June 1, 2008

June 2008 CrossFit Journal


The June 2008 CrossFit Journal issue (#70) is out.

Robert Ord, "A Day in the Life: Preparing for SOF Conditioning" - Ord wraps up his series of articles on training and preparation for special operations hopefuls with a description of the day in the life of a recruit in the Navy's Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUDS) training pipeline. With more stunning photographs from BUDS by Richard Schoenberg.

Kaitlin Lyons, "CrossFit Kids: Dryland Training for Young Swimmers" - California swimming coach Kaitlin Lyons describes her young swim team's adoption and integration of CrossFit strength and conditioning into their training. She gives detailed information on some of the drills, workouts, and games they began with, and talks a bit about the results the kids have seen so far.

Tony Budding, "Media Tips #4: Buying a Camera" (Video Article) - CrossFit's Media Director gives some tips on buying a digital camera and lenses suited to the needs of affiliates and others who want good shots of CrossFit-type action. He talks about various styles and prices of cameras on the market, from relatively inexpensive small and medium-size point-and-shoot models up to "prosumer" digital SLR models, and weighs the pros and cons of the features of each.

Lon Kilgore, "Certifiable Knowledge" - Professor Kilgore offers his two cents on the state of fitness certifications nowadays. He ponders what certifications are good for, what they actually mean, which ones are worth the time and money, and how trainers and the public ought to use them. Caveat emptor.

Becca Borawski, "Entering the Clinch" - After a foray into broader discussions of the world of jiu-jitsu training in the past several months, Borawski returns to detailed examinations of individual moves used in mixed martial arts. This time, she describes--and Ultimate Fighter Tait Fletcher demonstrates--getting into the clinch effectively and offensively.

Tony Budding, "Capacity, Standards, and Sport" - With the 2008 CrossFit Games coming up in July, Tony Budding waxes philosophical about the relationships between standards for "correct" technique, work capacity, the rules of competition. It's a topic that comes up frequently in CrossFit discussions. While exacting standards are relevant and necessary within the artificial realm of sport, "in the real-world pursuit of maximal fitness and capacity," he argues, "there is no reward for achieving some established 'technique' outside its support of a measurable accomplishment of work."

Brian Jolda, "SWAT vs. Fran" - When a link to "Firefighter Fran"--a video of two firefighters doing "Fran" in full bunker gear and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)--was posted with the Workout of the Day on CrossFit.com on May 4, 2008, the spirit of competition awoke in a couple of our Connecticut police officers and SWAT team members. So, here's the video and discussion of their experience doing "Fran" in full SWAT gear and gas masks.

John Hovey, "A Lighter Take on 'Fran'" - Seattle CrossFitter Hovey offers a humorous tale of his ill-fated experience with trying to show the college kids a thing or two about real fitness. You just know it's not going to go well...

Dave Castro, "CrossFit Programming, Part 1" (Video Article) - In this video from the beginning of a lecture on CrossFit programming, Dave Castro talks about the proper application of CrossFit's principles of variety and intensity (he'll cover the third pillar, functional movement, in a future video). Variety is about more than just changing up which exercises you do, and intensity comes with some caveats and prerequisites. Dave explains what that really means for us, in the most practical terms.

Chris Spealler, "Working for Pins and Near Fall Points in Wrestling" - This article picks up from the basic breakdowns and escapes Speal presented last month to talk about how to finish off your opponent with a pin or devastating lead in points. He looks specifically at the half nelson, crossface cradle, and corkscrew, with video demos of each.

Jeff Tucker, "Pull-Up Bar Drills, Part 3: Going Further" (Video Article) - For the third month, the crew from GSX Athletics continues their coaching session on pull-up-bar drills and techniques. In this video, they look at some more rarefied powerful pull-up variations. They work mostly on "dynos" (hopping between different-height bars) but also have some fun with clapping pull-ups, one-handed kipping pull-ups, and other monkeylike tricks.

Alex Dunne, "Race to Your Potential: How to Pace an Indoor Rowing Test" - Having the right race plan--and sticking to it--makes a huge difference both for your performance and for your enjoyment of indoor racing. In this article, Alex Dunne of Concpet2 Rowers talks in detail about how to construct a race plan and avoid making costly mistakes. He uses the 1000-meter distance as an example his discussion (in part because at the CrossFit Games next month there will be an opportunity to win an indoor rower by taking part in a 1000-meter race), but the same basic principles apply to any race distance.

Buddy Lee, "Jump Rope Basics, Part 3: Intermediate Phase" - In the first part of the intermediate phase of Buddy Lee's training progression for learning to jump rope, he talks about how to progress safely from the 500 jumps we built up to at the end of the preparation phase to the five minutes of continuous jumping that we'll aim for this time. We'll also learn some new moves and expand our repertoire from the basic bounce step and the alternate-foot step discussed in his previous articles to include the side straddle, forward straddle, skier's jump, and bell jump.


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