April 13, 2007

Friday 070413

Rest Day


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Greg Amundson Warm-up - video [wmv] [mov]

The Unlikely Frontrunner, Andrew Ferguson, The Weekly Standard

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Posted by lauren at April 13, 2007 7:24 PM

Another excellent video. I liked the joint mobility portion.

Comment #1 - Posted by: Alfie at April 12, 2007 7:41 PM

"Crossfit Total"

15 years old


bwt 165 lbs

first day back into crossfit since summer, just recovering from knee surgery! im excited to get back in it!

Shoulder Press: 145
Back Squat: 345 (pr)
DeadLift: 415 (tie pr)

CFT: 905

Comment #2 - Posted by: Alex at April 12, 2007 7:46 PM

Hi Folks, I have posted this prior but just looking for different ideas to keep things interesting...

What are the types of rest day activities some of you use for rest day? what types of intensities, timeframes etc...

I know the regulars...
an example of a different idea, I read of a guy wake boarding, thought that sounded like fun, will need to give it a try someday...figure with the diverse group of overachievers here there should be some pretty interesting rest day ideas...

I figure each type of geographical region should lend itself to different possibilities...

just curious...

Comment #3 - Posted by: wtp at April 12, 2007 7:50 PM

very sore..............thanks

Comment #4 - Posted by: Jaime Delgado at April 12, 2007 7:57 PM

I was looking at the Trevor Team workout and I can't tell if each individual is doing 300/400/500/600 reps or if the total of the teams effort in each exercise equals those numbers. Any help.......?

Comment #5 - Posted by: rmb at April 12, 2007 8:11 PM

#2 Alex: WTF?!! Your stats just remind me of when I was 15 years old: I was 5'5", 165lbs... of pure fat! I'm just wondering if that age is a typo, cause if not....wow. You're almost on par with OPT, and that's fricken amazing.

Oh yeah, great video, great music too. Does Greg do any back extensions? And is that x3 like the official cfwu or was did we see his whole warmup? I hope you're not on the juice and the kool-aid at the same time ;)

Comment #6 - Posted by: Y. Zhou at April 12, 2007 8:15 PM

Giuliani is either going to end up as a sacrificial lamb for the Republicans, because hey, they have to run somebody against Hillary, or else he's going to reveal that social conservatives haven't really been voting their values all along.

Can't wait to see what happens. I'm a civics geek.

Comment #7 - Posted by: J. Kru at April 12, 2007 8:23 PM

My first time doing CFT. And the 15yr old tears me a new one. Sheesh.


Squat --> 275 PR
Press --> 155 PR
DL --> 300 PR (previous was 295 when I was 16, weird)

CFT --> 730 (nothing to write home about, but it's a start)

Anyway, the squat felt like I could get more, but the deadlift felt like I was going to collapse. Is this a neural thing since most people deadlift way more than they squat (and I have long legs, I should be strong in the deadlift, right?)?

Also, I did sumo deadlifts since I have a lower-back tweak I'm getting over (not from lifting but rather a corporate kickball game, dern). Is this considered a violation of the spirit of the CFT?

The press should go up next time too, I have a tweak where the delt connects to the arm. I'm not sure why, I think it was from overhead squats one day.


Comment #8 - Posted by: Howard at April 12, 2007 8:24 PM

Does he do that for three rounds?

Comment #9 - Posted by: puma at April 12, 2007 8:35 PM

I am also interested if Greg does 3 rounds. I have been trying to do 3 rounds as of recently and it is ruining my WOD times. I am hoping I will get used to it soon enough though

Comment #10 - Posted by: Aaron Wilson at April 12, 2007 8:37 PM

#5 rmb,

Those numbers represent the amount of reps as a team. Each team members reps contribute to the total rep count.

Comment #11 - Posted by: Ronnieb at April 12, 2007 8:47 PM

Rudy is a passing fancy because Fred Thompson isn't in the race yet. When he runs (and he will), pay attention. You'll be looking at the next President of the United States. Quote me on it.

Comment #12 - Posted by: John Seiler at April 12, 2007 9:02 PM

CrossFit Total
backsquat: 275
shoulder press: 155
dead lift: 375
Total: 805

Moving back up to where I should be:)

Comment #13 - Posted by: JohnS at April 12, 2007 9:27 PM

That stretching routine is very very similar to my aikido one. We do basically what he does, with more leg flexibility stuff (necessary for tumbling, etc...).

If people are going to try it, my only suggestion is that swapping the order of the neck stretches and the shoulder stretches might be better.

We do arm spins then neck then shoulder.

Comment #14 - Posted by: Luke at April 12, 2007 9:57 PM

back extensions?

Comment #15 - Posted by: dcyn at April 12, 2007 10:03 PM

40 minutes?

That warmup x 3 does not take anywhere near 40 mins. What else is he doing to take up all that time?

Comment #16 - Posted by: Aaron Wilson at April 12, 2007 10:06 PM

Aewsome video. I think the best part is the song, Jimmy Buffet rules!

