March 26, 2005

Saturday 050326

Rest Day


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Posted by lauren at March 26, 2005 6:46 PM

Chem Girl is a door gunner? Dang!

Comment #1 - Posted by: RickB at March 25, 2005 6:58 PM

Nice pic ChemGirl.

Comment #2 - Posted by: Matt G. at March 25, 2005 7:28 PM

that chem girl can flat out do the oly lifts as well!!!!! i want my daughter sage to be like: chem girl, annie, nichole, and all the other ladies of crossfit!!!! hmmm...i guess i covered my behind on that one!!!! sage will be at the seminar in april.....come all and watch this 14 yr old flat out lift in the oly lifts.....

Comment #3 - Posted by: mikeburgener at March 25, 2005 7:35 PM

If I can't come up there in April, and I can't, I'll just have to see Sage in action at Mike's Gym!!
Say, my brother is moving back down to So. Cal from lovely Sparks, NV. Wonder how much houses in Bonsal are going for these days?????

Comment #4 - Posted by: Ron N. at March 25, 2005 8:07 PM

Is that her friend Puff next to her?

Comment #5 - Posted by: jimc at March 25, 2005 8:17 PM

Okay, the verdict is in, Chem is the coolest person on the planet.


Comment #6 - Posted by: Dan S. at March 25, 2005 10:03 PM

Sweet shot.

Comment #7 - Posted by: Steven N at March 25, 2005 10:38 PM

Brains, brawn, and beauty in one very sweeeeeet person. ChemGirl rocks!

Comment #8 - Posted by: RossB at March 26, 2005 12:02 AM

Way too cool chem girl. You rock!

Comment #9 - Posted by: at March 26, 2005 6:14 AM

12:23 Helen at my house (50#db) nothing special going on there.

Comment #10 - Posted by: Jim Howe at March 26, 2005 8:55 AM

Rather than take the rest day, a group of us masochistic New Yorkers hit Central Park this morning, to be put through the paces by HQ ambassadors Tony and Nicole.

Started off with Tabata Squats (though, fortunately, not bottom-to-bottom), then did this for time:

400 Meter Run
21 Pull-ups
21 Push-ups
85 Meter Lunges
21 Sit-ups
21 Burpees

Repeat at 15 and 9 reps.

Followed by gasping for breath, playing around with rings (my first time on them, and my first muscle-up!), and swearing that we'll all be hitting future New York group workouts.

Tony and Nicole were even more wonderful live than they are digitally, and we couldn't have asked for a better morning. On behalf of the NYC CrossFit'ers, huge thanks to them both!

Comment #11 - Posted by: josh at March 26, 2005 9:02 AM

Awesome pic!

I will probably jump some rope today, work on the rings, and work some handstands.

Comment #12 - Posted by: brian_g at March 26, 2005 10:27 AM

Any ideas for a brief workout today?


Comment #13 - Posted by: David Jay at March 26, 2005 12:35 PM

Chem girl, thanks for your service.

Fight gone bad in Baltimore:
Doug 288
Alex 286

Overtrained, taking a week off for focused recovery. See you in 7.

Comment #14 - Posted by: Alex M. at March 26, 2005 12:49 PM

chem girl, you rock

Comment #15 - Posted by: eva t. at March 26, 2005 2:33 PM

I'm with you Alex M. Got raging tendonitis in my right elbow and a subluxating left shoulder which has been bothering me quite a lot recently. See y'all in 7 days.

Comment #16 - Posted by: jorgen at March 26, 2005 2:46 PM

Road (cycle)into work for the first time
28.5 km average intowork (20Km)
25.5 ave out

Comment #17 - Posted by: Hooger at March 26, 2005 2:59 PM

whenever you are in can do "jump-Outs" with my crew.

Comment #18 - Posted by: TJ at March 26, 2005 4:05 PM

Hey y'all...if possible, please be kind on the Sunday WOD. Unfortunately I lived in a backward-assed town where the powers that be seem to forget not everyone celebrates Easter (in other words, the damn gym is closed).

Happy Easter to those that do celebrate.

Comment #19 - Posted by: Matt G. at March 26, 2005 5:36 PM

Re: Easter Sunday WOD
I'm predicting a 10k run, it just feels like it's time.

Comment #20 - Posted by: ross greenberg at March 26, 2005 6:07 PM

oh i hope so! PRed on my 5k run today, and I was just going "easy"...Crossfit does so much more than you can even tell about yourself.

Matt, my gym is closed to, who doesn't want to work their butt off on easter sunday?

Comment #21 - Posted by: brendan at March 26, 2005 6:31 PM

I did a very slow 2 mile run this morning. Actually it was more like a jog and then a walk. Anyway,it took me like 22min. :(

Comment #22 - Posted by: Cesar. at March 26, 2005 6:38 PM

Last July I had the pleasure of meeting and beginning to coach Phil G. Phil is a San Jose, Caifornia PD officer who wanted to run one leg of an extreme long distance competitive relay run called 'Baker-to-Vegas.'

'Think CrossFit will help with running?'

'I believe it will, let's try.'

Today Phil did his first full five round Fight Gone Bad (the run is about a month away still) for a workout. He said after three rounds 'I'm done.' But I told him; 'I'll keep the watch running, let's see if we can't finish the last two rounds, even if you're getting 2's and 3's.'

Score by round; 94 + 76 + 68 + 63 + 63 + 61 = 362!

Best part (for the coach) was watching Phil catch a toe and face plant on the first set of box jumps, then scramble back to his feet and attack the box mumbling; 'damn, there go three or four reps.' What's that about men being willing to die for points?

Strong work Phil!

Comment #23 - Posted by: RossB at March 26, 2005 6:50 PM

Nice work Phil (and Ross)! Keep crankin' it out...

Comment #24 - Posted by: Matt G. at March 26, 2005 6:52 PM

I'm going to be traveling to Germany in the next couple days. I'm bummed to be missing the WOD's...I'll sneak in a few push ups and crunches.

I'll start back up in Germany and I"m going to stay a couple of days behind. I'll still post.

Take care Ya'll and see you in a couple days.

Comment #25 - Posted by: Bryan at March 26, 2005 7:44 PM

mt rose today for skiing galore. im not that great, so ~15 runs on the blues was a solid 'rest' day workout.

Comment #26 - Posted by: ediddy at March 26, 2005 9:37 PM

that girl is bad.

Comment #27 - Posted by: josh at March 27, 2005 7:32 AM

active rest day.
for time:
run 400m
30 box jumps - 30"
30 pushups
run 400m
30 double-unders
30 pullups
run 400m
30 reverse hypers
30 knees to elbows
run 400m
30 burpees (with pushup)
30 situps
time = 26:06

Comment #28 - Posted by: JC at March 27, 2005 8:39 AM

Nice pic!

I asked this question once before and didn't get an answer. Why is her nic name Chemgirl?

Comment #29 - Posted by: Andy W. at March 27, 2005 11:04 AM

Minus that extra round of 63.....

Comment #30 - Posted by: RossB at March 28, 2005 8:11 AM

Andy, I asked her at the last XFit Cert. If I remember correctly her name is ChemGirl 'cause she used to teach chemical warfare.

The girl is savage. I make all my clients watch the mpeg of Chemgirl, Annie, and Nicole doing Grace 'cause they rock it so hard. They're always like, "Whoa I want to be like them!" and I'm like "Yeah you do!"

Comment #31 - Posted by: Josh Hillis at March 29, 2005 1:54 AM
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