May 24, 2003

Saturday 030524

Rest Day


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Mike Weaver in the instant before diving under for a clean. Notice he is at full hip and leg extension, flatfooted, shoulders shrugged, and looking up. In the next instant he will retreat towards the squat and meet the bar along the way.

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Posted by lauren at May 24, 2003 12:00 AM

Man, it took a long time looking at that picture to realize that the bar really IS in front of him (black bar against black pants made me think it was BEHIND him . . . like he was exploding up in some kind of weird, ballistic hack squat).

My brain spent about 10 seconds trying to make sense of that mistaken image (that the bar was behind him) combined with Lauren's description of it as a clean . . . was it going to flip over his head? Maybe we're looking at his back, but his exertion level had caused his head to rotate all the way around, a la The Exorcist? (We do do a lot of projectile vomiting here, so it seemed possible). No, that can't be it, unless his shoes have turned around, too . . .

Weird what your brain and senses can do to you when you start with the wrong premise . . . I was trying like hell to make it "right". Finally I "saw" the bar in front of him, and everything just sort of snapped into place.

Great picture, though. Looks like it was a nice lift.


Comment #1 - Posted by: davidjwood at May 23, 2003 6:46 PM
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