Comment #17 - Posted by: Benos at April 12, 2007 10:12 PM

man, that guy is fast. (sorry) the bouncing part at very beginning can be extended & interspersed with various types of jumping jacks and misc. jumps as a great warmup or even cardio/plyo session for fighters.

#3 rest day - hike or bike the trails

Comment #18 - Posted by: stuart at April 12, 2007 10:33 PM

yeah, fred t. is the man. only problem is his stupid stance on abortion... wont a candidate lose more votes being pro-life? there cant be more crazy pro-life voters than female voters.

if these republicans could just be reasonable and be pro-choice and let the weirdo gays do what they want, they'd be an easy slam dunk in the elections. but, what the hell do i know, i'm just a ballplayer.

Comment #19 - Posted by: James Montana at April 12, 2007 10:39 PM

22 yo/245 lbs

Dead Lift:685
Back Squat:565
Shoulder Press:215

CF Total: 1,465

Comment #20 - Posted by: Craig at April 12, 2007 11:25 PM

There's no doubt in my mind that the CFWU can hurt your WOD time. Moving the CFWU to a CFWD shaved 2 minutes off my 5k WOD time. However you're probably preventing an injury in the process, so it's good to sacrifice a faster WOD for better body health. In addition, I use it work weaknesses which are HSPU and Pull-Ups in my case.

Anyway, my warm-up I modified to 6x Samson stretch held for 5 seconds each. I do a Burgener warm-up the first round and OHS the last two. I try to do 15 sit-ups and back-extensions with that slanted back extension most gyms have (till they get a GHD). Then it's pull-ups and HSPU, both scaled (8 pull-ups currently, 15 HSPU w/ feet on a smith bar). I time it as I try to get it under 15 minutes so it's the cardio equivalent of a 1.5 mile run.

Seeing Greg A's warm-up makes me wonder if I'm pushing too hard in my own. Great video, there's ALWAYS been questions concerning the CrossFit Warm-up asked by beginners including myself. Been wondering when they would post a video about it.

Comment #21 - Posted by: Nuke-Marine at April 13, 2007 12:13 AM

I noticed several comments yesterday regarding novice, intermediate, and advanced scores on the CrossFit Total WOD. I have looked around but have not been able to find a reference or guide. Can someone give me a quick pointer to where to find the levels can be found?


Comment #22 - Posted by: missile at April 13, 2007 1:09 AM

Alex, holy crap dude well done.

Anyone who feels they're WOD's are affected by the CFWU should just gear back the warm-up as per the WOD. I sure as hell don't do 10 dips on a heavy pushing day but, like they said, Greg is a creature of habit and I'd believe it. That joint mobility video made me dizzy.

And as far as the song goes? I stayed at the Flamingo in Vegas for 3 nights back in October and I still have not purged that song from my soul.

Comment #23 - Posted by: gaucoin at April 13, 2007 1:23 AM

Comment #22, believe it or not, it's in the FAQ.


Work and Family Safe link.

Comment #24 - Posted by: Nuke-Marine at April 13, 2007 1:35 AM

Good video, thanks Greg/Coach.

Comment #25 - Posted by: Jay at April 13, 2007 1:43 AM

If a politician won't trust those he serves to own firearms...any firearms...why should they trust that politician to make decisions that will / can change the course of their lives?

While Fred Thompson might be an OK conservative, he's also from the Bigger Government movement. He voted for McCain-Feingold, and other such government increasing ideas/programs. Hardly a Goldwater Republican.

Pundit/columnist George Will, who really IS a conservative of the Goldwater/libertarian/small government point of view, recently wrote a nice article outlining how not-conservative Fred Thomspson was.

I had high hopes for Thompson...ALL the others suck. Where's Goldwater when you really need him?

George Will's article (family and work safe):

Comment #26 - Posted by: TimW at April 13, 2007 1:55 AM

Knee Pain

I am getting a little bit of pain in my left knee (along the left side and the top) when doing squats (whether air squats or with weights, and even for thrusters).

The pain is never severe but generally feels as if my knee is very weak. I almost always stop when I feel it.

Any thoughts on ameliorating this pain or on a wrap or brace that I can buy would be appreciated.

Comment #27 - Posted by: JT at April 13, 2007 2:34 AM

This kind of makes me sad because as a New Yorker I loved the old Rudy who didnt really care as much about making people mad, or being a "good republican" as being an excellent leader and bringing about positive change in his city (if you were in NYC under Dinkins you know what I am talking about).

Why do our candidates have to play so heavily to the extremes (both left and right) and not to the majority of the population who dont care about any single ideal more than being able to live peacefully and prosperously?

If anyone in this forum is wondering why Obama is so popular right now it is because he remembers Reagan's quote, "I hope it (history) will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears," and so many of the others playing partisan politics do not.

Comment #28 - Posted by: Eric Hulbert at April 13, 2007 3:27 AM

Bouldering yesterday. CFT today. Up 20kg since december, despite bad knee problems. Written in y-days comments. Now, I'm fried. Toasted.

