere else, (really cool, but not the story here...) mainly to welcome me home from Afghanistan since i was gone when he left for school. we are sitting around and i tell him he needs to try to break his 500m row time of 1:24 which he did the first time he ever sat on a rower. it's still our gym record and i wanted to see if he could beat it. no warmup, still jetlagged, he sits down and bangs out a 1:18.2 with technique that is almost comical and he actually almost falls off about 10 seconds in. i know that under 1:30 is elite and under 1:20 is world class, so i start looking around and i can only find a couple times faster than his but none in his age group (he is only 18). we watched the film over and over and after laughing at how horrible he is at rowing we decide he needs to try again and we'll try to make it official. i am trying to work with concept 2 on all of the actual requirements for the record attempt and we need to make it happen asap because he needs to go back to california on wednesday to rejoin his football team. so we are going to host another attempt at our gym on tuesday at 2pm. i think this story is awesome in that it shows how doing crossfit makes you good at and ready for all obstacles or tasks. he has still only rowed a total of 3 times, his two 500m rows and once in a WOD. Geoff is an amazing kid who has worked so very hard the past 3 years. he represents CrossFit very well and i think this story should be told.

here's the link to his 1:18.2 row a couple days ago, check it out...


Comment #61 - Posted by: sleeveless in seattle at August 3, 2009 5:29 AM

triceps=noodles... Not sure about X.

Comment #62 - Posted by: snix 33/5'11/180 at August 3, 2009 5:59 AM

Morning my FRAT

"Minnie" - (my mouse chipper WOD) finally got posted

090728 comment #86 - enjoy :)

My post re: gymnastics cert was held last night.

Comment #63 - Posted by: Strong Lil Pony! at August 3, 2009 6:12 AM

Chicago cert was unreal. Awesome instructors, awesome athletes, and an overall great experience.

Comment #64 - Posted by: Adam at August 3, 2009 6:32 AM

Ok so good morning everyone! I Have a question I hope someone could on here could help me with. So last week did Cindy for the first time got 18 rds(impressed myself!) Was sore for 4 days. Just did the back squat yesterday and today I feel fine. Is this normal??? I am pretty sure I hit my max because I tried to do it once more and failed. I am just worried i didnt push myself as hard as I could. My squat is kinda low(275) based on my deadlift(395) and bench(275ish). Just wanted to make sure I am getting the most out of it because I am really trying to strengthen my legs. Thanks in advance!!

Comment #65 - Posted by: wlaws at August 3, 2009 6:48 AM

I would like to see more rest-day articles like these, where study of physiology and training change daily life, than political articles, even though I read and comment on the political articles.

Comment #66 - Posted by: Chris at August 3, 2009 7:32 AM

Crossfit Chicago was legit!! Todd and and all the guys were incredibly nice and knowledgeable. I learned a ton and can't wait to impact some people's lives!! Planning to open the first affiliation in Davenport, Ia. Thanks a lot for such a great program!!

Comment #67 - Posted by: Josiah at August 3, 2009 7:36 AM

L2 Cert: JAX

Pat, Boz, Chuck: Fantastic job. Thanks for putting on a very informative and very fun environment for all of us to be able to learn, relax, focus, laugh, and grow as trainers. You guys did a rockin' job.

John, Dave, Ed, Taylor, Jesse, Ian: It was so wonderful to be able to train and learn in the presence of others who are as passionate about CrossFit as we are here in JAX. Please hear this: This is my 2nd time visiting the L2 playing field. Because of everything I learned the 1st time through, I was able to approach this visit with a much different attitude, and it showed in my results. Although my score only varied by a few points this time around, (1st time missed by 2 points, this time passed by 2 points) I was able to display much more this time around after taking what I learned 9 months ago and applying it as a trainer and also as a CrossFitter. You guys will surely nail it next time around. Awesome work.

Jenn, Russell, Todd, and Chris: Stellar job. Each of you are dynamite coaches and it showed this weekend. Can't wait to see you all again on our next CrossFit adventure, whatever that may be.

And to my husband Chris: you make me better every day as a coach, and athlete, and a person. Thank you for being such a wonderful example in our box and in my life.

As for 9 months pregnant... Constantly varied!

Comment #68 - Posted by: Prego Mego CFJAX at August 3, 2009 8:06 AM

Level 1 Cert in Chicago, many thanks to Andy, Todd,Stephan, Nadia, Joe, Joe, Joe, Rudy. Fantastic information and fantastic presenters.

Todd's opening remarks on what is CrossFit were priceless and should go down in history.

Andy's fitness = work capacity, why had that never clicked with me? Andy can open even the thickest skull.

Stephan is the freak of nature and the kindest instructor.

And Nadia's ability to demonstrate movements are unparalleled, why is she not on any mainsite vid's? Where has she been hiding?

Comment #69 - Posted by: Jake B at August 3, 2009 8:20 AM

Jake B at August 3, 2009 8:20 AM

You said, "Andy can open even the thickest skull." and I got an image of a surgeon with a bone saw.

Comment #70 - Posted by: Goat 33/M/192/5'-11" at August 3, 2009 8:29 AM

Congrats to all the L2 trainers coming out of this weekend!

In particular, big shout out to CrossFitEast and the local Jacksonville, FL affiliates. A great local affiliate community and team. Half of the current L2's in the state train in J'ville.

I'm thankful to be a part...Big things coming.

Comment #71 - Posted by: JB - CrossFit SS at August 3, 2009 8:34 AM

Did Cindy today

15 rounds + 5Pullups,9pushups

cindy the day after JT..eeeevil

Comment #72 - Posted by: Tim Broder at August 3, 2009 8:36 AM

Thanks first off to Crossfit for putting that 30 mu video up. Thanks everyone for the responses and helpful ideas for better times. We had that structure built by a guy that workouts at our place, its very shaky and were looking to get it more stable. Next time I am trying to hit this workout sub 3... thats what i was shooting for here, the fastest i've done it was 3:19. That vid is also up on youtube but my extension isnt quite as good on all 30.

Thanks again for all the support and it was a pleasure meeting all you guys out in Aromas this year.

Comment #73 - Posted by: Graham Holmberg at August 3, 2009 8:42 AM

Been down the shore, just catchin up to the posts.


Fit - Mom - Your are a true warrior, I'm in awe of you.

Takin one week off, During my first year of Crossfit I missed zero WODs. FRAT RULES!

Comment #74 - Posted by: John-in-Jersey 34/6'0/190 at August 3, 2009 8:42 AM

Chicago LvL 1 certification was a killer time. Thanks again to all the certification staff. You guys were awesome.CrossFit Yeah!

Comment #75 - Posted by: Rian Moe at August 3, 2009 8:44 AM

Just wanted to share some personal testimony and to encourage others out there doing CrossFit.
I am 39 years old and have been doing CrossFit for a little over 6 months. This weekend I played some 5 on 5 soccer with guys half my age. I am not very good at soccer and some of these guys currently play on college teams. So in the area of skill they just plain way out play me, but...
after about 40 minutes of playing these guys all started to lose steam and I still felt strong. So from there on out things got a little more even just because I was able to outperform them physically. So the idea of CrossFit being a training philosophy that produces great general fitness works! Also, skill levels take a huge hit quickly when fatigue sets in. So great general fitness will in many cases give you the performance over skill when your opponents lose steam. So, even though my team ended up losing 2-3, it was great to walk off the field seeing guys half my age totally beat while I was still feeling great!

Comment #76 - Posted by: Andres at August 3, 2009 8:49 AM

Good work, Graham. Nothing for nothing, but you might have been able to do a bit better with a more stable platform. Still, you rocked it, shaking the cage to a fast time throughout.

Comment #77 - Posted by: Phil at August 3, 2009 9:02 AM

I want to say that the level 1 cert here was awesome!! All the trainers had a wealth of knowledge, and it showed. Thanks for letting me share some boxing drills with you guys at lunchtime, that made my weekend!!(oh yeah, also the feeling in my legs this morning while walking down my stairs was great reminder of all we did over the past 2 days lol)Looking forward to working with you guys again.

Comment #78 - Posted by: jim at August 3, 2009 9:15 AM


Did my first CFE WOD this morning. Ran 1 mile at 8% incline wearing flak vest (no SAPIs). 9:19 including getting the treadmill fired up. Definitely room for improvement.


Comment #79 - Posted by: Tyler Johnson at August 3, 2009 9:35 AM

I missed a few days again due to field exercise and so chose to make up for it today with both Nicole and JT.

