April 1, 2008

April 08 CrossFit Journal


The April 2008 CrossFit Journal issue (#68) is out.

Matt DeMinico, "National Champion Under Development" - DeMinico, of Motor City CrossFit, introduces us to 13-year-old future Olympic speedskating hopeful, and CrossFitter, Andrew Astalos. His story is a testament not only to the effectiveness of CrossFit training but also to the role of commitment and balance in training (especially for kids) and the importance of excellent coaching.

Phil Savage, "Hand Rips: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention" - As a gymnastics coach, Savage knows the importance of maintaining the health and integrity of the skin on the hands to allow sustained training, But he also sees plenty of torn calluses and skin rips, which are part of the territory for any physical exercise that uses the hands intensively--including high-volume kipping pull-ups and ring work as well as kettlebell and barbell training, to name a few. Here he presents an illustrated practical guide to callus maintenance and rip prevention and treatment that we can all use.

Chris Spealler, "Wrestling Set-Ups, Takedowns, and Finishes" - Following up on last month's article on the fundamentals of wrestling, this month Speal explores some basic options in offense. He gives step-by-step instruction for some key set-ups, double-leg and single-leg takedowns, and finishes. With photo and video demos.

Jeremy Thiel, "Youth Strength & Conditioning Programs" - CrossFit Central's Jeremy Thiel is back, this time with his story of developing and running successful CrossFit-based summer strength and conditioning programs for high-school athletes (and eventually translating that into an ongoing adult "boot camp" program). In addition to getting kids into better shape, the program emphasizes team cohesiveness, accountability, leadership skills, and learning what it takes to be a champion both on and off the field.

Adrian Bozman, "Training the Pistol" Adrian Bozman, "Training the Pistol" (Video Article) - Bozman, of CrossFit San Francisco, covers the basic pistol (one-legged squat), modifications, and assists, as well as weighted variations. He teaches several progressions and tactics for working toward success at the basic move, as well as some increasingly difficult weighted variations.

Tony Budding, "Media Tips #2: Framing" (Video Article) - In the second in his series of practical instructional tips on taking good photos and video in workout contexts, CrossFit Media Director Tony Budding gives some good pointers on framing your subject to produce more professional, appealing, and useful media.

Andrew Thompson, "Characteristics of a World-Class Trainee" - There is a lot of discussion out there about what makes good leaders, teachers, and coaches, but less about the qualities required on the other side of that relationship--about what it takes to be a world-class trainee. Thompson looks at the some of the consistent characteristics that distinguish these folks from the pack, both in and out of the training environment.

Jeff Tucker, "Pull-Up Bar Drills, Part 1: L-Pull-Up" (Video Article) - Gymnastics coach Jeff Tucker and assistant Jay Malutich takes us through the intricacies of the L-pull-up and progressions for developing the strength and skill to execute it, as well as showing some more difficult variations such as V-ups and weighted versions, for those who have already mastered the basic L.

Becca Borawski, "Surviving in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" - Following up on last month's article on how to choose a Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy, Borawski asks this month's panel of experts to talk about how to navigate the social and logistical landscape of the BJJ world once you've got started--how to deal with everything from cauliflower ear to what to wear under your gi and how not to alienate your teammates.

Mike Burgener, "Pat's Oly Workout: Clean and Jerk" (Video Article) - Coach Burgener continues coaching CrossFitter Pat Barber through an Olympic lifting session. Last month, they worked on the snatch, ending with a new personal-record lift for Pat. This month we see how Coach B gets him up to a PR in the clean and jerk as well.

Tom Bohrer, "Smoother Rowing for More Power" - Rowing coach Bohrer addresses some of the common issues with the "catch" in indoor rowing. This transition moment from the recovery phase to the drive is crucial to rowing efficiency and safety, but it is fraught with problems for many folks. Bohrer examines those problems, explains the right way to do it, and offers some simple tools and techniques for routing out improper mechanics and teaching correct ones.

Robert Ord, "Pre-SOF Training, Part 5: 'Land'" - The fifth article in our series describes the fourth and final phase--the "Land" phase--of U.S. Tactical CrossFit's program for building the physical and mental fundamentals that prospective special operations forces recruits will need to make it in SOF training. The focus of this phase is on rucksack work and preparation for moving on to an SOF training pipeline. Plus attention to the logistics of fitting and packing a rucksack and caring for the feet.

Brian Jones, "Sandbag Training: Part 2" - In Part 1 of his series on sandbag training (in our January 2008 issue), Jones discussed the rationale behind sandbag training, explained how to make a sandbag, and walked us through some of the fundamental sandbag lifts. This month, he presents more useful lifts and talks about integrating the sandbag into workouts and training programs.


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