Comment #29 - Posted by: mrjling at April 13, 2007 4:04 AM

I spend a fair amount of time on websites that are populated by die-hard Republicans and Thompson is the only person that inspires any enthusiasm. McCain seems to garner the most hatred but there's no love for Romney or Guiliani either. All in all, I would describe their opinion of the current crop of GOP candidates as "disgusted". I have to say I agree. The Republicans need a strong candidate to beat Hilary or Obama.

It may not be prominant in the campaigns but I think one of the major issues for the rank-and-file voters is going to be gun-control.

Comment #30 - Posted by: Chris Lampe at April 13, 2007 4:10 AM

Good video. Quiet similar to what I do, but some nice ideas in there too.

Comment #31 - Posted by: Ger at April 13, 2007 4:16 AM

#26 - "Where's Goldwater when you really need him?"

The last real conservative is dead, unfortunately, and no replacement in sight.

Comment #32 - Posted by: Porkchop at April 13, 2007 4:55 AM


subbed 3 normal dips for every ring dip

Comment #33 - Posted by: Dr. Punch at April 13, 2007 5:16 AM

Going back to #3, I normally am training for the half ironman I'm doing on Rest Days. I only have one rest day in my training, it's on Saturdays. So, today I'll be swimming a few laps. If the CF rest day falls on Saturday, then I go play golf!

Comment #34 - Posted by: Tyler at April 13, 2007 5:34 AM

Hey WebKeeper-

There's a typo in the FAQ - 1.6, "athletes".


Comment #35 - Posted by: Kevin Rogers at April 13, 2007 6:14 AM

cool video again. I especially liked the hula hoop circles at high speed.

Comment #36 - Posted by: Brett_nyc at April 13, 2007 6:15 AM

nice video of a warm-up. why doesn't anyone ever use the GHD for Glute-Ham raises?

Comment #37 - Posted by: brandon at April 13, 2007 6:16 AM

Regarding Fred Thompson...I agree he would make some noise in the run for the office. I while I need to research his policies a bit more he passes the sniff test IMO

I am wondering though if a role he played on a TV show in the early 90's would come back to haunt him. There was a Ken Whal show that was about an under cover agent...can't remember the name but there was a mini plot one season where Fred Thompson played the leader of a white supremacists group. I could see some jack ass pulling clips for a commercial...

I'm the "reverend" Al Sharpton, and I uh, I approved this message.

Comment #38 - Posted by: jfd4 at April 13, 2007 6:37 AM

10 minute snatch set - 85L/78R. Hand switch at 5:10. Chalk on fingers, thumbs and heel of hands. No chalk on bell. Had a few good reps remaining per hand; just starting cramp, but no deadhang reps. Hands in good shape.

10 minute rest

3x6/6 52# jerks with 2 second overhead lockout
3x10 TSC strict deadhang no kip pullups (very easy on hands)
3x10 no swing twisting knees to forearms (5 per side)

I planned to do higher reps on the jerks but my shoulders are feeling tired. I also planned to set rows with the jerks, but my lower back went into spasm (way, way too much unexpected overtime lately which meant sitting 13+ hours virtually every day). I still wanted some passive grip work and I needed to stretch my back, so it was deadhang pullups and twisting knees to forearms instead.

Comment #39 - Posted by: Kelly Moore at April 13, 2007 6:58 AM

Anybody remember Fred Thompson in "Billy Jack"?

Comment #40 - Posted by: MikeC at April 13, 2007 7:29 AM

Interesting article, thanks! It seems to me that Guiliani and John Kerry have the same way of handling issues:

John Kerry - flip,flop,flip,flop,flip,flop,flip,flip, etc.

Rudy Guiliani - flip...oh,um,flop,..oops,flip,..I mean flop,...what is your preference?,ok,flip,...etc.

#2 posted the exact same thing yesterday, too. Why post 2 times? Trolling? Anybody else think it might be fishy if a 15 year old, '..first day back...just recovering from knee surgery...' posts monster numbers, and pr, in BS and DL??

Just my $.02

Comment #41 - Posted by: Mark R at April 13, 2007 7:35 AM

#41, Mark

All politicians flip, flop. Thats why I always think it's funny when people accuse John Kerry of flip, flopping. No duh, they all do.

Comment #42 - Posted by: Benos at April 13, 2007 7:50 AM

Rudy won't make it. As an Italian-American exNYC mayor, thrice married, he won't resonate with GOP primary voters. His opponents will also tar him with his relationship with the now disgaced Bernie Kerik who is about to be indicted by the Feds. Fred Thompson has a serious form of cancer which is in remission but it may give many primary voters pause. It's going to be McCain vs. Rommeny for the GOP nod; my money is on the Arizonian. Americans like war heroes.

Comment #43 - Posted by: john wopat at April 13, 2007 8:00 AM

Doing the WOD later...

Where the heck do I get the red CF shirt?! :-D

Comment #44 - Posted by: Alex at April 13, 2007 8:19 AM

Anyone know what happened to Crossfit Live? Has it been discontinued?