Nicole - 7 sets, 51 PUs
JT - 17min 05secs

I'm not sure if they're respectable but will go take a look now.

CF kicks ass.

Comment #80 - Posted by: NomadCelt at August 3, 2009 9:58 AM

Further to my last (above), I sub'd ring dips for regular dips, doing 3 times as many dips so 63, 45, 27 - that's where it really got me!

Comment #81 - Posted by: NomadCelt at August 3, 2009 10:15 AM

Man, combat articles and stories from soldiers put it all in perspective.

Comment #82 - Posted by: Neil at August 3, 2009 10:18 AM

Amazing training at the Level 1 Certification at CrossFit One World in Union City, CA. The trainers were excellent and taught us the madness behind CrossFit. One of the best training course I have ever attended!!

Comment #83 - Posted by: Marty at August 3, 2009 10:59 AM

#82 I'll take that one: Did you read the article? Have you looked around the CF site? Do you see the utter lack of reality as portrayed in the article. The author takes offense to *kipping pullups* as being more dangerous, showing that s/he clearly has NO IDEA what the point of the motion is, nor that there are ways (as with anything) of doing it safely. The fact that someone would take the time to write that much garbage is all too common these days. You'll just have to decide for yourself.

I'm new too, but personally I don't see any of the complaints that person had, and I'm forced to wonder what inspired them to write such a diatribe in the first place. I can make judgmental assumptions, but in the end, I don't know what their story is. Maybe they had a genuinely BAD experience with a CrossFit affiliate... all that counts for you is what you make of it, as what counts for me is what I make of it.

Comment #84 - Posted by: dk m/32/6'0"/230 at August 3, 2009 11:11 AM


I never made it to the end of the article, I must admit, as the tears of this guy were threatening to drown me and I needed to escape quickly.

He appears to have missed the point compeltely. His biggest gripe seems to be that the concept of CrossFit is flawed; that it is not possible to be a jack of all trades. He also whinges endlessly that you cannot give the same training programme to everyone, regardless of individual physiology. Finally, his third tear-soaked bitch seems to be that there are no warmups and no progression.

I shall attempt to answer these in turn.

The CrossFit concept is actually a very good one. Most people train to their strengths - it is human nature. Certainly, before CF, I would go to the gym and would spend most of my time on upper-body work. I hated running, despite the fact that I am a Marine, and would steer clear of anything that I didn't find easy. CF takes me out of my comfort zone and trains the parts that my own psychology couldn't reach! It is not to make us a Jack of all Trades at all. I do not ever expect to be doing squats with the same weight as someone with far bigger legs than me. What it does do is make me better all round.

He mentions that there is no 'warm up' and that the sessions are only '5 minutes'. I don't think he has ever read the posts on this site! There is a great deal devoted to starting slowly and pacing yourself, especially in the early stages. Certainly, I never begin a session without a thorough warm-up.

His chat about not giving the same session to people regardless of age/gender/physiology is also flawed. A 'cross fitness' programme will suit everyone. Noone is expected to be able to push themselves at the same pace as an international athlete and I hope that as long as the highly 'inclusive' philosophy remains amongst the members on here and in the forums, the concept will remain healthy.

I get very annoyed about his piece on it being a 'group' thing and about there being no individuality - noone is forcing us to do this, it is all through choice. It's a choice we make because we know it works. Group sessions are ALWAYS far more productive than individual ones. This goes for every walk of life from stopping smoking to joining the Military - groups are stronger than the sum of their parts.

Overall, he appears to have a personal issue and his points are largely, I feel, invalid. I suspect he has tried a few sessions, failed dramatically through a lack of willpower (or a spine) and has decided that it is therefore rubbish.

I would happily take him on and debunk anything else he has to say.

Comment #85 - Posted by: NomadCelt at August 3, 2009 11:13 AM

John In Jersey- Happy CrossFit Anniversary

Do you have your benchmark WODs? I'd love to see how you have progressed in your year here.

1RM DL- 245
PR by fifteen lbs. Yeah boi.....

Comment #86 - Posted by: Strong Lil Pony! at August 3, 2009 11:19 AM

Wanting to start a home gym. What is the first piece of equipment I should buy? Pull-up bar or bumpers and bar? Thanks

Comment #87 - Posted by: B in Chucktown SC at August 3, 2009 11:22 AM

Ref #82: one of the traits of coherent thinking is coherence. Perhaps this a bit complex for some, but to me it appears pretty self evident.

Only two data points are needed, in this case, to ignore the whole thing:

1) It is incoherent, and consists mainly in pejorative adjectives applied liberally and wherever possible

2) The guy has MAJOR emotional troubles: "SLAVENATION is myriad connotations of darkness, and underscores its suggestion of violence and destructive emotion. SLAVENATION is a tower, an image of the city, symbolizing cultural order and authority. A card in the tarot pack. SLAVENATION moves from an idealized pure tower, through destruction, to an impossible, nightmare vision of an upside-down tower reminiscent of Bosch. SLAVENATION is the ruined tower. SLAVENATION is the hanged man. SLAVENATION is death. SLAVENATION is a repulsive image mixing vulgarity and cheap modern decadence, deliberately draining scripture of its biblical resonance."

My take: ignore it. He's just trying to yank peoples chains. The best thing to do with people like that is to deny them the childish thrill of offending whatever social formation currently constitutes "mommy" for them.

Speaking of which: Bruno sure tanked fast, didn't it? It deserved to.

If anyone has ever actually read my published pieces on this phenomena--I have termed it Cultural Sadeism--all I will say is that in my view the evidence is clear and pervasive.

These people are out there, and they want to be soldiers, and policemen. They just need someone who also needs them.

Comment #88 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 11:27 AM

So Barry, why did Bruno deserve to tank, exactly? And if $60M is tanking, well, I'd like to try that out.

Comment #89 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 3, 2009 11:36 AM

So Barry, why did Bruno deserve to tank, exactly? And if $60M is tanking, well, I'd like to try that out.

Comment #90 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 3, 2009 11:38 AM

making up for a few days lost.

CFFB Collegiate Strength WOD-

Back squat 5X5: 260-265-265X4-260-260X4
Shoulder Press 5X1: 135-140-145-140-140

then "Nicole" (running after heavy squats = bad day)

5 full rounds, last round just pullups

36 21 21 22 20 12 = 132, last time 127

standby for JT later. Guh.

Comment #91 - Posted by: adam (m/23/5'9"/167) at August 3, 2009 11:38 AM

Because he's an A$$hole.

And they made the bulk of that $60 million the first weekend. Before people started telling their friends to stay away.

His only goal is to disrupt cultural narratives. The only meaning for which he has to live is to destroy the sense of meaning of others, and if he can't do that, to mock them.

He is not someone who really know how to laugh. He's not a comedian: he's vicious, and only superficial people fail to see this, in my view.

Schadenfreude is after all a word that originated in the same place "Lebensraum" and "Endloesung" did.

Comment #92 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 11:48 AM

B in Chucktown SC at August 3, 2009 11:22 AM

Sorry, I didn't really answer your question, did I. What I did was buy the bumpers and bar, and made the pull-up bar out of 1" pipe, and a doorway. Be creative. A pull-up bar can be a truly inexpensive aquisition.

Comment #93 - Posted by: Goat 33/M/192/5'-11" at August 3, 2009 11:49 AM

Hey quick question to anyone who can give me an answer:

I've seen some people doing 100 day challenges, i.e. 100 burpee challenge, this idea caught my eye. What is the 100 day challenge?

Comment #94 - Posted by: Kameron M/23/168 at August 3, 2009 11:51 AM


Need more certs in Texas! Certs in Texas seem to sell out faster than other locations...sounds like a trend that should get some more attention.

Comment #95 - Posted by: StunZeed at August 3, 2009 11:53 AM

So Barry,

If the reason people stayed away from this one was due to bad word of mouth due to Cohen being an a$$hole--as you put it--why did "Borat" do so well?

Comment #96 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 3, 2009 11:56 AM

Gant Grimes at August 3, 2009 11:59 AM

Lol, I didn't even read the name. Hilarious.

Comment #97 - Posted by: Goat 33/M/192/5'-11" at August 3, 2009 12:00 PM

I found Borat funny, due to it's incredibly bad taste (of which I am a natural fan). However, it was the kind of thing which would be funny to me only once, so I never even bothered with Bruno, which is quite obviously a coattail rider. I have better ways to spend the last six dollars I own (and yes, in my area a matinee is only $5.50).

