August 1, 2008

August 2008 CrossFit Journal


The August 2008 CrossFit Journal issue (#72) is out.

Paul Eich, "All Other Things Being Equal: The CrossFit Fairness Doctrine" -CrossFit just isn't fair. As members of the community endlessly point out, workouts that require heavy lifting aren't fair to the small guys, and ones that emphasize bodyweight movements and running discriminate against heavy guys, wall ball and rowing are a bear for the height-challenged, and tall folks have to more work whenever they lift (or lower) weights or their bodies any distance, and there's no handicap for old guys, and don't even get started on the women. Right? Well, sort of. As is his wont, Paul "Apolloswabbie" Eich dishes out some tough love and puts things into perspective.

Judy Geer, "What Is an Erg?" - While you might think of the indoor rower as a Pain Machine, the literal definition of ergometer is "a device that measures work"--no small part of why we at CrossFit like it so much. In this article, Judy Geer of Concept2 talks about how the erg was developed, what innovations it introduced, and how it works to measure output.

Mike Houghton, "Mental Strength" - We all know that intense exercise develops physical strength and broad capacity, but, just as importantly, it also trains the mind and the will. Mike Houghton learned some of these lessons when he was a high school, college, and professional football player. CrossFit has brought all that back, and put a whole new, and somehow more personal, spin on it for him. Houghton gives his views on the fact that what we're doing here, really, is "training for the mental toughness to survive as well as the physical toughness to survive."

Tony Budding, "Media Tip #6: Video Equipment" (Video Article) - CrossFit's media director brings us more useful information on taking good photos and video. In this installment, he talks about various traits of video cameras. The bottom line is that for most CrossFit uses, cheap and convenient is best. You do get what you pay for, so a 3 CCD camera is better than 1 CCD, and professional optics make a huge difference in quality. But rarely are those significant factors for the videos that make their way onto affiliate blogs. Ultimately, the best video camera is the one you'll use the most.

Eddie Lugo, "Outfit Your Box: An Equipment Procurement Guide" - It's no accident that the CrossFit Journal's inaugural issue ("The Garage Gym") in 2002 was all about creating a more functional--and affordable--alternative to "big-box" gyms everywhere. That issue included broad explanations of the concept and its ramifications as well as specific nuts-and-bolts advice on what to buy and why. Here, Eddie Lugo continues that tradition by providing an updated guide to outfitting a box, whether it's a personal garage or basement gym, a portable equipment cache for outdoor workouts, a 5,000-square-foot CrossFit affiliate, or anything in between.

Mike Burgener, "Nick Hawke's Snatch Training at Mike's Gym, Part 1" (Video Article) - Ever wonder what it would be like to train in the gym with of one of the world's best weightlifting coaches? Here's a glimpse. Nick Hawke went to Mike's Gym thinking he'd never be able to snatch well. This video is the first set of highlights from his snatch session with Coach B. Turns out Nick's not so bad after all...

Jeff Tucker, "Why Train Gymnastics Basics?" -We all know that learning basic gymnastics elements is a foundational part of CrossFit training and development. Their relevance for training strength and body control are obvious, but they offer much more than that. The ability to move one's body weight effortlessly and with confidence will transfers broadly to other aspects of your training and daily life. You don't need an in-house gymnastics coach to get started, but a little expert guidance can go a long, long way, as Coach Tucker explains here.

Jennifer McKenzie, "Training for Special Medical Populations: Cardiac Concerns" - Jennifer McKenzie and her husband, Drew, both exercise physiologists and trainers, work with various special populations in their local community, hospitals, schools, and their own CrossFit affiliate in Savannah, Georgia. As more and more people discover the benefits of CrossFit, there is a corresponding increase in the numbers of clients with a variety of health issues and specialized needs who want the benefits of legitimate functional training. McKenzie offers some sound advice on bringing CrossFit to them safely and effectively.

Becca Borawski, "Countering the Clinch Escape" - In her previous two articles, Borawski I discussed how to enter the clinch and how to escape the clinch. But, in addition to having plenty of well-executed escapes and defenses in his arsenal, a good fighter needs to be able counter his opponent's escapes. Borawski and MMA fighter Tait Fletcher walk us through the moves.

Dave Castro, "CrossFit Programming, Part 3: The Movements" (Video Article) - In the third installment of his lecture on CrossFit programming, training director Dave Castro goes into more detail about how to construct effective workouts using various combinations of functional movements. Find out why seemingly simple couplets and triplets are the cornerstone of some of the most effective CrossFit programming. In the next video, Castro will talk about how to create and implement single modality workouts as part of your CrossFit training.

Cyndi Rodi, "CrossFit Kids: Forging Future Achievers" - At some point during their introduction to CrossFit, folks often wax wistful about how fit they'd be and how much they could have accomplished if they'd found CrossFit when they were young. Well, we may not be able to go back in our own histories and take CrossFit with us, but there is a whole program devoted to bringing the benefits of CrossFit training to new generations of kids and teens. Cyndi Rodi, who helps administer the CrossFit Kids program, talks about some of the effects and benefits of CrossFit for kids and, most importantly, claims that the positive effects are much more than a mindset or a surplus of self-confidence: "We believe," she says, that CrossFit "is actually changing the way our kids process information." Prepare to be inspired.


Comments: August 2008 CrossFit Journal
1. Posted by Brad on August 3, 2008 4:44 AM

I think Paul Eich was one year ahead of me in High School. Go Bruins!

Anyway - great article! I'll be in that over-40, 40m run higher than 5.5 competition! Really, excellent points made throughout.

2. Posted by Mike on August 3, 2008 4:35 PM

The "All Other Things Being Equal" article makes a good point. I compete in Powerlifting. They now have so many weight classes and divisions that for a local meet you just have to pick one that doesn't have anyone else in it and show up for your first place trophy. I would like to see more CrossFit games, there are none in my area yet, but I would hate to see a million divisions and weight classes be added to the games just to make them "fair".

3. Posted by Apolloswabbie on August 20, 2008 12:04 PM

Brad, sent an email your way, hope you get it, Paul

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