Comment #45 - Posted by: dana at April 13, 2007 8:22 AM

#3 climbing, roller blading

great video! I like the joint mobility stuff, maybe I'll add that to my warm-up. Thanks!

Comment #46 - Posted by: nadia shatila at April 13, 2007 10:11 AM

22yr male
155 bwt
5'7" heigth

2000 m row
time was 7:05 getting closer to sub 7
finished with 50 pull ups plus 50 dips

Comment #47 - Posted by: Laramee at April 13, 2007 10:27 AM

37/M/190--Syracuse NY
My rest day: improve on weaknesses- double unders and press
BP: 195x10, 225x9, 225x6, 195x15
PR: 115x5, 115x4
DU: 150 (new pr--27 in a row, but a bunch of consecutive jumps in the high teens)

with 10# medball (3 rounds for time)
30 situp/throw (throw & catch at top of situp)
30 med ball passes around legs in "crunch" position (15 each direction)
30 med ball passes behind back in sit up/45* position (15 each way)
2x10 knees-elbows
5 windshield wipers
10 L pulls
10 hanging leg raises

Comment #48 - Posted by: DaGunk at April 13, 2007 11:18 AM

A little off topic....

Does anyone else feel disgusted by the way the 1st amendment is being completely disreguarded with respect to the Imus "uproar and firing"? I am in no way condoning what he said, but he broke no FCC rules and was fired for making people feel bad. This is getting ridiculous. And to top it all of two of the most sleezy and hypocritical people are leading the "marches" that have resulted in Imus being fired. I just wanted to see where other people in the community stood on this topic, because it seems as though we are losing our freedom of speech fairly quickly in this country. Who knows where it will end but soon we will all be so censored and afraid to speak our minds that....... communism may take over. (obviously being over dramatic)

Comment #49 - Posted by: jon at April 13, 2007 11:30 AM

#19 -

Not sure how being pro-life makes one stupid...

Pro-lifers are pro-choice...they choose life. (Think about that philosophical statement for awhile.)

I say anyone who has a conviction (thought I may not agree with it) about something and holds onto it is more of a person I can trust then someone who is wishy-washy. I also can't trust anyone who tries to appease some "group".

The only group politicians should be trying to appease is the American people. Sure, nobody is going to agree with someone all the time, but we in this country tend to give into the one voice who doesn't like something rather then the majority who really could care less.

This is where I agree with #28 "Why do our candidates have to play so heavily to the extremes (both left and right) and not to the majority of the population who dont care about any single ideal more than being able to live peacefully and prosperously?"

You hit it right on the head.

Comment #50 - Posted by: gdmv at April 13, 2007 11:38 AM

Just started yesterday with Crossfit, I figured it would be nice to start on a "benchmark" day, and uh...I'm almost embarrassed to put these numbers up.


Squat = 205lbs.
Shoulder Press = 95lbs.
Deadlift = 155lbs.

Yeah, I *might* have an upper/lower body strength imbalance. To be fair I've mostly been a runner, so I expected that to some degree, but holy cow.

My squats are decent, probably because that was part of what I've done before, so I'm used to the movement and I'm comfortable doing it.

The shoulder press on the other hand...eeeeeew. I felt like such a tool struggling to push up almost nothing. I can do more then that with pulldowns and (assisted) pullups, but I've never actually done shoulder presses with a barbell before, and it felt weird, so I expect that to go up next time. I hope. Please.

The deadlift score is abnormal, since it seems like most people have higher DL's then squats. My issue wasn't the legs though, but the hands, it felt like the tendons in my palms were rubbing directly against the bar. Should I get gloves for this, or is that frowned upon? Anything I can do to improve my grip strength?

Comment #51 - Posted by: dev at April 13, 2007 11:57 AM

The uproar over Imus' comments was instantaneous. Curious how it took the networks about 2 weeks to fire him. Coincides temporally with the advertisers decision to no longer invest in the show. Moonves' statement notwithstanding, seems like a pure economic move on the network's part.Gotta say, though, pretty stupid comments by Imus.

Comment #52 - Posted by: mcf at April 13, 2007 12:03 PM

#49, Jon,

"Does anyone else feel disgusted by the way the 1st amendment is being completely disreguarded with respect to the Imus 'uproar and firing'?"

The First Amendment does not apply in this instance. (Congress shall make no law . . ..")

Imus was not fired by or at the behest of the government. He was fired by his employer. Private employees have no constitutional right to be paid to say whatever they want. That doesn't mean it was or was not a good business decision, only that it was not a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Comment #53 - Posted by: Hari at April 13, 2007 12:05 PM

Jon, #49-

"Oh, it's a profit deal."

Imus' employer fired him because they don't think advertisers will stick around. Imus can go over to Central Park this afternoon and yell slurs all he wants.

You don't really believe that if you walked into your office on Monday and refered to all the women as "ho's," the hispanics as "wet@#$$," the boss as "my ni$$a," and your customers as "little bit^&s" that you would still have a job on Tuesday, do you?