Comment #98 - Posted by: Goat 33/M/192/5'-11" at August 3, 2009 12:14 PM

I will add, that my comment on coherence was on the mark. That rant was incoherent, and the name under which it was posted doesn't affect that in the slightest.

Those who hate without any effort to create are weak. I will go farther: those who hate, period, are weak. I feel anger. I take action to defend people and points of view. But I spend no time at all brooding about individuals or groups, except to the extent that I view all systemic failures as arising from perceptible errors, the diagnosis of which will, hopefully, at some point help to end the failures.

There are a lot of mentally ill people out there actively working to breed a sick, morally corrupt society. They use many tactics, and some of them are clever. Few saw through Borat.

But, in the end, their forms of corruption lead, inexorably, to self destruction and despair. They are unsustainable. They are foolish.

And, Lord willing, they will in the end give way to a new future created by those who find Hope in themselves, and who, perforce, feel no need to cede their minds and souls to the first person who asks.

Comment #99 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 12:14 PM


One thing about humans remains strangely true:
When man comes up against something he can not destroy, he destroys himself instead. I suggest you do the same. Or find something else to complain about. If you can't do the WODs go back to your curls.

Comment #100 - Posted by: Kameron M/23/168 at August 3, 2009 12:39 PM

In regards to the article and in the words and rephrasing Cervantes:
"-Don quixote! the dogs are barking!"
"-That's ok Sancho, it means we are making progress"

Comment #101 - Posted by: Humberto at August 3, 2009 1:59 PM

You forgot to include Amanda Hugginkiss, Hugh G. Reccion, and Phil McCracken

Goat- as these are all in bad taste, I assume you must be a fan :)

Comment #102 - Posted by: Strong Lil Pony! at August 3, 2009 2:00 PM

Great job on your Muscle Up WOD Graham!

Did Presses today-Rippetoe style-trying to tackle one lift per day (back squat, dead, press) to gain some added strength. Don't have the time to nail down his Starting Strength routine, but felt I could commit to one lift per day.


#73- thanks for the shout out my friend!

Comment #103 - Posted by: Fit Mom in CT of CrossFit Persevere (F38/125/5'2") at August 3, 2009 2:06 PM

Level 1 Certification – Chicago, Illinois:

I would like to thank Todd, Andy, Stephan, Nadia, Joe, Joe, and Rudy the amazing team of trainers who lent their talents and expertise to those of us who attending the Level 1 Certification this past weekend in Chicago. It was a pleasure to meet each of you. I can’t express to you enough how outstanding the presentation was and how fortunate we all were to have had this opportunity to learn from your experiences and teaching. This group of coaches/trainers was outstanding. It is wonderful to be trained by people who have such a great sense of humor and who truly love what they do. Your antidotes and stories were invaluable teaching tools for all of us. I would recommend this certification to everyone who participates in Crossfit. This weekend helped me to gain a better understanding of the principals and skills utilized in Crossfit. I not only feel more confident in what I do as a Crossfitter but this cert gave me the foundation and the understanding I need in order to teach others. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to benefit from your successes and missteps. Those examples become such invaluable lessons in not only teaching CrossFit but in life itself. We applaud your hard work and thank you for your time, efforts and talents. I know I speak for all six of us who attended this certification from the CrossFit Chicago box when I say thank you for making the trip to Chi-town. It was a very memorable weekend (the effects of which I am still feeling)!

In addition, I would also like to thank the Chicago Police Training Division for opening up their facility to our CrossFit community.

(P.S. Grandma is going to be very happy that I am now able to teach her to be a bad ass!)

Many Thanks,
Eileen Craddock-Richardson
CrossFit Chicago

Comment #104 - Posted by: Eileen Craddock Richardson at August 3, 2009 2:22 PM

The guy with the shirt flexing his abs cracks me up

Comment #105 - Posted by: TacoLover at August 3, 2009 2:37 PM

Don to answer your question:

x^2 + 2x + 7 = 42
x^2 + 2x - 35 = 0
(x + 7)(X - 5)=0


X = 5 or x = -7


Comment #106 - Posted by: Stuart Bartley at August 3, 2009 2:42 PM


Been trying crossfit for about 2 months now. I'm out of shape and still losing LBs from my peak weight of 300+ lbs. I can't do a considerable amount of the workouts, especially the olympic lifting. I took yesterday off and today I tried to do a handstand push-up for the ump-teenth time, today. Got my first one today and have been running around screaming to anyone who will listen about it.

Comment #107 - Posted by: Chris J at August 3, 2009 2:51 PM

Not sure how Bruno came up as a discussion topic, but how can Barry use its box-office "failure" as evidence that he's not a comedian, not talented, etc., yet say later that you don't think "commercial success somehow constitutes credibility"? Do his two seasons of Da Ali G show on HBO (with six Emmy nominations) also not constitute credibility? I understand that you don't like his work (I wasn't a huge fan of Bruno, either, but I do like most of his other work), but I don't think it's fair to say that because his recent film ONLY earned $60 million, he must be a hack.

And mentally ill? Whoa. How exactly did we get to that conclusion? Why do you find his work so evil?

By the way, nice to see a video that is COMPLETELY legit on every rep. Very impressive.

Comment #108 - Posted by: ral at August 3, 2009 3:36 PM

I don't know, maybe it's just that I don't find dungeons and incest funny. I don't find mocking people to their faces to be funny. Yes, some people probably deserve it, but he picks run of the mill, ordinary people, who have done nothing whatever to him.

A word is in order on the process of cultural corruption. Psychologically normal people find their sense of meaning and purpose within a web of responsibilities and duties. They commit themselves to the well-being of their families, their communities, their nation, and--broadly speaking--the world. There is a fundamental congruence, that can continue unabated, for all intents and purposes, forever. One generation leads to the next. Each generation thinks about the following generations.

People like Cohen don't think like this. He's not trying to build anything, at least not with his "comedic" work. What one sees with him is a fundamental antipathy to normality, to the middle class, to--shall we not say the word out loud?--the BOURGEOISIE. I think he shares this with Johnny Depp, who lives in the birthplace of the first ideological mass murder in modern history, by choice.

Now, satire and mockery have their places, but what I feel in him, more than anything, is ANGER, and, perhaps, more than a degree of self loathing. Anger not at particular institutions, or people, but at the whole of Western civilization. Rather, of Western Capitalistic civilization, and particularly American capitalism when combined with sincere religious sentiment. He hates the Bible belt. He could be mocking people in Europe, but they might actually beat him up.

I don't like him. It's as simple as that. Other legitimate views are possible, and possibly if I met him I would change my mind, but I doubt it.

Actually, I would encourage people to read a summary of "Bruno" and ask themselves what sort of mind concocts this sort of thing:

I see where he is trying to be funny, but is it really funny posting pictures of children with adults in the 69 position?

In any intact cultural system, there are things you just don't laugh at. Certain things are sacred. The revulsion one feels is not a symptom of intolerance, but psychological health, and anyone incapable of outrage and anger is someone who is destined for lonelines, alienation, and eventual submersion in cult-like system.

To return to "meatgrinder", he is someone who shared that with others prior to posting it. They giggled in their Facebook, or MySpace, or whatever. None of them read sincere, vulnerable, meaningful poetry, and none of them are capable of deep sentiment, although they can likely imitate it. They watch movies that feature profound cruelty, and often find it amusing. And they are alone together. When they go to sleep at night, even in the same bed, they are alone. There is no Love, only unmet need.

This is Obama's audience. These are the building blocks of Leftist revolutions. This is the reason that intact cultural orders represent such an obnoxious hindrance to the implementation of mass slave states, and why every sacred belief that is not negotiable, is anathema to revolutionaries. They want and demand conformity; that is all.

And people who believe nothing have no purpose, and they are more than happy, at some point, to do their part to build, what was it? A "Slave Nation", I believe.

Sorry for the thread hijack. Rather than ignore things like that, I like to jump into them, dig through them, and come out the other side. Unlike people like that, I can learn. He can only defend a small space; I can build a large space that expands all the time.

He sees this in others--here, obviously--and feels hatred. Pure and simple. He is trapped; we are not.

Comment #109 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 4:13 PM

Hey Chris J, #111 - WTFG on that handstand pullup!

Crossfit is hard. And a lot of days, its way hard for us bigger guys. But never fear, deadlifts or cleans or something are always right around the corner. You can only work on your weaknesses for so long before you need something to feel good about to keep you going. I'm there with you.