Comment #54 - Posted by: The Jerk. at April 13, 2007 12:19 PM

I agree with you.
Regardless of the circumstances people should be free to say as they wish. If you do not like it do not listen or watch.
However, i would like to point out that Imus was completely able to turn the black community away from issues that they should really be worrying about.
if someone called me a "cracker" I would care less.
Maybe even find it a little comical.
I think 911 truth. The liars and traitors that run our gov., the economy, illegal immigration, broken homes, obesity, I could go on but you know what I mean, are all much more important issues.
For someone to give Imus or any other TV entertainer that kind of power over them, says more about the women than it does about Imus.

Ok, go for it.

Comment #55 - Posted by: R.FIelder at April 13, 2007 12:31 PM

Today's Workout:

For time

50 Snatches (2-55lb kettlebells)
50 Pull ups

(still working on the kipping pull up)

Comment #56 - Posted by: rob izsa, CrossFit Morris County at April 13, 2007 12:56 PM

#51 - nothing to be embarrased about. I found the crossfit site last week. My CFT is:

29 yom/185 lbs

Deadlift: 215
Squat: 230
press: 85

somewhere between untrained and novice, which is where I'd expect it to be based on my previously mediocre habits (at least since I was 24).

Even after just a week of the CFWU and 3-4 sessions (CFT, the deadlift day, the back squat/handstand pushup day), I can see definite improvement in my lats and shoulders (FYI when I started last week I can barely do 1 body weight pull-up, compare with 10-15 in college when I was playing 40 hours of basketball a week).

And when I say "see", I mean I visually look sleaker, at least to myself, after only 1 week. I have changed my diet somewhat as well.

Comment #57 - Posted by: BillD at April 13, 2007 1:14 PM


The first amendment protects you from being jailed by the government when criticizing it..It is not something that is used to protect people when they say moronic things, or a license to say whatever you want without repercussion.

Comment #58 - Posted by: Joshua B at April 13, 2007 1:33 PM

Your argument WRT pro-life vs pro-choice is a strawman. It imlies all pro-choice types are wishy-washy. It ignores the pro-choice people who defend the principle of individual rights, which is hardly wishy-washy. Where I may find common ground with you is if you had argued that the pro-life stance on principle is superior to those who argue for pro-choice with indifference as their moral imperative (ref rest day link from Evan Sayet).

Comment #59 - Posted by: monroe at April 13, 2007 1:36 PM

Crossfit total

3/17/07 Squat 415
Dead 475
OH Press 210

4/12/07 Squat 445
Dead 500
OH Press 225

Thanks coach, I have been weight training ever since my freshman year of high school. I played 4 years of college football at a small school and MD and have never in my life been a part of a program so demanding and so rewarding. 3-2-1 GO.

Comment #60 - Posted by: kdunsmore at April 13, 2007 1:44 PM

#51 Dev

Try using the hook grip (wrap thumb around bar first, then place tip of long finger over the thumbnail), which won't necessarily be more comfortable but will increase your gripping power. Try athletic tape on hands as needed. Also, try gripping the bar from the start in the same position that the bar ends up when you actually pull (toward the base of your fingers). To increase grip strength, you can't do much better than the dead-lift!

Comment #61 - Posted by: ScottH at April 13, 2007 2:01 PM


Chalk will help a bunch too, and its cheap :)

Comment #62 - Posted by: Kyle Kelson at April 13, 2007 2:14 PM


i posted twice because immediately after posting on yesterdays post a new post came up, therefore no one would even look at yesterdays, which made it worthless to even post.
nothing fishy about it! just working hard and keeping track of it via crossfit comment board.

gosh, its disappointing that i post results and they are doubted..

Comment #63 - Posted by: Alex at April 13, 2007 2:15 PM


i posted twice because immediately after posting on yesterdays post a new post came up, therefore no one would even look at yesterdays, which made it worthless to even post.
nothing fishy about it! just working hard and keeping track of it via crossfit comment board.

gosh, its disappointing that i post results and they are doubted..

Comment #64 - Posted by: Alex at April 13, 2007 2:15 PM

sorry for the double post!

Comment #65 - Posted by: Alex at April 13, 2007 2:16 PM

Don't let one doubter get your down, Alex, there are more positive comments out there.

Comment #66 - Posted by: gaucoin at April 13, 2007 2:35 PM

LOL- what a great video of Greg!

Alex- rock on! Great job :)

Comment #67 - Posted by: in8girl at April 13, 2007 3:19 PM

Rested yesterday, which meant greasing the groove on pull ups and working on being able to do a handstand push up.

Today's workout:

20 pull ups w/35 lbs
20 body blasters
20 sit ups w/25 lbs
20 45 degree incline push ups
20 hanging leg raises
20 135 lb deadlifts
20 tuck jumps
20 single-arm snatches w/35 lbs (each arm)
20 one-legged butt kick jumps (each leg)
20 jumping squats

I'll probably kayak some later on, but only for leisure.

Comment #68 - Posted by: Adam at April 13, 2007 3:23 PM

Don Imus has made millions of dollars for his employers with crude tirades; he also has raised millions for charity and operates a ranch for cancer stricken children. He was also a loud and vociferous supporter of Harold Ford's effort to become the first black to be elected to the Senatefrom the South since Reconstruction. The furor over his remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team reveals once again that any racially insensitive remark by a white man will result in instant media execution. What is truly unfortunate is the focus on symbolic crusades. While Reverend Jackson and Sharpton have removed Don Imus from the air, what have they done about crumbling, underfunded inner city schools? Why aren't they demanding an end to gang violence that claims the lives of thousands of black men every year? These are the real issues that confront African-Americans, not Don Imus' lapse in judgment on the radio one morning.

Comment #69 - Posted by: john wopat at April 13, 2007 3:32 PM

#59 -

#19 spoke directly to abortion, not other issues involving individual choice. I take offense that being pro-life would be considered stupid.

I firmly believe in the right of the individual to make a choice about anything as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

As far as Don Imus goes, he made a mistake and like any money making company they try to distance themselves. Fine. He'll be on the air again with someone else. Michael Savage was on MSNBC and he got canned for being too controversial..and he's on talk radio still.

I agree with you 100% #69. Imus knows he was wrong, and like a man he apologized, even after he was fired. I'd like to see Sharpton and Jackson do the same.

Comment #70 - Posted by: gdmv at April 13, 2007 4:51 PM

Regarding Rudy, it's a long, long primary season. We'll see if his current popularity holds once likely primary voters start to focus a bit on what policy positions and personal characteristics they want in their president. He won't get my vote but it doesn't matter in the general b/c I live in a terribly blue state anyway.

Comment #71 - Posted by: schmidty at April 13, 2007 5:54 PM

While we're discussing politicians and what Americans want (or maybe should want), look at our Declaration of Independence with it's enumeration of our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (we all remember btw that "happiness" won out over the word choice of "property" right?). That's what we want - protection of our lives, protection of our liberty, and protection of our "happiness" in the form of the positive results of the first two protections.

Abortion, no matter how you spin it, kills nascent human life. No way around it. That clump of cells is not going to become a rhino, a snail, and giraffe or any other thing except a human being with our incredibly uniqueness. Protection of life is sacrosanct and trumps the canard of a version of individual rights that give liberty to the taking of innocent human life. We can leave the discussion of morality of taking of guilty human lives via the death penalty of capital crimes off the table for this part of the discussion because erasing totally innocent human potential is simply not the same event.

Second amendment protections are also at the heart of what Americans should want for similar reasoning. To protect our lives and out liberty we should have the right to defend ourselves and to (theoretically, at least) take up arms against our government should it change it's form to something far more virulent.

Comment #72 - Posted by: schmidty at April 13, 2007 6:24 PM

Back squat
245 X 3
250 X 3
255 X 3
255 X 3
255 X 3

10 rounds
3 Muscle ups
3 Handstand Push ups


Comment #73 - Posted by: Jeff at April 13, 2007 9:58 PM


Back Squats
165 X 5

165X 5
175 X 5
185X 5
185 X 5


185 X 5
190 X 5

190 X 5
195 X 5
200 X 5


Power cleans
120 X 5
125 X 5
125 X 5
125 X 5
125 X 5

Shoulder Press

90 X 5
95 X 5

100 X 5
100 X 5
100 X 5


Back Squats
190 X 3
195 X 3
190 X 3

200 X 3
205 X 3
205 x 3


power cleans
125 X 3
130 x 3
130 x 3

shoulder press
100 x 3
105 x 3
105 x 3


5 rounds
15 overhead squats



3 rounds
10 bench 35# dumbell
15 pullups



3 rounds
sled drag hand over hand
15 swings each hand

"boxing helen"

5 rounds
30 box jumps
21 kb swings
12 pullups ( I did 15 pullups per round on accident)


Comment #74 - Posted by: Connor Martin at April 13, 2007 10:43 PM

#70 gmdv,

My comment was a thought on Jon's post, #49. I should have been clearer on that. Offense is unnecessary, unless you have a beef with logic. I attacked the argument, not the individual. I did not label either position as stupid. I did make a recommendation in the interest of lending some rigor to the thinking.
Thanks to all who expend the same mental energy on rest days as you do in the WOD.

Comment #75 - Posted by: monroe at April 14, 2007 3:02 AM

gdmv, Guess I should expend a little more mental energy. I was commenting on your third bullet from comment #50. I assumed by wishy-washy you referred to pro-choice.

Comment #76 - Posted by: monroe at April 14, 2007 3:16 AM

Fred Thompson...

The conservative movement is going through an internal struggle right now. Most conservatives want to sit back and wait for the normal election timing. We generally do not rally around the person as much as the ideals, you wont find a "rock star" like SEN Obama or President Clinton in the conservative field. We just don't view people as better than ourselves and worth sickening devotion as though that person will bring us back to the "golden age".