And sorry, Barry Cooper, but your impossibly self-righteous rest day broken-records are just unreadable drivel. You may have something interesting to say; you may even be speaking pure white light. But your credibility was shot for this humble reader long ago, since its always just the same, tired, rest day attempts at comments board domination with your closed-minded uber-rechts gibberish. Sorry pal, but I suspect I'm not the only one who just scans right on by. Post a workout result on a WOD day or something, once in a while, eh? In the absence of that, it seems you don't enjoy the community at all and are just here 1 day of 4 to create a quarrel where there was none.

Comment #110 - Posted by: Benny1 M/40/74"/220 at August 3, 2009 4:42 PM

Come and check out a real man's e-blog!

Comment #111 - Posted by: Hathachips at August 3, 2009 4:42 PM

57 y.o. 5'10" 150lb

Nicole "plus"
5 rounds: 20 pullups, run 1 mile


Ran 15 miles yesterday.

Comment #112 - Posted by: Ken_Davis at August 3, 2009 4:49 PM

Since I tend to weenie out of most of the main site WoDs, I thought that I'd try something WoD-ish on a Rest Day to make up for my sins...

1. Walked 2 miles to military jodies on the iPod (about 180 steps/minute) in 27:00. It'd probably be easier to RUN to the jodies instead, but anyhoo...

2. Did "Karen" in 14:12 with home-made 6kg medicine ball...saved $80 ($1 for used b-ball, $5 for sand, pennies for epoxy) compared to store-bought med ball! Worked like a charm, and my home gym is complete! Woo-Hoo! Man...ten feet is MUCH higher when it's measured rather than guessed :^/

M/45/5'9"/195#/1800 EDT/85F/29C

Comment #113 - Posted by: J.T. at August 3, 2009 4:53 PM

Many thanks to Tuck for putting on a well-organized, instructive and memorable Gymnastics Certification this weekend in Westwood, NJ. He is a great instructor and a wonderful ambassador for this community.

EVERYONE should take this cert, not only to become better athletes and coaches, but especially to be able to meet and be inspired by a man that is truly passionate about his work. Thanks again Tuck!!

Also, thanks to Stephen and Tina of CrossFit Ignite for being gracious hosts. It was a pleasure meeting you guys and hope our paths cross again sometime soon.

Dennis & Jenn

Comment #114 - Posted by: dmarsh at August 3, 2009 5:16 PM

My name is Kris Davis and would like to thank Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance for everything they provide. On Aug. 2 I completed my first half marathon with using only Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance for training. I choose Crossfit because of the strong Olympic lifting basis. My main hobby is Scottish Heavy Athletics and this is the heart of the season and all I could picture with conventional long distance training was sore knees, weight loss, and less strength. Using Crossfit avoided all and even improved strength and flexibility. So to all of you who put out Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance God bless and thank you.

As a side note the race was the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon and I ran for a charity called Team World Vision. I am not soliciting donations but if you are so inclined do a web search and see what it is all about.

Sincere thanks

Kris Davis

Comment #115 - Posted by: Kris Davis at August 3, 2009 5:22 PM

Benny1: so, to be clear, you reject what you don't read, and suspect others do too? I'm sure you're right.

It's quite easy to judge that which you are ignorant about. It can be absolutely anything you want--I could be Mussollini personified--and if you only feel the need to address it through pejorative adjectives, then you're every bit the shining light that Meatgrinder is. Hell, maybe you know each other. Maybe you ARE each other. Wouldn't be the first time. If you had been here as long as I have, you would know what I'm talking about.

I've been to two Level 1 Cert's, an O-Lifting Cert, and the Kettlebell Cert. I was posting when there were 20 responses on a good day. How about you?

That's neither here nor there. Those of you who could care less what I have to say, won't read this. It's all good. Some few people, I think, do, and in any event it doesn't cost CrossFit any money to host my pixels, relatively speaking. It costs nothing to ignore me. It costs ME to put the effort and time in to try and expand my own understandings, and hopefully share them with interested others.

What I wanted to do is unify the two threads. We are talking here about pattern recognition. What allows experienced soldiers to spot bombs is knowing what's normal. Sherlock Holmes, too, depended in great measure upon certain societal conventions which, when broken, allowed him to make inferences and reach conclusions. The small deviation from a standard pattern is what makes the difference.

What if we didn't know what to expect from anyone? What if we had no system of etiquette, no sense of reciprocal obligation, no sense of honor, and no sense of belonging to anyone or anything? What if no one ever kept any promises? What if everyone, at all times, only did what was immediately convenient to them?

Is that not something close to a definition of hell? It seems that way to me. And if we don't foster, as communities, as families, the concepts of honor, and responsibility, and commitment, how will our society evolve in any direction other than a continuation of the "Me" generation, writ large, and increasingly nihilistic and pessimistic? That's what I see.

If that bothers anyone, that is my goal. We can't fix what we can't see. My INTUITION, based on any number of small observations, is that our shared social space is shrinking, and innocence is declining. I see so many people who think they are sophisticated because they are mean. What should any of us make of this?

I ask these questions for those sincerely commited to the future. Yes, this is a fitness site, but Coach has long known how I am, and frankly I have more than once received personal encouragement. We don't agree on everything--who does?--but on the basics, I think we are in good harmony. I respect him--his intelligence is one of the things that initially attracted me--and have strong reason to believe he respects me.

Comment #116 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 5:28 PM

Burpees, kettle bell swings 36lbs, air squats



Comment #117 - Posted by: jbutt at August 3, 2009 5:31 PM

swam 20 laps (25 yd pool)
Last lap under water

first 500 meters 8:30

Comment #118 - Posted by: BradH at August 3, 2009 5:31 PM

Kris, #119, awesome job!! Isn't crossfit amazing??

Comment #119 - Posted by: jbutt at August 3, 2009 5:34 PM

Benny1 M/40/74"/220 at August 3, 2009 4:42 PM

"...since its always just the same, tired, rest day attempts at comments board domination with your closed-minded uber-rechts gibberish."

I understand that a lot of people here don't like Barry or his rants, and if I had a million dollars I would bet that Barry doesn't give a crap. But this statement is just plain wrong. As in incorrect, and therefore in need of correction.

I often agree with Barry, but on several occasions I've argued against him. He is firm in his stance, but not because he is inflexible, or because he is trying to dominate the conversation. It's because he actually stopped to think, really think, before he typed, and if you had actually read his posts and stopped to think for yourself, you'd see that. There are times when I think Barry is wrong, and I happily butt heads with him all day long, but he's not wrong because he's "spouting drivel" or rabble-rousing, and when you say that about him you are doing little more than projecting.

Comment #120 - Posted by: Goat 33/M/192/5'-11" at August 3, 2009 5:41 PM

Level 1 cert - Chicago

Two words...BAD ASS!! A huge thanks to Todd, Andy, Stephan, Nadia, Rudy and the Joe's ( I believe there were 3!?) I learned more than I could have hoped and had a blast doing it. You are all inspiring, truly. Thank you!

Jennifer, Windy City Crossfit

Comment #121 - Posted by: Jennifer I. at August 3, 2009 5:42 PM

Attended level 1 cert in Chicago. All I can say is awesome job coaches. You all were so insightful and it is great to understand what CrossFit is all about. I have been doing it for awhile and been reading and watching videos but this really taught me a lot more. Thanks again

Comment #122 - Posted by: Kyle at August 3, 2009 5:53 PM


I can't wait to do my first handstand pullup! ;)

Comment #123 - Posted by: cory at August 3, 2009 6:01 PM

another Push/pull day
DB SP x 10
Pull ups x 10
4 rounds

185lbs DL x 10
plyo push ups x 10
3 rounds

sit ups/back extensions x 10 each

some speed work on the heavy bag

Comment #124 - Posted by: DNICE/M/34/175 at August 3, 2009 6:29 PM

Level 1 Certification: One World

Thank you Fredy for allowing us to use your facility, it is a fantastic place. Your positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious, thanks for making me laugh. A special thank you to all of the instructors (Austin, Pat, Drew, Jolie, Chong, and Josh), you were all so knowledgeable and helpful. The passion, enthusiasm, and love for Crossfit was so evident in every aspect of the certification. I learned so much in two days and I can't wait to share the info with other Crossfitters. Thanks again.