If Sen Thompson gets in the race, and backs up what he appears to be, I can promise you this...you will see the average guy like me suddenly get involved. What you have seen in support of the Democrat Rock Stars will pale in comparison. For 20 years the Conservative movement has been using proxy "conservative-lite" electees to patch together the roof frame Reagan built.

If Sen Thompson holds the line on true conservative values (I don't mean evangelistic flag waving necessarily either) as in to the "right" of President Bush on federal spending and illegal immigration, yet able to articulate the ideals of conservatism like Reagan, the ground swell of support will be a tidal wave. He will overwhelmingly take the most states and popular vote.

I encourage him to wait a bit longer before getting in. We are way to far out to begin this. The current crop of candidates look like dancing monkeys working for a dollar on a street corner with the scruples of a skid row stripper. Absolutely pathetic. Particularly the democrats, but that is to be expected.

Sen Thompson will raise 25 million in under half the time it took Sen Clinton or Sen Obama, with a lot more "Small time" donors as well.

What many are missing in the outcome of the last national elections is two-fold:

1. The Democrat gains were the lowest, by far, in over 150 years for a mid-term election during a President of the opposition party's second term.

2. Conservatives and Libertarians were pissed because of the illegal immigrant situation and President's response to it.

These two realizations have been ignored by the Democrats, who want to believe this last election was a referendum on the war. With the Congress, daily, putting on a side show of investigations, over seas "diplomacy" trips, screwing the troops for political points, etc., they are pissing away their welcome with non-liberals who elected them very rapidly. When one realizes that almost all of the newly elected representatives were Conservative Democrat (God and guns)types, the antics of Speaker Pelosi are turning some heads.

Stand by, this thing has not yet begun.

Comment #77 - Posted by: CCTJOEY at April 14, 2007 5:46 AM

I have already told my wife "If Hillary gets elected, we are applying for Canadian Citizenship." Anyway, like others, I am looking for certain things from a president. I want a hard stance on the illegal immigrant problem, I want a hard stance on terrorists. I believe we need to stay in Irag until the job is done. And, I want a president who will not try and push a "Clinton-like" gun control bill on the country.

Comment #78 - Posted by: BlueCheese at April 14, 2007 7:49 AM

Giuliani, it seems to me, is very electable. If he gets the nod, more conservative Republicans will just have to hold their noses and vote for him anyway. He should have very good appeal across the spectrum, especially in comparison to either Obama or Clinton.

I like how John McCain is sticking to his guns on Iraq. He has courage, and survival in Washington has toned him down a bit, but in the real world you don't always get to say "my way or the highway". Bush has come close, but he hasn't taken that position as far as he has needed to. My view is it's better to promise something small and deliver than promise the world, and fail.

The spirit of the "axis of evil", of "you're with us or against us", it made sense. He just hasn't followed those ideas to their conclusions in action. This makes us seem aggressive without getting the benefits of actually being aggressive.

Barry Goldwater may have been the last honest Conservative, but he was unelectable then, and he would be unelectable now, in my view. I don't know as much about him as I would like, though, honestly.

We are going to keep muddling through in the middle. I hope that is good enough.

I will add, I was encouraged to see a whole set of "Politically Incorrect" books on the shelf in my bookstore, including Politically Incorrect guides to the South, to Global Warming, to U.S. History, and to Capitalism. The Lefties are starting to slide a bit. The truncheons they have used to enforce prior restraint on all controversial speech are starting to miss their targets.

Don Imus was a sacrifical cow. I have no idea if he was good or not--I've never once listened to him--but it's a fact beyond any possibility of dispute that you can hear much, much worse things on any hiphop station on the dial, many times a day. The problem is, he was white saying that.

Freedom of speech had nothing to do with it, as Hari pointed out. If I make an offensive remark to a customer or coworker, my butt can be canned. This was a case of letting the market sort it out. They lost revenue--which is why he had a job--and they fired him, simple as that.

There do appear, though, to be rumblings about taking on hiphop finally.

Comment #79 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at April 14, 2007 2:02 PM

Barry, I have to disagree with you and Hari.

Losing advertising because the sponsors are losing business is one thing. Loosing sponsors because of pressure brought by professional shake-down atrists (Sharpton and Jackson)is not the same as "Market Forces". It is intimidation.

I find the whole thing ugly, especially Sharpton and Jackson. Nothing they do comes close to selfless. Somehow they have positioned themselves as arbitors of what is moral, which is sad. What is worse is that it has been largely accepted by the general public that they speak for the black community.

It is like being in Bizzaro World watching the media fawn over them as Subject Matter Experts of morality.

Comment #80 - Posted by: CCTJOEY at April 14, 2007 2:31 PM

As opposed to SEN Clinton, SEN Obama, or SEN Edwards who have so much leadership experience....

"Maybe his cancer will kick it up a notch."

And liberals are so supposed to be so tolerant...