Comment #125 - Posted by: AmyR at August 3, 2009 6:29 PM

RE: Level 1 cert. Chicago
First of all, thanks so much to the Chicago Police Training Division for being great hosts.
Can not say enough about the coaches this weekend. It is awesome to find great instructors who can convey the material with a ton of enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and zero ego attatched. Every one of you love and beleive in what you are doing and it shows. Thanks for everything. Thanks also to the rest of the group of participants. How cool is it when the teams finishing the task W.O.D all become the cheering section for those that are still grinding it out? It doesn't get cooler than that.

Comment #126 - Posted by: Christopher S. at August 3, 2009 6:34 PM


Thanks!!! And even on that particular topic, in the end I think we agreed that there exists, within our Constitutional system, a means whereby we could BOTH be right. It is precisely the virtue of our Liberal system that we can reconcile honest difference peacefully.

Although no doubt to some the indicators would seem to force another conclusion, I'm not a narcissist (I don't think; there is a there, there, for me).

I look, first of all, to the prodigious number of CrossFitters who have VOLUNTARILY taken vows that have led to their prolonged separation from their loved ones, their homes, and their routines.

We are still a free country, and I think each and every one of us OWES to those who sacrifice for us to do our BEST to understand our world, and to use our (current) freedom of speech to articulate our shared sense of purpose: the MEANING of the system of government for which many have given their lives.

I am a thinker, in my own self assessment. The job of the thinker is to develop accurate perceptions of the world with respect to things which are not obvious, not manifest, and not currently seen by many. This is the job I have set myself, at any rate.

In my own way, I view myself as looking up an alleyway, or road, and asking myself what dangers can be perceived. My road is the future. My clues are the past and the present.

Coach has done an not very obvious thing in allowing and encouraging this sort of dialogue. Our soldiers fight and die for our way of life, but it is distressing how little people seem, often, to value the freedom we have.

We GOVERN OURSELVES. This point is ineluctable. Yes, we appoint people who often seem to forget their principles the moment they take their oaths of office, but in the end, they are still ACCOUNTABLE TO US. We can demand real change, but we must first do the job of understanding how our world works.

Why is State run healthcare a bad idea? This is something that needs to be understood. Far too many people think that if they vote for people who talk a good talk, that their fiduciary duties with respect to our collective future are done. Complete. Back to the hot tub and White Zinfandel (or whatever the current trends are). This, for many, is a complete and self contained moral system.

What is interesting about CrossFit is that it is like a water table that is steadily rising, and springing up in above ground springs all over the place: unexpectedly, and without all the usual trappings needed for a successful marketing campaign.

In my view, one important cultural aspect of this is that CrossFitters, in general, are HONEST. They say what they mean, and mean what they say. This, in our modern world is unusual. This has as much to do with our success--our community--as the actual program.

I have no doubt that Coach has been asked multiple times to stop the political stuff. I have no doubt people have told him its bad for business, and that politics and fitness have nothing to do with one another. Certainly, I've seen that claim many times here, and must infer numerous personal conversations as well.

We may reach a point where it stops. I don't know. But I think for him, as for me, a beauty of this system is we can be who we are. I stand naked in the gym where my performance is what it is. Right now, it's not so good, but it has been much better in the past, and I'm working on getting it back up to speed.

More: ideosyncrasy, and avoiding the obvious, well trodden paths are what make life interesting. Who are you, if you succeed and lose your soul in the process?

Few thoughts. I think we saw a deliberate attack today, that failed.

Comment #127 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 3, 2009 7:13 PM

Big thanks to Pat, Boz, & Chuck for a great L-2 cert this weekend in Jax. It was very inspirational to be around such a wealth of knowledge, not only from the instructors, but also from the other trainers participating.
Thanks to TJ for being such a gracious host, you are the man! Congrats to the Jax crew, Chris and Meghan, for representing the 904.

Comment #128 - Posted by: Todd O at August 3, 2009 7:27 PM

I had an amazing experience of attending my first ever CrossFit certification seminar (Level I) hosted by Freddy @ CrossFit One World.
My first thanks goes out to Steve Wetterer, owner of CrossFit Lake Tahoe for introducing me to CrossFit and now, sending me to certification to become a trainer.
Drew delivered an exceptional presentation. His experience, ability and style made sitting in chairs listening easy for CrossFitters. Josh's instruction on the lifts were second to none, he is the master. Chong will be a valuable member of the Crossfit teaching staff, strong, silent, focused and concise (that was the cutest baby, congratulations). Austin, thanks for the kip ability, I still see stars #%&*@. Jolie, WOW!!! Wonderful presentations and coaching. Living proof that size does not matter (CrossFit Games winner). Patrick, my personal favorite. Loved his relaxed style and ability to get the point across with a smile.
Ahhhh...what do we say about Freddy? Extremely motivating, very inspirational, magnetic personality. Mmmm..."Leave your ego at the door?" I don't think so. A healthy dose of positive ego goes a long way and keeps you coming back. Thank you for a clearer understanding of the CrossFit phylosophy. Can't wait for the 3 minute PVC Fran.
Thank you all again. Come see us anytime in Tahoe!

Comment #129 - Posted by: Iris Kamm at August 3, 2009 7:34 PM

22 / M / 5'9" / 135lb

First day back since June 24, except for doing Starting Strength, which I had to stop due to injury. Ug, I want to die.

As many rounds as possible in 20 mins of
400m and max rep pull-ups

4 rounds
Strict pull-ups 8-5-7-3

Comment #130 - Posted by: BC at August 3, 2009 7:48 PM

hey guys, awesome job at the cert. Everyone did an incredible job of presenting the material, it was very obvious why all of you are excellent trainers. I do wanna give a shout out to chong, he did a great job and was very concise and clear about cues and corrections. I hope he's able to stay on the circuit. Thanks a lot for everything, so glad i'm part of the community.

Comment #131 - Posted by: Paul Polsin-Crossfit Sonoma County at August 3, 2009 11:16 PM

Man, that Barry Cooper sure loves him some Barry Cooper.

Dude, you, with all of your pent-up angst and constant negative tone, are priceless with your conclusion that someone who is a professional comedic actor doesn't know how to truly laugh.
People like you who get all bent out of shape about it are exactly what make him truly laugh. And yes, he is leading all of us liberal leftists blindly down his evil path to destruction.

Comment #132 - Posted by: moak at August 4, 2009 8:45 AM

To be clear, you think incest is funny? Just wondering. It happens every day, in the real world. I have known victims of it. I personally don't think it's funny.

He wouldn't laugh at me. If he thought about me at all, it would be to hate me. For him, the whole thing depends on him being in control. Once his jig is up, it's not fun for him any more. I'm reasonably sure of this. He doesn't want to be funny as Sacha Baron Cohen, Cambridge Graduate and Jew. That's why he keeps making up new personas. He has to. He'll come up with another one, no doubt. Or stop making movies.

He idea is that he is a foil which enables us to laugh at other people, those he wants to mock, and marginalize. He wants us to join him in his ironic position. He wants, in other words, to denigrate bourgeois culture without offering anything constructive of his own.

He wants us to forget about who we are, stop valuing who we are, and stop caring about others who want to assault our cultural order through persistent provocation. This is a slippery slope.

My read on him, psychologically, is he has issues with his father. Specifically, he views his father as so much superior to him that he is much more comfortable playing the clown than trying to follow in his footsteps. Yet he reportedly keeps the Sabbath. Interesting irony in itself.

It's always interesting to see my critics failing to read what I write, failing to respond to 90% of the points I make, then pretending I'm the fool.

I'm sure I come across to many as arrogant. I'm not: I just don't mince my words out of a false humility that aims at nothing higher than being inoffensive. If I offend people, so be it. I think through my cases carefully, argue them as carefully as I have time for, and provide as many supporting facts as I can. There is no reason this should be a skill and practice unique to political and cultural conservatives.

Yes, clearly, I make people mad. The solution is to respond in kind with coherent, factual, logical arguments. And if you want to tag some ad hominem on the back of it, I likely won't even notice. Makes no difference either way.

Comment #133 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 4, 2009 10:36 AM

Chicago cert was great! The trainers were up to the caliber that I expected and even more. I knew CrossFit was the way, but after the Cert. it completely went to another level. Thank you! Time to go do the WOD!

Comment #134 - Posted by: Ryan Dietlin at August 4, 2009 10:54 AM

Barry, I don't believe there is anything about which we cannot or should not make jokes. It depends upon the true nature of the humour. Here's another take on the Bruno movie, which would say that you have missed what it might be he's actually doing:


Comment #135 - Posted by: J1 at August 4, 2009 3:08 PM

J1: I read your piece. Here, to me, is the focal point: "The judo throw of shifting the butt of the joke on to the homophobes never happens."

This is the point I'm trying to make. He is engineering situations, very consciously, in which he is mocking people, to their faces, without them knowing. This is very much a type of Schadenfreude, and it doesn't stem from a genuinely humoric "place".

I read that he read History (majored in) at Cambridge, where he "wrote his thesis on Jewish involvement in the American Civil Rights movement, with emphasis on the 1964 murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in Mississippi." (From Wikipedia, which can likely be trusted here).

Do you perhaps this has something to do with his hatred of the American South, to which he keeps returning?

In my view, it is not his job or right to mock the beliefs of others. In a liberal democracy, all he has the right to ask for is equality before the law, and, in my view, the legal right to practice his form of homosexuality (were Cohen gay; as a British Public School boy, he's likely at least historically bisexual, but appears heterosexual now, which is a common British pattern). The State has no place in the bedroom. No doubt we can agree on that.

But beyond that, he has no right to demand people accept homosexuals. His own religion--and, again, he claims he keeps Sabbath--condemns what we still call, Biblically, Sodomy.

Why can't he just believe what he wants, and let others believe what they want? Because he disagrees with their beliefs. He wants to mock their beliefs. He wants to mainstream the open ridicule of those who hold non-negotiable, non-mutable moral positions.

The point of our liberal democracy is to reconcile and negotiate difference; it is not to destroy it.

Comment #136 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 4, 2009 6:40 PM

"Why can't he just believe what he wants, and let others believe what they want? Because he disagrees with their beliefs. He wants to mock their beliefs. He wants to mainstream the open ridicule of those who hold non-negotiable, non-mutable moral positions."
Gosh, that sounds almost like... free speech.

Comment #137 - Posted by: Nick at August 4, 2009 8:08 PM

Barry, taking your post above at August 4 10:36 about yourself, and changing just a few words here are there, we could get the following about Mr Cohen:

"I'm sure he comes across to many as arrogant. He would not doubt say that he's not: he just doesn't mince his words out of a false humility that aims at nothing higher than being inoffensive. If he offends people, so be it. I would say he thinks through his jokes carefully, executes them as carefully as he has time for, and provides as many supporting facts as he can, through wandering around real life situations with his camera. There is no reason this should be a skill and practice unique to political and cultural liberals."

The following from you:

" a British Public School boy, he's likely at least historically bisexual, but appears heterosexual now, which is a common British pattern"

is clearly an attempt at humour. Not bad. If we were living in the 1950s. Any black jokes?


Comment #138 - Posted by: J1 at August 5, 2009 12:02 AM

Hey, if you're gonna shoot a video, try not to put a giant light object (in this case, the open garage bay door) next to a giant dark object (in this case, the interior of the building). It confuses the metering on the camera, and gives you what you see here - you can't see much detail on the inside of the building. If you had moved over by the door and shot towards the inside the building, you'd have much better lighting. Generally speaking, you want to try to avoid backlighting your subject.

Comment #139 - Posted by: Tim in VT at August 5, 2009 5:05 AM


I, TOO, am exercising free speech. It would be a wet dream come true for Cohen, if he could just get someone to try to ban his film. Alas, it has not yet come to pass, and I am not arguing it here. As John Stuart Mill said, though, condemning specific utterances is what ENABLES free speech in the first place. If we not to ban outright certain types of speech, then we MUST have the right to attempt social ostracism and marginalization. This point is ineluctable. I have every right in the world to label him morally destructive, implicitly nihilistic, unproductively angry, and NOT FUNNY.

As far as your attempted moral equivalency, surely the point of perception is accuracy? Do you really think Cohen and I have even roughly the same personalities? Do you really think he is trying to present a coherent factual argument for his cultural destructiveness and vicious anger? It's not hard to trick stupid people into saying stupid things. That's a fool's game, and it's a game played for his effete co-conspirators, and ignorant others who either fail to see his political intent, or agree with it.

What's hard is CREATING something useful. Helping racists see the errors of their ways. Helping facilitate tolerance for--if not agreement with--homosexuality. He's not doing that. He's sticking his ass in peoples faces and saying "look what I can get away with".

As far as the comment about Public School boys, which anyone who knows about the British system will understand is shorthand for a system of privilege and wealth--and, of course, PRIVATE schools, in the American usage--I stand by that comment. I spent three months in England, including a one month stay in Oxford. Bisexuality was quite common, from what I could tell. It's trendy on many American college campuses even today. If you read the memoirs of people like C.S. Lewis, and, if memory serves, Winston Churchill, these things go back quite far. Not all public school boys engage in homosexual conduct, but it is common, and has been for several hundred years longer than it has been publicly acceptable.

I'm curious how many of you knew King James was almost certainly gay?

At what point does pretending that telling the truth accurately is bigotry, turn into simple sophistry and WILLFUL ignorance? Surely if one CHOOSES to misunderstand the world, that doesn't make it a virtue?

Comment #140 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 5, 2009 5:52 AM

I appears that the invisible hand of crossfit censorship has been at work on this thread. There are several responses to comment #82 but the current comment #82 is unrelated to the response.

It would be nice to seeing rules of acceptable behaviour for the comments section if censorship is going to be applied.

That way comment #82 could be properly removed and replaced with a notice that it was removed due to...

Comment #141 - Posted by: KSW at August 5, 2009 6:56 AM

KSW: Surely the reasoning behind deleting vicious, unsupported, and incoherent posts intended solely to provoke anger is clear enough?

We debate here. That's what we do. Personally, while I was not happy to see people I admire gratuitously and inaccurated impugned and insulted, I think it is useful from time to time to remember what sort of world we live in, and what sorts of sick people lurk under many rocks.

I will admit to a similarity with Cohen in this: I do thrive on people pushing back on me. However, I differ in that my intent is to generate thereby a new, better synthesis of my own ideas; to create.

On that note, I will add that I have no issue with homosexuality per se. It's a non-issue. I've worked with, and to a great extent been friends with, any number of open homosexuals over the years. I don't care. I really don't.

But here is the interesting point: Henry Hazlitt, in his classic "Economics in One Lesson", argues that the two persistent and nearly universal failure of Constructivist economists is that they fail to 1) consider the effects of a given policy on all groups of a society; 2) to consider the effects not just in the short term, but in the medium and long terms as well.

We can enact policies that can positively impact ANY group we want. Currently, it is owners of "clunkers", but it changes weekly, so keep posted. Here, presumably, the intent is to "help" homosexuals.

However, the point I'm making, and keep making, is that these social assaults are intended to eliminate dialogue, not to foster it. It is intended to MARGINALIZE Christians, not to foster mutual understanding and support as fellow human beings. In short, it is intended to foster PRECISELY the same sort of bigotry it attacks. The sentiment is the same; only the targets have been changed.

Moreover, I keep making the point that we must think in terms of the long term sustainability of our moral order. Adaptations ALWAYS happen in the specific, never the general. Real tolerance always happens spontaneously between individuals that are not coerced.

Bruno is PRECISELY a parody of homosexuals he knows no one will accept. He is not working to foster tolerance, but rather to provoke intolerance, then point to it as something other than his own creation.

For this reason, there is an interesting homology between economics and morality, in my view. I have intuited this, but never quite seen it this clearly.

Comment #142 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 5, 2009 7:25 AM

I would make a further point: we must always keep in mind Alinsky's Rules for Radicals ( ).

It was presumably only after Obama discovered and deeply connected with the ideas of Alinsky that he labeled his mother a "Kumbaya era liberal". The implication, of course, was that she was too idealistic, and insufficiently "gangster" (Alinksy did literally pal around with the Chicago mob).

Consider in this context Rule no. Five: " 'Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.'" There is no defense. It's irrational. It's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions."

We have been leaning to Converative/Libertarian views since Coach has been posting Rest Day topics for discussion. That will be 4 years in December. That the lead articles tend to be conservative in viewpoint has nothing to do with it. I and others have shown that even Left leaning articles can easily be shown to be silly, self serving, mean, and bad even for the people they claim to care about. And, for their part, Leftists can neither defend their ideas from that starting point, nor from the starting point of a conservative article. It really doesn't matter.

So how, for people whose only concern is power, and not learning, do you attack an entity which is so resistant? Well, one obvious example is to result to Alinsky.