Can you define "Neo-Con"? And what part of their adgenda is fascist?

Step out of your comfort zone a little a give it the ol' "sgt-No_Crybabies" try.
Can you

Comment #81 - Posted by: CCTJOEY at April 15, 2007 6:08 AM


I agree that Sharpton and Jackson are in effect political gangsters making a living off of blackmail and political "protection" money. They are both contemptiblie and morally bankrupt people.

Having said that, I also agree that we do need to have standards on radio. When I'm working out in the morning, the DJ on the station the gym has it turned to likes to play a clip of a woman climaxing. It's inappropriate. There is no reason little kids that are up early couldn't hear that and ask their parents what that is. The F, C, S and other words should not be said. If nothing is sacred, then we believe nothing.

In the unlikely event (roughly 1 in 10) that I was the father of one of those women, and had been in her home since she was born, then I would have been quite offended at that comment, justifiably. They worked hard to get there, and however rough their edges, you can't get to that level on genetics and talent alone. That makes making denigrating comments that much more offensive.

Imus is an adult. He knows when he sits down in the studio that he isn't monologueing, or dialogueing with one other person. He knows what he's doing, and he crossed the line, pure and simple. Terrible judgement. He opened himself up to Sharpton, who has never been slow to express outrage about anything non-Black people do.

To me, the more important issue is our lack of a national dialogue about inner cities, that are populated largely by black people, that have dramatically higher rates of virtually every social negative that can be imagined, including teenage pregnancy, high school dropout rates, unemployement, violent and property crimes, lack of home ownership, drug and alcohol abuse, low rates of business ownership, lack of business investment, and other issues as well.

Sharpton and his ilk want to blame racism, which makes a government program backed by legal prescriptions the only solution. Until they get that program in place, presumably, there is nothing any of those poor people can do. They just have to sit there and suffer until the Democrats can rescue them.

This, to me, is actual racism. It is failing to make demands on people because of a presumed lack of capacity. Does Al Sharpton think black people are stupid? Lazy? I don't. And if they aren't stupid and lazy, why are we not demanding higher high school graduation rates, if they want to be on Welfare?

Guiliani made a big difference in New York by demanding personal responsibility. This needs to be generalized. Anyone who believes the solution lies outside of themselves is someone who will do nothing until the solution descends, like manna from heaven. And in this case, the demand is being made that because white people created the problem, that they have to solve it.

Am I the only one who sees a deadly irony in that?

Comment #82 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at April 15, 2007 9:02 AM

#80, Joey,

Let me clear. I was only arguing that there was no First Amendment Issue at stake. I believe Imus's employer caved and will gain nothing for having done so. Giving in to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson is like giving into terrorists. They will never be satisfied.

The network didn't act out of principle. Imus did nothing he hadn't been doing for decades. Had this been a matter of principle, he would have been fired immediately, before being suspended and before his boss met with Sharpton. This was purely an act of appeasement, and as is always the case, it will not work.

Ironically, this will harm the Left more than the Right:


Comment #83 - Posted by: Hari at April 15, 2007 3:10 PM


In your own words, son, what is the agenda? People that are capable of rational, fact-based thought provide arguments, then buttress them with supporting data. People incapable of rational, fact-based thought do just what you did.

And, for good measure, what is your agenda? What do you believe, and why?

I don't think you have the brains or the sack to come up with answers to any of those questions.

Surprise me.

Comment #84 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at April 15, 2007 5:48 PM


You slung the term Neo-Con around with recless abandon then appeared to wish Sen Thompson's cancer would worsen.

To refence a review of a "John Dean" book on a leftist hack website is poor form and in most circles, intellectually dishonest.

In two posts you have shown us all what liberals have become...fire bomb slingers who are ignorant of history and devoid of true compassion.

Godd job, your parents must be proud.

Comment #85 - Posted by: CCTJOEY at April 15, 2007 7:12 PM

much like my parents are proud of my speling!

Comment #86 - Posted by: CCTJOEY at April 15, 2007 7:13 PM


I had one more question which I will pose with rhetorical intent, since history give me no reason to expect a reasoned or even polite response: what is wrong with fascism? Why can't I be a fascist? What is the moral basis of criticizing this as wrong? Is it the same moral basis which sides with terrorists against Israel? With our enemies in Iraq against our soldiers?

As I see it, if we adopt a doctrine of moral relativism, I see no reason it should only apply overseas. In fact, as far as I can tell, it allows me to believe with impunity anything whatsoever that strikes my fancy, and no one can say anything. That would be judgemental.

But of course, judgement is fine, provided it is nonsensical and makes no use of rationality or factual assessment. That is the criterion. I'm increasingly convinced of it.

Comment #87 - Posted by: Barry Cooper at April 15, 2007 7:26 PM

did this today instead, going to hit up cindy tomorrow. helen is my favorite of the girls, and cindy is my worst

11:10 PR as rx

something over 12 last time, can't remember

Comment #88 - Posted by: serkan at April 16, 2007 4:47 PM
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