The guy who posted that link, "meatgrinder" (I assume it's a male, since screwed up women tend to be screwed up in slightly different ways), is borderline suicidal. His site was something like Slave Nation, and I can only assume that he has already made the decision in principle that he would prefer to reject the freedom of choice, than to continue with his own failure to find his own reason to live. He wants to be a slave.

And people like that are the backbone of Totalitarian movements. If you look at the sadists that constituted the backbone of the SS, the Cheka, the NKVD, and the Chinese, Korean, and North Vietnames equivalents, you can see clearly that Communism is merely a means of delivering a political and social order over to its most ruthless and unproductive elements. That's all it is.

And Socialists who ARE "Kumbaya" liberals, get run over. They have no chance against people who have rejected all forms of morality, in principle, and in total.

This is why EVERY movement in the direction of increased State control of our means of production, freedom of choice in our economic patterns, and every other aspect of our lives has to be seen not just in terms of the specific people proposing them, but in terms of what would happen if someone quite ruthless got their hands on the system at some point in the future. Our Constitution is designed to address that, but ONLY TO THE EXTENT IT IS RESPECTED.

Comment #143 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 5, 2009 8:03 AM

We are completely off topic, and have been virtually since the start, so I am going to share my feelings on the State Take-over of our healthcare system, which is sometimes called healthcare "reform". It is, of course, nothing of the sort.

Obama is looking, as he says in this video, to the long term:

He knows that restricting the freedoms of a freedom loving people can only be done gradually, and only under the guise of INCREASING freedoms. This point is inescapable.

So he's looking 10-15-20 years down the road. It has taken since the early 70's to get someone like George McGovern elected. And the radicals know that they can't get their whole agenda enacted right away.

BUT THEY HAVE TO GET THEIR FOOT IN THE DOOR. Detroit was handed to them. The financial sector was handed to them. What they need to do now is get the AMERICAN PEOPLE to agree to cede some of their freedoms to them. This is basic psychology. Once you have made a decision--even, and perhaps particularly, a bad decision--you rationalize it.

But things aren't working out as planned. They wanted to ram this thing through, then get people to start justifying their support of the candidates who pushed it through. This hasn't happened. The momentum has been lost. People are actually paying attention, and THINKING for once.

The more Obama is attacked, the blinder SOME parts of his electorate will become. There is NO CHANCE of converting the True Believers. But there are a LOT of people in the middle, whose votes are rapidly swinging--some for the first time in their lives--in a Republican direction.

Now, I have no reason to doubt Obama when he says he will ram this thing through, regardless of whether or not he receives Republican support, and regardless of whether or not its what the American people want. His agenda STARTS with the take-over of every industry whose Socialization he can rationalize. He has a twenty year plan, that starts with two terms, and the control over key positions that enables. He can, in two terms, put his people at ALL the high places in the NSA, CIA, FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security, and others. They, in turn, can control lesser appointments. But this takes time.

What conservatives can do is make sure that the takeover of our healthcare system by an overweaning Federal Government is a Pyrrhic victory. We can't stop them: make no mistake about that. But we can make it cost the Democrats their cozy control of Congress, and cost Obama the White House in 2012.

Comment #144 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 5, 2009 5:28 PM


What a great weekend. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn under the direction of an amazing staff. I started this amazing journey only 8 1/2 months ago and am grateful to be a part of this community and look forward to continuing my journey and having the opportunity to expand on what this weekend has given me. Drew, Pat, Freddy, Jolie, Josh, Austin, and Chong you are all stellar examples of the best Cross Fit has to offer.

Jolie when I grow up I wanna be like you :) Freddy thank you for your hospitality also...I discussed it with my husband and sorry, but "Freddi" is out, her name is still gonna be Mackenzie! Drew you are a very inspiring speaker and a great coach, stay safe out there, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Pat thanks for everything and particularly the "dickless, legless, and blind" I have stolen it a few times to drive the point home. Josh any athlete is lucky to be working with you, Austin thanks for the tips on the butterfly I will have to wait for this little girl to come before I can try them, and Chong way to go! You have my vote for the HQ training staff.
Thank you all so much for your time and effort. It was much appreciated. I do apologize if I made things a little uneasy for any of you due to my pregnancy but hey...constantly varied right??!! Thanks again.

Comment #145 - Posted by: MAD Chick CrossFit Sierra at August 5, 2009 9:23 PM

One in the hopper. Mods, you can delete it if you see this before you get to it.

Thinking about this birth certificate issue. You know the one.

These are the data points I consider significant: a birth announcement, the listing of Obama as an Indonesian citizen when he was enrolled in school there, as step-son of an Indonesian citizen himself, and the fact that his campaign website--rather, a purportedly neutral third party website--says it HAS SEEN HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Here is the link; they have photos and everything:

Now, the serial number is deleted. This is significant, possibly.

Here is a plausible scenario I have not seen offered elsewhere. Obama was born in the U.S., legally. His father divorced his mother, went to Harvard, then back to Kenya, where he tried and failed to implement Communism. His mother remarried an Indonesian, who was likely also a Communist. When the Communist regime in Indonesia was overthrown in a military coup, his scholarship to study oversea got revoked. Obama's mother married him, and moved with him and her son to Indonesia. To study in public schools in Indonesia, you have to be a citizen. This makes sense, of course.

Obama's mother divorces Lolo, and brings Barry back to Hawaii with her. She stays a couple of years, then basically dumps him and moves back to Indonesia, where she spends the rest of her life.

Here is the thing: Barry is an Indonesian citizen. His mother never naturalizes him. His Social security number shows him to be an expatriate. He can't get a Driver's Licence.

So what does he do? He forges a birth certificate. Now, how does he get a Social Security number? I don't know. Mexicans do it, now, so it must be possible.

Now, in this scenario, a perfectly honest, perfectly scrupulous public servant in Hawaii could go look up his certificate, find it, validate it, and ask what the problem is. This makes perfect sense.

The reason he won't authorize the public release, though, is that THAT certificate, and the one he's been using for 25 years, DON'T MATCH.

I could be full of it, but it does seem to me there is something here that doesn't add up. This is one plausible scenario, that corresponds with the facts, as they are available to me.

Comment #146 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 6, 2009 6:09 AM


Which serial # are you talking about?

Comment #147 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 6, 2009 6:58 AM

From the site linked above: "We asked the Obama campaign about the date stamp and the blacked-out certificate number. . .Says Shauna: "[We] couldn't get someone on the phone in Hawaii to tell us whether the number represented some secret information, and we erred on the side of blacking it out. Since then we've found out it's pretty irrelevant for the outside world." The document we looked at did have a certificate number; it is 151 1961 - 010641."

They go on: "When we asked about the security borders, which look different from some other examples of Hawaii certifications of live birth, Kurt said "The borders are generated each time a certified copy is printed. A citation located on the bottom left hand corner of the certificate indicates which date the form was revised." He also confirmed that the information in the short form birth certificate is sufficient to prove citizenship for "all reasonable purposes.""

Now, there is no need to think Shauna and Kurt are in on some kind of conspiracy. Both are looking at birth certificates that appear valid. Both document the same parents, same date of birth, and the same everything.

My question, though, is how Obama changed back from Indonesian citizenship to American citizenship. My guess, here, is that if the two certificates were placed side by side, they would differ in important physical details.

The physical copy the Obama people have they have apparently only shown to the people, who took pictures, and published their observations. No one else has, to my knowledge, been given access to it.

It would be easy to get a new one. According to the website for the Hawaiian Department of Public Records, all that's needed to request a certified copy of a birth certificate is $10 and a driver's licence.

President Obama has access to literally EVERY secret we have. What weapons we are building; where and who our spies are; intimate details of how we design and implement national security policy; our long term strategic plans.

And yet, he has not provided the American public enough information to get a Driver's License. Should that not be troublesome? Could I go to the DMV requesting a driver's license, and point them at a website in lieu of an actual physical copy of a notarized birth certificate? No, I couldn't. They would tell me to get the damn certificate and come back when I was serious.

Comment #148 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 6, 2009 7:23 AM

How would he have lost US citizenship in the first place?

Comment #149 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 6, 2009 7:32 AM

I was going to post a little story about how the article related to my job, how I used some of the skills described to do what I do. But then, I lost my job. Is it wrong that I find this funny?

Comment #150 - Posted by: Goat 33/M/192/5'-11" at August 6, 2009 9:23 AM

Here is a picture of his school registration in Indonesia:

He is listed as an Indonesian citizen. Now, the part that is not clear to me--that would require much more time for me to research than I have time for--is what the process would have been for renouncing American citizenship, and becoming Indonesian. Who would be notified? Anyone? What, specifically, was the relationship at that time between the U.S. and Indonesia? Would Indonesia have verified Obama was a citizen, or simply taken his parents word for it?

These are open, debatable questions. What is not debatable, in my mind, is that he was registered in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen.

For a long time, it was hard or impossible to hold dual citizenship for Americans. This link here talks about it:

Now, Guy, your link does not address the core issue: DID OBAMA KNOWINGLY LIE ABOUT HIS PAST? That is the question. I am perfectly content that he has satisfied the LETTER of the law. What I am concerned about is having someone in the White House who can knowingly tell bald faced lies to the American public. If he is that sort of person, our job as citizens is to make sure he doesn't get away with it.

He has a Communist ancestry. Communists lie like preachers preach. Communism and lying are virtual synonyms.

Here is one potentially interesting path of research: was the Social Security number he was assigned at birth the same as the one he used when he got his passport as an adult? Has it been consistent all the way through?

As far as that goes, how did it work back then? My kids got their numbers when they were born, but I vaguely remember applying for mine as a young adult. In any event, if he WAS assigned an SSN back then, it can only help his case.

To my mind, these questions are not irrelevant or unreasonable. Clearly, Obama's thought police would like to trample this line of inquiry under foot, without actually spending the $10 it would take to resolve it instantly. They want to marginalize patriotic Americans who understand that the President is no more above the law than they are. Surely that should give the more thoughtful among us pause?

Comment #151 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 6, 2009 9:26 AM

Ok, so he was registered as an Indonesian citizen...when he was between 5-10yrs old.

If you really believe that he lied, that he fabricated a SSN, then please, do the research and post it and I will read it.

But since he wouldn't have lost his citizenship when he was moved to Indonesia, he wouldn't have been required to be naturalized when he moved back to Hawaii, therefore wouldn't need to fabricate a new SSN because he still would have had the same one (assuming his parents had gotten him one when he was born). But if he didn't have one, then he could gotten one with his birth certificate.

The link I posted didn't have anything to do whether Obama lied about anything because I wasn't addressing that point. I was posting an answer to your question:

"My question, though, is how Obama changed back from Indonesian citizenship to American citizenship. My guess, here, is that if the two certificates were placed side by side, they would differ in important physical details."

Comment #152 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 6, 2009 10:14 AM

Let's assume I'm correct--and I may well be wrong, but can't for the life of me figure out what political benefit accrues for Obama in not spending the $10--then he technically has not resided in the United State for 14 years, as a U.S. citizen. If this idea is correct, then he is technically still an Indonesian citizen.

Again, though, I will admit I don't know how this works. My understanding had been that dual American citizenship was not allowed, but apparently starting in the 1950's it was allowed at times. He conceivably could have been both an Indonesian and American citizen.

We just don't know. Virtually his entire life is invisible to us, other than what he himself has told us. That this concerns people, given what we DO categorically know about him--for example that he spent a lot of time, by choice, with Communists--should surprise no one.

I think sometimes the effect of the sheer quantity of media we are bombarded with had the effect of altering our time windows. What we gain in the volume of information in the present, we lose in the ability to contextualize that information historically.

People seem to feel, for example, that being a Communist or Muslim shouldn't matter. That a lifetime spent pal-ing around with far left-wingers should not tarnish him. But then he takes what is already concern, and makes it worse by closing the gates to his history, so that if there were redeeming, reassuring features to him--normality, to be clear; engagement in non-radical politics, and moderate views--we can't see those, either.

As it is, we have to assume that when he was at Columbia he was taking classes from every radical on campus, sitting in the front row, and scribbling furiously. They convinced him to "Go to the Midwest, young man", and he did, and took his radical indoctrination, and applied it in the South Side of Chicago, using the ideas of Saul Alinsky, and undertaking an "apprenticeship" under the tutelage of actual students of Alinsky, in Alinsky's old neighborhood.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

This is the context within which these questions are asked. Surely, we the American people have the right to ask for BASIC INFORMATION? This is not unreasonable, and no amount of mockery and condescension will change that fact.

I am perfectly happy to admit that I believe he has satisfied the legal requirement to be President. I still want to see the DAMN certificate, out of principle, if nothing else.

Again, you need $10 and a valid drivers license. That's all it takes.

Comment #153 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 6, 2009 10:30 AM

Regarding "If this idea is correct, then he is technically still an Indonesian citizen."

"If Obama indeed possessed Indonesian citizenship as a child, it is unlikely he retains such citizenship. The country's bylaws require any Indonesian citizen living abroad for more than five years to formally declare his intention to return, otherwise risk losing his citizenship status. The law does not necessarily mean Indonesian citizenship would be immediately lost. The law can be overruled by ministerial order."


You'll also notice in the article that he returned to Hawaii at age 10, so, assuming he left at 5, he would have spent 5 years in Indonesia not 14. There is also mentioned of him traveling to Pakistan as a college student as well.

Comment #154 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 6, 2009 10:41 AM

Clearly, his parents listed him as a citizen. This does not mean he WAS, but given that his father was, and his mother certainly was at some point or other, it seems reasonable to think that he was, in fact, legally an Indonesian citizen.

The question is: did he at that point--rather did his parents, on his behalf--renounce American citizenship? Was he both? If not, how did he repatriate?

It may be that Indonesia never "canceled" his citizenship. Or that maybe they did, but it was moot at that point, since he was for all intents and purposes again an American citizen.

You mention the Pakistan trip: that was, in my view, a malapropism, indicative of his lack of genuine intelligence. Prior to him commenting on it, on the campaign trail--in what was no doubt a deviation from a prepared script--WE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT. We don't, even now, know who paid for his trip around the world. We know DAMN NEAR NOTHING about the life of the man currently holding the most powerful office in the world.

Comment #155 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 6, 2009 10:59 AM

His parents could not renounce his citizenship.

Comment #156 - Posted by: Guy Thompson at August 6, 2009 1:33 PM

The question arises, then, first: was Obama a dual citizen? This would seem to be a necessary conclusion. However, it should be kept in mind that the laws that MATTER are the laws that were in place from roughly 1967 to 1980 or so, both in the United States, and in Indonesia.

Now, as I understand it, Indonesian President Sukarno was a Communist. It took a while for this to become apparent, but when it did, he was deposed in 1967 by Suharto in a military coup, who went on to rule for quite some time.

Lolo Soettere, Obama's step-father, met his mother while he was studying in the United States. I think it was Hawaii, but it might not have been. They went back to Indonesia roughly when Obama was 6-7. He was born in 1961, so this would have been 1967-1968, right after Sukarno was overthrown.

This would have been a chaotic situation, which also happened in the middle of the Vietnam War.

I state all this simply to say that the laws might have been strange in ways we can't infer, now. The one obvious example would be that his parents MIGHT have been able to renounce his citizenship, then. I don't know. There is nothing definitive here, certainly, but I think there are issues worth looking at here.

Another possibility is that maybe American diplomats didn't WANT Obama's mother back, so they bent the rules. As a friend of a known member of the Communist Party (Davis), her father would have likely been watched, and she no doubt would have been under some cloud of suspicion too. Public officials understood, then, the evil power of that awful ideology.

Comment #157 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at August 6, 2009 2:02 PM


My friend Jason and I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. We were incredibly lucky to make it to the One World Cert as many of the "Crossfit Legends" were the instructors. Thanks to you all, it was an awesome experience we are huge fans. It was great to meet them and get some one on one time with some personal instruction. I highly recommend this Cert to anyone whose hasn't been. Thanks again Crossfit HQ, and to Freddy the gracious host, kick ass place.

Comment #158 - Posted by: CtP at August 6, 2009 10:58 PM

Ran for 20 min's
50 Burpees = 8 minutes

100% Humidity, Aprox 90 degrees (Hulbert Field)

Comment #159 - Posted by: BigD at August 7, 2009 11:27 AM

CrossFit level 1 certification was awesome! Thank you so much to all the trainers!

Comment #160 - Posted by: Holly Nissen at August 10, 2009 12:49 PM

first time at a computer since the cert....

it was absolutely amazing training and teaching, all the trainers were ecxellent

thanks drew, jolie, josh, pat, austin, freddy, and chong

pat, dont take offense, but i didnt have the time to make it back to Santa Cruz and workout/pick up a manimal shirt!

trying to get back out to california,
Rob Silver

Comment #161 - Posted by: Silvs at August 10, 2009 10:25 PM
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